Megalithomania - Howard Crowhurst - Nebra Sky Disc and location data

Nebra Sky Disc
I'm surprised I haven't blog'd about this before, since I did read about it a long while ago.

Anyway, in this video Howard Crowhurst reveals his numerical/astronomical investigation into the 1,600 BC i.e. 3,600 years old, Nebra Sky Disc artefact. He highlights the functions of the 39 holes punched out around the disc's perimeter which hold the key to what might have been a 20-day month in ancient times.

When he starts to tie it all into The Maya and their calendar, be warned, it gets weird, weirder...

FURTHER VIEWING: additional discovery-locality-based research about the contested 'sky boat' or RIVER at the foot of the disc when looking to the SOUTH from the ancient 'church' or stellar observatory cose to Nebra where this plate was unearthed.

NB: I don't care about the following video's Planet X or Nibiru nonsense, just the geographical sighting data alone is worth showing.


Fook INGSOC said…
Thanks Mike!...Your Posts and Perspective are Always Much Appreciated!!!

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