Electric Universe - this changes everything - no going back iff

Okay, iff (this means if and only if) the new Electric Universe theories espoused by David Talbott, Wal Thornhill and other scientists who've attended and presented at various conferences and symposia over the last decade THEN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY CHANGES.

Iff you can believe GLOBAL STORIES of a sun (not today's sun) that once sat in a permanent position in the ancient sky.

Iff electrical interactions of planets passing each other can make billions of litres of water fall from the sky.

Iff you can make MOUNTAINS in minutes using vast electrical forces.
Then you probably need to watch this video by Ken O'Keefe because TRUTH IS PARAMOUNT, in all factions of a Free Planet trying to escape the Corporate War Machine mind control and godma of modern slavery. Yes, that was a smooth-as-silk segue. Thanks.


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