Truth Frequency Radio - Susan Lindauer - Hillary’s Heist And Other Thefts...

this just in from TRUTH FREQUENCY RADIO, Lindauer and the Clintons...

Today, Susan Lindauer discloses scandalous and explosive information of the theft of Trillions of Dollars from the American people. Susan has uncovered extraordinary heists of funds from the American coffers. Susan details how the thefts happened and even went into the history of how micro siphoning of electronic transactions were completed. She also covers how the debt we have as a nation is because of the thefts by those associated with the Military Industrial Complex! [source TFR]

SUSAN LINDAUER ON TRUTH FREQUENCY AUDIO INTERVIEW -- click here to listen. There's a recorded audio file at the foot of the following page, it gets going after about five or six minutes. Big news. Big consequences.


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