Sunday, April 30, 2006


My pseudo-religious Hollywood Boulevard apocalyptic nightmare story THE 13TH DISCIPLE has just been unleashed at WRETCHED AND VIOLENT. Go on, click the link. It'll only hurt a bit.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

art, HC UNIT paintings

I've been thinking a lot about a series of paintings (for a gallery exhibition) based on the HC UNIT 'subatomic particle' system I invented for a spoof physics article in Dementia13 some years back.

Here's a HC Unit Schematic I prepared to put the idea on paper, but the final artworks will be much more objective than this cold representation of an abstract multi-dimensional construct.

I've also been thinking about a series of paintings based on skin - you know, surface tension, veins, pores, subsurface scattering, sweat, taste, texture, smell.... I might combine the two and invent a new abstraction style that prostitutes my thoughts on psycho-sexual art and combines it with the purely scientific in a melange of idiocy, eh? Gah, I might actually get down and paint some pictures at some point instead of all this pointless prostheletising(sp)...

Friday, April 28, 2006


I'm such a kid for great graphics and kooky names, so the proper title for the Nintendo (revolution) console, the competitor to the PS3 and XBOX360, Wii and the presentation of this video is just crackin'

I really like the way Nintendo is positioning this console away from the driving, shooting, fighting realm towards more creative games (actually it's not, really) that use the 'wand' controller for tennis games and sword fighting games and fishing games and maybe conducting an orchestra and flapping a swan's wings and well, the floppy-dicked adult potential is just a hoot, too! Wonder if they'll ever ... no ... maybe in Japan where games like BATTLE RAPER 2 (which implies a prequel) are openly published on PSP format.

"We just wanted something that would be very easy to remember, that would work in every market, and certainly something that sets us apart from the competition," Nintendo spokeswoman Beth Llewelyn said. "I'm sure when people heard Google for the first time, they were like, 'What does that mean?' "

The dual "i" is intended to suggest Wii's game controller, a tall, thin white unit reminiscent of a television remote control. Used with one hand, the controller is motion-sensitive: Players will swing the remote to simulate play in a golf or tennis game, or dunk it when playing a fishing game.

watch this intro movie for the NINTENDO Wii

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Project Contagion Volume 1 (edited by Dustin La Valley and M. G. Sullivan) containing my experimental story THE NEXT WAR is available for immediate purchase in trade paperback. Imagine this, the editors have placed my story between stories from David L Tamarin and Kurt Newton - joy.

Monday, April 24, 2006

A MOST HEINOUS CRIME @ sci-fi-café

You can now buy a special 75p fiction ebook version of the Mike Philbin/Andy Severn sci-fi story A MOST HEINOUS CRIME. For the record, Andy did the initial storyline and then I went too far - after a few suggestions from Severn, the story is more 15-rated than the original version. Scroll right down to the bottom of the page - yeah, bottom of the page, that's what I thought, too. Rispek. A'ight!


Sunday, April 23, 2006


I've had the being-chased-by-demons nightmare, the falling-from-a-window nightmare, the shot-in-the-head nightmare, the train-wreck nightmare, the nuclear-holocaust nightmare, the... the list goes on and on.

But this morning, I think I had the daddy-of-all-nightmares. A real sorta wake-up call. I was having this argument last night about "is this really reality? and when you go to sleep do you really not just become someone else? someone who is you but on a neighbour (dimensions are right next door to each other) planet? how can we ever tell that our world is the real one? are they all real? are they all imagined?"

And I have this nightmare (just now in fact, at about 8 a.m.) where it all looks normal. I'm the age I am now. But I'm back where I used to live. With different friends. In the far distance, someone notices a massive plume of smoke where a nearby hill has suddenly fallen away and the pyroplastic flow is moving towards us. That's okay. It probably won't get here for ages, if it even gets that far. Then another hole opens up nearby. A piece of the earth a mile across just falls away. Then another one... then I make myself wake up.

Last night's discussion was about 'death in dreams'.

Messages from beyond?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Let me be the first to proclaim, "I fucking hate rap music." There just something sick and twisted and insidious about it. I don't like the mentality. I don't like the 'nigga' angle. I don't like the misogyny. But I LOVE MASH UP RADIO, VOLUME 1. A colleague of mine just introduced me to the first CD and I'm hooked like a fish with a hook fetish.

There's even a track on there with vocals by eMiNeM (who I normally DE-TEST) and even that track rocks. For those who've never heard of MASH UP RADIO, they take rock tracks and mix rap over the top (yeah, sorta like they did back in the eighties with RunDMC and Aerosmith) but they don't all sound like "Walk This Way".

There are some classic mixings that REALLY work like Jadakiss Vs. Muse and Nas Vs. Happy Monday, oh, and Outkast Vs. Queen (Hey Yay + We Will Rock You). Proper nice.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Well, I gave myself a busy Easter weekend of Chimeraworld #4 reading and cleared out the subs folder, sent out the rejections and also the DON'T REJECT YET notices (as I do every year, I'll choose a final 23 from this D.R.Y. folder). The deadline's not even until end September and already there's been a shitload of good submissions. The recent acceptance/rejection figures have brought the total to about 50/50 respectively showing that recent submitters to the anthology have (finally) been reading the Chimeraworld #4 guidelines - there was a time when I was rejecting nearly 70% of material immediately because it was so off guidelines. I'll keep accepting stories until September unless I get really snowed under with submissions by August, leaving me no time to read all subs. Chimeraworld #4's out on Xmas day, so get penning your most motory nightmares and fantasies before end September.

Pick up Chimeraworld #1, #2 and #3 today.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


It's not one of mine, it's one of Kyle's. Kyle Kucek is a 'young' (and I mean young) writer who really seems to be having some fun with his writing. I think Kyle really understands the micro-fiction format.

Go read his free micro-fiction sex-horror ebook.


Saturday, April 15, 2006



it's my brand new blog and it's about JIGSAWS WOT I'VE DONE.

Update: there are now six jigsaws - what's wrong with you guys? Are you that scared by this shit that you can't bear to leave a comment.


Friday, April 14, 2006


It's a 1:30 am on a Thursday night, the last night at work this week thanks to the long weekend resulting from the pointless Crucifixion of some bloke in Jerusalem two thousand years ago, (it's technically Friday morning already but enough of that). After being kicked out of the Gloucester Arms at closing time, I wander off in the direction of home. It's lovely evening so I decide to double back upon myself and take a stroll through the centre of town to clear my head.

Rounding the corner into Cornmarket Street there's a street sleeper called Charlotte screaming that she's been sexually assaulted, pleading tearfully to two policemen. I give her 'boyfriend' the change that's left in my pocket and wander on.

Further on I have a very brief chat with the members of the Witches rock band - they're a bit suspicious of a bloke with a red note pad and pen at that time o' the mornin'. Why should they be? Shouldn't a band be always ready to promote itself and dish out the necessary promo spiel? Anyway, this is random band promotion, 1.01, and that's what I'm doing. Their website has all the latest news and downloads, samples from their EP "In the Chaos of a Friday Night". Their next gig is at the Jongleurs in Oxford, May 10.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Yeah, I don't know what's going on either. Three years ago, I refused to pay for the AuthorsDen service I'd been receiving for free since their inception at the turn of this century as a shiny-new author-to-reader tool. In fact, my first post on AuthorsDen was back in 2001, the 20th of September to be exact.

Suddenly, three years since I refused to cough up cash-money for their 'pubilcity service', they're offering me a free AD_Lite deal, where I can promote 2 books, 2 stories and 2 poems with 2 press releases. I say, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Here's my new Mike Philbin @ Authors Den, again site while it lasts - the last time they offered me the hand of friendship, they took it away within a month, so be quick.

PS: Buy more Chimericana Books - I'm starving here!