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Christopher Story - Yuri Bezmenov - Globalist Leninist Ticking Timebomb?

The Industry of Slaves.
Twenty-five Year War of Deception.
Changing the Perception of Reality so that NO INFORMATION is believed, or believable.

In light of the claims in the above two videos, iff there's a link between (say) the Russians and Israel, then 9/11 Attack and 7/7 Bombing gain new meaning... intel-intensive American Empirism gains new meaning. War of Terror is the only meaning, and PROFIT for the few at the expense of You The Seven Billion Individuals who fund it with your work, your daily toil.

APEC SUMMIT 2014:  sure, you're as welcome as you wanna be to consider that footage above all sorts of controversial polemic, propaganda or nonsense... however, look at the furore caused by the Red-carpet opening of this year's APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) SUMMIT. Red road, more like - but what are those matching silk jackets all the World Leaders are adorned in? Unity in vision? New World Order?


muzuzuzus said…
Started to watch your vids, and being gay meself I am VERY offended in your first video where it says: '26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as 'normal, natural, and healthy''

FUCK with that. That is homophobia, and whatever this is purporting to be 'exposing mind control' it is totally up its OWN hypocritical HATER-osexual arse and pushing ITS toxic mind control!!
Mike Philbin said…
Yeah, of course, it's a CONGRESSIONAL REPORT FROM 1962.

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