Star Wars - The Force Awakens - second trailer arrives

"Chewy, we're home," says the grey old man above.  :)

Disney have just released the FIRST PROPER TRAILER for their Xmas 2015 release Star Wars VII (The Force Awakens) and it's rather nostalgia-gorgeous and salivation-making...

and because it ties in so closely with those of a classical Star Wars mindset, here's the new Battlefront Reveal Trailer from Swedish dev-co DICE. It truly is stunning if this is the level of detail the actual running game will employ. Looks a bit scripted, but...  potentially, amazing game-playing experience awaits.

actually, the above gameplay from the BATTLEFRONT ENGINE isn't gameplay at all. It looks very much, to me, like scene-setting in-game footage 'using the in-game engine'. Why? Well, there's no customisable user interface, nor is there an obvious control methodology. Oh, and I worked on one of the original Battlefront games for the PSP version some five or so years back, so I have form in this arena of the corporate mind-set-game-match.

I'll only be really happy about Dice's BATTLEFRONT when I see a sample walk-through, with interface and control camera and how it all narratively fits.