Chimeraworld #7 - Vegan Contact - Creativity, Passion, Kinship.

all six editions of the Chimeraworld series, in paperback

To date I have themed and edited for Chimericana Books six editions of the Chimeraworld anthology. Six paperback editions (each containing twenty-three sub-3,000 words stories from a mountain of worldwide author submissions) dealing with horrific, surrealistic, poignant genreclectic fiction issues that might affect our lives in the near-future.

Chimeraworld #7 was the post-Corporate War World homage that never made it. There was no appetite for it, back then, in 2010, shortly after the publication of Chimeraworld #6 (New World Disorder) when I first proposed the guidelines for ChimeraWorld #7 (Creativity, Passion and Kinship). It was meant to be a critical examination of non-profit and patent-free'ing. A removal of Secrecy from the human matrix. Not a wishy-washy Utopia. Not a techno-fascist Dictatorship. Independent self rule, experimental social Diversities and 'local solutions to global problems'.

The people are well informed.
The cities are being cleared away.
The corporations have been dissolved.
The programmes of rewilding are well under way.
The patents have been returned to You The People.
The local energy, heating, sanitation solutions work.
The floating mobile homes have been issued.
The hydroponic growing systems are online.
The GPS taxis use the military grade internet-in-space.

The Corporate War Machine no longer exists.
Fiat financial mechanisms no longer exist.
Countries no longer exist.
Royalty no longer exists.
Prisons no longer exist.
Roads no longer exist.
Laws no longer exist.

That was a long time ago, and since then I've played my own Devil's Advocate and written the dual/duelling 600+ pages trilogies Free Planet vs War World, but that doesn't make this never-completed edition of Chimeraworld irrelevant. There may now be a chance to re-issue the guidelines and actually get all the fiction writers' version of a Free Planet. The world might just be ready for such a theme in its reading. I mean, "That's what it's about, isn't it?" A world of thinking individuals who want to make this Vegan Planet work. Vegan Planet, where did that come from? Well, I suspect the Alien Species that populate this universe will leave Earth out of it until we embrace the concept that All Life is Soul-life.

Maybe Chimeraworld #7's time has finally come - writer, do you fancy submitting fiction of this nature to such an endeavour?


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