Hannah Faith Yata - psychedelic creativity - insanely glorious colour and composition

as ever, the best things in life are 'found by accident' and that's how it was with the wonderfully inspirational and mind-enhancing artwork of Hannah Faith Yata.

Hannah Faith Yata was born in 1989 and raised in a small town in Georgia. She is half Japanese and Caucasian. She grew up with a deep love of nature and animals passed down by the beautiful surroundings in the country and her mother.

In her own work, Yata seeks to interweave political ideas, (using nature, women, and feminism almost synonymously), environmental degradation, and themes of moral injustice into increasingly chaotic paintings. [source HFY]


Ben Newman said…
Those are really nice! Another artist to add to the watch list...
Mike Philbin said…
Aye, lovely innit?

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