Sunday, March 29, 2009

Luke Rudowski Arrested for Attempting to Question Mayor Bloomberg

WeAreChange founder and activist Luke Rudowski was arrested at the Hilton Hotel on Manhattan today for attempting to question New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg about his refusal to pay for the health care of 9/11 first responders. Rudowski had Infowars press credentials and a video camera when he was singled out by Bloomberg’s security in the lobby of the hotel located at West 53rd Street and Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue).

Luke Rudowski has worked as an Infowars journalist for several years and his journalism is featured in Alex Jones film Truth Rising: 9/11 Chronicles, released in 2008.

[report (c)2009 INFOWARS, image (c)2009 Brocke]

Saturday, March 28, 2009

George Carlin - Do You Have Freedom Of Choice

I've always been a big fan of porno-political comedian Bill Hicks ... he really opened my eyes in lots of ways. I've recently got 'into' commedian Doug Stanhope, because he's a crude as Hicks was on occassion and irreverence is important in a comic. But I've totally TOTALLY neglected the genius that is George Carlin. Here he is laying it out to the (must be) stunned audience at 'some show in New York some time'.

Do you have freedom of choice. Damn right you do. Your choice is to get the criminal global elites off your back, AS A SURVIVAL MECHANISM.

Financial terrorists - Max Keiser - Pascal Salin - France 24

Invited guests independent financial analyst Max Keiser and economics professor Pascal Salin FACE OFF on France 24 about the financial crisis and the criminals and crimes at the root of the problem. Watch what Max Keiser has to say about the bonuses YOU THE TAX-PAYER contributed to the banking elite, specifically, "These guys are financial terrorists, they should be DECAPITATED."

I mean, he took a big breath before saying it, but he said it, and more, "They deserve to be punished in the harshest possible terms. Including DECAPITATION."

In summary, and after much goading by Max Keiser, Pascal Salin begrudgingly agrees that there's been a lot of chicanery in the financial sector and a return to real money like gold and silver makes more financial sense. With G20 demonstrations being held today in London, let's hope no-one takes Max Keiser to his word.

Friday, March 27, 2009

911: In Plane Site - The Directors Cut - Full High Quality Video

incase you haven't seen it, this is one of the most famous analyses of 9/11.

why doesn't the mainstream media tell us about this? for example NBC is owned by General Electric, one of the top ten defense contractors.

I have fear for future false flag operations ... dirty bombs have been prophesied for UK, the Telegraph series BLACKJACK points towards nuclear and biological threats. I mean, what evidence do we have to have to believe that our governments had a BIG HAND in the events of 9/11, 7/7, 11/3, Mumbai, Bali. The war on freedom is not being fought for you, but against you. Your freedoms are being whittled away by your elected representatives. Either you are with US or you are with the Terrorists.


Gaza Day 17 - United Nations Relief and Works Agency

Yesterday, I got completely depressed by all this New World Order tyranny and the sponsorship of Israel in their slaughter of Gazan civilians. In this special interview from ex-BBC middle-east correspondent Afshin Rattansi, Christopher Gunness from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency talks about the dangers of delivering aid to the Gazans when all around them the war is inflicting casualties on his aid staff, vehicles and equipment. He tells of rockets 'coming in to populated areas from the sea' and one which destroyed the library of a small school. It's just a small library. But is it?

"A library is a resource of civilisation. A library is the intellectual future of a community. Destroying such can only breed ignorance. It isn't in the interest of anyone who believes in peace to have libraries burning down." wise words Christopher.

I share your shame at what one group of humans can do to another, without compunction.

March 26th update: The Guardian Newspaper is looking into the GAZA SLAUGHTER as testimony of an official war crimes investigation. The slaughter of thousands of innocent (trapped) civilians and the use of robotic machines, like unmanned drone planes and (as shown in in Afghanistan soone) Big Dogs, articulated killing machines from Terminator 2. Video editorial contains many an insult to humanity.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

PARIS - what would you do?

I'm not that big a fan of 'rap music' as it's traditionally been about 'drive bys', 'bling' and 'fuckin ho's but this track "What would you do?" by PARIS and specifically this video edit make it noteworthy. I particularly love the re-edit 'Bush terror speech' opener.

Am I a terrorist for sharing this music? Maybe soon, if the Corporations get their way, we'll all be classed as terrorists. Man, this could be the best rap track since the original Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five song THE MESSAGE. Listen, learn, spread the truth.

New Wave Requiem - Erik Jones

in my continuing series of Feature Artists, I'd like to introduce to you all 26 years old Erik Jones from Sarasota, FLORIDA.

I asked Erik about his sexually potent art and what inspired this particular piece below, for me this is a culmination of all Erik's skills to date - a gorgeous tableau to corporate vampirism.

I'll publish Erik's response in this space.

Get prints of all Erik's work at TheIRISon Store.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Common Purpose - Corporate Government Strategy - Contest Two

Brian Gerrish is a former Naval Officer and submarine warfare expert from Plymouth, who found the public funding of his business dried up without explanation and he became the target of government thugs. He's researched COMMON PURPOSE, a registered charity that's recruiting members from all over UK.

This presentation was given at Leicester England. MEP Rogert Helmer came specially to be there and guest host the meeting. Edward Spalton of the CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain) gave a short introduction.

Remember, nobody knows/knew about this - this film is from 2007. All this seems to tie in with this year as our Home Secretary Jacqui Smith launches CONTEST TWO, a bullshit propaganda piece hinting at possible false flag terrorism event using dirty nuclear bombs or chemical weapons and a public-servant-indoctrinated-spy-force against "You The People".

I'm telling you, if our EU governments are ever found implicated or complicit in 9/11, or 7/7, or Madrid, or Bali, or Mumbai, there's gonna be one almighty shit-storm of no-confidence, no compliance in the global corporate lie.

UPDATE: here's an email sent to all Common Purpose employees by Justin Walker of the WHOLE TRUTH COALITION. It's a deeply provoking email that seems to have received little in the way of corporate response. Here's a taser*:

There are now millions of people in this country who know that the planned Orwellian European Union Superstate, after the full ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, is just a matter of time…..a case of ‘when’ not’ if’. However, there are now hundreds of thousands of ordinary decent people who know that ‘Fifth Columnists’ are actively weakening the UK internally and who are preparing, behind the scenes, new government structures, putting in place ‘new leaders’ or Quislings for when this dreadful time happens. Well, I have to tell you, the good people of this country are organising and Common Purpose, unless it publicly clears its name, will be brought to justice and account under Common Law.

*oops, Freudian slip.

Overseas Contingency Operation - A Message To The Future

The end of the Global War on Terror -- or at least the use of that phrase -- has been codified at the Pentagon. This morning, speechwriters and other staff were notified via this e-mail to use "Overseas Contingency Operation" instead of "War on Terror".

In case future humans reading this Time Capsule are wondering what the historical phrase "Overseas Contingency Operation" actually meant. Please remember what we tried to do for YOU THE PEOPLE.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vijay Sarma - The North American Union - Press for Truth

This is an interview with Canadian journalist, activist, artist and philosopher, Vijay Sarma. In this interview Vijay discusses the reality of the North American Union. Vijay has been actively exposing the activities of the global elite for many years. Vijay is a member of Press for Truth.

Yeah, I did that, I showed part two first, that was my editorial prerogative.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

CIA Mind Control - Barbara Hartwell - global tyranny

Barbara Hartwell, who or what is she? Some say she's another victim of the CIA's MK ULTRA aka MK DELTA mind control programme. Some say she was a CIA Plant put there to discredit the Mind Control movement. I like the way she shies away from direct eye contact until SHE wants to - sorta deceptive and alluring.

Hey, Mike, you're probably saying, you seem a little uncertain about your MK Ultra superstars a bit there. But that's the point, no? This is a world now that's RUN BY CORPORATE MIND CONTROL. Think of the ridiculous film THE MATRIX with its fully rendered worlds for organic (human) batteries that hark back to the Disney film TRON. But that's bullshit. You don't need all of that rendering (life) technology. You just need the people to repeat YES WE CAN enough times and they'll believe that UP is DOWN, left IS right and two airplanes CAN bring down three sky scrapers in the centre of New York.

You might even believe that you're not living in Totalitarian UK when this sceptred isle is home to FORTY PERCENT of all the CCTV cameras IN THE WORLD. Sobering thought. Wake up people - your country needs you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boston Dynamics Big Dog

every now and then, I'll feature robotic items on this blog (because I'm interested in technology and stuff) and even though this one's the most obviously military robot I've ever featured it's also one of the more interesting problem-reaction-solution demonstrations I've seen in recent years.

But what is it? That's what you're thinking, right? It used to be called the Donkey Robot. But it's actually called Boston Dynamics Big Dog and it's a totally self-sufficient pack animal that can carry up to 340 lbs across snow, ice, rubble, mud, oil, corpses, blood and all'a that good stuff you find in war.

The Big Dog would work great in a pseudo-Gaza/Bosnian urban environment, give it some heat-seeking tracker ability and a good set of guns'n'ammo and you got yourself a cyborg killing donkey. Imagine the comical battlefield reload scenario of one robot donkey mounting another robot donkey from behind, a great big pneumatic ammo arm disgorging from the blood slaked undercarriage and drilling yards of split-tip ammo into a rearward facing portal. Nice work, you murderin' bastards.

Additionally, as you'll see from the ROBOTICS SECTION of the Boston Dynamics website, all those Eugenics apocalypse sci-fi polemics aren't that far off in the future. You got your crawly spider Rise famous from Philip K Dick short stories and you got your Aibo-style Little Dog and your crawling around on the battlefield creepy crawly rHex. It's looking mighty gloomy for the common foot soldier, especially as the New World Order just designated YOU THE PEOPLE as the enemy.

UPDATE 1: Big Dog has just been deployed in Afghanistan.

UPDATE 2: I was watching this second Big Dog video for a while going, "Wow, they've really cracked the 'making the legs look real' algorythm."

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sibel Edmonds - Kill the Messenger - 911 whistleblower

"Kill the Messenger" is a 2006 French-made documentary about middle-east-language-translator Sibel Edmonds, a 32-year-old Iranian-born Turkish-American. Edmonds is fluent in Turkish, Persian, English and Azerbaijani and was hired in the wake of 9/11 to translate NSA wiretap transcripts at the Washington FBI Field Office in March, 2002.

"Kill The Messenger" focuses on both Ms. Edmonds's personal struggle to expose the criminality that she claims to have uncovered while at the FBI, and also the alleged 'secret' itself — the network of nuclear black-market, narcotics and illegal arms trafficking activities. Interviewees include David Rose, Philip Giraldi, Daniel Ellsberg, Coleen Rowley, Joseph Wilson, and Russell Tice.

Here's a link to a speech Sibel gave at the Paul Reveres or Benedict Arnolds: Whistleblowing in the Post 9/11 Age conference - allegedly, she was asked to leave her own court case while the Government delivered irrefutable comments about her to the judge. Seems fair - not!

On March 29, 2006, Sibel Edmonds was awarded the PEN/Newman's Own First Amendment Award in recognition of her defense of free speech as it applies to the written word.

You The People - novel preview

This is a slightly-fractured preview of the opening chapter of my new novel YOU THE PEOPLE, the sequel to my anti-corporate-horror "Bukkakeworld". Obviously, as it features the death of Adolf Hitler in 1932(!), it's a science fiction piece about a parallel future inhabited by a sinister chrome race. Publisher pending. Ending pending. Three-act structure in place. 40,000 words or so to go. Wish me luck.

YOU THE PEOPLE, the genreclectic novel about the horror-porn industry called Elected Government, formerly known as One Of Us. Read, learn. Educate.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Exposing the corporate lie - horror 2009 style

Everything you've ever believed in is a lie.

* Your financial system is a lie.
* Your judicial system is a lie.
* Your religious system is a lie.
* Your supposed freedom is a lie.

It's all been a game.

For 200 years, and maybe more, mankind has been nothing but a pawn in this game. PROFIT is the name of the game. Global tyranny the result. And it's only now that mankind is finding out the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. With the death of the global markets, there are now too many people on planet earth. Mankind will not profit from this game. Mankind, in general, has never been told the rules of this game.

Wake up people, before it's too late for all of us.

Kazim Doku - Audi Shark - cruising altitude

because I'm a self-confessed DESIGN WHORE, I've just got over-excited about Kazim Doku's award-winning AUDI SHARK. It's trying to explore the future of personal travel and from what I can make out, it floats. Brings a whole new meaning to 'cruising altitude'.

Here it is in all its floating glory.

Friday, March 13, 2009

GWEN Towers - HAARP - Global Mind Control

I've been doing some research and, as conspiratorial as this might seem, though some radio/TV broadcasters here and in the States have already switched over, Quarter 1 2012 is looking like the final analogue-switchover date for THE ENTIRE PLANET.

And they say there is no Global Elite plan or New World Order (sic).

What are GWEN Towers?
GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitters, placed 200 miles apart across the USA, allow specific frequencies to be tailored to the geomagnetic-field strength in each area, allowing the magnetic field to be altered. They operate in the VLF range, with transmissions between VLF 150 and 175 KHz. They also emit UHF waves of 225 - 400 MHz.

The VLF signals travel by waves that hug the ground rather than radiate into the atmosphere. A GWEN station transmits up to a 300-mile radius, the signal dropping off sharply over distance. The entire GWEN system consists of, (depending on source of data), from 58 to an intended 300 transmitters, spread across the USA, each with a tower 299-500 ft high.

Three hundred (300) ft. of copper wire fans out in a spoke like fashion from the base of the underground system, interacting with the earth like a thin shelled conductor, radiating radio wave energy for very long distances through the ground. The USA bathes in this magnetic field which rises to 500 ft, even going down to basements, so everyone is subject to mind control. The whole artificial ground wave spreads out over USA like a web. It is easier to mind-control and hypnotize people who are bathed in an artificial electromagnetic wave.

Covering the entire floor with aluminum and buying a CET (Cosmic Energy Transformers ) cylinder from various places - one of them, Nordic Living Water Systems - can help.

GWEN transmitters have many different functions, including controlling the weather, mind, behavior and mood control of the populace. They are also used to send synthetic telepathy disguised as infrasound to those victims of US government mind-control implants.

These towers work in conjunction with HAARP and the Russian Woodpecker transmitter, a system similar to HAARP. The Russians openly market a small version of their weather-engineering system called Elate, which can fine-tune weather patterns over a 200 mile area and have the same range as the GWEN unit. One such system operates at the Moscow airport.

The GWEN Towers shoot enormous bursts of energy into the atmosphere in conjunction with HAARP.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


it was back in October 2008, the infamous Blossom Goodchild 'Federation of Light' UFO armada no-show, when I had my first MASS UFO SIGHTING dream. I've since then edited the blog post back to its bare minimum about Blossom's prediction and her (inevitable) retraction. Poor love.

In my October 2008 MASS UFO SIGHTING dream, a strange forward-winged Leer Jet preceeded a tall tubular UFO and others, carving across a familiar street in my home town of Haydock, Merseyside.

Last night, I was back in that familiar street in my home town. Pulling open the curtains, I saw something in the sky. I pointed this out to an older person sharing the dream. I said, "Would you look at that." She couldn't see it until one of the Star Wars Empire ships flew low to the ground, making that noise everyone on the planet knows. The sky was literally teeming with Empire shuttles and fighters and capital ships.

THE EMPIRE IS HERE, I said. And I knew what it meant. Dreams are like that.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

what does one TRILLION dollars look like?

well, you could wander over directly to the One Trillion Dollar page, or stay right here as I've copied the images across for y'all.

let me pre-empt this with a 2.3 Trillion dollars of Tax Payers money missingRumsfeld Newsflash from September 10th 2001 - yes, that is ONE DAY BEFORE 9/11. How quickly everyone forgot about that financial oversight, eh?

So, a trill' ... how sexy does that look?

One Hundred Dollar Bill.

Ten Thousand Dollars.

One Million Dollars.

One Hundred Million Dollars.

One Billion Dollars.

And, are you ready for this? We're talking about aproximately 10,000 CUBIC METERS of 100 dollar bills. ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

And Rumsfeld lost 2.3 of those stock rooms full of cash. And when I say 'lost' you know what I mean, right? This is not only sloppy accounting, it's starting to look like a money-grabbing free-for-all.

Time to get real angry, people.

Monday, March 09, 2009

John Harris - 'It's an illusion' talk at the Stoke 'Lawful Rebellion' Conference

I first thought about watching this a few weeks back and the guy sorta put me off, he comes across as a 'barrow boy', you know, just out to 'fleece ya' with his quick witicisms and clever delivery, actually he comes across as some sort of anarchist from the 70's, someone you wouldn't want your daughter to bring home, but according to John Harris's BBC5 TV Documentary:

Your 'Country' is being run like a corporation.
Your 'Members of Parliament' are listed as corporations.
Your 'Law Courts' are corporations.

Open your eyes. Reality is not what you think. Love the BBC5 TV site design.


And if you're mildly doubting the things John's saying about legalese and such, wait until you hear about 'The creation of a PERSON', later on in the presentation. Remember, all corporations are run for PROFIT - that's your police corporations, your councils and your Queen. You The People are nothing but EAR-TAGGED cattle for their financial slaughterhouse, part of the Global Corporation or Corporation Countries, if you believe Gordon Brown of late.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Great Malvern - Malvern Hills - walking weekend

this weekend we spent Saturday and Sunday exploring the rolling hills of Worcester town Great Malvern, via direct train Oxford to Great Malvern.

Great Malvern developed around an 11th-century priory, the remains of which make up much of Great Malvern Priory, now a large parish church. The town remained small until the early 1800s, when the 'taking of the water' in Malvern came into fashion after being first recommended by Dr. Wall in 1756. By the 1820s the Baths and the Pump Room were opened and by the middle of the 19th century, there were many hotels, bath houses, and other establishments catering to the visitor, benefitting from the coming of the railways after the 1850s. The Malvern water became famous for containing "nothing at all". [source wikipedia]

Our Saturday afternoon walk took us directly up North Hill from the town onto the top, where we turned south and headed down the spine heading towards Wyche. Taking a left we headed back to Great Malvern on the lower eastern side, an anti-clockwise circuit. We spent the night at the Copper Beech House B&B.

Our Sunday morning walk took us on a slightly more diagonal south-westerly ascent up the hill from the town onto the top, where we again headed down towards Wyche. At the same spot, we took a right and headed back via West Malvern and North Malvern, a westerly clockwise circuit back into the town to catch our train.

Video evidence that it can get a bit windy up on top.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Jorg Buttgereit - German film director - interview

I was very happy to receive a cover quote for my 1989 Creation Press novel RED HEDZ from none other than German corpose-fuck film director Jorg Buttgereit. I wonder if he even knows he made this comment about my book being, "The perfect David Cronenberg movie."

Jorg Buttgereit is a horror writer's film director, and he states quite clearly that the reason he directs the very dark, very serious, very sick and twisted sort of horror he does is the same sort of reason I write the very dark, very serious, very sick and twisted sort of horror I write, "I was bored by standard horror. Horror played for laughs is a pile of corporate dog crap." (my glib paraphrase)

For those wanting to learn more about this amazingly brave and individual German film director can start in no better a place than this Jorg Buttgereit Trailer Compilation. Those who are easily offended shouldn't be clicking on this link. If you're easily offended, what the fuck are you doing on this blog?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cathy O'Brien - MK Ultra - CIA mind control programme

...and the funny thing is, she's not the only one. Here's Cathy O'Brien in 2001 at the Granada Forum talking about the MK Ultra (mind control) project she was part of. She implicated Bush and Clinton in the Left/Right paradigm and says how the New World Order's plan has always been about manipulation of the masses.

Here's a quote from her TRANS FORMATION OF AMERICA website, "In 1984, George Bush told Bill Clinton that when the American people become disillusioned with Republicans leading them into the New World Order, Arkansas Democrat Governor Bill Clinton would be maneuvered into place as President. Clinton was to be followed into office by Republican Bush, Jr. who was actively being programmed through MK Ultra mind control means in preparation for his role as President. When another illusion of change would be needed to appease the public, Hilary Clinton as a “female” Democrat was to be placed into the office of President thereby keeping the same family of dictators in full operation." but that didn't happen, and Obama became 'the angel who replaced the demon Bush' (with Hilary by his side).

At some point in the late 60's early 70's MK ULTRA became MK DELTA and here are THREE MORE VICTIMS of this incest-family-based CIA mind control programme that THE USA GOVERNMENT WAS SPONSORING, and Clinton finally made a public apology for. I know, it sounds unbelievable, so if it's a load of bullshit, let's put these women on the witness stand and have the truth out: to the rest of you, yes, this is where edu-tainment films like The Bourne Identity come from. True fact:

MKULTRA Victim Testimony A:
MKULTRA Victim Testimony B:
MKULTRA Victim Testimony C:

Here's Brice Taylor, one of the highest level MK Ultra mind controlled victims to ever come forward and reveal her story. She tells of Satanic rituals, torture and sexual shock therapy - the usual Mind Control devices. She talks about the trade in children to fund government projects. Her owner/handler was (allegedly) comedian Bob Hope. She was (allegedly) used a sex slave by Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon - wonder if that was at Bohemian Grove? I know, it sounds stupid and weird and fantastical ... but listen and decide for yourselves.


If you want to see Brice Taylor talking about her experiences, click this.

I mean, it's so fucking easy when you know how it's done. Take 9/11. You show the horror of the towers falling. And while the trauma is still a raw wound across the minds of the masses, "Oh, my God, I know that hundred storey building. How could it fall? How could that happen?" before you get to that point, you're still in shock. You're not even thinking. You're just appalled and aghast.

THEN, then they have the corporate media mind-blast you with, "Bin Laden's men flew airplanes into the World Trade Centre buildings ONE and TWO and they collapsed. Bin Laden's a bastard. Bin Laden must be killed. And he was funded by Saddam Hussein."

And you (because Mind Control is a Science) go, "Yeah, let's kill all muslims." because you're a fucking mind-controlled sheep of the corporate media funded by the global elite. I particularly like the resurgence of Shepherd Faery's OBEY message on the t-shirts of all the mind-controlled zombie children lurking around our streets today - much worse than a backwards-pointing baseball cap, imho.

Eve's Apples - Garden of Eden

This series of ten photomontages started life as a one-off re-interpratation of the Adam & Eve story, Eve's Apples. Then I thought, 'well, if it works for apples, imagine if they had other evil fruit trees in The Garden of Eden.'

Mmmm, let's take a bite of dem apples, and bananas, and peaches, and cherries, and... temptress of humanity wipes fruity juice off of Adam's chin. LOL. - staff book reviewer - keene - kirino

It's been a good year for book reviews, first cinema/literary/art site took me on as a staff reviewer where I've taken on such projects as Bill Hicks, Love All The People, Chuck Palahniuk, Snuff and Chuck Palahniuk, Rant.

Now horror cinema/books portal have gathered me under their stinking, slimy, bat wing and taken me on as a staff book reviewer. My leering countenance and self-gratiating bio will appear on their staff page at some point. Meanwhile, enjoy this literary filth:

My first review project for them was the very unpleasant Dark Hollow from Brian Keene.

My most recent review project is the much better Real World from Natsuo Kirino.

More to come at both venues through 2009 - stay tuned horror haters.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

games - 2009 is the year of ... the military sim

According to Computer and Video Games, 2009 is the year of the military sim. Hurray! Erm, I mean, we're fucked. Operation Flashpoint, Arma 2, Endwar contemporary war games AND the Gears of War 2, Resistance 2, Killzone 2 future war game. Hey, wait a minute. You know all those military-sim-fan-boys out there in gaming land? Why don't we just do this properly. They're obviously all doe-eyed compliant wannabe soldiers, so let's...

a) use the $8 TRILLION (so far) US Banker Bailout to fund the technology to create cyborg killing machines for places like Gaza, India and Afghanistan and let the players just get on with the real killing. You know, make it into a game where you log on, choose your combat mech and run around real civilian streets just slicing and dicing with your white-phosphor dismember bombs and your depleted uranium shells. Take the Terminator 2 film - everyone knows that A.I. ain't that good and they MUST BE DRIVEN BY REAL PLAYERS LOGGING ONTO SOME MILITARY SIM DATABASE somewhere. Everyone knows that the TERMINATORS in the future are just being driven by the spoilt-brat kids of the global elite. We can even leave in infinite ammo and health packs that miraculously fix all your nuts and bolts back where they were in killing alignment.


b) draft ANY ONE who's bought a military sim in the last five years and drop THEM on the front line with a basic rifle, cyanide capsule and two clips of ammo after five weeks of basic training. And you all thought STARSHIP TROOPERS was just a bit of mindless Hollywood entertainment. Ha, ha, ha ha ha-haaaaa, ha ha-ha! Cough, splutter, Death.Of.Society.

And now for a themic interlude, courtesy of the masters of light-hearted ribaldry THE ONION: