Herne the Hunter - Cernunnos - torc as serpent god?

SERPENTS, we all know about these Apple-tempting deceivers in the Garden of Eden (myth), but... the serpent is the major Celtic or Druidic or Neolithic symbol in Forbidden Archaeology. The serpent guides the creation of ancient monuments and the design of ancient jewellery. The Celtic Torc, seen below around the neck of one of the ancient Celtic/Druidic gods i.e. Herne the Hunter or Cernunnos, is depicted here as a coiled serpent.

As suggested via various other Free Planet posts, the original Circular Ditch (that became Stone Circles later in the lore) follows this open-ended Serpent imagery.

Further reading, listening: here's John Anthony West talking about his SERPENT IN THE SKY book about 'the magic of ancient Egypt' and the role of this astrological truth. For millennia, aeons, man has looked up to the stars in his sky and pondered the myth of his vision.

I love West's term "Quackademic".


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