Clinton & Farage 2015 - we love being told who to vote for - we are puppets and slaves

I don't think America (Hillary Clinton) or the UK (Nigel Farage) really wants to solve its presidential/prime ministerial problem, because... its indoctrinated/propagandized people keep voting these corruptible/corrupted stooges into power. It doesn't even matter if YOU BELIEVE that any person you vote into High Office will have your hopes, needs or concerns at the core of their manifestos. Once they get into power, Royalty takes over, Profit rules. Wars commence. Lives are lost. Amoral negotiations about Your Future begin.

We are all able to make the world a better place.

We all know the difference between Right and Wrong.
We all know the difference between True, or false.
We know how to DO RIGHT BY this Free Planet - it's ours to improve and cultivate, not theirs to rape to death and discard. Country and Royalty and Patent and Profit are TOO EXPENSIVE for us to cater for. A Global Gambling Game is something we should never consider for our One Planet's Worth of Resource. We simply can't gamble all that on a silly Chess Game or Turn of a Card for Profit and Asset that's ruining Our World. Get to the bottom of the 9/11 New York and 7/7 London and all other false flag conspiracies = follow the fucking money. Follow who paid whom for what. How, when and why. Every single time.

No ownership.
No homeland.
No profit.
No church.

An end to slavery, patent and prisons.

These are the "Free Planet" aims


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