Harald Haarman - The Balkans Civilisation - Tartaria Tablets 8,000 years old!

"If this is true, the Mesapotamians can no longer he heralded as the Cradle of Society," paraphrasing Haral Haarman, linguist and researcher who has found a lost civilisation in the Balkans i.e. Romania, with script and writing and clay tablets many thousands of years before the Sumerians even thought in such terms.

The Lost World Of Old Europe : The Danube Civilization - The First Writing - 5500 B.C #neolithic- Tartaria Tablets - Romania -Read more : www.neokoolt.com
Posted by Old Europe on Saturday, 28 February 2015

This points to another regular Free Planet contention that 'mankind has been wiped out many times' by natural cataclysms - one of the major reasons why Free Planet condones 'preparedness and readiness to respond' to such. As a rule.

CYCLING TIMES NEWS: as well as my jogging, I also cycle to work where I drive most days from 3pm to midnight in a local Oxford business, and my time is something like 35-40 minutes, there or back. It's a time I can 'set my watch to'. LOL. Well, until last night... You know when the time is just right to break loose? The weather's just right? The atmosphere feels silky smooth? You're really up for it? TWENTY THREE MINUTES from depot to home. Okay, it was knackering, and it'll probably never happen again to this near-fifty year old, but it was fun. Do something fun today. It feels great!


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