Electric Universe - Yamnaya people - proto-Saturnian-split date?

yes, this looks like Free Planet taking the Bible as a Historical Document...

The Electric Universe concept (ameliorated by David Talbott's research into the pictographs of ancient peoples around the world) suggests that the Sun might not be our original star. So, I was triple-excited to find out about the GIANT Yamnaya people (named Corded Ware people, because of their distinctive pottery) from the Causcasus mountains in Georgia near the Black Sea. And their migration into this part of western europe.

I'm so interested in these Yamnaya people because (iff the electric universe hypothesis of a proto-Saturnian origin star for Earth and other planets is valid) there should have been a MASSIVE INCREASE in the gravity of the planet once Earth disconnected from its red-dwarf parent and adopted an electrically stable resonant orbit of its new parent, our Sun. It's to do with electric gravity, but let's not dwell...

I'm interested because there are two elements to this; the Noah flood or Atlantis, the end of the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are meat, and this might have been what people as recent as 10,000 years ago might have eaten, hence the propensity for large height and size in Yamnaya humans. More protein in this ancient (dark skinned, blue eyed, Cheddar Man) hunter gatherer time, than in more recent farmer times.

Yes, I realise that sedimentary processes of dinosaur fossilisation don't take place that suddenly, but then the proto-Saturnian disconnection was a CATACLYSMIC event with both the gravitational change AND the electrical activity as planets shuffled past each other causing 'thunderbolts of the gods' to be shared between re-settling planetary bodies -- all documented by Talbott's work.

There's lots of evidence for major electrical scarring on Earth and Mars etc. Venus is much too hot, like it's only recently formed. Many fossils are 'too intact' and 'too localised' around their discovery site, like some cataclysmic event set them in stone already. Should 'fossilisation' be re-named 'concretisation'?

Electric universe mechanisms can do this, but it means that a) mankind and dinosaurs might have lived together as recently as 10,000 years ago and b) the demise of the Corded Ware people about 4,500 years ago might give us a final-disconnect date from proto-Saturn. This is when modern man (at his modern height) was allowed to flourish. Corded ware people were 'just too big' for the new planetary orbit around the new star.


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