Wales - the Land of Kings - full version...

thanks to Richard D Hall of Rich Planet for putting together this excellent re-working of the historical British timeline...

Coelbren Alphabet, coming via Egypt and the Mediterranean
A List of British Kings, coming via Wales not Germany
Did we all used to speak Khumric, or ancient Assyrian?

Also: check this out... despite the fact that (while the ancient Welsh history is spot on) it all gets a little bit PC and BBC-propaganda-ish wrt the 'invasion of the Romans' and how they voluntarily left the country, and weren't kicked the f*** out by Arthur I and pursued across Europe until they were decimated as Souxance. There's no mention of Arthur II kicking out the Anglo-Saxons from a decimated Britain post-592AD comet strike upon Briton and Bolivia.

But it does call the ancient people of Briton THE KHUMRY, so soon one would expect them to spot all the Coelbren Inscriptions littering the British countryside. Don't hold your breath, remember Oxford, remember BBC.


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