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Russia Today - Jesse Ventura - The Day The Earth Stood Still

The Day The Earth Stood Still is about The Electric Universe... of course I hadn't realised this wehn I was a kid, but I saw the 1950s film just the other day and I was mesmerised by it. Especially when they 'turned off the electricity' as Klaatu explains what happened when 'nothing worked' for half an hour, as a demonstration of Gort's ingerited power.

Jesse Ventura also loves this film, hence this feature of a recent Russian Today episode of 'the world according to Jesse', starring Dr Steven Greer talking about the 'death of the oil dollar' and the implications of interstellar i.e. faster than light, travel.

Oh, and the assassinations of all those brave researchers who've tried to uncover such over the last seven decades... when the people find out what 'corporate government' might have done to retain the blackout on this news, they'll be angry. As they will when they find out what really happened about 9/11-manhattan, 7/7 -lon…

Electric Universe - HC Unit - rotating plasmoid found!

you all know I had this dream back in 1985 of water flowing down a constant slope past a spinning engine that (if overloaded) spat out excess water WITH the flow of water or AGAINST it. I always suspected I'd had a Kekule-like revelatory dream about an atomic model for hydrogen...

And I could never really come up with a physical model for this 'machine'. The WITH excess water was proton-ic, the AGAINST excess water was electron-ic. I surmised therefore that space was an ether or medium that sped towards these positively or negatively excessing Hertzan Chimera Units, as I called these machines, at the speed of light. Light reflecting some Tetris-like fill-in property of the universe. The neutron is just THE MACHINE spinning the flow with no excess flow.

But what is this flow?

Maybe Kristian Birkeland and his eponymous pairs of electric current that form a hyperactive plasmoid where they Z-PINCH to a focal point is the answer. Why am I convinced? Well, the excess product…

Wallace Thornhill - The A-Z of Electric Universe - forthcoming new book...

eleven years ago, (American mythologist) David Talbott and (Australian scientist) Wallace Thornhill brought out their seminal and eponymous book on the Electric Universe.

The thing about Wal and David's co-authored EU-book is it drew together mythology and science in a totally unique way that (iff valid-ified) will TOTALLY REWRITE how Science looks at fundamental issues like The Age of the Solar System, how it was formed, and what our Alien Sky might have looked like to early man - with illustrations peppered throughout written/carved history to back it up.
I just got word from Wal that (while this 2007-published book won't be updated for a more Electric Universe-friendly audience/academic community) he is working on a new book he's tentatively titled THE A-Z OF ELECTRIC UNIVERSE.

Excited as me? Not even possible, my friend....

Electric Universe - 2018 truths emerge - universe is electric

magnetic fields are formed by electric currents flowing through cold space plasmas

R.I.P. nuclear stars, big bang creationism and black hole nonsense, now let's move on researching this electric universe...