Michael Tsarion - the Irish origin of Atlantis - what is real Celtism, Keltoi, Khumri, Phoenician, Egyptian?

is Ancient Briton the place where the Remnant of Neolithic Empire comes to die?

I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of the Nuke-powered or Nuke-war Plato-written concept of The Lost Atlantis, it's such a(n anti-)Creation Myth in my opinion but we all now realise that even the nonsense in the Old Testament Bible Stories that are attributed to the actions of some anthropomorphised 'god' have some basis in fact i.e. the Global Cometary Cataclysm of 12,000 BC, the Great Global Flood of 6,000 BC, the Great Egyptian Famines in 2,000 BC, the Thera(Minoan) volcanic explosion and on it goes; historical facts or fire-side horror stories folded into the myths man tells himself about 'god' or 'the divine power' of the universe.

As you'll all now know, I am on a quest to find the Origins of the Celtic Ginges, and it appears that mankind has been ERADICATED many time, and his history or story or lineage stretches waaaaay back into the mists of time. Look at the great stone circles, look at the great pyramids, look at the great stone lines and enormous stone designs in the middle of nowhere; a lasting depiction of man's role in the larger part of a greater universal narrative.

Mankind, as far as can be discerned by this researcher, has been wiped out again and again for aeons. Not millennia. Thousands and thousands of millennia. This is why a Free Planet populace needs to prepare itself for CATACLYSM on a regular scale. It will happen again. And we need to reinforce our memory systems so that we can warn the future iterations of the Human Virus that THIS WILL HAPPEN AGAIN and this is who or why or when we used to (several times before) be.

Michael Tsarion is a slippery customer, he rambles a lot, he word-folds and letter swaps and reattributes in the manner of Jordan Maxwell, he has a break-neck pace when regurgitating his hyper-paranoid contentions so that he seems hard to pin down on one specific topic or specific subject prefering to leap and bound from craic soundbite to soundbite. But here, in his most cogent interview (congrats to the interviewer) Tsarion opens up about the all-important linguistic and societal and geo-directional basis for his claim that Atlantis might have been IRELAND and the 'lost city' might be more related to the lost language and lost civilisation of the Ari or Druids or Whatever Our Ancestors Were.

Fascinating retelling of one aspect of the Human Story.

SCYTHIAN'd TSARIONing: if you wanna really look at what happened with (or to form) the Ancient Celtic Nations of Briton  i.e. Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall etc... you've gotta listen to Tsarion on Red Ice talking about exactly the Prodigal Sons of the pre-historic proto-Celts i.e. The Scythians. In fact, if you look at their swirling art, sea-faring technology and Coelbren writing, it's Celtic post-Mold Gold Cape and pre-Bronze Age Britonic.

SO THEN TSARION FINALLY LETS RIP: about the invading alien forces of 50,000 years ago, and it's ultra-spectacular. I promise you.

Seriously, and I hate this stuff, but here's the guy who's done more on AHR or Ancient Humanity Research than any other researcher Iive ever come across and his conclusion is Nephilim vs Annunaki, a 50,000 year old nuclear war and the death of FOUR GREAT CONTINENTS including Atlantis and Lemuria. I mean, if you want the whole strange 'creation of humans' story, listen to this crazy shit.


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