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Mike Philbin - abstract artist - EYES WIDE SHUT

Introversions & Dichotomies re-paintings 2016
the ultimate in ANT or Artistic Non-Thinky.

Jogging: 7 a.m. smashed my 2016 time. Usually, I generally complete my carefully measured 10 km (6 miles) jog in 55 minutes+. This morning, I went for it and was back in 50 minutes. Yeah, it hurt, but yeah it felt good, real good.

Re-painting: 9 a.m. got all six of these grey + darkgrey re-paintings done, based on the original prototype painting I did at the start of the year. Ninety paintings in nine months and plenty of re-painting. And since I know how the paint works and how the style works, "I did these with my eyes wide shut," the ultimate in ANT or Artistic Non-Thinky.

They paired up real nice too, by accident...

Wal Thornhill - Elegant Simplicity - Electric Universe and Thunderbolts of the Gods 2016

I've had a lot of contact, recently, with the physics-core of the Thunderbolts Project namely Wal Thornhill, and while I like/love his idea of an Electric Universe, I find Wal very difficult to get on with. I had the same personal reaction to the Growing Earth theorist Neal Adams. But this is probably my own fault, I do tend to 'rub people up the wrong way' as a rule...

People like Wal, and Neal (and maybe myself) are dogged arguers, relentless corner fighters, convinced evidentialists... and that's not a really bad thing. What the RSC or Real Scientific Community needs is more people who will go out and ask seriously dirty and dangerous fundamental questions and argue their contention with as much dogmatic confidence nee arrogance as such characters naturally muster.

We don't need to like these dogmatic characters, we just need to 'let them get on with it' and show us how our universe really works... without personal prejudice.


James Oschman - The Human Story - interconnected neuro-electric matrix penetrates all of time and space.

this is what happens when a biologist (Dr James Oschman) finds himself comfortable at an Electric Universe conference... intriguing stuff dealing with our psycho-medical relationship with Nature and our place in the electric Cosmos.

"Barefoot is natural," and allows us to reconnect ELECTRICALLY with our home planet.

Disney - Moana - new official trailer

erm, this is just RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS, the new trailer for Disney's Moana

Free Planet - Electric Sun - Powering the Galactic Transaction


Free Planet is of the opinion that every dreaming night we upload new drivers (plural) to our multi-dimensional universal-plasma-connected organic vehicle. We are the plasma-rechargable machines that let the creatures of the universe travel from point to point, night by night. Jog-shuttle control swapping from here to there...

One can think of the sun (our closest star) as a pinched nodule on one of the numerous dual-frond energy paths that connect all parts of our galaxy and maybe all parts of the universe. We must see these vast plasmatic connections as akin to the more-intimate paths in a human brain, where our consciousness resides. We must understand that this mega-parsec transmission of high-energy electricity supercedes the so-called gravity-universe (and light) by an order of 10^36, and any electrical transactions take place INSTANTANEOUSLY anywhere they happen.

Plus, there's a most obvious galactic plasma energy source i.e. our sun, we&#…

Mike Philbin - abstract artist - new cover for website

The Mike Philbin abstract artist site now links to the Hertzan Chimera novels site, and vice versa.

Juno mission - Jupiter glowing - infrared spectrum and radio emissions

Juno mission update, here are the first detailed views of Jupiter, glowing at the infrared end of the spectrum and the kinds of radio signals its plasma-interactions with the solar electric circuit can generate.

NB: opposing laminar flows of this nature are a feature of both fluid dynamics and plasma dynamics.

ADDITIONAL JOVIAN DISCOURSE: here's another video discussing measuring the wobbling gravity across the face of Jupiter, from pole to pole... note that laminar-flowing plasma-discharge belts (which align with cloud formations in the videos above) are EXPECTED to alter gravitational measurements at any point along the surface of Jupiter. Gravity, in the Electric Universe model, is said to be a net output of squished or squishing electric dipoles at the atomic level. If this squishing is altered by the plamas that form the belts of clouds upon Jupiter than gravity will be expected to change. Go figure...

The Brain is an Electric Universe - plasma discharge across the human psyche - ghosts and other supernatural phenomena

Think of the vastness of inter-galactic space as an ever-moving Electric Ocean of memories and futures...

My question then has to be, "Did the ancient stone circles, pyramids and obelisks from man's dark history GLOW IN THE DARK as the plasma visitors focussed in on their destination?" was the monument an (and seemingly eternal) original RING OF FIRE to the brain-pulsating gods of an electric sky. Is this the origin of the Olympic flame?

Wal Thornhill - Electric Universe - thought permeates the universe

this is really freaky, just a few days ago I broached the subject of the Galactic Brain with Wal Thornhill on his Facebook page. I hadn't heard him talk directly about this aspect of the Electric Universe, that it might be 'alive'. But if you think about it, if electric currents power a clustered or noded structure THAT'S A BRAIN.

Well, well, well, here's the most recent interview with Wal Thornhill over at the (generally esoteric and/or spiritual) Moore Show. You'd have thought that Wal would have been a bad mix for this show, but it works. It really works this time, especially when Wal cracks on about the SPEED OF UNIVERSAL THOUGHT. Keep your mind awake...

REVELATORY MOMENT: Wal discusses gravity-cancelling properties of an interstellar plasma craft, i.e. a UFO.

SCARY MOMENT: Wal appears to skirt the issue of 'free energy' ... are there any Free Lunches for mankind in the Electric Universe?