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Maths is screwed - zero and infinity - what base ten really looks like

Zero and Infinity, you find books written on these topics in all good book shops.

Look at my hands, that's base ten that is, and I'm going to count. My thumb is one, then the four fingers of that hand. Then the thumb and four fingers of the other hand. Here's how base ten 'should look' without zero and infinity messing up the beautiful equation.

I II III IV V VI VII XIII IX X ... this is a counting example from Roman times showing how 'ten' wasn't always represented as the start-number of the second zero-series row. It used to mean 'we've got to the end of our fingers on the first base-ten series'. We needs another pair of hands...

The next row of base ten is:

XI XII XIII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII XIX XX ... the double-x means we've come to the end of using our two pairs of hands.

The ZERO was invented by Brahmagupta back in the sixth century. And it's not a number. It's a concept. The concept of 'having nothing'. You can'…

Bosnian Pyramid Complex - sure, it's a hoax - move on... that we've got rid of the sensationalist naysayers and grant-funded academicians, here's the latest presentation of evidence suggesting that the Bosnian Pyramids Complex (Sun, Moon, Earth & Dragon) is more than a little like the Teotihuacan complex of pyramids just outside of Mexico City. And made of very modern concrete, dating from 24,000 to 12,000 BC...

It's interesting stuff. Let's see where this goes if/when they scrape off the whole area...

Japanese MMA - Tenshin Nasukawa - kick ass kid

I don't normally do 'sports' on the Free Planet blog, but I always respect karate kids who are this fucking hardcore that they can switch style and dominate their newly chosen sport with consummate ease.

From Japan, this kid's like the Mozart of the kickboxing ring with an amateur record of 99-5 by the age of 18, Tenshin Nasukawa has recently been kickin' ass on the MMA circuit. One to watch. For sure...

...despite his MMA-groundwork needing a bit of spit and polish. ;)

Ancient History - The future has already happened - Rewriting our past.

in this charmingly cogent video gently narrated by Barry Fitzgerald the topic of THE MISDIRECTION OF OUR HISTORY is discussed. This Misdirection, Barry insists is reinforced by those who report upon our history, write our history books and teach our children what's supposed to have happened.

Barry takes his cue from the work of Silvie Ivanova who has put out many Ancient History videos through her hypnotic NEW EARTH youtube channel, several of which I've already featured here on the Free Planet blog.

Wales - the Land of Kings - full version...

thanks to Richard D Hall of Rich Planet for putting together this excellent re-working of the historical British timeline...

Coelbren Alphabet, coming via Egypt and the Mediterranean
A List of British Kings, coming via Wales not Germany
Did we all used to speak Khumric, or ancient Assyrian?

Also: check this out... despite the fact that (while the ancient Welsh history is spot on) it all gets a little bit PC and BBC-propaganda-ish wrt the 'invasion of the Romans' and how they voluntarily left the country, and weren't kicked the f*** out by Arthur I and pursued across Europe until they were decimated as Souxance. There's no mention of Arthur II kicking out the Anglo-Saxons from a decimated Britain post-592AD comet strike upon Briton and Bolivia.

But it does call the ancient people of Briton THE KHUMRY, so soon one would expect them to spot all the Coelbren Inscriptions littering the British countryside. Don't hold your breath, remember Oxford, remember BBC.

E3 Scorn - gameplay trailer - gigertastic nonsense

...and because I save a small dark corner of my heart for anything this blatantly Giger-ish, here's a recent gameplay trailer for October-due game SCORN

E3 Hideo Kojima - Death Stranding - Lyndsay Wagner

...and suddenly I'm interested in video games all over again + Lyndsay Wagner as she looked in her Bionic Woman role: hint hint...