Free Planet - War World - what is the cost of your freedom?

CORPORATE WAR WORLD is just too expensive

now, you get this, right? You get that 'what we call freedom' isn't really freedom at all? You get We're on the same page from book one? Right? Then I'll continue.

Basically, it's all about borders and wars and mine mine mine.
Except that it's not, due to conglomerate re-assignment of World Sectors.
This is going to come as a shock to many of you but, "Country no longer exists."

COUNTRY is just an umbrella term or entry in a profit-loss chart for 'the result of ancient wars and contested marriages' among the European Elite of the last centuries following Roman Rule in AD 50-400. 

Take the United Kingdom, for example, the above chart shows the relationship of National Debt to World Wars. We see the major 1.5-2.5X gross domestic product marker as funding wars... and that's it. I mean, I understand that 'in a capitalist for-profit patent-protect secret-service driven' game for your subjugation, certain pipers will have to be paid for capital's insurance... but wait a minute. 

We are the United Kingdom, but are we really? Our entire COUNTRY stopped existing way back in 1812-15 when we were sold into Banker Serfdom to pay for the Napoleonic Wars. At that point UK.plc became nothing more than a debtor, and this sceptred isle has been incorporated into some world banks' accounting system. Nothing else, the banks/corporations split the world into sectioned off assets and profit potential.

We The People are still paying for those (and other) wars that happened many decades ago, to the tune of about £1,500 per family per year -- and that's just to service the interest on the loan. UK.plc sold its citizens as Collateral to cover the Costs of War and we lost our own country fighting for Kings we can't afford.


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