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Farage and Watson - double teaming the BREXIT issue

UKIP Leader and British Representative Abroad, Nigel Farage, does what he does very well. And one must accept that he's got the backing of The Queen in his prestigious expenses-paid European role. You know he was the mischievous kid at the back of the class with all the intricate questions for his hapless tutors.

Personally, I love a) the look on the face of the woman in seat 122 and b) the way The (still leaderless) UK Conservative Party appear to have NO BUDGETARY PLAN ... the Bank of England has a plan and they announced it the day after the BrExit vote.

WATSON & MOLYNEUX: meanwhile, here's some fresh journalistic perspective on the subject of Great Britain rejecting the Corporate European Union mandate... thanks to Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux for telling it like (they think) it is.

So, the pound (sterling) adjusted itself down to a more attractive value against the dollar and the euro, and the initial rash of stock market jitters abated such that FTSE&…

ART WORLD ORDER - Mike Philbin art - 40x80cm Introversions paintings

I M A G I N E ,   A   F R E E   P L A N E T  O F   A R T I S T S
what if that's the reality (or supposed reality) of our function upon this (should be) Free Planet... to be Artists. Actual do-ers of things artistic.

All seven billion of us: not workers, not corporate whores at the capitalist gang-bang, not assets in a cold dark war of profit and patent and constitution-busting non-disclosure prototypical cloak-n-dagger...

JUST ARTISTS, in a world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship.

BRexit = CAMexit = Free'r Planet, starting with UK?

So, Cameron's gone... but the Conservatives still occupy the seat of power in this island nation.

One imagines (with such a prominent resignation) there might be a return to the situation where Voted Politicians must acquiesce to the Total Will of their Constituents but what's the evidence? Such a swift departure, could it really manifest a situation where Our Public Servants actually petition the Parliament of The People with Our Real Concerns i.e. let's end this crippling and prejudicial MP2 or Modern Personality-based Politics.
Of course, there's still the chance that BREXIT was a Bilderberg-instigated move on the so-called Global Chess Board... Let's see if Switzerland and their Bankers make Britain and its Bankers the most important global offshore ever!
D Trump and B Johnson for the ultimate(ly cynical and dangerous) Trans-Atlantic Partnership post EU?

Truth Frequency Radio - Susan Lindauer - Hillary’s Heist And Other Thefts...

this just in from TRUTH FREQUENCY RADIO, Lindauer and the Clintons...

Today, Susan Lindauer discloses scandalous and explosive information of the theft of Trillions of Dollars from the American people. Susan has uncovered extraordinary heists of funds from the American coffers. Susan details how the thefts happened and even went into the history of how micro siphoning of electronic transactions were completed. She also covers how the debt we have as a nation is because of the thefts by those associated with the Military Industrial Complex! [source TFR]

SUSAN LINDAUER ON TRUTH FREQUENCY AUDIO INTERVIEW -- click here to listen. There's a recorded audio file at the foot of the following page, it gets going after about five or six minutes. Big news. Big consequences.

"Jesus Christ" - Origin of Christianity - The Piso Flavian Dynasty from AD 73

First, we covered Alan Wilson's Two Real British King Arthurs.

Then, we covered Ralph Ellis's King Jesus of Edessa, last of the Eygptian Pharoahs.

Now, (and I thought I'd already covered this issue a couple years ago but it's not on this blog now, so let's rake up old trodden earth once more), the following video The Piso-Flavian Dynasty states that AD 73 Titus Flavius was written into the New Testament as the prophecied Second Coming, as predicted by the written-in AD 33 Jesus or Iessus or Issa or Sirius or Pagan Green Man or whatever...

So, the New Testament was a Judaism-light gizmo that introduced a fake-Jesus to prophecy the coming second Christ i.e. Titus Flavius. The really interesting question is, "Why is the Bible?" a.k.a. the basis of this so-called Western Faith, "Why is the Bible ALL ABOUT ANCIENT EGYPT?" and it refers back to the Roman-written Christ story in many ways, including the date of Xmas and Santa and Ho-ho-ho...
Is this m…

Disney - Moana - sneak peek trailer...

"Hmm, here we go again Conspiracy Nutcases," this time Disney brazenly dish up a Pacific Ocean-faring Transmutative-shamanism Biblical-exodus Celtic-spiral Water-spirit storyline based on THE REAL ABORIGINAL PEOPLE who seem to have influenced the architectural design and megalithic construction of 'the entire Earth' in a time before Noah's Flood.

"Shut up, Mike, it's just a f***ing kids' film," oh, yeah, sorry, me and my stupid mouth/fingers...

Ralph Ellis - The Other Christianity - Precessional Astronomy in the Ancient Neolithic Mindset

throughout his radical writing (history-rewriting) history and certainly in his latest book THE GRAIL CYPHER, author/researcher Ralph Ellis contends that 'the stories of the Bible/Koran' are Druid-like i.e. Old-Testament memory-maps for the ancient art of Precessional Astronomy.

Seriously, it's looking very much like these ancient stories are recording the passing of the Great (K)nights of the Great Months of the Great Precessional Year. The real highlight of this four-video set is the interaction of Ellis and Tsarion, both of whom have come to similar conclusions from very different research directions. I'd love to see Ellis and (Two Arthurs' Khumric investigator) Alan Wilson bashing their heads together over this whole issue in a similar fashion.

Anyway, Ellis also contends that...

• The history of King Arthur was modelled upon the life of Jesus.
• Jesus-Arthur had 12 disciple-knights of Round (Last Supper) Table.
• The son of Jesus was the king of Palmyra in Syri…

Mike Philbin - INTROVERSIONS paintings - five new 60cm x 40cm canvases

On a theme of Five Holst Planets, here are the most recent paintings in the INTROVERSIONS series... they're re-paints of earlier paintings I just wasn't happy with.

Roberto Ferri - photorealism - with a dash of mythology...

Roberto Ferri is so famous in his native Italy for his Caravaggio-inspired-yet-thoroughly-modern photo-realistic-yet-mythically-overtoned paintings that he was invited to paint the portrait of the current Pope. And a cracking depiction of a dynamic and living man it is.

Obviously, it's not that image that concerns Free Planet but many of his other works, especially the following three images which can be narratively linked and construed to episodically track the downfall of Man (in wondrously rendered female form)...

Bob Lazar - very rare footage - three encounters with E.T., ALIEN or GREY.

I had seen this two-hour Project Camelot interview with John Lear by Kerry Cassidy, but I'd forgotten that

and here's the specific seven-minute clip.

Mike Philbin - INTROVERSIONS paintings - four new 20" x 16" canvases

Four new two-border 20" x 16" paintings in a similar style, but what happened?

As usual (it's like when I'm writing, where the characters start to take over, which I love) the colour pairs seem to have gained a life and personality of their own and (while they're still in the same style as the previous six paintings) they're a little different in fundamentally important ways.

DAY LATER UPDATE: I did three 50x50cm paintings a few days ago. I had this great plan, and it went wrong. The colours all got mushed to grey and they were nasty. Rather than destroy them, as I have done with so many of these paintings already, I repainted them so they look as I'd always intended them to.

To me, the artist, without having thought too much about it, these shapes across the two-colour divide look like some sort of INTERFERENCE PATTERN or convection current or soft-refracting-overlay. I can't work them out, and that's why I like them.

Valdemar Januszczac - The Dark Ages - An Age of Light

Valdemar Januszczac presents The Art of the Dark Ages (400-800 AD), and I nearly didn't watch it. But I'm so glad I did, personal highlights...

1) Thoedoric, the name of the Aryan king of the Ostrogoths who would lay waste to Rome and also the name of a Welsh king of the same era in the lineage of King Arthur.

2) The elongated skulls of the Huns, and they look EXACTLY like the more radical examples of such extreme head-altering from the Paracas mountains of Peru.

Seriously, this is some properly fucked up stuff... and there were two forms of Christianity circulating at the time, the Roman one and Theodric's aryan one.

Bilderberg Fears the Precariat, the Monster They Created...

kinda scary update about this year's Bilderberg 2016 global financial/ethical meeting from Dresden in Germany...

MORE FOR YOU, SLAVE: ...and just because you love this crazy play-action, here's more of it for you - this time from The Master of Conspiracy Reality, Alex Jones. Go directly to 08:50 in the following new clip if you wanna avoid all the local-corp crap and dive straight into the Bilderberg News.

dream - horses - wolves

Two families of Horses and Wolves in a field, both able to talk to me. Message received, thanks guys. Gonna go find the fable now and read...

Robert John Langdon - the sacred water sites - Stonehenge, Avebury, Old Sarem and Durrington Walls

at sites like Stonehenge, Avebury, Old Sarem and Durrington Walls you hear this commentary from archeologists, "The ditch was inside the bank," this is bad for defense but great for levelling off a water course or circular canal or 'harbour', should you want to deliver stones to a site that (at the time) was surrounded by water.

But this has implications, most importantly, that the Stone Builders of these British sites were the same sea-faring stone builders who eventually ferried great stone blocks to places like Egypt, Greece and Syria. SHIPS, of a sea-faring race, have been found at all these British sites... not merely ceremonial but the decommissioning of a working vessel. And also, this sets the creation dates of these British sites back to the post-glacial flooding after the last Ice Age i.e. 8,000+ B.C.

What brought on this investigation of author Robert John Langdon's 'debunking' of ancient British sites like Stonehenge, Avebury, Old Sarem and D…

Mike Philbin - INTROVERSIONS paintings - six new 20" x 16" canvases

the last set of 50x50cm paintings I did, I wasn't very happy with. To say I wasn't pleased with them, would be an understatement. You know how it is. One's investigating one's own syntax and grammar for a set of abstract paintings, darling, and one pushes too f-ing hard. Tries to hard to advance the f-ing form. Makes a f-ing mess. I had intended to make a happy threesome of three-border, two-border, three-border but the colours mushed to greys and it just didn't work as I'd intended.

Ironically, they're three of my most popular paintings in terms of positive feedback, so what do I know? What I do is I learn from my mistake and realise that the show must go on. And by this, of course, I'm referring to the style of left-right linear-narrative painting. It was truncated (intentionally) by me so-called 'narrative' three-border device and my self-imposed colour schemes. The central of the grey-mush disaster-paintings had two clean borders, one top …

Overwatch - The Movie - Every Story Cinematic

Oh. My. God. this is visually sexier than anything Disney/Pixar have made in ages, the animation, the characters, the lighting and sfx... and it's just the cinematics for a video game called OVERWATCH by Blizzard.

Giza plateau 27,000 BC - ancient Sphinx not a lion - Ram statue of God Khnum aka Amun

prolongued rain-weathering of the solid-block lionine Sphinx statue at the foot of the Giza Pyramid #2 (aka the Great Pyramid) suggests that it was looking up at the sky when the last Age of Leo was around i.e. 10,000 BC. The Sphinx has been regularly repaired and amended throughout Egyptian history. Many many facelifts and restructurings and reworkings that reflects the egomaniacal desires and wishes of the Pharoahs of Egypt.

But what if the Sphinx was originally a RAM?

But think about it, "Most statues of lions from ancient Egypt are lions not-recumbent i.e. they are lions that are sat up, on their haunches." You can do the research if you want. I did, and it's what I found. I also found this very interesting Alternative Ram-headed Statue of Amun and would you look at the pose it's adopting, even the resting angle of the tail, looks very much like the pose of the Sphinx to me.

But if that's so, if the Sphinx used to be a ram in pre-Dynastic times, then maybe i…

Mark Dice - Bilderberg Group 2016 - Dresden Germany Election Year Special

According to my favourite public antagonist, Mark Dice has revealed that the location and dates of the 2016 Bilderberg Group meeting have been revealed - now that's a double-revelation. Here's the other revelation...

In an unusual change of plans, they are not meeting in the Washington D.C. area which is customary (in Election Year, ed), instead they will hold the conference in Dresden, Germany from June 9th through the 12th. In what appears to be attempts to prevent American media coverage and protesters from surrounding the cabal, this Illuminati front group has moved the event to Germany instead. [source MARK DICE]

Tony Gosling - The Nazis were never defeated - Who owns the world?

Yesterday, Free Planet was wandering around Andrew Gough's Beehives of the Gods.

Today, and quite by accident, we're back at Truth Juice to find out where our Free Planet went.

You know, voting REMAIN or BREXIT this June won't make one iota of difference after you watch this, "It's all Theatre," all a performance of legal-lies.

YES, THIS VIDEO'S FROM 2012... what of it? Watch, listen, learn...