Mike Philbin - new paintings - dichotomy series update...

 ...update about the paintings I've been doing of late. The non-figuratives. The colour tandems. The 'not thinking too hard'ys. I wasn't happy with them. And why should I be? I couldn't even work out which way up to present them. Were they upside down?

But, last night, it came to me in a flash, while I was stood there just 'looking at them' working out how to resolve this issue, thinking of my time in the games industry (matrix multiplies) and as a writer (reading from left to right) ... and I suddenly realised, "I'd been painting landscapes, not portraits."

If I display them in a Arabic Gallery, of course, I'll have to flip them right-to-left for them to make visual sense...

DAYS LATER UPDATE: Here are three new two-colour ones, done on the same-size canvases as the three-colour ones above...


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