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walk in the woods - seven wrens - strange old hare

it was about 5 pm yesterday evening that I decided to begin my walk in Wytham Woods, it was 8pm by the time I sauntered back, so kinda out there for three hours, trying to be as quiet as possible and see as much woodlife as possible.

Wrens, seven of them. This happened at the end of the walk, as the sun was setting. I didn't realise wrens roosted communally until this sighting, I'd only ever seen a solitary wren proclaiming its territory from within a hedge or from the branch of a tree. And the song was different, less shouty, just fast chirping as acknowledgement. I stood real close to these seven wrens, real still, for ages. They may have been the confusion species (juvenile i.e. uncapped) Goldcrests, but they looked like wrens to me.

Nothing much during the walk, save for the occasional jogger and lots of inquisitive flying bugs. It was very peaceful and quiet, tranquil, settling.

At the start of the walk, a deaf and blind old hare crawled into a clearing right beside me, it…

Free Planet - Man supports his family - Bringing home the bacon

one of the great lies of State or Private Education, or 'access to the corporate mind-control system that leads innocent human beings into the criminal World of Corporate War for Profit' i.e. work, is Man Supports His Family aka 'bringing home the bacon'.
In this invented world of work, man (and woman) spends the majority of their time working in jobs that may be above/below them in terms of physical/emotional capability.

Many people hate these jobs they find themselves in. Many people crack under the pressure, pressures of the job or pressure from colleagues battling among themselves like dogs for the next rung on the useless ladder.
Many people 'try' (very, very hard) to adopt this 'honourable role' of the so-called Wage Earner or the Bread Winner in his/her family, but it's not always possible to play fairly within the Arbitrary Rules of the Corporate War Game, be you a competing individual, a competing company or even a competing country. There …

Free Planet - world population clock - seven point two four nine billion as of today...

that is TODAY'S SNAPSHOT from the World Population Clock - we are now well over the seven billion living humans mark. This is a snapshot. Tomorrow, there'll be net 80,000 more. And the day after tomorrow another 80,000. This is taking into account those people who will die over those two days. How many more do we need?

I mean, even The (for profit) Industry'll have done the calculation, "What is the maximum number of workers a global bottomline structure can support?" and by this I mean, "Sure, you can have ten twenty thirty billion workers all working for free making cathedrals out of matchsticks," but what's the figure from the professionals? I bet there's a Maximum Number of Corporate Workers (before market saturation or infinitesimal profit kicks in), and I bet it was something like Five Billion. That'll be the great irony. That'll be why whole countries'worth of people are allowed to starve to death.

I completely don't unde…

ARV or Alien Reproduction Vehicles - Bolide Motion Pictures - illustrator Mark McCandlish reveals all.

I've always wanted a potential Free Planet 'Floating Home and Three Taxi Unit' to use something like what's being discussed in this latest first-cut documentary film from Bolide Pictures, namely anti-gravity propulsion systems.

Mark McCandlish is an internationally-recognized illustrator, designer and UFO researcher, focusing primarily on the technology behind advanced propulsion systems. He spent thirty years working within the aerospace and defense industries as a conceptual artist, specializing in aviation art and weapons development for the United States military.

During the course of his career, Mr. McCandlish became aware of technological advancements in energy generation, stealth, and propulsion technologies that were several orders of magnitude beyond what the government acknowledges and the public is familiar with.

His twenty-five year investigation of this area recently became the subject of a feature-length documentary being produced by filmmaker James Allen …

The Onion - Deadly Super Rainbow Tears Through West Coast - a rainbow looking for its stolen gold?

in this neck of the woods i.e. Free Planet, is a big fan of 'the ability to tell it like it is' through SATIRE.

Here's a new one (and destined to be a classic) from The Onion News Network: Dozens in California are killed after a powerful Super Rainbow burns a trail of destruction across the state.

"Or is this merely a rainbow looking for its stolen gold?" Jesus Christ AD 12.

Long live the power pyramid - death to Free Planet - War World rules you scurvy dogs

| It seems that nothing is able to bring HUMANITY (the slave race of a ruling hierarchy) back from the brink. You've proven, time and time again, that a FREE PLANET of Creativity, Passion and Kinship just doesn't interest you. At all. Long live the power pyramid that crushes you because of your own ignorance. You won't be remembered when you're ERASED IN THE NAME OF PROFIT. This will most likely be a WAR WORLD until the end of time. "You know, you're dead for a lot longer than you're alive."

Peraves - solar powered monotracer - any time soon?

me, I'm a big fan of aerodynamic design, I'm a big fan of using the sun to power tech, I'm a big fan of the all-electric version of Peraves monotracer ... what I was wondering is, "Will Peraves ever bring out a Solar Powered version of their e-tracer, covered in these lovely light-weight solar discs?"

I realise Peraves could come back with the 'it recharges in less than two hours' argument, but a solar-powered monotracer is worth bringing up, no?

Guardian - Edward Snowden urges professionals to encrypt client communications - video interview

The Guardian's Alan Rusbridger gets another Snowden scoop by interviewing him in Moscow - man, this is just like The Real Spy Game or some other book written by Robert Ludlum twenty years before its time.
The NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has urged lawyers, journalists, doctors, accountants, priests and others with a duty to protect confidentiality to upgrade security in the wake of the spy surveillance revelations.

Snowden said professionals were failing in their obligations to their clients, sources, patients and parishioners in what he described as a new and challenging world.

"What last year's revelations showed us was irrefutable evidence that unencrypted communications on the internet are no longer safe. Any communications should be encrypted by default," he said. [source GUARDIAN]

Journey of Man - Out of Africa - the Pacific Cataclysm?

this very interesting documentary tells the story of the San Bushmen of Namibia in southwest Africa who (this documentary's host, and author) Spencer Wells says fathered the majority of Modern Human Races.

So, it seems that the journey Out Of Africa was merely African hunter-gatherers FOLLOWING THE MIGRATING HERDS as they headed northeast away from African drought into what was to become Europe/Asia.

But is there an UNTOLD STORY here?

That is the story of the Pacific Cataclysm, directly across the globe from Africa, the home land of man. 23 million years ago apes started to become Humans.

9-23 million years ago, takes us back to the formation of a fractured Pacific basin, like SOMETHING ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE hit and had severe consequences for Earth.

STUNNING REVELATION MOMENT: Australia may not be of this Earth, it may have 'arrived' 9-23 million years ago in the Pacific Cataclysm.

Of course, this concept is totally insane. I don't like saying, "Australia may not be …

Francis Pryor - Channel 4 - Britain B.C.

I realise this short Channel 4 series by Time Team's ex-sheep farmer, pre-historian and archaeologist Francis Pryor titled Britain B.C. might be presented in a populist fashion but I like Francis, he's easy on the ear and I like his personality, his enthusiasm and zeal.

Plus, he disses the Roman Empire, and I'm always gonna support 'dissing Empires'. All Empires fail, and are only about making your slave-life Hell in the name of Economy, Prosperity and Cities.

Echoing my own Free Planet thoughts, Tim Shadla-Hall explains in the first part that ancient Britons were, "...people adopting the principle of least effort. They're intelligent like us, they do no more than they need to. They kept their populations levels low enough..." KEY POINT. Low enough. Yes, I'm of the opinion that 'there are too many of us humans' for the Limited Resource that is a FIXED-SIZE planet to sustain us AND ALL THE OTHER LIFE FORMS this planet can sustain. Modern Ec…

art - Craig Davison - childhood heroes

Craig Davison was born in Sheffield in 1965 and has enjoyed drawing for as long as he can remember. Art was his favourite subject at school but he took it no further. In the late 80’s he managed to get a job as a cartoonist, working on pre-school comics. He drew comic strips of a variety of characters including The Shoe People, The Wombles, Huxley Pig and Bangers and Mash.

This guy's a real artist.

Forget illness - Forget wars - PROFIT is the real Cancer

at the start of 2014 I deleted all the Free Planet posts thus far. They were mostly but not exclusively "someone else's conspiracy news", so sources were debatable at the very least, this being a classical NTK or Need To Know intelligence game waged against You The People i.e. You The Worker i.e. You The Profit Slave.

Most of my own Free Planet thoughts made their way into The Research Notes of Miss Asalah Al Faghori, in preparation of the publication of the Custodian (free planet #1) novel, a fictional owl character in that book about Custodian Liberation.

But this profit is the real cancer issue needs re-airing, and thanks to places like Paperblog and Before It's News (among others) the content of this blog is archived all over the net so will never really be killed, not even by me its angry parent.

Forget illness, forget wars, forget terrorism, forget crime rate, forget mind-ravaging dogma, profit itself (the financial concept of "bottom line" and "…

a spontaneous day out in Salisbury - Wessex archaeology museum - Old Sarum neolithic hill fort

couple of hours by train, from Oxford (change at Basingstoke), Salisbury was our 'spontaneous day out' selection, this weekend. We'd been before, but only to take the tour bus to Stonehenge and Avebury.

Upon arrival in Salisbury, like consummate tourists (or pilgrims of yore), the wife and I made our way directly to the Cathedral for a quick shuftie round. We wandered around the quadrangle and then inside, but it was mostly cordoned off by a First Communion Ceremony. For those who don't realise this, a Cathedral is a massive cemetery for the rich/patrons with a roof over it. Outside, a local bird fancier had aimed a telescope at the Cathedral tower where a pair of resident peregrine falcons were busy tearing a pigeon to bits to feed their nested young.

Luckily, the nearby Wessex Gallery of Archaeology was having a re-opening day - we didn't know this before setting out, so this was a lovely surprise. Of course, the 'druids' (in the form of deed-pole-renamed…

One Ring to Rule them All - it's all a load of COCK.

...published as a sequel to his 1937 children's fantasy novel The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings has a copyright date of 1953 and has astonishing relevance to the current Paedophile Ring Scandal that (once again) threatens to disrupt the Elite/Serf status quo.

1) The One Ring:
some have likened 'the One Controlling Power that man can never hope to control' to Nuclear Power. But it could have easily been about the over-arching force of Global Paedo Rings to control the 'actions of man' i.e. Politics, Religion, Business. There are many (paedo) rings, but the One (global) Ring rules them all.

2) The Children:
in both Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, the child-sized Hobbits are the central theme and these diminutive chaps are TERRORISED by the forces of evil, as a narrative device. Hm, child-sized humans being terrorized by despot rings of ambitious humans. Sound familiar, Paedo Party-goers?

3) The Eye of Sauron:
for many years this has been likened to Big B…

photorealist artist - Zaria Forman - ultimate finger painting

Zaria Forman produces large-scale artworks that are moving and dramatic but the most impressive part...? They're not paintings, they're pastel drawings that she finesses with her FINGERS.

There are plenty more of Forman's astonishing pastel drawings on her website and the cover image gives a stunning illustration of THE SCALE OF THESE DELICIOUS PASTEL VISTAS.

2018 update: specifically, check out her new NASA set - amazing work.

Aboriginal DNA provides human migration clues

Scientists have used DNA evidence from a lock of hair found in WA in the 1920s to map the early migration of humans from Africa to Australia. Here's a look at the Aboriginal Timeline not necessarily discussed in the following summarised i.e. dumbed down, mainstream media report on the research.

Mitochondrial DNA puts the origin of Homo Sapiens much further back and indicates that the Australian Aborigines arose 400,000 years ago from two distinct lineages, far earlier than any other racial group.

Analysis of pollen and charcoal giving a date of 120,000 BP suggests that people were using fire to clear land in the Lake George basin in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, about 30 kms north-east of Canberra.

Current estimates for the arrival of Aboriginal people in Australia [2].

Age of Lake Mungo 3 human remains (age range between 56,000 and 68,000 years), south-western NSW, 987 km west of Sydney. Footprints discovered at Lake Mungo are believed to be 23,000 …

channelling Hertzan Chimera - or piercing The Electromagnetic Veil - contact with the Ancients

now, those who know me and/or know of the writing of this Free Planet blog KNOW with 100% accuracy that I am about the least psychic person writing on the internet right now. I don't have visions. I don't contact the dead. I have no spiritual convictions whatsoever.

Okay, I've described a couple of weird dreams I've had, but who hasn't had weird dreams, right? And remembered them, right? And maybe thought they were dreaming for a Galactic Race who couldn't, right?

Anyway, for the ten years of the 1990s (or maybe longer i.e. from earlier, like in the mid-80s) I'd been dreaming about this alternative physics particle called the Hertzan Chimera Unit. It was (back then) about the weight of a neutron and could produce positive and negative drag on this realm i.e. protons and electrons. I guessed that building chains of these HC Units swarmed around in active groups of three to form the atoms of reality. Recently, I've resolved this HC Unit into the up-down q…

Ridley Scott's Prometheus - reboot the Giger franchise from orbit - it's the only way to be sure

having forced myself to rent out the film for £1 from the local library, I think I now understand (just a little more about) Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS - as theatrically released.

The Opening Scene: that planet is not even Earth, it's just a Fecundity Rite performed by a Sacrifist on any old galactic rock within a star's Goldilocks Zone.The LV-223 Military Base: that's the inter-galactic clean-up squad who go in before the Priests arrive to bless a cleansed world.The Ritualistic Suicide: that's what makes a planet fertile with Engineer DNA creatures.

No, wait a minute, then why re-write Earth when we have historical Engineer DNA in us, already? Unless it was their first time here, in which case why do we have Engineer DNA in us? Or maybe they updated the Engineer formula since 35,000 years ago when they first made us, so mankind didn't turn into such a war-mongering fuck of a race or whatever reason they decided to 'rinse and repeat'. And why are we not …

Pie N Mash Films - Bill Maloney interviews Chris Fay - institutionalised 8 hour snuff paedo

we've been disgusted by the recent legal revelations of serial child abusers like Gary Glitter, Jonathan King, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile and others, here (the fearless) Bill Maloney of Pie N Mash Filmsdiscusses with anti child abuse campaigner Chris Fay the current circumstances surrounding former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, Labour MP for Rochdale Simon Danzcuk's question to the House of Commons, Government cover-ups and other sensitive issues that are relevant.

Let's hope Bill's sources are gonna show themselves to be a) reliable under interrogation and b) brave in the face of the media circus the corporations will rein against them when the S.H.T.F. on this institutionalised paedo issue.

DAY LATER UPDATE: here's the update on the above video, hosted by the Lou Collins show via Critical Mass Radio, and it pulls no punches on what's allegedly going on in Westminster, at the heart of our Government (as Lou puts it). He goes on about the suspicious …

Anna Dillon - landscape artist - oil of the mind

...once I'd realised that the Free Planet blog had 'not a snowflake's chance in hell' of dissuading the for-profit prison-world slave-economy from ruining this delightful place we call home, I started to get more interested in (or seem to have gravitated more towards) sharing painters whose work really catches my eye.

This way Free Planet becomes a more personal expression of a world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship - this way we all adopt our Custodian role in our own unique and viable ways.

Today's blogpost concerns the artwork (and lovely and stylised it is) of South Oxfordshire artist Anna Dillon: I was looking for construction images of Avebury stone circle and came across her work completely by accident. Having examined her art at Anna's various website galleries, I feel really attracted to her work like I've seen it before and forgot to mention it at the time. So, let's hope this Free Planet feature makes amends.

As a painter I have developed m…

Vietnamese landscape art - Phan Thu Trang - delightful palette and composition

Born in Hanoi, artist Phan Thu Trang paints decorative landscapes inspired by images of the city and Northern villages of Vietnam. In her colorful yet minimalistic paintings she works with limited colors and textures, focusing on only bare essentials to create each piece centered around billowing, pointillistic trees.

Sacha Stone - New Earth Project - zero point economics or just another bunch of Overlords?

here at Free Planet, you'll have noticed the editorial stance is something along the lines of ALL CITIES MUST DIE, and all funding of THE EMPIRE (that's the patent-protected for-profit war-world economy) must be stopped.

You get that (so far) right?

But it's also about who we are, as a race of Advanced Fore-brainers. And what we do to show THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE that we deserve to remain Custodians of this Free Planet (and any God would tell you that you shouldn't be a debt/wage-slave, but that's by the by) and then that we deserve to share in the wonders of multi-dimensional travel and sharing with our Galactic Neighbours.

The basic premise being WE HAVE TO TIDY OUR OWN HOUSE before we'll be invited into the houses of our neighbours, out there in the wider galactic community.

So, the NEP  or New Earth Project (don't make me rant about the acronymal likeness to  NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming) promises to free mankind from Extinction Economics and Sl…

DRT News - Jesus Christ says - All the physical real estate of Faith must come down.

The physical real estate of faith, meaning all the temples to worship God at. Faith is not a Game of Football with a Stadium and Rival fans to combat. Faith is a state of mind, based on Education by one's nearest and dearest, or the State, or conglomerate Industry. Those who cause us the most joy and the most pain with their adherence to DRT or Dogma Regurgitation Therapy.

I'll quote substantially from fellow Oxford writer Philip Pullman's IT'S A STORY i.e. The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, which I'm close to finishing and properly enjoying. As a story. As a retelling of the Messiah story, let's say. I still can find no proof that Jesus (or Christ) ever existed in a historical sense but let's plod on, blindly.

by Philip Pullman page 197:
As soon as men who believe they're doing God's will get hold of power, whether it's in a household or a village or Jerusalem or Rome itself, the devil enters i…

Court Case - there is no justice - when it's treated like a Game

first of all, CRIMINAL scum, right... oh, let me temper my tone for the purposes of this missive... these 'innocents until proven guilty' are often-times LYING ON THE HOLY BIBLE. So, what's the point in forcing an Accused to 'swear on it'? I'll caveat this by saying, "If there really was a God, and he really did know everything about you, you'd know whether you were lying under Oath or not."

And isn't it just TIME to drag The Lord or God or Any Holy Book out of the court system? I mean, what is the place of a(n ancient) FAITH DEVICE in a supposed reasonable-proof corporate-environment like that? They'd might as well have the Accused swear on one of those Palaeolithic stone phalluses. In fact, that should be a law.

Cocks in Court.

Do you get this, readers? Lawyers and Judges ALLOWthe Accused to Lie on the Holy Bible. Why can I say this with such passion? Ask yourselves this, "Has anyone convicted of a crime ever been FURTHER SUED for …

the Paddington bear film - the REAL CONSPIRACY - who is this imposter?

I realise you're going, "Free Planet blog generally deals with serious satanic anti-Illuminati or conglomerate anti-Profit issues that are ruining modern life and making us wage-slaves, oh, and sometimes some art.

But this rough and scruffy cunning and 'attitude crippled' life-like naked brown bear cub with flesh-ripping canines is NOT Paddington bear...

...because Paddington bear is a talking toy in a planar world. Not a real i.e. voiceless, bear cub in a 3D world. This is the real Paddington bear, notice his plump proportions and the fact that he is FULLY CLOTHED, and cute.

You could still do Paddington as a 3d-animated character but he'd have to be like some kind of time-and-space traveller who could slip between the photo-realist plains of the domestic breakfast table to achieve his mischievous aims, not this brash imposter, this dwarf serial killer infiltrating that hapless English family. This whole modern re-imagining of Paddington Bear comes across as mor…

Karen Hudes - The Vatican Intelligence Agency - Pierce the Corporate Veil

what's going on in Syria, Karen?

"I'll tell you what's going on in Syria ... the President of the United States is an ACTOR run by the Vatican Intelligence Agency who tells all intel agencies what to do. The Vatican Bank tells all international banks what to do. We're not fighting about MONEY, we're fighting about Control and Faith and Love." UNQUOTE

Wow, this is some crazy-ass de-bamboozlement - listen on...

Some have suggested THE WHOLE NEW WORLD ORDER firm, or company or conglomerate is run in the name of this Camp Kangaroo-faced Cunt. You spastic-corporate attack-dogs can go about your repressive night time business, running around in your cloaks and shit. Fucking children like it'll help. But I just don't see how an Absent Director can command his troops. Didn't work with Hitler (the original 'free reigner') and it won't work with this Ballet Feet (as below above - lol).