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Star Citizen - so much wasted potential - couldn't have said it better myself

the facts are simple, Star Citizen's now like an over-reaching corporation that's diversified behond the point where it can actually deliver.

For me, it'll never come out in its current form. There are many reasons why but most involve the transition from alpha 2.6 to alpha 3.0 when so many disparate things went into this game for no real reason. It's now five years in the making and, unlike any real game company, they still haven't gone through the ANALYSE GAME AND SEE WHAT WORKS i.e. strip out the dead weight and polish the best bits, yet.

The actual gaming experience right now in 2018, their 3.1.4 live build alpha, is drab and derivative and diluted from 'what it could have been' or as this excellent rant from a sombre once-backer puts it, "Such wasted potential..." and I agree with him.

No Man's Sky at E3... evil WARE memos ahoy... super MOD'd multi-player

Remember that game that was a shambollic miserable dismal failure when it launched in 2016... NO MAN'S SKY... looked shoddy, had less than half the stuff it should have had in it... look at it now, two years later. I mean, "Wow! wow! wow!" Youtube channel LPlaysGaming has loads of these new MOD'd vids of NMS worlds, flora and fauna. And he's a super hyped advocate of the maniacally rainbow NMS experience, a sheer joy to watch.

PS: Love the boolean-geometry exploding asteroids at about the 06:30 mark in the above video ... erm, this failed-in-2016 project is looking like pretty-damn-cool at this year's E3.

PPS: watch this too because, "He was right!"

...and... MULTI-PLAYER.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all coming in July 24-27 depending on your territory.

Electric Universe - Alien Sky - Pyramids in an electric environment

if you live in a(n Ancient Egyptian-era)  world where GALACTIC ELECTRICITY is far more prevalent in the universe, in fact you live on a far more electrical world than  today, then you can TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT by making all kinds of monuments and gadgets that DON'T MAKE ANY FUNCTIONAL SENSE AT ALL today.

So, anything round about 10,000 BC when the Earth could have last been subject to these electrical stresses from a nearby interaction with a new sun and a series of moving planets.

Star Citizen - one hand thrust control - Star Map scanning interface

anyone who's worked with me on 3D games like Medievil, Ghostmaster, Gun, Simpsons, Star Wars etc. know I hate ugly sim-based spread-sheet interfaces heavy on lists of assets and keyboard layouts per unique situation. Yes, I'm also referring to Star Citizen and its convoluted keyboard-mapped speed-control IFCS/ESP flight/aim-model of the MMO carrier-lanched space game Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games.

For example: you can't actually take-off with the Star Citizen speed-based flight model because (when you're parked on a planet) you're exhibiting zero meters per second. They had to \add the Space Bar Take-off Press to actually direct thrust directly down so you can take off because 'the whole flight model' is a relic of a Carrier-launched space-flight system! And you need both hands to fly these convoluted control systems, because, sim-gaming. One hand on a mouse. The other hand on another input device or hotas or joystick etc... with other functionality…

Electric Universe meet Atlantis - Discourses on an Alien Sky - brand new episode

According to legend, the Gods have always been the stars and comets and planets of our recently-revealed SKY.

Here David Talbott talks about the most infamous of all places we regurgitate from mythology or legend, ATLANTIS.

Crackin' archetypical investigation, as always.

Electric Universe - giant stone balls - Olmec heads etc...

because I graze around the alternative fringe of Science all the time, I sometimes come across things I wouldn't normally have found if I was a simple researcher within my chosen field.

But they're not. They're everywhere. All over the world. Some are small, there are lots of them. Some are the size of Olmec Heads, you know the ones, it's (probably) a found giant stone ball that's then been carved with African-esque features. And they're found in Peru. Yeah, weird.

But what are they?
If you've never heard of the Electric Universe, chances are you've never heard of the Martian Blueberries. And these are an electrical phenomenon that can be duplicated in the lab by forcing a large current through nothing as complicated as soils; sandy, clay, loam.

All kinds of combinations of what we know as soil, when thus subjected to electrical stress, will produce these 'blueberries' or blobs of stone. You find so…