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dream - Dream School - Modular Dorm Orphanage

it felt like this...
there wasn't a straight line in the place.

It was either a VERY EXCLUSIVE country private school or it was a buried school underground or it was a floating school in deep space... I can't be sure which as the dream (for the purposes of vivid recollection) started during a School Play. But it was no ordinary school play, nor no ordinary school stage. It was all hydraulic, or was moving in some way. The play might have been about being on a boat or ship and the waves were rocking the boat, and/or only the seats were moving, or both. Sound effects of the creaking wood and everything. This theatre was very plush, there was stained oak and leather everywhere.

And the wife accompanied me, and that's rare in OTHER WORLD dreams of this nature.

We wandered out of the theatre area and found empty room after room where the kids lived. This was just like dorm rooms you might find at college; scruffy, lived in, replete with the tedious details of communal living. We spent some time examining these rooms, they were something like modularised or cellular: some of the rooms were buried very deep or very high within this region of the Orphanage. No doors, only curtains for privacy. There were separate boy areas and separate girl areas. Eventually, the kids came back, and while it was very uncomfortable for wife and I to be found going through the kids' private areas, they were very welcoming. In fact, they were all (boys and girls) very pleased to be able to chat with adults and learn of home (?)

The girls looked after the boys, the old the young, (and vice versa) the shared living cells culminated in a vast central area, again in stained oak and leather, staircases and panels, where we all sat watching and commenting about some TV show on a massive screen. It seemed like they didn't want us to go...


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