Dawn by Dario Marianelli features in Hans Zimmer's INTERSTELLAR soundtrack?

I watched it, last night, Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR and its very strange narrative structure of betrayal. Mostly, and love. Really enjoyed it. A lot. It was clever, as are most Nolan films, clever and cunning in a mind-manipulation way. It was very tense when it needed to be, too. And the excellent soundtrack added to the drama. But there was this recurrent musical theme running throughout the film that kinda ground on my ear a bit.

When the film ended, I raced onto the internet to try to find similar discussion from people who'd also been annoyed by the lick, the trinket, the musical jewel that shone out from the Zimmer-soundtrack. And I couldn't find anyone (not even the musical critics) talking about this one particular piece of music. Philip Glass's Koyaanisquatsi. Ligeti's 2001. Even Ennio Moricone's Mission To Mars, which I've never heard.

My memory of this  suggests it was a piano piece, a classical piano piece. Here's the original Hans Zimmer soundtrack, the piano-theme I'm thinking of is played by the high-pitched synthesizer part at exactly 00:50...

...so, the above youtube clip was playing, and I got called away. When I came back another youtube clip had fired up, as they sometimes do, and it was The Piece. The actual piano piece that I (thought I) remembered. A track called Dawn by Dario Marianelli from the Keira Knightly-starring Pride and Prejudice (2005).

Interestingly, I find that another Marianelli track Evey Reborn from V for Vendetta was used in the original trailer for Interstellar. Weird and strange... and...

POST-VIEW EXISTENTIAL QUESTION: remembering that everything that Astronaut Cooper does from behind the space-time bookshelves in his daughter's room is LEGAL in the sense that it doesn't 'kill the grandfather' or 'paradox generate too much', "Is Cooper forty-five years old in Interstellar?"

I ask this because, if so, "Is COOPER the Black Hole that arrives in our Solar System to save Humanity?"

Earth to Earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust?


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