Star Wars 7 - The Force Awakens - official poster + final trailer

Property of Disney

over the past year or more, there've been many variants on this now-official poster pre-created by the Star Wars fan base, some of them really quite clever and/or artistic (though what a bunch of Jawas carting off Snow White has to do with the themes of an awakening universe Free Planet is under no obligation to discuss at this time).

I'm as old as many of the actors starring in this episode of the Star Wars Saga and I'm totally fucking psyched about it, like NOW! SHOW ME NOW.

DAY LATER UPDATE: prepare yourselves for the new FINAL trailer before the film's release, and it's looking like the whole SW4-SW6 success story has been (somehow) wiped from the Collective Consciousness of those worlds that survived - guess that's how the COG or Corporate Obfuscation Game does its business, even in the future.

It is, after all, how the Romans did their Empiring, "By deception shall we re-write history."


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