Russia Today - Jesse Ventura - The Day The Earth Stood Still

The Day The Earth Stood Still is about The Electric Universe... of course I hadn't realised this wehn I was a kid, but I saw the 1950s film just the other day and I was mesmerised by it. Especially when they 'turned off the electricity' as Klaatu explains what happened when 'nothing worked' for half an hour, as a demonstration of Gort's ingerited power.

Jesse Ventura also loves this film, hence this feature of a recent Russian Today episode of 'the world according to Jesse', starring Dr Steven Greer talking about the 'death of the oil dollar' and the implications of interstellar i.e. faster than light, travel.

Oh, and the assassinations of all those brave researchers who've tried to uncover such over the last seven decades... when the people find out what 'corporate government' might have done to retain the blackout on this news, they'll be angry. As they will when they find out what really happened about 9/11-manhattan, 7/7 -london and JFK-dallas among other such corporate interests abroad.


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