film trailer - X-men Apocalypse - giants among us leading to nuclear annihilation

oh, the Hollywood FREEMASONIC DEATH MACHINE loves to tell you how it's going to go down...

prior to 9/11 there were loads of references to the 'hits on the towers'
prior to JFK there were loads of references to the 'hits on the president'
prior to Arab Spring there were loads of references to 'hits on the west'...

now, post-Fukushima, it's coming down to BLATANT NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION of the masses via the actions of the (Giant (Reborn (Militaristic i.e. Homo Capensis?))) Gods -- Watchmen (1988), Gods of Egypt (2015), now X-Men Apocalypse (2016). Giants, all giants, as blatant today as the post-Hiroshima-Nagasaki giants of the 1950's Fifty Foot Woman and Colossal Man were. The bones of these same 2.6 metre to 7.5 metre giant humans the Smithsonian Institute in USA are alleged to be hoarding in some secret location somewhere, safe; never to be publicly displayed again...


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