Thursday, July 03, 2014

the Paddington bear film - the REAL CONSPIRACY - who is this imposter?

Creepy Paddington image c/o Irish Times

I realise you're going, "Free Planet blog generally deals with serious satanic anti-Illuminati or conglomerate anti-Profit issues that are ruining modern life and making us wage-slaves, oh, and sometimes some art.

But this rough and scruffy cunning and 'attitude crippled' life-like naked brown bear cub with flesh-ripping canines is NOT Paddington bear...

...because Paddington bear is a talking toy in a planar world. Not a real i.e. voiceless, bear cub in a 3D world. This is the real Paddington bear, notice his plump proportions and the fact that he is FULLY CLOTHED, and cute. Not this brash imposter, this dwarf serial killer infiltrating that hapless English family. This whole modern re-imagining of Paddington Bear comes across as more sinister than Takashi Miike's Visitor Q.

the REAL Paddington bear

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