Electric Universe - positions of the invading planets - simulation of arrival

where they live today...
this is an Electric Universe enigma that needs answering, "Based on where the planets are right now, their orbits, orientations, distances from sun and local spins, where did the proto-Saturn cluster come from?" and by this I mean:

the pre-Earth-arrival star we now call the sun had Jupiter orbiting it and Mercury Uranus Neptune ... and maybe some other planets we no longer see due to the 'new arrivals' knocking them for six, either as an electrical exchange of plasma or as a simple collision of heavenly bodies scenario.

Is someone out there clever enough to write an Archaic Solar System-penetration model based on the current members and their properties using, say, standard Electric Charge Exchange Formulae? I'd like to know a) which angle did the Earth-trailing proto-Saturn as-brown-dwarf come in from and potentially which part of our galaxy b) what happened to the planets of host and incoming star based on where the survivors are today and c) WHEN.

This last question more than any, "I need to know when the opposing star systems crashed together," when your standard electric universe or thunderbolts of the gods models/hypotheses suggest that recently-modern man saw this shit happening in Their Alien Sky, in fact recorded it stone-carved glyphs all around the world.

32, 000 years ago?
12,000 years ago?
4,000 years ago?


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