Sunday, December 31, 2006 and Chimericana Books

I discovered two New/Used copies of Chimeraworld #2 on for £54.84 and £54.85 respectively.

Don't be taken in by this money-making scam by the resale boys. You can buy ALL Chimericana Books DIRECT at the Chimericana Books storefront - all titles are in 6.0 inch by 9.0 inch American format trade paperback, they retail for $14.99

Don't give your money to the distributors, buy DIRECT from the most extreme publisher in the world, Chimericana Books.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

dvd: slaughtered vomit dolls

everybody needs a girlfriend who can puke like this, right?

dvd: slaughtered vomit dolls
apparently, these are satan's finest moments


Thursday, December 07, 2006

All Cars Must Die - except the Mazda Nagare.

I know, I know, professional back-peddler moi. I bring out Chimeraworld #4 (all cars must die) then instantly lose it over Mazda's latest gull-winged fishily surreal concept three-seater. Look, I'm only human, and this is DELICIOUS in both concept and realisation.

image courtesy of Gizmag, Dec 2006

Sporting the strangely toothsome title Mazda Nagare Concept: Capturing the Emotion of Motion In New Surface Language, here's GizMag's full editorial brimming with dozens of pictures of this lovely beast from all conceivable angles external and internal. Ah, the joy of frivolous roadstering.

Kerching - cynical grin.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

666 or 616?

What? What are you ranting on about now, Philbin? According to WorldNetDaily: 666 is the wrong number of prophetic beast. Newly examined Scripture fragment lends credence to argument it's 616.

HA HA HA haaaaa the living dumbass that is Organised Religion that can't even read its own fucking scriptures - Aaaaa-hahahahahahahha!

"six, one, six - the number of the beast" ... changes the song's power completely, donut?

Anyway, if you aren't already there, head off over to WorldNetDaily and read the whole sorry story.

Organised Religion has many times over (and once again) proven that it has nothing of value to offer the human race. Please ban all Organised Religions now, they're nothing short of societal fascism.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Scientology Orientation - YouTube court case pending?

erm, a little long, and there are FOUR of them, but enjoy (and be afraid):

everyone should be very afraid - especially YouTube who is (facing the threat of bankrupting litigation?) hosting these 'leaked videos'.