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Art - Chris Turnham - illustrator and printmaker

"Clean, oh so very clean." that's the instinctive impression the graphic architectural work of Chris Turnham gives Free Planet.

Chris is an illustrator and printmaker based in Los Angeles. He's worked as an artist in both feature and television animation and has contributed illustrations to publications and children's books.

Ran out of bug powder - I am dead as a writer - rebel-empires always fail

there, I said it, "I've run out of bug powder."
Nobody buys Mike Philbin books. Why should they? Mike Philbin is a nobody with nothing ideas. He's the guy you walk past on the book shelves of the shops in your town. He's that guy who bangs about upstairs with his rotting boots on rotten wooden floors whose eyes are open all the time wondering where his life went gasping at the roaches for a taste of the yellow powder that surrogates his coarse creativity. I'm dead, as far as you the book-reading or book-buying public are concerned. Maybe I never existed, like Kafka's roach. A never-been, never mind never-was.

I was a psycho-sexual painter for ten years and  didn't sell a single painting. I've been a surrealist writer for twenty years and haven't sold shit for copies. Yet, people loved my art for what it was and I get great 5***** reviews of my books from fellow writers and those who've actually read this stuff, so they know there's so…

Fantast in Focus: Daniel Merriam

this latest Free Planet 'art' post is about artist Daniel Merriam, recently featured on The Thinker's Garden - man, this is good stuff.

Like a Narnian portal, Daniel Merriam’s work is one of transport. Without the flick of a wand, his fairies carry you off to carnivalesque and ‘Peter Pan-ish’ neverlands. Merriam was born and raised in the United States and spent his early years working in architectural design. Merriam is also the founder and owner of Bubble Street Gallery, a California-based ‘emporium’ of artistry and imagination. [source THE THINKER'S GARDEN]

HAPPY 'FREE PLANET' DAY - this Earth is not yours - it's ours!

technically, it's not 'happy free planet day' as you all know. It's officially happy earth day, as laid down by the forces for change. But if you look at the Earth Day Website and read about their aims, it's still a gestural activity or movement. No real change will come of INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS and ONE DAY PER YEAR celebrations.

Earth Day’s 45th anniversary could be the most exciting year in environmental history. The year in which economic growth and sustainability join hands. It’s our turn to lead. So our world leaders can follow by example.
What Earth Day really needs is a totally new game for Humanity to play; it's time for us, time for all people, all six-or-seven billion sovereign individuals, to claim back this Free Planet for their own. It's time for all of us to love and cherish and re-wild this once-delightful Eden near-ruined by the Corporate War Machine and Industry. Forget trade, politics and war. Forget empire, money and profit.


Clinton & Farage 2015 - we love being told who to vote for - we are puppets and slaves

I don't think America (Hillary Clinton) or the UK (Nigel Farage) really wants to solve its presidential/prime ministerial problem, because... its indoctrinated/propagandized people keep voting these corruptible/corrupted stooges into power. It doesn't even matter if YOU BELIEVE that any person you vote into High Office will have your hopes, needs or concerns at the core of their manifestos. Once they get into power, Royalty takes over, Profit rules. Wars commence. Lives are lost. Amoral negotiations about Your Future begin.

We are all able to make the world a better place.

We all know the difference between Right and Wrong.
We all know the difference between True, or false.
We know how to DO RIGHT BY this Free Planet - it's ours to improve and cultivate, not theirs to rape to death and discard. Country and Royalty and Patent and Profit are TOO EXPENSIVE for us to cater for. A Global Gambling Game is something we should never consider for our One Planet's Worth of Reso…

Free Planet's favourite 9/11-truth video - fun and funky - concise and scathing

I love this concise and scathing, fun and funky, 9/11-truth video from James Corbett - it's well worth re-viewing.

OH, AND HERE'S ANOTHER: and this one's a classic because it goes into great detail about the potential who's and why's and what's of the actions of the people on the day, The Controllers maybe of the whole GAME PLAN

In the legal arena of The Evidential System this would be 'enough evidence' to hang most of the involved. But it won't hang all those involved in the Private Military Exercise to govern global influence with False Flaggings. It's your gov's who are to blame, they're playing their own (privatised) game.

IN OTHER SYNDICATE NEWS: the new website to promote the "Free Planet vs War World" dual-duelling trilogies by artist/writer Mike Philbin has just been launched. Click below to visit:

Dawn by Dario Marianelli features in Hans Zimmer's INTERSTELLAR soundtrack?

I watched it, last night, Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR and its very strange narrative structure of betrayal. Mostly, and love. Really enjoyed it. A lot. It was clever, as are most Nolan films, clever and cunning in a mind-manipulation way. It was very tense when it needed to be, too. And the excellent soundtrack added to the drama. But there was this recurrent musical theme running throughout the film that kinda ground on my ear a bit.

When the film ended, I raced onto the internet to try to find similar discussion from people who'd also been annoyed by the lick, the trinket, the musical jewel that shone out from the Zimmer-soundtrack. And I couldn't find anyone (not even the musical critics) talking about this one particular piece of music. Philip Glass's Koyaanisquatsi. Ligeti's 2001. Even Ennio Moricone's Mission To Mars, which I've never heard.

My memory of this  suggests it was a piano piece, a classical piano piece. Here's the original Hans Z…

Star Wars - The Force Awakens - second trailer arrives

Disney have just released the FIRST PROPER TRAILER for their Xmas 2015 release Star Wars VII (The Force Awakens) and it's rather nostalgia-gorgeous and salivation-making...

and because it ties in so closely with those of a classical Star Wars mindset, here's the new Battlefront Reveal Trailer from Swedish dev-co DICE. It truly is stunning if this is the level of detail the actual running game will employ. Looks a bit scripted, but...  potentially, amazing game-playing experience awaits.

actually, the above gameplay from the BATTLEFRONT ENGINE isn't gameplay at all. It looks very much, to me, like scene-setting in-game footage 'using the in-game engine'. Why? Well, there's no customisable user interface, nor is there an obvious control methodology. Oh, and I worked on one of the original Battlefront games for the PSP version some five or so years back, so I have form in this arena of the corporate mind-set-game-match.

I'll only be really happy about Dice…

Sugar Pine Mine, OR - Kerby Jackson - contested ownership case

A friend of mine in the States contacted me this morning about the following issue, an issue that's getting lots of media attention over in the USofA, and nothing here. Galice Mining District of Josephine County OR's Sugar Pine Mine... you've never heard about it, right? So, what's going on?

What's Going On in Galice - The SHORT Answer...
The short version of what's going on in Galice is this - the Sugar Pine Mine is what's known as a 'Pre-55' claim. That means it was established before the Surface Resources Act was put in place in 1955 and as such the mine controls the SURFACE, unlike other, regular mining claims, which only have rights to the minerals BENEATH the surface. BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is unlawfully trying to take the Surface Rights from the Sugar Pine Mine in order to dictate to us what we can and cannot do.

Here's a link to Kerby's Facebook pageif you're interested in keeping abreast of developments.

Free Planet - War World - what is the cost of your freedom?

now, you get this, right? You get that 'what we call freedom' isn't really freedom at all? You get We're on the same page from book one? Right? Then I'll continue.
Basically, it's all about borders and wars and mine mine mine. Except that it's not, due to conglomerate re-assignment of World Sectors. This is going to come as a shock to many of you but, "Country no longer exists."
COUNTRY is just an umbrella term or entry in a profit-loss chart for 'the result of ancient wars and contested marriages' among the European Elite of the last centuries following Roman Rule in AD 50-400. 
Take the United Kingdom, for example, the above chart shows the relationship of National Debt to World Wars. We see the major 1.5-2.5X gross domestic product marker as funding wars... and that's it. I mean, I understand that 'in a capitalist for-profit patent-protect secret-service driven' game for your subjugation, certain pipers will have to be paid…

Researchers find a 250 million year old microchip in Russia

have scientists in Russia really discovered an ancient/alien microchip in a 250 million year old rock?

This “ancient microchip” was discovered in the Krasnodar region, and ufologists have already tagged this discovery as a fragment of technology previously unknown to science. Like many other discoveries, this remarkable artifact was found by chance by a local fisherman by the name of Viktor Morozov who donated his curious finding to scholars from the University of Southern Polytechnic Nowoczerkaskiej who performed several tests and concluded that embedded into the rock, is a strange “device” which strangely resembles modern-day microchips. Researchers have not tried removing the alleged microchip from the rock in fear that the might damage it. [source ANCIENT CODE]
It looks microchip-like, sure, but for this blogger it looks just a little too organic, a little too artistic, a little too non-mass-manufactured.

It's not visually mechanical enough for our understanding of such calcul…

Gene Brewer - Campaign to Reboot the K-PAX film franchise - independent vs blockbuster

K-PAX (which came out just after 9/11, starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges, directed by Ian Softly) was one of 'those films' that captured an era. It was well cast and sympathetically low-key and everyone forgot independent author Gene Brewer wrote FOUR MORE EXCELLENT BOOKS in the series. All of which this reviewer has read, and loved...

I know, I know, after a quartet of five-star reviews I harshly reviewed Brewer's fifth book in the K-PAX that told us about the (amazing) Bullocks. I wasn't too enamoured by his ending; that was it. The last expositional page(s). Get rid of that, leave the ending as it was, and the quintilogy is SOLID; a perfect description of Human Futility. Even go back into the book's files and delete it altogether and re-edition. I told him, begged him to, "Play it for real," And I think I lost a friend in that author. But such a UNF or unattractive narrative fetish is 'easily fixed in post' as Hollywood calls it. I'm …