Friday, March 31, 2006


I received my copy of the latest issue of Red Scream (the horror-porn) magazine today containing my story SHRAPNEL GIRL, and I must say (with unadulterated pride) that it's the most sexually gore-riddled issue yet. Well done to all at Red Scream magazine in NY.

In other publishing news, online venue WRETCHED AND VIOLENT has featured my story A MUSHROOM FLAVOURED PERVERSION in their second issue.

Also just gone live (or should that be 'just gone undead') is my latest story ZOMBIE WRITER at Down Supremacy.

Don't delay, click the links.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Punk/ska hits like TOO DRUNK TO FUCK and GUNS OF BRIXTON and FRIDAY NIGHT, SATURDAY MORNING but set to a 60's Brazilian bossa nova beat and a lovely French female vocalist - NOUVELLE VAGUE - are the business. On this linkpage, you'll find a couple of sample tracks but you really have to hear the whole album to understand what they are doing with their music.

Very special.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


There's an article from the artist (Daniel Edwards) and a press release from the gallery (Capla Kesting Fine Art in NY) and a statement about pro-life and art and stuff, but this is basically for my good buddy and regular blog stalker Chad - look, Chad, Britney Spears, nude, on her knees, wrestling a rug.

Oh, and, some months later, someone, bless them, has found a rear-end 'crowning' view. Those shins look painful.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sony, Bang & Olufsen, Audi, Becks Beer, Microsoft, Nike, Epson, Oprah, I-Pod dream endorsement:

Here's a few quotes from my ultimate (living nightmare-cum-dream) writer sponsorship deal so I don't a) have to live in abject poverty and have my weight drop to nine stones like when I was a proper artist in the late 80's early 90's or b) have to 'earn my crust' in Oxford working in 'companies' alongside 'people', 9am->6pm, to scrounge time at the end of the working day to create the sort of writing I'd like to buy more of.

1) thanks to Sony, I waste precious hours inventing ever more creative scalping scenes in my books and short stories.
2) thanks to Bang & Olufsen, Chimericana Books is now a multi-national off-shoot of Mainstream Publishing Inc's hacked off arm.
3) thanks to Audi, I am encouraged (as a writer of vast creative arrogance) to piss and shit and vomit on the face of the reader.
4) thanks to Becks Beer, I am a drug-addled loser everyone wants to dress in their favourite superhero costume - bend my arms, they're wire cored.
5) thanks to Microsoft, my mainstream books sell in their millions despite nonchalant character development and blasé anti-narrative.
6) thanks to my friends at Nike, I'm a commodity now - eat me alive while I fight off the talk-show hosts with a stainless steel baseball bat.
7) thanks to my ass-raping buddies over at Epson, I am a star in the sky, watch me butcher all your children for fun on prime-time T.V.
8) thanks to Uncle Sam's frontal lobotomy, I am on Oprah every night hawking my worthless trash to the masses - it's all you deserve.
9) thanks to Nobby's Nuts, I am a salty old sea dog of internet buffoonery, download me and sniff me up your nose like prime-grade coccaine.
10) finally, thanks to i-Pod for letting me exercise my literary excess.

This is a terrible dream from which I have awoken recently - creative writing's not about that, is it? The corporate hand-out? The marketing budget? The sound byte? Where is the soul? Where is the joy? And the pain? Where is the writer?

You bet, it's a privilege for readers to be allowed inside the head of a writer. Bang on!

Saturday, March 25, 2006


The winner of the first Chimericana Books Contest (signed copies of Chimeraworld #1, Chimeraworld #2 and Chimeraworld #3) is Heather LaSalle of Winston Salem, NC. Congratulations, Heather, those are 69 wicked stories in three wicked looking books. Enjoy, and stay tuned for future Chimericana Books competitions.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Jane is an engineered model of beauty developed by the technicians at the Fountains Institute for Molecular Research. After spending so much time tweaking Jane, they figure that this time will be no different to all the other times before. And, why shouldn't it be?

Paul Kasparek is the unsuspecting artist who finds her in his studio underneath all of his paintings. How the hell she got in there was beyond his comprehension but that was the least of his worries. He didn't reckon on having to deal with the sex, the violence and the peculiarities that came along with her.

Jane's Game is fast paced and the description is interlaced with dream sequences to keep the readers on their toes. Be careful you don't get left behind here as it would be so easy to lose your place. Since Mike Philbin dropped his pseudonym, Hertzan Chimera, the stories of depravity and gore still come trickling out, so nothing new there, you might say, but I reckon the best is yet to come. With Jane's Game fully entrenched in your mind, you're well on the way to complete transgression.

Carrie White, Erotic Author

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I cycled into work, this morning, as I normally do, down the Botley Road, heading east into the heart of Oxford. It was a very nice ride in. Hardly any congestion. I didn't even notice it until I cycled under the railway bridge and up to the (dreaded) complex of lights at the train station, the one that encompasses the Said Business centre and the bus stops there. I cycled right through the lights, took my right turn at the Royal Oxford Hotel and passed on through towards the ice-rink without stopping at all.

Let this be a lesson to the Oxford Council - car drivers can be clever if they're allowed to; they can let-one-through then go; they can be courteous to cyclist (I was signalled to go through by a driver with a smiling face) because there's less stress involved with a broken set of lights than there is with a set of lights that has badly-overlapping patterns that increase congestion and frustration and anti-cyclist sentiment.

It was good to ride to work this morning, all because one annoying set of lights was broken - PLEASE DON'T FIX THEM.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Patrick Winceton, who runs Chainsaw, will be running a Mike Philbin feature in issue 3 (April 2006) of CHAINSAW magazine. There's an in-depth interview about bizarro, the death of H.C. and the new Chimericana Books concept. And he's gonna run my murder-mystery short story THE BEAST O' BUXTON COUNTY in that same issue. Yeah, I did the cover, too.

It turns out that PORN TRAIN, the story Paul Pinn and I wrote some four or five years back, that was accepted for sex-horror anthology GRINDERPHALLUS from Chainsaw Books will now appear in CHAINSAW issue #4 dedicated to grinderphallus-like material (the Grinderphallus anthology will not be happening). Deadline's May 1st for those of you who aren't already in it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


many thanks to for running a feature about the latest five bizarro novellas, now available from Chimericana Books.


A standard DVD review (which I can't do because of what I'm about to do) would go something like this:

Hiroshi Takagi, awakens from a car collision as an amnesiac. As he struggles to remember his past life he finds himself drawn back to his medical studies. It's only when he starts to carve open the cadavre on his table that the memories come flooding back.

Who is Hiroshi Takagi and will he remember himself in time to save this turkey?

Er, sorry, sounds like I didnt' like this DVD. But it's not that simple. I didn't mind it. I'd enjoyed some other Tsukamoto DVDs but this one seemed a little weak. The stylisation of Hiroshi was well portrayed by Tadanobu Asano and the girls are all twisted asphyxiation freaks (which is cool, right?) but ...

Well, the only way to discuss it is to destroy the film. So if you don't wanna know, look away now.....

.....still here? Good. It just looked contrived. This guy who just happens to do medical studies, just happens to have forgotten all about himself, just happens to end up back in medical school and (after three years) just happens to do an autopsy on his ex-girlfriend killed in the car crash that stole his memories all that time ago. Far fetched-ness gets worse when the video turns into a pop-corn-slushy music video. It's evident, looking back on some of Tsukamoto's work, that he always secretly wanted to be a director for Japanese cutesy pop clones and here he is allowed full reign of his ambition. Girls dancing on the beach. Tears of loss. Boo hoo hoo.

I bet Hiroshi has been dead all the time and I've just been watching Vanilla Sky watching Abre los Ojos etc for infinity and beyond. I'm trying to write this and can't even come up with a memorable scene. Like there was an autopsy and it was always off camera. I'm not convinced Tsukamoto can handle 'relationships' in his films, they always come across as too stylised, like the guy phoning his girl (and she's right beside him). Even the twisted asphyxio stuff was denuded into mere narrative trivia.

The guy who did the anatomy sketches should win an Oscar, they were delicious, but the rest of this dire film? Forget it.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Sunday: took my girl ice skating. She's come on a lot since last we were there, steadier on her feet, she's listening to her dad more. It was cool. She had a stupid grin on her face all round and round and round.

Saturday: took my girl to music class. While she was there, playing her flute with the other kids, I wrote a story. On paper. Yeah, it is years since I've written out in my red notepad, longhand, a story. It was a good one, too. Very fresh. Very trippy. Maybe it's the medium of writing in a notepad that makes the style so ... frenetic. It's called PROTECTING CHUCK'S BOOK. I'll sell it somewhere, someday.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


I've made two changes to two websites:

1) Mike Philbin Online now has a dedicated interviews section which currently holds 16 interviews, with a few more due in the coming months and years.

2) Chimericana Books Online now has a dedicated Press Releases section, including the most recent one PRWEB banned.



these two misogynistic 'dudes' in the car really crack me up - are there really sexist jack-asses like this in the world? superfunny Aphex Twin vid.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Fear not, dear reader, this 'atom' concept has not been abandoned for monkeying around at the lunatic asylum of fora. Last night, I had a revelation. I looked into the eye of an atom and wondered upon its structure. This entry is entitled:


well, what happened? Surely by chunking open an atom, I should have been annihilated by the e=mc^2 power surge through mortal flesh, right? Maybe I'm immortal already. Maybe there's nothing in the atom to crack open. Remember, I'm working on the assumption that science has undergone THE GREAT CON. The fact that what we see as running in one direction actually runs in the other.

The universe pulls in all directions (I don't know how, that's part of a future scientific investigation). Structures are set up that create the 'potential' for galaxies, stars, atoms. It's this power that 'allows' systems like atoms to form and dust, stars, galaxies etc to form in their wake.

I looked inside the atom last night and what did I find? Delay. What? Well, something that delays time (or this falling-in of the universe) would seem to have solidity. "Wow, Jenny, I can't get through that, it must be SOLID." Wrong. It's no more solid than the simple slowing of linear time. Slowling of linear time, are you nuts? No, I don't literally mean the universal fall-in is slowed, you can't halt the universe, for fuck's sake. I had this idea for a HC Unit. And I think I now understand how it does its thing.

The universe falls into the HC Unit (a potential atom system), goes round the system (this is where it gets its solidity from) and out it pops. If there's an excess of flow, clockwise/anticlockwise 'charge' pours out of it. One thing I didn't understand is how long the HC Unit could 'trap' or redict this 'linear' fall-in effect of the entire universe around its 'structure'. Relative to our perception of time, this could be thousands of years, let's call it a protonic half life as a guide to the duration of these processes.

I've already said that when you 'see' a photon popping gayly out of an atom (or rather from its 'outermost electron shell'), you're not really seeing some tiny event take place, you're witnessing the photon-wavelength-shifting of the entire universe TOWARDS the source of 'light'. Light that bounces back, is absorbed or reflected (this includes 'light splitting') will be the next calling port for this thought experiment. Stay tuned dear lemmings and stay away from the edge of conformity.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


ZONE-SF have just uploaded my full review of the Takashi Miike film GOZU. They've offered to run my review of Miike's Visitor Q in a wee while, too - God, I loved that film. It was so wrong, it had to be right.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


everything is right about this little Aphex Twin music video - an efficiency of movement so lacking in today's over-flashy epics.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


it's online right now at ZONE-SF.COM - there are a load of hyperlinks to other 'Dick' novels I've reviewed for them, too.

Have fun, and don't kill yourselves yet. Wait... wait... kill yourselves now.

Monday, March 06, 2006


After publishing my LAST FIVE PRESS RELEASES through their PR distribution network, it was the press release about my five bizarro novellas that finally broke their back and PRWEB suddenly realise there's ADULT CONTENT in my books (well, yeah, like most works of contemporary fiction that's not intended for kids) and have deleted my latest press release on the day it was to be distributed. I will certainly NOT recommend that any author use PRWEB for press releases.

Well, at least they did a prompt and full refund of monies after deleting the press release. Some consolation.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ghost in the Shell: INNOCENCE.

Just seen this visually enthralling movie and I'm still in a state of stunned nirvana.

I truly 'dug' the banality of it all. The animation itself was stunning, no way can any sane critic say it wasn't up to scratch. The juxtaposition of cell animation (it was rotoscoped) and 3D like that is a very odd effect, it's like the 3D is more real than the actors in the movie, and this was played upon further with the funny-as-fuck replay sequence all through the middle of the film that was slightly altered each showing.

The big long slow shot of the flight through the town while that carnival was on ... totally pointless but I loved it.

The shots reminded me of that Bjork video "All is full of love" done by Chris Cunningham. Pity it was only a 15cert and there was no actual servo-generated oil-greased pervo sex with those weird dolls -- I MEAN THAT'S WHAT THE ENTIRE FUCKING STORY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT!!! Here's a very interesting article on the ART of HANS BELLMER - the obvious (plagiaristic?) inspiration for the dolls in the movie.