Sunday, November 26, 2006

CHIMERAWORLD #4 - buy direct, now

I haven't sorted out the Distribution Details yet, suffice to say that right now, you can pick up your copy of Chimeraworld #4 (all cars must die) direct from Chimericana Books - the perfect Xmas present for you and yours at a mere $14.99 in 6" x 9" trade paperback:



The modern motorcar (and the industry that surrounds it) is nothing but a cancer on the face of the Earth. Mark Zirbel, Christina Kinnan, Paul Murray Collrin, Jenny Ashford, Liam Davies, Courtney Burback, Mark Robyn, M.P. Johnson, Tyler Runde, J. M. Heluk, Kelly Stevens, Ken C Goldman, Ray Wallace, Gerard Brennan, Brad C. Hodson, M. Jones, Suzanne Burns, Jeff Drake, Cameron Pierce, Sean Rickards, David Mitchell Turnbull, Kek-W and Alex Severin bring us twenty-three tales of the revolting lives and ugly deaths of these beasts of the road. Long may they remain dead.


Product Details:

Printed: 170 pages, 6.00" x 9.00", perfect binding, 60# cream interior paper, black and white interior ink , 100# exterior paper, full-colour exterior ink

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mike Philbin @ WIKIPEDIA

some charitable soul has entered my publishing details into the WIKIPEDIA network

they didn't get all the facts right, but that's the idea of external appraisal, right? at least there's no Congress Slander type activity yet.

Mike Philbin @ Wikipedia

one day someone might make a page for Chimericana Books and Hertzan Chimera

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Elton John clambers on the Ban Organised Religion bandwagon:

I posted the entry (below) on Valentine's Day, exactly eight months ago. Now, it seems that Sir Elton John is actively supporting my plea to Ban Organised Religion. Good for him, and me.

But where's Elton's cry to "ban the school run"? When Elton starts supporting my petition to Ban The School Run, then we can start talking.


* * * * *

There are two issues that need to be addressed. Immediately:

Organised Religion and School Run must be banned immediately.

Organised Religion: it's nothing more than a barrier between people - if only the Bonobo monkeys were allowed into politics, we'd all be fucking each other in the ass as a personal greeting instead of fucking each other's ass with religious dogma and hatred. Ban Organised Religion today - sign the petition.

School Run: some may think this is a less controversial issue but NO. I'm a cyclist so I really don't give a shit whether I get to race into town because thousands of moms aren't trying to negotiate England's thin roads with their off-roaders taking their one child to school in a snail's pace queue of anger. Today, the cars were moving along into town nice and smooth. It made them all nicer, more courteous. Ban School Run today - petition your local council for school buses.

By getting rid of both these useless barriers to personal happiness, we aim towards an evolved populace, stripped of social compliance to outdated modes of existence. Please.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chimeraworld 4 - 23 writers, editorial feature:

In the coming weeks prior to publication of Chimeraworld 4 (all cars must die) at Xmas 2006, I will be adding editorials, excerpts and bios to this special Chimeraworld 4 Editorial Page (I did the same for Chimeraworld 3 and it was very popular).

What is Chimeraworld 4 about?
It's about the theme CARS and the theme DEATH, hence the subtitle 'all cars must die'. It's about car-lust, it's about car-warfare, it's about car murder, car revenge, car conscience...

The first writer editorial has just been uploaded to the page, this comes from university student Courtney Burback and to quote her response to the Chimeraworld acceptance, "Chimericana Books was the first to pop her publishing cherry".

Update, Nov 14: four more editorials have been added from Ken Goldman, Gerard Brennan, Jeff Drake and Kek-W, with yet more to come. Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lawn Dogs - what a fabulous film:

Lawn Dogs (1997)
Director: John Duigan
Writer: Naomi Wallace

a work colleague lent me this DVD. A 'lawn dog' is a poor gardener who maintains rich folks' gardens for them. I was a bit dubious about it. Even the IMDB plot summary didn't enamour me to watching this film. But last night, I watched it. And my verdict?


It was more the style of the film that was intriguing rather than the content. Great lighting. Great camera work. Some inspired, surrealism. Some good narrative and character twists. Nothing too gawky or lame. And that wonderful ending. The art director was clearly paying homage to the work of Edward Hopper's American dreamland at specific points throughout the film and there were probably other references to a complimentary artist for the set design and location and dressing of the trailer where Trent the 'lawn dog' (Sam Rockwell) lived. But whatever, now I gotta read up on this Baba Yaga mythology that permeated the film in the form of ten-year-old Devon(Mischa Barrton)'s narration...

Seriously, LAWN DOGS is a brilliant movie that none of you will have seen, I bet. If you're at all a David Lynch fan or a fan of offbeat road-movie type fims, do yourselves a big favour, borrow, buy or rent this DVD as soon as you can. A really refreshing and cinematic hour and a half.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Chimericana Books have just released the 'lost' Hertzan Chimera novels Twilight's Last Gleaming and The Hoo-Hoo Are Coming in 6 inch by 9 inch trade paperback for $14.99 each. That's all well and good but what about books since then, Philbin?

Well, there's that (ex-Hellbound Books and as yet still homeless) YôROPPA novel, there's the (still not totally finished) PLANET OF THE OWLS split-narrative short novel. I did finish that VIEW FROM A STOLEN WINDOW surrealist novella and that's with a prestigious publisher right now, languishing in some sluch pile, I imagine.

Big News is that (for the first time since the death of Hertzan Chimera two years hence) I'm about to start on a brand new novel that's unlike anything I've ever written. The tentative title is THE STALKER'S GUIDE TO... and I don't wanna give too much away but my blog-buddy Chad will know what it's about if I say Guardian Angel or Watcher. Think travel guide, think... I've already said too much.

Due to be finished some time in the future, I guess....


Tuesday, November 07, 2006