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Charlie Terrell - Earth Spirit - creative photography

I like bare-assed honesty, direct interaction with the viewer and visual magic in my art - the creative photography of Charlie Terrell oozes it.

Hannah Faith Yata - psychedelic creativity - insanely glorious colour and composition

as ever, the best things in life are 'found by accident' and that's how it was with the wonderfully inspirational and mind-enhancing artwork of Hannah Faith Yata.

Hannah Faith Yata was born in 1989 and raised in a small town in Georgia. She is half Japanese and Caucasian. She grew up with a deep love of nature and animals passed down by the beautiful surroundings in the country and her mother.

In her own work, Yata seeks to interweave political ideas, (using nature, women, and feminism almost synonymously), environmental degradation, and themes of moral injustice into increasingly chaotic paintings. [source HFY]

Herne the Hunter - Cernunnos - torc as serpent god?

SERPENTS, we all know about these Apple-tempting deceivers in the Garden of Eden (myth), but... the serpent is the major Celtic or Druidic or Neolithic symbol in Forbidden Archaeology. The serpent guides the creation of ancient monuments and the design of ancient jewellery. The Celtic Torc, seen below around the neck of one of the ancient Celtic/Druidic gods i.e. Herne the Hunter or Cernunnos, is depicted here as a coiled serpent.

As suggested via various other Free Planet posts, the original Circular Ditch (that became Stone Circles later in the lore) follows this open-ended Serpent imagery.

In Wicca, Cernunnos is associated with the annual cycle of life, death and rebirth.  He is the Horned God who is born at Yule, matures during spring, marries the Goddess at Beltane, and dies in autumn, a transition which is represented by the changing seasons.

Further reading, listening: here's John Anthony West talking about his SERPENT IN THE SKY book about 'the magic of ancient Egypt…

Marney Ward - watercolour artist - glowing flowers

Marney Ward paints the most delicious flowers, gorgeously framed and vividly rendered in glowing watercolour.

In my work, I seek to reveal not only the essence of the flowers I paint, but also my own spiritual interconnectedness with the natural world. For me, watercolour is the perfect medium, with its spontaneous flowing qualities and its clear, transparent colour. With watercolour, the light comes from within the painting, transformed by layers of pigment the way a flower transforms the light of the sun with layers of petals. I strive to infuse every painting with the tangible presence of light. [source MARNEY WARD]

Michael Tsarion - the Irish origin of Atlantis - what is real Celtism, Keltoi, Khumri, Phoenician, Egyptian?

I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of the Nuke-powered or Nuke-war Plato-written concept of The Lost Atlantis, it's such a(n anti-)Creation Myth in my opinion but we all now realise that even the nonsense in the Old Testament Bible Stories that are attributed to the actions of some anthropomorphised 'god' have some basis in fact i.e. the Global Cometary Cataclysm of 12,000 BC, the Great Global Flood of 6,000 BC, the Great Egyptian Famines in 2,000 BC, the Thera(Minoan) volcanic explosion and on it goes; historical facts or fire-side horror stories folded into the myths man tells himself about 'god' or 'the divine power' of the universe.

As you'll all now know, I am on a quest to find the Origins of the Celtic Ginges, and it appears that mankind has been ERADICATED many time, and his history or story or lineage stretches waaaaay back into the mists of time. Look at the great stone circles, look at the great pyramids, look at the great stone lines and …

Free Planet's Sunday morning Facebook meme-art set four

fourth Sunday morning Facebook meme-art set, the highlights... as I've been doing so many of these, this is a brief selection of the best of the latest - for the full set visit Free Planet's Facebook Page.

Free Planet's Sunday morning Facebook meme-art set three
Free Planet's Sunday morning Facebook meme-art set two Free Planet's Sunday morning Facebook meme-art set on

Spanish contemporary art - Rubén Belloso Adorna - pastel photorealism

my fascination with contemporary Spanish artists continues, here's photorealistic artist Rubén Belloso Adorna from Seville, Spain, using pastels to amazingly realistic and richly toned effect ...

Free Planet's most radical Standing Stone Circle theory - Stone Worship

now, don't get me wrong, I'm a modern mind and I understand the current ideas on plate techtonics and rock formation, but Stone Age People didn't. They had a different mind, formed around their own tacitly-accepted formulae of scientific nurture. Remember, these were Stone Age People, folk who owed their very survival to this goft of the gods, this sacrifice of their own so that man could make his stone axes and chip off his flints. At the end of the last Ice Age, stone age man will have seen these massive meteors crashing regularly to the land from the boiling sky and sought to 'appease the gods' somehow.

By lifting these embed'd rock-gods from their earthly resting place, they liberated these gods from their gravitational imprisonment. Think about stone circles, they're a replanting of fallen space rocks. Or so those ancient peoples obsessed with astronomy and solar alignment …

Bryan Holland - crow artist - graphic nature in action

Free Planet realises that Bryan Holland isn't just a CROW ARTIST; he's a very competent and accomplished nature painter, specifically animal portraits with a graphical twist.

The crow paintings though, there's something rather special about the depiction of these Ancient Briton battlefield gods.

Ancient Briton - rise and fall - Chariot

our ancient ancestors used chariots, in warfare and in their burials. This is recorded by Julius Caesar in 50 BC when he first confronts (and fails to rout) the Britons, on home turf. Yes, the Ancient Britons, like the Egyptians and the Hittites and the Assyrians before them used chariots in their wars or territorial skirmishes.

I'm still trying to find out whether the Celtic Chariot was introduced into Ancient Briton by A SPECIFIC SEA-FARING PEOPLE like the Scythians or the Phoenicians or the original Syrians themselves, or whether the chariot found its way into Ancient Briton as some sort of 'global trade or commodity' trophy, with the French or the Belgians of the era. You know, mined or worked assets for battle tech swap, or stolen maybe and back-engineered to fit local requirements or terrain, happens all the time in the Modern World, why not in the Ancient World?
PS: I'm not totally convinced by all these Maps or Timelines (for gingerness and DNA and technology …

Ancient Briton - the lost cities - hidden under the Atlantic ocean

a view of our eroded coastline from the last Ice Age to the present day, enjoy finding LOST WORLDS at the western edges of these waters....

Imagine how many lost civilisations or Tribes of Briton could be excavated from these ancient tribal lands far out in the English Channel and Brittany.

Shocking loss of Historical Relevance.

Star Wars 7 - The Force Awakens - official poster + final trailer

over the past year or more, there've been many variants on this now-official poster pre-created by the Star Wars fan base, some of them really quite clever and/or artistic (though what a bunch of Jawas carting off Snow White has to do with the themes of an awakening universe Free Planet is under no obligation to discuss at this time).

I'm as old as many of the actors starring in this episode of the Star Wars Saga and I'm totally fucking psyched about it, like NOW! SHOW ME NOW.

DAY LATER UPDATE: prepare yourselves for the new FINAL trailer before the film's release, and it's looking like the whole SW4-SW6 success story has been (somehow) wiped from the Collective Consciousness of those worlds that survived - guess that's how the COG or Corporate Obfuscation Game does its business, even in the future.

It is, after all, how the Romans did their Empiring, "By deception shall we re-write history."

Dream about 'Gods' and Animals

it's been a long while since I shared one of my 'dreams' with the readers of Free Planet, the culmination of which came with a rousing anthem in the digitally-amalgamated voice of Shirley Bassey plus Adele, so here goes:

: This is the answer to the Gods, this is the answer to the Animals :
That was the resplendant opening phrase, repeated twice (hence the :s ). And I got the tune, too. Theme and baseline arranged on different layers for me, in case I meant to write it down. In fact, this dream happened two hours before I got up. I was going to get up and try to work out the actual notation. But I ended up falling back to sleep after taking the brief initial notes about the climactic shoot-out end-shot.

Oh, yes, what happened... well, the heroine turns up at the end. With the Robots. She has raised a robot army against the Enemy, all sorts of different shapes, size and make of robot; rallied together to save Free Planet from tyranny, somehow. I have no idea why a robot ar…

QWERKY retro keyboard and Tablet docking station design

this is not another post about William S Burroughs Naked Lunch, though you can see why one might be forgiven for thinking so... nor is it really about the factory-work-ethic and quantification of gross human productivity.

Qwerkywriter features industrial strength mechanical switches that provide a unique clicky tactile feel.  [source QWERKY]
While we all realise that the cynical QWERTY keyboard system was originally designed by engineers to 'slow down' the slave-typists of the mega banking and publishing corporations and public offices i.e. minimise the jamming of the mechanical arms that slammed the metal letters at the ink-ribboned page, this retro QWERKY bluetooth keyboard and Tablet docking station design is just ... gorgeous.

Qwerkywriter's Return Bar functions as an ENTER key by default. But it's also programmable, remembering up to 5 characters. [source QWERKY]
Forget the cruel historical relevance of this manacle of human expression, it does e…

Xevi Sola Serra - more amazing Spanish art - surreal-realism.

"Surreal-realism," Mike you idiot. Surely 'surrealism' is already incorporated into the '-real' by the 'sur-' so why do you need to re-real-ise the already-surreal?

"The starting point, the motivation to make the first draft of each work, comes mainly from the need to transmit a disturbing message, subtly disturbing, if possible. For this reason, I seek ways to give clues that refer to the darkest part of consciousness, which CG Jung called "the shadow archetype", understanding this concept as the part refers to the intestines, sex, animal part, pre-human, that part considered amoral, beyond the good and evil." [source XEVI]
That's my point here, featuring the amazing surreal-realism of prolific artist Xevi Sola Serra from Girona, Spain. I mean just look at it; the choice of colours, the arrangement of space, the juxtaposition throughout. Living, vibrant, in your fucking face like an angry bear. Rarely does 'surrealism…

Bronze Age Collapse - 1,200 BC - what happened to the Sea People?

the opening salvo of the following video is that in a period of Bronze Age History spanning less than a few generations, civilisations from the Mycaeneans to the Hittites and more were decimated by some unknown force or natural occurence.

Or were they?

The Bronze Age Art of War appeared to be chariot armies with compliments of runners or clean up squads or decapitators sent in to finish off the unseated charioteers. The charioteers were the star warriors, the runners were the scum or grunts ... so, were the Ancient Sea People cited in this video formed from a Spartacus-like Runners Revolution? This video declares that these Sea People decimated the majority of ancient kingdoms from Greece to Egypt all round the 'fertile crescent' of the Middle East in this 1,200 BC period.

I still have this Ancient Britons idea in the back of my head with every bit of additional research I do, so, what if, whaaat iff, these Ancient Sea People (or survivors from the final sea battles with Egy…

Julie Rhodes - wildlife artist - pencil drawings

we've all done it, we've all taken a pencil and doodled in a book or on a scrap of paper, maybe while on the phone or travelling on a train or out in the countryside somewhere...

But few of us have ever done pencil drawings to the level of expertise of Julie Rhodes, an artist from North Cornwall - seriously, these are just amazing:

Mold gold cape - Celtic Welsh Legacy - Egyptian Lingua-franca?

Why on Earth would Free Planet want to suggest that a bronze-age shoulder decoration called the Mold Gold Cape that was found in Wales should have ANYTHING TO DO WITH Ancient Egyptian Burial Practices?

The Mold Cape is a solid sheet-gold object dating from about 1900–1600 BC in the European Bronze Age. It was found at Mold in Flintshire, Wales, in 1833. The cape is thought to have formed part of a ceremonial dress, perhaps with religious connections. It is housed at the British Museum in London. [source WIKI]

Wales is so out of place, geographically and spiritually from the Ancient Empires of north Africa i.e. Egypt. But notice if you will (in the image below from the Chapel of Anubis in Thebes) the three seated figures, wearing what looks like the exact same shoulder-restraining decorated wraparound decoration. And one can easily travel by boat from Egypt (or anywhere in the Mediterranean) to Wales via the Iberian i.e. Atlantic, coast.

Unless, of course, this style of b…

Ginge-built megalithic complexes and the lost tribes of Ginge.

in my search for the elusive Ginger Geneline of Ancient Britons, I started wondering if there was a link between the gene of gingerness that remains in western areas of Great Britain and Atlantic Europe and down through Morocco and into Egypt and Turkey and western Russia. And 'pockets of gingerness' did indeed project back through these historical sites, matching to ancient stone circles. It's kinda spooky.

The Gobekli Tepi animal-inspired carved-stone circle complex in Turkey is the furthest back in time, dating to 9,000 BC.
The next furthest back in time stone megalithic site is the Nabta Playa complex in Egypt, dating to 6,000 BC.

Interesting stuff right, but there's like a HOLE IN THE MIDDLE of this ginger-gene neolithic-circle, the hole is the place where 'something awful happened' in pre-history that allowed the darker-haired southerly gene and the lighter-haired northerly gene to move in. We're talking about a bullseye somewhere in central Europe b…

Mike Philbin - some new art/expression on its way...

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about 'swapped out life' called MAN BEHIND MASK and then wandered off into all sorts of relevant research and personal concerns...

I realise now that I'm a different person from that guy who did those paintings from 1985 to 1995. I was a child, I've done some 'growing up' in a sense, written some books; ate drank lived. My mind is my own, I have to admit this, there's no point in relying on someone else to bring that out. This is my fucking life and I'll interpret artistically HOWEVER THE FUCK I WANT and nobody's gonna tell me who or what I am.

"Free Planet," to you all and be yourself, nothing else matters.

Youqing (Eugene) Wang - IP3R - jelly and peanut butter

Free Planet's series of IP3R or Intimate Painterly Personalised Photo Realism continues with Canadian artist Youqing (Eugene) Wang's very special, inconic, emblematic and tasty-nosgtalgique Jelly & Peanut Butter paintings.

Jill Ann Whitney - coloured pen art - calming and therapeutic abstractions

Free Planet is putting corporate politics and institutionalised global terror aside for the moment and 'accentuating the positive' i.e. more and more posts are about Art, and Artists. As it should be on a Free Planet where there are pontentially SEVEN BILLION OF US all wanting to make this world a better place with our own personal expression.

A conscious return to Creativity, Passion and Kinship.
Today's feature is an artist by the name of Jill Ann Whitney who uses what looks like coloured felt-tip pens: the systematic application of the felt-tip pen colour blocks add a real texture to the tones used. While Whitney creates various styles of geometric-colour art, Free Planet is particularly taken by her more organic Cellular Modular Series as shown by the following three images. Lovely work.