Conventions, conspiracies and con-jobs.

this is Free Planet, folks, and Free Planet deals only with the truth. You'all believe this, right? It's why you're here in the first place?

So, what, in recent times, has Free Planet been doing sponsoring by association such outlandish shit as trans-dimensional transportation-systems i.e. UFOs and their Little Green Men chauffeurs? Though (if the stories are true) many of the so-called alien races visiting this Earth are neither little or green, we don't even know if the concept 'men' is still valid in the universe.

Earth may be the only place that still practises animalistic SEXUAL REPRODUCTION involving egg and sperm i.e. vaginal penetration. No way to tell if Earth's the norm or the exception. And this trickles down to the whole faery-tales vs real history aspect of all our past interactions with the Time & Space game.

What is Time?
What is Space?
What is Free Planet?

All three are mere conventions, concepts, curios in a junk shop dealing with strange shit and freakin' magick. How do we even know what UP means? How can we trust any shit the whistleblowing tribe are currently banging out? Why should we believe any thing The Establishment wants us to belive? Who are we?

And where is the REAL TRUTH in all this bland conspiracying?


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