Free Planet - Re-Wilded gallery of Manimals - your choice corporate slave


The seven.five.billion people of Free Planet are given a stark choice to select any animal form in which to plant their Human Soul. Remember, this is only done because no other solution will save humanity in its current incarnation on this delicate homeworld.

Which creation or Re-Wilded would you choose to live out the years of your natural human life span? Land dweller, air dweller, sea dweller, underground dweller, grazer or hunter; the choice is yours fellow Free Planeter.

NB: me, I'd choose Killer Whale aka Orca i.e. big harlequin dolphin, but I'd need a wet-suit, LOL. I'm hoping quite a few of the 7.5bil choose Squid so I don't go hungry. :)

EARTH IS TRANSFORMING 2: "It's something like the opposite of Anthropomorphise," that moment when we realise that we're sharing this beautiful (and unique until Contact happens) homeworld with NINETY BILLION LIVING FEELING HOPING SOULS: some of them are more furry or scaly or hairy or slimy than others...

But they're still our Free Planet family.


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