Xevi Sola Serra - more amazing Spanish art - surreal-realism.

"Surreal-realism," Mike you idiot. Surely 'surrealism' is already incorporated into the '-real' by the 'sur-' so why do you need to re-real-ise the already-surreal?

"The starting point, the motivation to make the first draft of each work, comes mainly from the need to transmit a disturbing message, subtly disturbing, if possible. For this reason, I seek ways to give clues that refer to the darkest part of consciousness, which CG Jung called "the shadow archetype", understanding this concept as the part refers to the intestines, sex, animal part, pre-human, that part considered amoral, beyond the good and evil." [source XEVI]

That's my point here, featuring the amazing surreal-realism of prolific artist Xevi Sola Serra from Girona, Spain. I mean just look at it; the choice of colours, the arrangement of space, the juxtaposition throughout. Living, vibrant, in your fucking face like an angry bear. Rarely does 'surrealism' wrap itself back round to the 'real' in such a convincing and disturbing fashion. Surely, the mark of art genius.

ARTIST UPDATE 1: as a rule, I just show three pieces of each artist's work, no matter how good or volumic the portfolio might be. Often I'll choose the kinky or wacky series that takes my fancy. After all, it's my blog and I can do with it as I wish. Like this for instance, A FOURTH IMAGE.

I know, I know, but just look at it --- perfect camo for a perfect Corporate Warrior. Never look at the office cameleon again in the same light.

ARTIST UPDATE 2: I'd forgotten this FIFTH image, it comes from a series of larger format images which are normally comments on The American Mindset of trash and consumerism. This one is just beautiful, the specific nightmare-point for this reviewer is the white horizon line that cuts through the back of the image. The foreground elements of planting the Japanese in the mid-west is just poignant such as tears roll down cheeks. Maybe Xevi Sola Serra will be seen as ONE OF THE CLASSICS when the accounting of History is made.


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