Thursday, July 31, 2008

Codex Alimentarius and one billion survivors?

Codex Alimentarius (vitamins are toxic) involves a New World Order plan to reduce the world's population to ONE BILLION people, soon? I found my way to an Ian R Crane lecture by sheer url-grazing chance, while watching some research footage about chemtrails that talked about the chemical content of these things that I blog'd about a few weeks ago here in Oxford. Apparently, we're FINED here in the E.U. each year we refuse to import bovine-growth-hormone-infeted U.S. beef!

Here's the entire incredible lecture, first part of nine.

I mean, I was never a big fan of POLITICS and I'd been lucky enough to stay away from the (government-agenda'd) daily newspapers. Clearly, I've been fished in by the neo-media truth-movement of late. Maybe I'm ill for believing this shit? Maybe corporate planning shouldn't terrify me for the future of my child? Madness, sheer and utter madness.

Keywords: National Health Federation, Monsanto, big pharma, nutricide, prozac, Dr Lima Raibow, Codex Alimentarius (and its implications for mankind over the next couple of years) reads like ridiculous science fiction, doesn't it? Well, here's a recent article from the Daily Mail that claims Sun lotions offer as little as one twentieth of the protection from sunburn and skin cancer.

Yup, they're gunning for us!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

USS New York made from WTC 911 steel

this has to be the most ironic news piece I've ever read..

USS New York made from WTC 911 steel

The ship's motto? 'Never Forget'

"never forget what?"
that this 911 metal was never part of the official investigation?

"never forget what?"
that this 911 metal can bend if there's a fuel fire near it?

"never forget what?"
that this 911 metal has structural (non)integrity that defies all known physics laws?

I'd wanna sail on that boat.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3D sky TV for every nation

here's a speculative use for two great recent technologies, HAARP and CHEMTRAILS, 3D sky TV for every nation.

Haarp is known to affect Earth's atmosphere. The troposphere goes up to 20 km. The stratosphere goes up to 50 km. How high would the particulate releases of chemtrails go? I guess I'm asking, "How much depth can this 3D atmospheric TV have?"

We could suggest that the viewable atmosphere could be split up into 1000 regions to fully cover the earth, each with a viewable screen area of about 600,000 km². If we use HAARP to oscillate the CHEMTRAILS particulates in the atmosphere per HAARP frame, i.e. make them glow or 'show themselves' somehow, we'd surely be able to project TV into the sky for all the world to watch, FOR FREE!

"Surely there's something better on TV tonight, honey?"

"Nope, it's just WAR OF THE WORLDS again."

Monday, July 28, 2008

walking weekend

this weekend, Mrs Philbin, our daughter and I did some walking. Nothing too spectacular. Great weather. Some map reading involved. A (piss poor) crop circle @ Avebury.

Saturday: Botley to Avebury
now, obviously, we didn't walk from Botley to Avebury but we did get a Stagecoach Family Travel Card for £11.00 (that's $20.00 to the Americans reading in awe what I'm about to report). A car costs about 50p ($1) per mile to run here in UK. We did almost 90 miles on the buses we took (all Stagecoach buses) that day. Something like £1.00 ($2.00) for 8 miles, sixteen times better than a car.

bus 66 - Botley to Swindon.
bus 70 - Swindon to Marlborough.
6 mile walk - Marlborough to Avebury.
bus 49 - Avebury to Swindon.
bus 66 - Swindon to Botley.


Sunday: Botley to Islip
probably one of the worst maintained walks we've ever experienced. Nettles. Missing path. Enormous grass and weeds and thorns. Ford. No public transport (neither bus nor train) @ Islip.

Despite this, we had lots of fun. Bit too hot maybe, direct sunshine on our backs the entire journey. Found a deer farm, and a very nice pub THE RED LION at Islip where we refilled our water bottles, and took on supplies. And a very nice chap did drag us across the Ford @ Islip in an ancient metal boat.

9 miles walk - Botley to Islip.
3 miles walk - Islip to Oxford Road.
bus 2a - to Oxford.
bus 100 - to Botley.

forgot the camera.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Silverthought staff interview Mike Philbin about his new books

The first official post-launch interview about the two Silverthought paperbacks Bukkakeworld and Planet of the Owls, has been executed by Silverthought staff members Mark Brand and Andy Laughton. These guys pull no punches and their questions explore the possibility that the two books via their Stanislas Lem like subtext are linked indictment of this NeoFascist world in which we live.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CHOKE movie trailer

guy in lapdance club, "Hey, you changed your hair!"
lapdancer, "Yeah, because of what you said about blondes getting skin cancer."

genius - here's the trailer

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mike Philbin on WIKIPEDIA

yes, there was a (growing and well-managed) Mike Philbin entry on Wikipedia (that was started by a third party, had many sponsors and was added to by a number of independent editors) before it was deleted by pestered admins, I suspect. I was upset that this campaign to have me kicked off wikipedia bore fruit but life goes on. Today, I find that the data of that entry has resurfaced on WIKIBIN - where free speech matters. Yes, free speech matters and it's important that organisations like WIKIBIN are archiving those pages that wikipedia arbitrarily deleted by terrorist subterfuge or political committee.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mike Philbin on Youtube and Yahoo Video

watch cocky little anti-genrist Mike Philbin talking his new Silverthought novels:



in a recent interview Mike Philbin was equated with NAU-clairvoyent Marilyn Manson - what a creepy idea - long live the Fourth Reich.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bukkakeworld and Planet of the Owls in my hands

it's a lovely moment when a UPS box of new books arrive - this is the moment just after my Silverthought novels "Bukkakeworld" and "Planet of the Owls" have been de-boxed.

Click HERE to activate a special $5.00 OFF deal for purchasing both books at the same time.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bukkakeworld and Planet of the Owls - pre order now.

The pre-order pages for the Silverthought Press (NY) novels "Bukkakeworld" and "Planet Of The Owls" have just gone live. Click either cover below to be taken to the relevant pre-order page on the Silverthought Press website.

These 'genreclectic' titles are for adults only and they're crammed to the hilt with insane surrealistic horror in a manner that only Mike Philbin aka Hertzan Chimera can deliver. Here's what Silverthought editor Paul Hughes said, "Silverthought is positively turgid to announce a two-book deal with 'genreclectic' writer Mike Philbin. Fact: Mike is the first writer whose work has made me nauseous. Fact: Most people will not enjoy these books. Fact: This is some of the best experimental transgressive fiction I’ve ever read. Bend over."

Release date of both books has been set for July 15 and are now available from and and in the relevant currencies. Here's a link to a Silverthought page containing pictures of the finished books held aloft by a company model.

Oh, and if you're wondering what both books are really about and why they're intimately linked - remember what happened with Stanislaw Lem and other writers/artists back in the Communist era, it's all in the subtext. Look deep, dear friends, look deep.

Friday, July 04, 2008

all your base are belong to us 2008

now is the time to resurrect this, in fact can some clever tech heads update this thing with 9/11 and Iraq war and birdflu and chemtrails and projectcamelotdisclosurereallyitsthetruththistime?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

iPod Chimera 2010

well, as inventor of the similarly-named subversive writing persona Hertzan Chimera, I just HAD TO post a blog about the forthcoming iPod Chimera in 2010, didn't I?

Sexy, innit?

The iPod Chimera for 2010 comes standard with 500gig or 1TB of memory. It's made of Titanium and scratch/smear resistant touch screen display. It runs on OS-mmX, Bluetooth V4. Wi-Fi/WiMax, Hi-Def screen resolution of 1280x720, works vertically or horizontally. Wireless stereo earphones supplied by Shure. USB4 connectors with auto-locking mechanism. Options: 4GSM iPhone, Two-way iSight, GPS for navigation, weather, emergency beacon, Sirius Radio/Video, GamePod, HD receiver for off-air HDTV or radio.

Kill yourselves. If nobody got this, it's a reference to the Bill Hicks sketch, "Is there anybody here in Advertising or Marketing? Kill yourelves. No joke."

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Death To Obtrusive 2D Interface Award Winner

the Death To Obtrusive 2D Interface Award winner is...

but before we announce the slap-happy recipient let's, in classic How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria stylee, prolongue the tension a little by talking about obtrusive 2D interfaces in 3D games.

It's generally accepted that obtrusive 2D interfaces that take up far too much screen acrage in in 3D games are due to a) wanting to give the player too much info at all times b) lack of developer foresight about what to tell the player when and c) laziness to implement a good i.e. contextually relevant 3D interface.

The basics of a good 3D interface should be this, "The world is ready to serve the player." It's really as simple as that. In Mario64, doors would open for you (and play your door opening animation for you) when you approached them at the right angle/proximity. The next step clearly had to involve showing the player a locked door and how to get around that.

Dead Space (as you'll see from the gameplay above) does this in such a clever way that it's amazing this is the first example of a truly integrated (i.e. part of the game's overall design) to hit the gaming shelves. You're playing the game, there's nothing on screen apart from you and the action. And even though the game itself isn't necessarily unique or innovative, IT'S A THIRD PERSON SHOOTER, the way it delivers that very popular experience to the player IS. Surely, I'm wrong. Surely there are games out there with informative i.e. non-obstrusive 3D gaming interfaces. Bet you can't name FIVE.

The Death To Obtrusive 2D Interface Award winner (then) is... DEAD SPACE. Congratulations.