Dream about 'Gods' and Animals

it's been a long while since I shared one of my 'dreams' with the readers of Free Planet, the culmination of which came with a rousing anthem in the digitally-amalgamated voice of Shirley Bassey plus Adele, so here goes:

: This is the answer to the Gods, this is the answer to the Animals :

That was the resplendant opening phrase, repeated twice (hence the :s ). And I got the tune, too. Theme and baseline arranged on different layers for me, in case I meant to write it down. In fact, this dream happened two hours before I got up. I was going to get up and try to work out the actual notation. But I ended up falling back to sleep after taking the brief initial notes about the climactic shoot-out end-shot.

Oh, yes, what happened... well, the heroine turns up at the end. With the Robots. She has raised a robot army against the Enemy, all sorts of different shapes, size and make of robot; rallied together to save Free Planet from tyranny, somehow. I have no idea why a robot army would help do this or what this metaphor means either. Literally, I have no idea. Unless, as Kraftwerk said, "We are the robots!"

Maybe it's my osmotic personality again picking up some Global Think-do Vibe from my Amoral WIFI Masters, so don't despair dear tortured reader. I just 'knew it was good' and 'rightful thing to do' at that point in my REM. Ancient Man used to see the world as managed by the 'gods' and these beasts came in all forms, animal and human and things in-between. Maybe the reference to 'Gods' and Animals, and the Answer to, was some sort of internalised harking back to a more naturalistic or nature-caring way of life stripped of modern slavery i.e. Profit & Patent-driven War World.

Instantly, I recognised the heroine as the unwitting Bond Girl who'd been in the John Barry-orchestrated dream from the start. Her Majesty's 007 James Bond had failed the Dream, but the minor cast came to the rescue. Oh, the song, if you go from do-ray-me-fah-so-lah-tee-do, was in the key of me. And I went "Me? You mean as in You and I?" Maybe we are the only ones who can save Free Planet, every single one of us. In chorus, together.


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