Earth's water came from Saturn... major electric universe revelation.

This might be a remnant from the work of radical cosmologist Immanuel Velikovski 1895-1979, who also correctly predicted the current 800°C surface-temperature of Venus, but new evidence* suggests that THE OCEANS OF THE EARTH and THE RINGS OF SATURN are MADE OF THE SAME WATER where as Phoebe looks like a total foreigner; watch, listen, learn.

I asked Wal Thronhill about the Mars-water question and a time-frame for Earth dislocation and got this reply:

The (proto-Saturnian, ed) environment on Mars would have been Earth-like, based on this reconstruction of the recent history of the Earth and solar system.
But Mars suffered terribly, caught between Venus and Earth in devastating electrical discharges that stripped kilometres of mantle in the northern hemisphere and burnt the phenomenal gash, Valles Marineris, across its equatorial face. That event is remembered by North American indians, who called Mars "Scarface."

The last ice age was caused by the breakup of that earlier system but detailed estimates of timing for the major episodes is very difficult. I estimated centuries from beginning to end.

Mytho-historical cosmology strongly suggests that the Earth and Saturn had a much more intimate relationship than the very distant one we have today. Our recent ancestors only a few thousand years ago once WORSHIPPED the planet Saturn in all their carvings and writings and monuments, and would have WITNESSED Venus's birth from the body of Saturn.

* the isotopic ratios of Deuterium to Hydrogen for Saturn and Earth SHOULD NOT CONCUR.

END-YEAR UPDATE: here's part two...


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