Tuesday, March 18, 2008

not since 1989...

...that was the year my first 45,000 word novel RED HEDZ came out thanks to James Williamson over at CREATION PRESS of London.

And so who gives a damn?

Well, since then I guess I've written more than a couple of similar-length novels and some single-author/collaborative short story collections but I always felt I was regurgitating old shit rather than discovering new gems. The SZMONHFU novel in 2002 was just sick piled up on sick, layers of literary trash piled high, living the literate lie. The ANIMAL INSTINCTS collection was just a load of old stories illustrated (however brilliantly) by Mitch Phillips.

These forthcoming books from Silverthought, the polemic anti-corporate "Bukkakeworld" and the sci-fi angels/bestiality title "Planet of the Owls" feel like the first real books I've written in such a long time. Due to the fear I have of useless publishing companies folding around my creations, the way Cyber Pulp and Hellbound Books went down, I still can't believe these radical works are ever gonna be made available to the public, I still haven't come to grips with how I'll deal with the stigma of them. As I'm sure I will.

You know it's not easy being a writer - especially when you fucking hate the things you write and wish your worthless life was someone else's problem.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

the resurrection of Chimeraworld #5

I promised it would happen and here're the new guidelines for:

Chimeraworld #5

it's that story you put your heart and soul into. A story that broke the genre of the markets you submitted to and you've submitted it to many. Maybe it was too sexy for the sci-fi market, too scary for the romance market, too introspective for the horror market. Maybe the subject matter is too close to the knuckle for the editors/publishers you've tried. Maybe it's too anecdotal with no obvious narrative structure. Either way, it's a story that you loved writing and thought it deserved to be picked up by now but it's been burning a hole in your hard drive and nursing the wounds of numerous glowing rejection letters.

That's the story I wanna see for Chimeraworld #5; - your best, your most unappreciated, your rejects.

You already have the story. It's just there on your hard drive. Recalcitrant, refusenick, stubbornly original - send it to Chimeraworld #5 and I'll add it to the reading pile for Chimeraworld #5.

Submission window closes May 1 2008.

Chimeraworld #5 (THE REJECTS ISSUE) will be published by Chimericana Books, late 2008 in American format 6" by 9" trade paperback. Word count: 2,000–4,000 words, strict. Payment: £10.00UK (approx $20.00US). Rejects: only. Esubs: only. Format: Microsoft Word .doc or .rtf. Font: Times Roman, 12 point, single space. Add postal address, email and word count to first page. Add 50–100 word bio after THE END.