Wednesday, June 18, 2008



...and yes, there is a guy in there with THREE legs.

Monday, June 02, 2008

HC Unit - free quark to Neon

well, I've been working in the virtual landscape of quark space. I did hint that I'd resolved my Hertzan Chimera Unit theory down from the hadrons to the quarks where it seems to sit quite nicely in fact. Click the animated gif image to see a full screen version showing how the bonding works.

As you'll see, the first 'line' represents the normal spin of a single HC Unit relative to the global X axis - a free quark - it's a one-axis spin, showing a linear 0 + 0 - rotation to the all in-falling Universal Equilibrium. This is still how the original HC Unit theory was proposed, one element with sinusoidal faces.

In standard atomic theory, any proton/neutron is made up of a combination of three quarks, ups and downs, and it's no different here - three spinning HC Units linked together (feeding each other ninety degrees out of phase) are the stepping stones to the higher atoms.

The second shape along shows 4-quark Dark Matter - what are the properties of Dark Matter? It doesn't bond with any other atom. Once Dark Matter is formed, there's no going back, no further atoms will result.

The third shape along shows Helium made of four groups of three HC Units - notice that at their centre is a 'virtual' dark matter. This formation offers no net charge.

The fourth shows Helium becoming Lithium notice how the (angularly speaking) very unstable Lithium5 quickly absorbs another HC Unit to resume the ninety degree out of phase ideal. I've extended this idea further so that, in the sixth image, Carbon becomes Neon. Notice how four 'virtual' Heliums cap off the periphery of the Neon, offering no net charge.

This is not a scientifically/mathematically provable theory at this stage, I can only show the shapes as 'my workings' but it's a novel approach to rethinking how quarks work and there's a possiblity of equating the relationship of the other two angles to the other two sorts of quark pairs.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Swanage - great holiday location.

Spent the late May Bank Holiday week in a small south-coast town called Swanage. We stayed in the Swanage Bay View Caravan Park in a very nice 6-berth caravan. Here's a little movie of it, done by my daughter.

So, rather than the usual day-by-day holiday report (due to bad weather) I'll just outline the highlights of our walking holiday.

1) Corfe Castle by train, walk back to Swanage.
We caught the old Swanage to Wareham steam train in the morning, wandered about inside the castle ruins then wandered back at our own pace along the Purbeck Way to Swanage sea front.

2) Southern coastal walk to St Aldhelm's Chapel, and back to Swanage.
We took the South West Coastal path via Durlston Head, Anvil Point, Dancing Ledge, Winspit and onto the stone chapel known as St Aldhelm's. Heading home we passed through Worth Matravers and followed Priest's Way all the way back.

3) Northern coastal walk, and back to Swanage.
We took the #50 bus to the ferry at Shell Bay (opposite Sand Banks) then headed back along the beach via Studland, Old Harry's rock and Ballard Point.

Put it this way, the Bank Holiday weather wasn't anything to write home about in general but there were a couple of really nice days when we caught the sun. Would I go back to Swanage? In the blink of an eye.