Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chengdu Military Logistic Division - 7.9 magnitude earthquake - HAARP

We all remember the devastating Chengdu 7.9M earthquake. Terrible event, many casualties. We may even have heard about it being caused by HAARP. And that may just seem like so much tinfoilhat'd hogwash. Until. UNTIL one realises that...

Mianyang is home to (not only the Panda but also) 18 key defense and dual use R&D institutes involved in nuclear physics, engineering physics, aerodynamic research, and gas turbine development, an assortment of universities, and around 100 research academies involved in high-technology R&D. The city claims that it has more than 100,000 scientists and engineers, or one out of six of its urban residents.

They include the No.821 Factory near Guangyuan that is China’s principal complex for making nuclear warhead fuel from spent plutonium, and was was in the earthquake zone, as as well as a hidden complex of large tunnels in a rugget mountainous region in Northern Sichuan that reportedly stores nuclear weapons

Western Coilition strikes Eastern Coilition? Insane propaganda? Well, let me remind you all about the debacle that was South Ossetia - when Western Coilition sneak-attacked the Eastern Coilition via Georgia. Still feel safe in your homes? Let's hope World War Three is never going to succeed.

Resurrection - Project Camelot - Bill Deagle

I hadn't looked at Project Camelot on Youtube since Kerry Cassidy had her HUGE TRIANGULAR UFO experience in Europe some four months back. Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan then seemed to concentrate on their Project Avalon (which sorta lost me).

Then. As today is Steven Earl Jones day. Bill Deagle returns. And he returns on Project Camelot. Here's the full 3-part interview.

"Religion is the toxic poison of the modern world." bang on, Bill.

9/11 analysis - today is Stephen Earl Jones day

Now, before you all start appreciating the inventiveness of my tinfoilhat, remember that Stephen Jones is not some conspiracy nut someone dragged in off the street for his theory about the collapse of WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7. He has not only scientific credentials but the means and methods with which to TEST actual evidence from the WHATEVER THE FUCK IT WAS that the whole world witnessed on the 11th of September 2008.

Steven Earl Jones is an American physicist. For most of his career, Jones was known mainly for his work on muon-catalyzed fusion. In the fall of 2006, amid controversy surrounding his work on the collapse of the World Trade Center, he was relieved of his teaching duties and placed on paid leave from Brigham Young University. On October 20, 2006, he announced his retirement. He holds that the World Trade Center was destroyed by controlled demolition during the September 11 attacks. source WikiPedia.

explosives or pancake

molten metal under the rubble

Steven Jones and Bill Deagle chit-chat about global incineration


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thomas Feiner & Anywhen - Siren Songs

Yeah, it's a bit of an arty weekend broadcast, my Blogspot chums. Tonight it's the turn of Thomas Feiner & Anywhen - Siren Songs. Delicious artistry.

Thomas Feiner & Anywhen - Siren Songs from aubolessi on Vimeo.

Radiohead - Videotape - Aniboom Animation Winner

Radiohead: Videotape by Wolfgang Jaiser and Claus Winter. One of the winners of the Aniboom Animation Contest For Radiohead's In Rainbows.

Radiohead - Videotape - by Wolfgang Jaiser and Claus Winter

Truth, Transparency and Light - Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer talks UFO Disclosure

"Truth, Transparency and Light" that's the major thrust of former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer's talk on UFO Disclosure and the threat to mankind at the latest X-Conference in April 2008.

here's footage of the X-Conference 2008 press conference.

Enjoy, and learn.

today is Gore Vidal day

From his physical presence and demeanour in recent online interviews (and possibly due to his outspoken views) I've no idea how long Gore Vidal will be a learned citizen of our wonderful planet. That's why I've christened TODAY GORE VIDAL DAY. Here's a topical selection of his best online moments of 2008.

How wise he is - we have to learn from his lesson.

Gary McKinnon - Brian and Kerry Howes - extradition to USA

Gary McKinnon:
Gary McKinnon's lawyers, led by Karen Todner, have succeeded, despite fierce opposition from the UK Government (represented by a barrister working for the Treasury Solicitor) in getting a Court Date for the oral Judicial Review of the decision to extradite Gary to the USA - Tuesday 20th January 2009.

Now, I'm not saying Gary's innocent of any crime. He admits he hacked into some US government machines and saw some things he shouldn't. The claim is that Gary caused thousands of dollars of damage to hundreds of US government machines via his dial-up snooping. An extradition to the USA is generally only justified if there's unequivocal proof of the (damage) charges. In this case that's not so.

Try Gary in England and let him do his community service. Or better still employ him as a security officer to make government systems more secure. But this isn't really about Justice and the Letter of the Law. It's about a spineless, yes SPINELESS, kow-towing of the UK government to their USA overlords. All hail the New World Order.

Brian and Kerry Howes:
Brian and his wife Kerry have four young children and are facing extradition to the USA under this spineless extradition treaty. They face up to 95 years in a max-security prison and will never see their children again. Their crime? They had a LEGAL chemical sales company, but one US citizen found that one of the chemicals, legal in the UK, could be used to make "crystal meth". On that alone, they are being sought for extradition to stand trial in the USA.

The pair have already spent 214 days in prison, and during this time Brian spent 30 days on hunger strike. Their bail conditions mean they have to sign in at their local police station THREE TIMES EVERY DAY.

Kerry has vowed she will not go to America, and never see her children again, she has said she will commit suicide instead. Brian will join her in suicide.

The UK government offers NO PROTECTION of its citizens any more, and just like Gary McKinnon, these people are being thrown to the lions. A British passport used to mean something, we knew as citizens we could travel the world and be protected by our government and our embassies, but no longer it would seem!

The ironic thing is, we cannot get an American citizen extradited without him/her first being proven guilty through trial in their own country!

Friday, November 28, 2008

E.T. music from Gliese 581

This is the star system known as Gliese 581, a red dwarf with spectral type M3V, located 20.3 light years away from Earth. It is located about two degrees north of Beta Librae, the brightest star in the constellation Libra. Its mass is estimated to be approximately a third that of the Sun, and it is the 87th closest known star system to the Sun.

According to Roger Anderton who has been looking into Albert Einstein's acclaimed (and regularly dismissed) Unified Field Theory, harking back to the work of Nickolai Tesla, this is a tune from space that the SETI filters just aren't looking for. The music itself sounds like a less sinister digital version the alien message in the film CONTACT. Maybe we can make a nuclear bomb with it and end our global suffering.

Play it while you're meditating.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

atheism is wrong, God says so

"I'm warning you atheist fucking scumbags, you deny my existence one more fucking time and I'll...."

"I'll...!" Big G.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bob Lazar - ELement 115 - Area 51 - lie detector test

I was always VERY skeptical of this Bob Lazar character and his ever present grin. He seemed to be in and out of Area 51 in a relatively unbelievable fashion. He had association with John Lear and may have passed information through him. But I didn't know he'd agreed to take a lie detector test about his alleged employment at Area 51 and work on alien craft and their exotic propulsion systems. Apparently, he passed with flying colours.

The supposedly stable (manufactured) Element 115 isn't mentioned in this footage but on another occassion when Lazar is asked directly, "Is it true that you were able to smuggle out some of the fifty tonnes of Element 115?" Lazar replies (with his customary grin), "No comment." What is he planning?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

warning: the internet will send you mental

Self-styled dissident Michael Goodspeed finally accepts Big Media's characterization of him as a "conspiracy theorist," i.e. an upside down bat shit crazy person.

The internet isn't a cause of mental illness, it's a complicating new variable. Basically, you'll soon be internet-regulated such that you'll have to supply your online drug prescriptions prior to connection. If you're not on the medication, you can't get in.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice.

The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice.

That is the legal definition of murder: the unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice.

So, some murder is legal? Why? Who gave who the right? I know there's been capital punishment for years in many territories - I'm not talking about that. Capital Punishment harks back to the time of "an eye for an eye". It's an historical agreement between state and individual. It's respectable. It's the way it's done.

Only by adhering to the Bible can we justify Capital Punishment.
Only by adhering to the Koran can we justify cutting off thieves' hands.
Only by adhering to antiquated fictions and arbitrary law-making can we have a civilisation.

Only by going to war can we escape charges of murder, manslaughter at the very least. How is it that a bloke driving home in his car is tried for manslaughter, were someone to walk in his way? Well, it's because he's driving a dangerous weapon. Anyone using a dangerous weapon needs to take great care. Or they should be tried for murder. In fact, why don't the families of all the people killed in war take the invading government to court for murder, manslaughter at the very least?

Why are the CIS not invited to every war-related murder? Why aren't teams of forensic scientists not fully examining every death in the 'war arena'?

What archaic adherance to convention allows another person the right to walk down a street with an assault rifle and shoot at THE ENEMY. Proof of guilt? Where's the reasonable doubt in every gunned down enemy? It didn't happen at Hungerford, Dunblane, Tsuyama, Uireyeong or all the American 'spree killings'. It wasn't LEGAL in those places where innocent people died because of murder, or killing with malicious intent. Look at Nan King, look at My Lai. Why was no trial held prior to those 'summary executions'? Isn't it ironic that we train the insanity into our soldiers so that they'll be able to do such? Aren't our soldiers LEGALLY insane (or not responsible for their actions) once they engage the 'enemy' in 'war'?

So-called war, political assassination, coup d'etat, any state-sanctioned killing is outside the law - it all needs re-examining with a fine-tooth comb, a modern one. For soon (like at Guantanamo) you may not need to be a criminal to be guiltily killable, just cause may not be required for your execution.

People of the world, you may already be commiting crimes that come with a death sentence attached - maybe we'll all soon find out how legally close to death we all are.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sony Pictures - 2012 - Roland Emmerich

Roland Emmerich has produced some of the most historically mythological, visually stunning disaster movies in modern cinema; Stargate (which I love, LOVE), Independence Day (superb apart from the Jewish angle and computer infiltration crap), Godzilla (big and brassy but... gah), The Day After Tomorrow (spectacular to the detriment of narrative empathy) and 10,000 BC (which I've no desire to see, at all).

And here we are again, in big-scale historical/mythological territory, with Emmerich's Mayan-Calendar-inspired doom and gloom epic, 2012. Let's hope he's wrong and we'll all see 2013.

PS: all these deep underground bases that (allegedly) litter the length and breadth of the U.S.A. that are meant to be used in the case of global catastrophes such as this for the elite - are they water proof?

Lindsay Williams says watch Iceland and China and 'The Arabs'

Alaskan-pastor Lindsay Williams back to reaffirm what he was told by the oil elite (who threatened to KILL him), oil at $50.00 and the forced decimation of the planet. He predicts that THE SECOND GREAT WALL STREET CRASH has ALREADY HAPPENED. We're now officially in between the crash of 1929 and the soup lines of 1932.

This is happening right now in Iceland, and the speed with which it happened since they declared BANKRUPTCY is the most stunning aspect of this horror. The shops are empty, businesses have gone to the wall, people lost their savings, their currency has been devalued, inflation is at 16% and rising, companies are slashing jobs and/or wages, the Icelandic standard of life is now in crisis.

All the shit's gonna hit the fan ONE YEAR FROM NOW. No panic then, right? New World Order to the rescue?

Those who can are being urged to GET OUT OF THE UNITED STATES as it's gonna be like a Heironymous Bosch painting this time next year. Yeah, Obama's got his work cut out. It'll take miracles.

here's an ITN news item

Why is there no-one like Alex Jones in this United Kingdom, who's letting the people know about the terrible governmental things that are taking place? Are we all that asleep, sheeple?

Love All The People - Bill Kicks predicts Al Qaeda predicts 9/11 predicts Martial Law

as it's a piece of written polemic from the master political commentator of the early nineties Mr William (Bill) Melvin (thanks dad) Hicks, it's not a piece I'd previously heard. His book LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE (thanks to my work colleague who picked it up for me in a second hand bookstore for the princely sum of £1.00) informs me that this month sixteen years ago Hicks played at the Oxford Playhouse. But this isn't about that. This post's directly about the prophetic revelation that we, THE PEOPLE, are the absolute enemy of OUR GOVERNMENT. Here it is, cropped to suit my personal agenda.


In the midst of all the elation of the fall of communism in the Soviet Union, one important fact has been overlooked - the United States has lost its 'Bogeyman'. Without the SOviet Union who will fuel our latest paranoia? Who will the CIA spy on? OK - its own citizens like it always has, but how will they justify it? Saddam Hussein of Iraq, I think not. We need a country that not only has its own nuclear weapons, but also represents a threat to democracy. In other words we need The United States of America. That's right - our next Cold War ought to be with ourselves. After all, we're the logical choice. If you thought McCarthyism in the 50's was irrational, think of all the fun we could have asking Americans if they are now, or have ever been, An American.

Patriot Act anyone? Al CIAda (as Jones calls it)? Land of the slave, home of the coward?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Black Sheep Galleries Oxford High Street

There are many council-run or commercial contemporary art galleries in and around Oxford like the Ovada Centre, Oxford Museum of Modern Art, 03 Gallery, Sarah Wiseman Gallery and/or all the ones up in Woodstock even. And they all seem to be lacking in something. Yes, the council ones need to 'appease the community'. Yes, the commercial ones need to 'cater to the buyer'. But it's about the mix and the blend of the art that's 'generally the downer'. It's generally a little too soft, or bland.

Not so with the (recently new) Black Sheep Gallery on the High Street here in Oxford town centre. It's a modest space that's perfectly positioned, very well lit and rehung (it seems) almost every other day. Because of this constantly morphing eclectic mix, be it a front-window telephoto-lens constriction of silver birch or a seductively rendered and intimately hung nude there's always some enticing trinket to catch the passer-by's eye.

For example, this morning. From right across the High Street. Like a claxon of explosive allure, abstract artist Lee Tyler's amazing amethyst-like red series, the image below's another hue but no less electric for the art-appreciative mind.

Born in 1969, Lee grew up in north London, he became interested in art after spending many hours watching his grandmother paint; His art education began with an Art foundation Diploma at the Herts college and in 1999 he graduated with a BA (Hons) in Art and Design from Hatfield University. Lee draws his inspiration from all that is organic, natural and accidental, these fundamentals can be seen in his latest works where to some degree he has no control . Lee’s basic palette is mostly primary colours yellow, red and blue and he tries to maintain the purity of these colours throughout the painting process. Lee’s current works were created by applying lots of paint and gels mixed with water to create a very fluid uncontrollable effect.

An artist to watch, no doubt.

Global Coup d'Etat - Golman Sachs IS the Illuminati

Alex Jones has Max Keiser on his show and it's EXPLOSIVE investigative journalism - who needs the newspapers? Outing Goldman Sachs as the ultimate tyrant? These infowarriors are the new Bernstein and Woodward.

So, what do 300,000,000 Americans think of Hank Paulson's new Emperor schtick? Do they like their Martial Law now? Oh, yeah, it happened. You were sleeping, or in denial since 9/11.

Friday, November 21, 2008

spectacular meteor hits Edmonton Canada

I hadn't seen this on the news, obviously we don't get Canada news here in UK but this is rather spectacular footage (from a police patrol car) of the moment the Edmonton (Canada) meteor hit the ground.

some joker suggested it was re-entry of the Space Shuttle toolbag recently 'lost in space'.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fuck Star Eli-X - Apocalypse Fiction - Chimera, Johnson, Severin


Praise be to Scott C Carr, editor of Weird Space, the twisted-sci-fi sister-zine of the Heavy Metal award-winning Apocalypse Fiction website. From day one, Scott has fully supported my Hertzan Chimera alternative-sex-android Eli-X's lust-cratered misadventures across the cum-spattered galactic swathe.

It's only fit and proper that I lay out all 11/12 episodes here on this blog for ease of clickage for all you story sickos out there who (keep bugging me about this legendary phenomenon and) just can't get off your welted arses to find the stories yourselves. Co-written by the amazing Michael Cornwall Johnson (made-up malename) and occassionally guest-co-written with the equally amazing Alex Severin (made-up femalename).

Part One: Silvertears Off the Sex-Eye
"They murmured. He didn't know what they were a sayin'. Half of 'em couldn't speak Terran nohow. Bunch of sex-savages. They used to beat the starshit out of him when they found him. Then they clipped off a chipplug and examined it on the central-interface."

Part Two: The Butcher of Bakerloo
"Today is Eli-X’s big first day on the Bakerloo cyber set. They have a Mousetrap concoction of anatomical fuck machines all lined up like a Roman banquet to Bacchus."

Part Three: The Chastisement of Eli-X
"A stinking crown of baying wolverine peasants await his screams. Each shoved-from-behind step he takes, deeper into the throng of the masses, the stench becomes more rank. They shout in his face and he can almost taste the fowl breath that emanates from lungs drowning in infected phlegm and he dry-gags stomach muscle up into his throat."

Part Four: Oedipus-X
"What follows is an illegal Zone-In (trademark pending) as Eli-X’s erogenous broadcast is activated by one of our nameless insider droids of cheap horror porn. "

Part Five: ELI-Quince and Slices of Mince
"The smell of disinfectant hit Eli-X like a lump hammer . . ."

Part Six: Razors of the Lost Bitch
"There she was, unraveling like a holocaust of rainbow indignation, her flesh a livid rosary of chime spun itself about her nerves and already, you could see from that extruded portion of her that she was a killer. A proper killer like you phone down from some central server right into your chemicals, right down to the cellular death you so deserve for being on such an elite list of names. The Shimmer Set."

Part Seven: Modificatum Eli-X
He looked at her in repulsed fascination, wondering what it must be like to fuck an animated corpse. You'll find out soon enough, Eli-X, Fuck Star of the Universe, soon enough. I'm your new co-star..."

Part Eight: The Iron Farm
"They say, in the history books, "children no longer respect their parents". I love that line, because it makes me think of the bad times in Zombie Jails like the one they called THE IRON FARM up on some fuckin' asteroid middle of space. Spinning, always spinning."

Part Nine: The Scar on his Mind
"She was made of gloss, thin and sheer like gossamer, silken labias of anality in female form. Sepia-toned like an old photo from the silver nitrate days. She stank of the developing solution. Her hair in white fumes of acid burning paradise trickling down the trough between the left and the right hemispheres as she dipped downloading kisses into his psychic cleft."

Part Ten: Pie, They're Screaming For My Fucking Pie
"Eli-X’s cybernetic cock lived in the mouth of Sex Dwarf for thirteen years and in that time it marshalled a stunning campaign of mental terror against the thief of all fat and gristle. Thirteen years of continual throat fucking, endless spurts of jizz shooting into his throat."

Part Eleven: My, What Big Eyes You Have, Grandma
"The eunuchs had just jacked in Eli with spurt enhancers and the twin Belonging Kind had just dropped their gossamerstitch robes revealing their ultimate fuckme fuckme (tm) sexiness."

Part Twelve: Big Bang hasn't been written yet. I was waiting for the stamina of my co-writers to return but maybe this series killed the pair of them. Exampled by the demise of our collaborative project Pornstars Vampires Zombies. It sorta fell by the wayside and decayed in its own rancid slaver. Ha!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kay Griggs - Secret Societies & the U.S. Military

a very intersting, personal story that sorta reminds one of the self-confessed CIA Sex Slave Cathy O'Brien. Again, it's amazing more of this strange ecelctica isn't all over Global Documentary Television. Has investigative journalism officially died?

Kay Griggs was a Southern divorcee who rented a room to Marine Corps colonel George Griggs in the late 1980s. She was impressed by his clipped manner, his education, his good looks. Two months later she married him. What she found out about world affairs as George Griggs' wife was astounding.

Colonel Griggs was a Marine Corps Chief of Staff, as well as head of NATO's Psychological Operations. He was also, his wife realized, entirely mind-controlled. Kay, a self-declared Christian, became privy to the real workings of the United States military, leadership training, drug-running and weapons sales, and the secret worldwide camps that train professional assassins.

These interviews with Pastor Rick Strawcutter of Adrian, Michigan were conducted in 1998, before September 11th and the installation of U.S. President George W. Bush. Kay Griggs' report of world events and the power elite paints a picture that begins to explain the hows and whys of our current global scenario.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

banned documentary - conspiracy of silence - discovery channel - yorkshire television

This never-aired documentary delves deeply into the Franklin Cover Up (Boystown, Omaha) and shows how the Discover Channel and Yorkshire Television were paid to destroy all copies.

Either this is a recent MASSIVE DEFAMATORY SCAM made to look authentic or we should really be afraid of the real horror of child sex/drugs rings in (all?) our governments. I didn't vote such people into power.

Friday, November 14, 2008

book review: Whitley Strieber's THE GRAYS

From the writer of the amazing The Hunger, Unholy Fire and (the auto-biographical) Communion. A boy saves the world from mankind's folly. I nearly gave this a four, but it's a three.

Read the rest of this book review over at Scene360 in December.

taking liberties since 1997

looks like real (normal) citizens are beginning to get truly pissed off by the clever games being played by 'those in charge'.

Taking Liberties Since 1997

take note: this is no longer a game.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

structural anarchy is mankind's salvation 2

A few weeks back I did a very popular post on Anarchy and I've received so many (off-comment) mails about this I thought I'd try to more clearly lay out my plan.

Er, I don't have one.

That's the whole point of all the recent Utopias that have failed. They try to hard to be 'organised'. They rise and fall. Failure is bulit into structure. Actually, I do have a plan but it doesn't involve buying all the latest corporate gadgets for Christmas and I'm not a fucking hippy.


But Anarchy Mike, will we all have to have our hair in painted mohawks and pins through our noses, eyebrows and cocks? Well, you can if you want, but that's not Anarchy, that's Fashion (big corporate F).

Anarchy is when REAL HUMAN BEINGS walk the earth in search of enlightenment and spiritual equality with their neighbours.

Anarchy's a place where money and barter are the same thing, where 'what you can do for me' is more important than 'how much can you get this for'. It's a more holistic environment where whatever moral agreement we make it's the right one.

Anarchy's a place where dreamlike creativity is encouraged and the thinking individual has a worthy place at God's right hand ... oh, but remember, God doesn't exist in Anarchy because God (and all organised religions) is just a way for the Tyrant to dull your think-zone.

Surely, this is just another Utopia or Orchestrated Society that's doomed to fail? Well, only when the tanks roll in and burn down the walls and shoot the women and children like they did at Waco will we know the answer to the fate of Anarchy.

the ufo phenomenon - an open challenge to global government

yeah, I've seen all the fake UFO videos and this is my very favourite...

two obvious questions:

1) what makes these 'industry geeks' make these funny videos?
2) what really are UFOs (apart from unidentified and flying)?

the U.F.O. joke has gone on for too long - I mean it's SIXTY YEARS since whatever the fuck Rosswell was. Can someone with authority in Global Government please put us all out of our misery and TELL US THE FUCKING TRUTH, once and for all? Come on, Global Government, get a pair and share your (supposed) wealth of knowledge on this intriguing subject.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, commercial pilots seeing UFOs shouldn't talk about their experience. Why? Makes no sense. What are they trying to 'protect us (the fare-paying passengers) from'?

If Governments have faked UFOs to cover up 'stealth' projects - tell us.
If Governments have really have met aliens - tell us.

We're big girls and boys now, we can handle it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

get your new world order commemorative glocks

I hate guns. I think people who own them are insane. I hate that America has in its official arbitrary law set the RIGHT to own a gun.

I'm an idiot.

I, like many anti-gun lobbyists, always misread this aspect of the American constitution. I always thought it gave the citizen the right to bear arms, i.e. to wild-west-style shoot showever the fuck neighbour it wants at its liberty. That was always my feeble argument, "Americans are no longer in the Wild West."

But the second amendment isn't about gung-ho gunnery on the streets (even though that's what it's become in Driveby USA), the second amendment is to protect THE PEOPLE from the actions of its own government. Or that's an interpretation that many Americans who've 'tooled up' since the election of the new President have been citing, and not just Joe Public: least one Congressman is warning of things to come. Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia has told the Associated Press he considers Obama a dangerous Marxist who may act on his promise to organize a domestic national security force on par with the U.S. military. “That’s exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and it’s exactly what the Soviet Union did,” Broun said. “When he’s proposing to have a national security force that’s answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he’s showing me signs of being Marxist.”

It's sad that gun ownership (and the thousands of annual deaths that result from its mis-use in USA and more increasingly in UK) is necessary survival equipment to protect ourselves from those people we have voted into office. I certainly didn't vote in my party leaders so that my life would be in danger. 'To serve and to protect' all governments (i.e. public owned office) should adopt that as a slogan. To serve. To protect.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

X-Factor song promotes the Military/Industrial complex

The X-Factor song 'Hero' has knocked Girls Aloud off the top of the UK singles chart. Which is all well and good, it's nice to see amateur singers getting some air time, but ... have you seen the release video?

The original pre-release video was about the X-factor finalists on stage segued with shots of the heroes of the war, those real human beings who're burned, scarred and thrown into the front-line shit by the Military/Industrial complex for profit. The the 'official' video turned up with the X-factor finalists in tuxedos and little black dresses green-screened onto a black frame, very classy, humble even.

But the final video that's being broadcast on TV here in UK is AN ABOMINATION. They've substituted the blackframe for a video back frame of the 'greatness of going to war'. The curtain has been pulled aside - it's no longer classy and humble, it's garish, loud and arrogant.

This is is no longer about HEROs of war, it's turned into the glossy promotion of corporate war as a worthy career choice. It's the ultimate army recruitment video and I'm startled, if not disgusted, that Simon Cowell was conned into this by the state-run newspaper The Sun. My girl is watching this stuff on TV, like it's not her that's gonna be called up for service when the N.W.O. shit hits the fan. Truly sickened to my stomach.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Apollo Moon Landings - shot by Stanley Kubrick - they all die

okay, okay, here's part NINE of a French documentary that's either totally fucking crazy or a total revelation. I think the general gist of it is, yes, NASA did make it to the moon but all the footage suffered from the extremes of space. So what we all saw on TV wasn't from the moon...

...they got film director Stanley Kubrick (who some of you might have heard of) to shoot some footage on the 'nasa test set'. This was Man's Giant Leap. Oh, then the 'cia confessor died (suddenly) of a stroke' when the day after he should have been spilling the beans about Kubrick's untimely death.

Friday, November 07, 2008


I mean, I'd (obviously) heard of the sterling work of the many WE ARE CHANGE factions in the USA but I've just found out that there's a UK branch of We Are Change - here they are hunting down and attempting to citizens arrest 'war criminal' Sir Richard Dearlove.

light frequency supports HC Unit functionality

first, an aside:
the modern petrol engine's four-stroke cyclces are induction, compression, power, exhaust.

second, our Sun is alive & breathing:

the 'breathing' of a HC Unit can be described as IN_UE_fallin, OUT_clockwise_valency, IN_UE_fallin, OUT_anti-clockwise_valency. But it works more like a two-stroke engine, where the OUT phase is our matter reality, the IN phase is just the universe settling a debt caused by the turbulent local damage (and I'm unsure whether both half-cycles take place in the same 'space' or 'same region of the electromagnetic universe' - they don't need to). The frequency of this debt settling is the frequency of (Universal Equilibrium fallin) i.e. light itself.

As we're using visible light as our research medium, let's assume it has a wavelength of 7000 - 4000 angstroms (7 x 10^-5 - 4 x 10^-5 centimeters), a frequency of 4.3 x 10^14 - 7.5 x 10^14 centimeters and energy of 2 - 3 eV.

It's the frequency part of normal light that we're interested in:

basically, this shows the HC Unit 'breaths', on average, 600,000,000,000,000 (that's six hundred milllion million) times per second, IN, OUT, IN, OUT... not a lot of time in which to compute all the calculations of gravity and physics, I'm sure you'll agree. However, I've not yet gone into whether the positive and negative turbulent electromagnetic OUT phases of HC Unit functionality actually warp TIME, thus lengthening the operational electromagnetic phase CCCOOONNNSSSIIIDDDEEERRRAAABBBLLLYY (well, you get the idea).

This tells us a lot about the (overlooked) properties of space (what earlier theorists used to call 'the ether'). The HC Unit, like Maxwell observing electric and magnetic fields, have two components working at right angles to each other, in my case they're 90 degrees out of phase per 1/4 cycle. Sorta obvious really.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Peripetics by ZEITGUISED

Peripetics by ZEITGUISED from NotForPaper on Vimeo.

boolean 3D for art's sake - proper gorgeous.

Nobel Peace Prize for Alex Jones

yeah, I know, he's about as religiously indoctrinated as you can get.
yeah, I know, he's a gun-toting Texan loudmouth.

but, for his decade of intensive personal effort to expose the New World Order, to expose the left/right paradigm that's just resulted in another corporate stooge in the White House, to expose the military/industrial complex, to expose false-flag and inside-job operations, and despite them offering Al Gore one for his global-warming lie, I've just personally nominated Alex Jones for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The more people who also write to The Nobel Institute and nominate Alex Jones for the Nobel Peace Prize the more likely it will become.

Join the fight, support your messiah.

Dan Brown's Angels and Demons: now with a link to the film's trailer

I'd tried to keep myself firmly out of all the Dan Brown / DaVinci Code hype - I hadn't read the novel and I had most certainly not seen the film. I mean, how trash does this shit have to be before Mr Mass Market realises he's once again been fucked in the arse for a few dollars?

Point in case: Angels and Demons (the first Robert Langdon book).

I never intended to read it. I was away on holiday in France and all the books on the family bookshelf were (of course) in French ... apart from this one. What the hell, I knew it would be an easy read. I didn't realise what a shocking revelation a Dan Brown book would be.

Actually, even before I get into this, you're more than welcome to wander over to WIKIPEDIA where this book is exhaustively analysed in a more formal fashion or you can just hang around while I gripe - your choice:

The Illuminati are once again stalking the Vatican leaders, their new weapon ANTI-MATTER.

Angels and Demons is one of the most insidiously-constructed page turners I’ve ever read and unlike other such efforts (Richard Laymon’s IN THE DARK) I actually raced to the end of it rather than throwing the thing half-finished against the wardrobe in rage. Think of Hercules Poirrot. Think of Inspector Morse. Think of Agatha Christie. Once you strip all the character and soul from these genre writers you have Dan Brown. They all have in common the one writer trick, etirwer (the backwards rewrite). I don’t mean check a book for spelling and grammar. I mean write a basic plot line. Then go back. Adding in detail that will drive the narrative relentlessly towards what you sketched. Stuffing the book with glimpses of false trails and dead ends to keep the reader in the dark, so to speak. Confounding the reader in a way that will make him feel insignificant and meaningless.

This, for me, is the worst of all genre writing tricks.

Professor of Symbology Robert Langdon in his tweed and nuclear physicist Vittaria Vetra in her Lara Croft gear go in search of the thieves who killed Vittaria’s dad and stole the anti-matter from CERN and find themselves in what appears to be a travelogue of the more obscure bits of Vatican City. It reads just like that, a Treasure Hunt type of book. The reader is dragged along with teasing glimpses of THE TRUTH behind the religion and the war with science that has waged through the ages. But it could have all taken place in a virtual world like the internet or a library with mischievous librarians swapping cards around so old ladies can no longer find their Mills and Boons.

Any good book should involve, include, confront or enrage the reader – this book cored out the reader’s personality so that by the end you didn’t care if there were 30 more pages yet to go as the final threads of the convoluted narrative finally unravelled.

This book (maybe all Dan Brown books) should come with a mental health warning: At no point in the reading of this book was the reader in danger of thinking.

An ultimately vacuous exercise in Franchise Management D.B. even sneaked in an early reference to the following Professor Langdon mystery The DaVinci Code. Enough already!

June 11th 2010 update: two years since I first posted about this, and I've just finished Dan Brown's latset novel "THE LOST SYMBOL" (which would, one imagines, also make a really great film). It's strange that only now, after years of looking into the 'truth' behind 9-11 lie does the all-pervasive FALSE FLAG aspect of the "Angels & Demons" book step into the light. I may have under-rated this book at the time but I'll stick by my initial review because it was done in editorial innocence of the machinations of truly wicked people. The world is now A FAR LESS INNOCENT PLACE (for me) and this is reflected in my appreciation of the Angels & Demons film, which I've just seen.

Yes, I'm saying, "The film of the awful book was really good fun."


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Chimeraworld 5 available now in trade paperback from Chimericana Books

the perfect Christmas gift

HAD BABY - Jade Eckert
READ MY MIND - Kaalii Cargil
GLIMMER - Deb Atwood
RIPENED FRUIT - Alex Severin
EDITH’S CHILDREN - Wayne Summers
ME, MYSELF, AND I...AND I...AND I... - J.R. Murdock
TWITCH - D.W. Green
WRITER’S BLOCK - David Simms
CRAZY BONES - Joel Jacobs
PAYNE - Jeremy Hepler
THE PRISONER - John B. Rosenman
THE KELPIE - Kevin James Miller
AGAINST MY WILL - Christina Capewell

Chimeraworld #5 (THE REJECTS ISSUE), 170 pages, is available right now at Chimericana Books in American format 6" by 9" perfect-bound trade paperback for £8.10 in English money, or the global equivalent. The perfect Christmas gift for those readers bored by the tedium of genre and the dryness of literary compliance.

Don't forget, while you're over there, to also pick up the other FOUR Chimeraworld issues, cars, depression, hell and grand guignol are your very bestest friends. Available at the click of a ADD PRINT TO CART.

Swanage - the autumn chill

Yeah, having enjoyed it so much in May, we went back to Bay View caravan park in Swanage for a week's holiday. First, let me say that while caravaning is fine in the warmth of summer, it's a very different (and chilly) prospect when it's near freezing outside and every plastic surface of your holiday home is like ice to touch, your breath freezing on your pillow. Nice. Anyway, on with the tedious photo report.

We did a couple of bracing coastal walks up and down mud-slippery slopes, buffeted by the chilling breeze. On the way we came across some lovely geological features including this impromptu waterfall.

This sculpture just appeared in the middle of nowhere special. We turned a corner and there it was. I fell in love with it immediately and the wife termed this pseudo-Celtic monument THE NEW WIFE. Think she was a little jealous at my adoring gaze.

Later on, after a big walk from Kingston to Corfe Castle via Kimmeridge Bay, the wife and I indulged in a local sausage and cider fayre The (17th century) Greyhound pub was running. Verrry nice cider.

Anyway, that's it. Yeah, the girl's become a proper little David Bailey and took most of these shots - that's why she's not featured on here. Does her ego good. My mum arrived with her friend Amanda and took Madeline to nearby Monkey World and they took loads of photos and videos - I'll upload some if there's enough demand. That left Mrs P and I to make our way along the Purbeck Way. Lovely views, lovely weather, lovely company and sandwiches.

Would I go back to Swanage again after this chilling experience? Yes, in summer. I love Swanage, the people are so friendly and the scenery is inspirational.

neo-photorealist artist Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell is another of the growing breed of neo-photorealists. Born in 1971 when the original photorealist movement was at its peak, Rebecca is a classically trained artist who adds her own style of windswept emotion to the neo-photorealist mix. She is professionally represented by the La Louver Gallery in California and Ameringer-Yohe Gallery in New York.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

SCENE 360 - Snuff review, Rant review, Stopford Zombies story.

Scene 360 is a real classy looking culture portal. Hell, it's won awards for its culture-portally classiness. Anyway, here's yours truly contributing to their growing reputation for only the best art, books and cinema critiques:

Book Review: "Snuff"
Chuck Palahniuk free-dives into the seedy world of aging porn-star Cassie Wright's 600-man world record breaking gangbang attempt.

Book Review: "Rant"
Chuck Palahniuk delivers yet another tale of dystopian now projected fifteen minutes into a post 9/11 future.

Short Story: "The Stopford Zombies"
Mike Philbin's bizarre take on the classic zombie sub-genre involves the subversion of man's best friend Dawg, and his final defiance in the face of his dwindling dog pack.