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Star Wars 7 - The Force Awakens - first teaser trailer

Erm, what to make of this seventh part of the nine-part epic? Seven of Nine? The Dark Side is a red crucifix? The Angel of 'light', isn't that Satan? Mommy, am confuze.

SUMMARY: the Empire never died, thirty years on it's still Ordo Ab Chao'ing.

MAIL ONLINE SUPPLEMENTAL:Golum and Kong mocap-actor Andy Serkis has been revealed as the dramatic voice in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer.

It's been long thought that the 50-year-old British character actor played a major part in the long-awaited movie that opens in US theatres on December 18, although exactly what that will be remains a mystery.
'He’s playing a pivotal role in the film, although he will not have a lot of screen time,' a source told HitFix.


Author interview with Mike Philbin - author of Custodian (free planet #1) - Hunters of Reloria

many thanks to Australian writer Kasper Beaumont who just interviewed me on her Hunters of Reloria website to talk about writing the novel Custodian and where we go (as a race) with the Free Planet vs War World series.

I've shown the Free Planet and War World trilogy covers because (even though Chimericana Books is publishing the six books Custodian & Tandem, Liberator & Watcher and Reaper & Kumiko in 2013 thru 2015) there may be plans to rework, update and release both trilogies as two 200,000+ words books in 2016.


Abby Martin - Jesse Ventura - Off The Grid + 9/11 re-investigation!

Jesse Ventura, god bless him, he's trying hard to get to the truth, but he has NO FUCKING CHANCE.

The stakes are too high, we're talking TOTAL GLOBAL FINANCIAL-MIND DOMINATION and we're supposed to just lie on our fucking backs and piss on our own stomachs.

Abby Martin growls spunkily, but it's all for nought - until we have a Free Planet, stripped of all patents and profit, we're fucked.

Hertzan Chimera Unit - size of an HC Unit - atoms are flat created between two planes.

random HC Unit thought for 2014:
imagine you've just done the washing up, you've washed two same size drinking glasses and they fit together one on top of the other to 'dry' on the side. You come back an hour or so later and bubbles of 'not properly rinsed' water have lodged themselves between the two same size glasses (or planes of glass) and they're all (roughly) the same size.

Like atoms of a similar energy state.

And, I know this isn't how it'd work, for sure, but, what if, "There are two boundaries to the potential 'size' of an atom based on two planes of influence pressing down upon the atom?"

It was a part of the original HC Unit illustration (above) an inner and an outer 'pressure' pressing down upon the physical excess of any active HC Unit. The excess phase being the 'bit we see' in this dimension i.e. the red (clockwise) spin and the green (anti-clockwise) spin in the above HC Unit schematic image. The pr…

Gravity - the earth moves towards the free-falling bowling ball and the feathers?

so, Prof Bri Cox (he'd like me crimping his first name to Bri like that, it's cool) goes to Nasa's Space Power Facility near Cleveland Ohio to demonstrate how a heavy object (a bowling ball) and a light object (feathers) fall to the ground at the same time, as long as you remove the air-resistance from the free-falling equation.

Stunning experiment gives hard evidence, but is it really true that, as Einstein suggested in his Equivalence Principle, "...both the bowling ball and the feathers AREN'T MOVING..." the only way this could happen is if the Earth is (somehow) moving towards the free-falling bowling ball or feathers at all times. In fact, the Earth (whatever it really is) must be micro-to-macro expanding, moving or 'growing' at all times away from its core (in some as-yet-unformulated way) while we stand in space, unmoving.

But... what? Really? That's not what they teach us at school - so what's the point of 'going'?

photorealism - Gottfried Helnwein - his latest works

ask for one classic example of Gottfried Helnwein's photorealist paintings and this iconic image will probably be conjured up by the mainstream mind, shattering the front cover of Scorpion's 1982 album BLACKOUT.

Gottfried Helnwein (born 8 October 1948) is an Austrian born Austrian-Irish fine artist, painter, photographer, installation and performance artist. Helnwein studied at the University of Visual Art in Vienna (Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Wien). He was awarded the Master-class prize (Meisterschulpreis) of the University of Visual Art, Vienna, the Kardinal-König prize and the Theodor-Körner prize. [source WIKI]
but his latest paintings are even more scary than those forks-in-eyes images from the halcyon days of OMNI science-fiction magazine, where I first came across the blitz-krieg-ing Helnwein Mentality in all its glossy full-page glory.

Military Cancer - It's not mine to own - it's ours to share

Class War Films brings us this involving and educational film about the Genesis of Modern War or American Imperialism as it's called in the MICC., in case you weren't aware such a perpetual war-based economy existed.

In case you've been asleep since the sacking of Rome by the Vandals.

the phrase, "it's not mine to own, it's ours to share," allows Free Planet to bypass MICC.

Romanian hacker Guccifer says Nuke Chicago in 2015 conspiracy i.e. Illuminati plan.

From the spelling I'd be tempted to call the hacker Gooch-ifer. However, Watson calls him Goose-ifer to make him sound like the Lord of Light or something. Woo, scary bogeyman.

"This world is run by a group of conspirators called the Council of Illuminati, very rich people, noble families, bankers and industrialists from the 19th and 20th century," Guccifer, currently serving a seven-year sentence in his home-country jail.

9/11 - THE SENSIBLE DOUBT - Danish documentary about 9/11

In this Danish documentary architect Jan Utzon, MP Benny Engelbrecht, professor Niels Harrit, airline captain Niels Studstrup, journalist Tommy Hansen and artist Jacob Fuglsang discuss how 'so many things just didn't add up' about this most legendary of Global Psy-Ops.

Foreign perspective and culture distance on this most-American of operations is the key ingredient in this short film from Denmark.

SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL FROM DENMARK: what the Hell's this, yet another investigativejournalistic piece on 9/11 from Tommy Hansen in Denmark. This is how REAL NEWS starts to be disseminated. The only way we're really going to get to the bottom of 9/11 is to completely dismantle the for-profit patent-protective 3-letter services that are War Gaming this planet for their banker overlords.

Milo Manara – Story of Humanity - warning meat is murder

Story of Humanity as illustrated (creatively and artistically) by Milo Manara an Italian comic book writer and artist, best known for his erotic approach to the medium.

Surely, we're better (or worse) than this?

and it goes on for another few centuries of debauched, mind-controlled murder, assassination, reprisals, rape and torture. What a shameful legacy we leave.

Christopher Story - Yuri Bezmenov - Globalist Leninist Ticking Timebomb?

The Industry of Slaves.
Twenty-five Year War of Deception.
Changing the Perception of Reality so that NO INFORMATION is believed, or believable.

In light of the claims in the above two videos, iff there's a link between (say) the Russians and Israel, then 9/11 Attack and 7/7 Bombing gain new meaning... intel-intensive American Empirism gains new meaning. War of Terror is the only meaning, and PROFIT for the few at the expense of You The Seven Billion Individuals who fund it with your work, your daily toil.

APEC SUMMIT 2014:  sure, you're as welcome as you wanna be to consider that footage above all sorts of controversial polemic, propaganda or nonsense... however, look at the furore caused by the Red-carpet opening of this year's APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) SUMMIT. Red road, more like - but what are those matching silk jackets all the World Leaders are adorned in? Unity in vision? New World Order?

Ruben Ireland - Illustration - master of cool

oh, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely and stylish -- that's all Free Planet can say about the stunning illustration work of UK-artist Ruben Ireland.

MIF or Magic Intel Face - OMOTE - Moving Digital Makeup Projected in Real Time

The OMOTE project is a collaboration between a group of engineers, artists, and other creative types that allows for real-time 3D mapping of a human face.

OMOTE is a proof of concept at this point, but the possibilities are scintillating. Real-time 3D mapping and facial projection could make for some killer Halloween costumes and, if the projectors could be made small and nimble enough, even stage makeup Covert Operative Disguises.

former Lockheed Martin engineer Boyd Bushman - aliens are among us - UFOs are real

"Mike, if you're a proponent of the savage intel-game sponsored by Boyd Bushman and the Area 51 cronies, why put it in the 'science fiction' category?" you'll be askin'.

Well, alleged former Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments engineer Boyd Bushman makes quite an astounding series of claims in the following video, with alleged photographs to back up his 'deathbed confession'... 
'Quintonians' (the alien race) live for 200+ years they fly the 68 light years to Earth in 45 yearsthey have heads-up displays in their UFOs
Boyd doesn't say why they are interacting with the authorities via Area 51 in America...

or are we just seeing the ruthless indoctrination of a government operative/scientist?

OH, AND BY THE WAY: this...

ISM'nt - the new Free Planet - campaign slogan

The idea of the ISMn't (new Free Planet campaign slogan) is to effectively eradicate the collective dogma suffix ~ISM from our language.

ISMn't, it's like ISN'T except that it's not; but what is it?

I'll tell you what it ISMn't...

Anarchism, Agnosticism, Atheism, Buddhism, Christianity, Communism, Conservatism, Darwinism, Deism, Environmentalism, Egalitarianism, Fascism, Feminism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Liberalism, Marxism, Mormonism, Nationalism, Pacifism, Sikhism, Socialism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, Zionism... a non-exhaustive list.

GET RID OF ALL THIS DICTATING CRAP~ism. We are not shapes to be fitted into limited moulds. We are all unique. We don't need this restrictive pigeonholeism. We The People are the ones who'll save this Free Planet from the corporate-corruption game and the war-world mentality in the name of immoral profiteering and intel-work via P3 or Protect Private Patents.

We are a planet of SEVEN BILLION INDIVIDUAL SOULS, not a r…