Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obey - Mickey Mouse - Shepard Faery

I was doing a search for the artist of the infamous OBEY MICKEY MOUSE illustration (above) and I'm not even sure that I found what I was looking for but I did end up at the OBEY site of Shepard Faery. Here he is talking to KarmaLoopTV about what motivated his art and why he thinks that awesome is still a valid upbeat.

Oh, and back to the Mickey Mouse part of this gayly side-tracked theme, here's a few more examples of the socio-political blasted-eye-zation of the almighty corporate circular-eared one in populist counter-culture.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Dr. John Coleman (MI6) on Comittee of 300

Dr. John Coleman is a former intelligence agent of British MI6. He exposes the conspiratorial group, originally known as the Committee of 300, also known as Club of Rome, which knows NO national boundaries, is ABOVE the law of ALL countries; and controls every aspect of politics, commerce, religion, industry, banking, insurance, mining, and even the drug trade on our planet.

Here's a list of books he's written:
* The Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations (Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States of America).
*Conspirators Hierarchy (The Story of the Committee of 300).
One World Order (Socialist Dictatorship).
* Diplomacy by Deception (An Account of the Treasonous Conduct by the Governments of Britain and the United States).
* Beyond The Conspiracy (Unmasking The Invisible World Government, The Committee Of 300).
* What You Should Know About The United States Constitution And The Bill Of Rights.

According to his research, the Committee of 300 are answerable only to its members who have pulled the strings on ALL major world events. Until now, few people have even been aware of their existence, let alone their power to manipulate the affairs of the entire WORLD. This film talks about the Post Industrial Zero Growth paper - that's the death of middle America's industries, steel workers, car workers, farmers, which continues to this day. Most of humanity are scheduled for extermination under the guise of Global 2000.

All of these members are revealed, including all of the corporations, government agencies and various movements which "they" have developed and control to further their own aims for WORLD DOMINATION. Remember, this video is from even before the Monica Lewinski dethroning of Bill Clinton. It's a truly prophetic find.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy

What is a Terrorist but a state-created entity? Go into someone's country and start to repress the people, you're gonna get TERRORISTS. It happened in Ireland. It happened in Iraq. It'll happen in Pakistan. If the research pans out, Al Qaeda (arabid for The Database) was created and funded by our governments to aid the Cold War via the political machinations of Zbignew Brezinsky. Terrorism is a direct result of political manoeuvres by the Global Elite who jockey our governments against each other. Terrorism is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anyway, the Bilderbergs...

* * * * *

The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy

By Andrew G. Marshall

Global Research, May 26, 2009

From May 14-17, the global elite met in secret in Greece for the yearly Bilderberg conference, amid scattered and limited global media attention. Roughly 130 of the world’s most powerful individuals came together to discuss the pressing issues of today, and to chart a course for the next year. The main topic of discussion at this years meeting was the global financial crisis, which is no surprise, considering the list of conference attendees includes many of the primary architects of the crisis, as well as those poised to “solve” it.

* * * * *

One mention of Sylvester McCoy and it all kicks off

Guardian newspaper writer Charlie Skelton was packed off to Greece to cover the Bilderberg meeting. His initial reports were full of the sarcastic rhetoric of a jaded hack being sent on a wild goose chase to acquiesce the tin-foil-hat brigade. Skelton knew it'd be nothing more than a conspiracy 'storm in a teacup'. Then he was detained for daring to take photos of the Bilderberg hotel location and things start to get reported.

Read Charlie Skelton's daily Bilderberg reports @ The Guardian Online.

And then Guardian reporter Charlie Skelton actually turns up on the Alex Jones Show saying how his treatment at the secret Bilderberg meeting in Greece has certainly WOKEN HIM UP about what the Global Eugenicist Elite might be planning. As far as his personal safety goes, does anyone remember that hapless reporter Simon Ross in the third film of the series The Bourne Ultimatum? Woah, 9/11 WTC event, Skelton? You're English, you need to be asking questions about 7/7 London Bombings.

* * * * *

Now, let's see some of the more MSM news services grabbing hold of The Bilderberg news story like in the good old days when INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM actually meant something. Come on, you news cowards, get involved in exposing The Bilderberg Group and screw Chatham House Rules.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

John Hankey - The Kennedy Assassinations

The Kennedy Family seem to have suffered a rather unfortunate series of 'family tragedy'. Senator Edward Kennedy seems to have suffered more than his fair share of bad luck, it would seem - you'd imagine the entire family was being set up for a fall in various ways. Here's a timeline of the Kennedy family's tragic lineage:

1941 - Rosemary Kennedy, who is mentally ill, is institutionalized following a failed lobotomy. She is the eldest Kennedy daughter of Joseph and Rose.

1944 - Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., the oldest Kennedy son, dies in a plane crash over the English Channel during World War II. The pilot was 29 at the time of his death.

1948 - Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish dies in a plane crash in France at age 28. Her husband, William John Robert Cavendish, the Marquess of Hartington, died in World War II.

1963 - Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, the second son of President Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, dies on August 7, two days after he was born almost six weeks premature.

1963 - President John F. Kennedy is assassinated on Nov. 22 in Dallas. He was 46.

1964 - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the youngest Kennedy child, escapes death in a plane crash that claims an aide, Edward Moss.

1968 - Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated on June 5 in Los Angeles. The 42 year old had just won California's Democratic presidential primary election.

1969 - Edward M. Kennedy, drives off a bridge on his way home from a party on Massachusetts' Chappaquiddick Island. Mary Jo Kopechne, an aide who was in the car with him, dies in the accident.

1973 - Edward M. Kennedy, the senator's son, loses his right leg to cancer.

1973 - Joseph P. Kennedy 2d, the son of Robert and Ethel, is the driver in a car accident on Cape Cod that leaves one passenger permanently paralyzed.

1984 - David A. Kennedy, son of Robert, dies of a drug overdose in a Palm Beach, Florida, hotel. He was 28.

1986 - Patrick Kennedy, the teenage son of Sen. Edward Kennedy, undergoes treatment for cocaine addiction.

1991 - William Kennedy Smith, the son of Jean Kennedy Smith, is accused of raping a woman at the family's Palm Beach, Florida, vacation home. He is tried and acquitted.

1997 - Michael Kennedy, the son of Robert, dies in a skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado. He was 39. Prior to the accident, Michael made headlines for allegedly having a long-term affair with his children's babysitter.

1999 - John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette, die when their plane crashes in the waters off Martha's Vineyard, Ma. Kennedy was flying the Piper Saratoga plane that plunged into the Atlantic Ocean.

2002 - Michael Skakel, nephew of Ethel Kennedy, was found guilty in June by a Connecticut jury of the 1975 murder of Martha Moxley. Skakel was 15 when Moxley, also 15, was found bludgeoned to death outside her Greenwich, Conn., home. Skakel was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison in August.

2005 - Rosemary Kennedy dies on January 7 in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, at age 86.

2008 - Sen. Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor on May 20.

In the following two videos, investigative documentary-maker John Hankey delivers some very strong arguments to support the assassinations of both John F Kennedy in 1963 and John F Kennedy Jr in 1999, here are the respective documentaries.

JFKII - The Bush Connection - 1963 revisited

The Assassination of JFK Junior - Murder by Manchurian Candidate - 1999

You say no government involvement? Well, look how long both of the authorities 'vacilated' before a full investigation was commenced? I'm talking about the Kennedy assassinations, though I could be talking about the 9/11 assassinations also - investigation into that spectacular insult was so obviously delayed and evidence was deliberately trashed or fabricated.

Monday, May 25, 2009


April 28 2009 saw the meeting of a special UK Parliamentary Select Commitee into potential accusations, following President Bush's NSA executive order, of UK Gov's complicity in the US torture (at various sites in and out of USA) since as early as February 2002 to the present day.

Phillipe Sands, of University College London, recommended an independent enquiry into the UK intelligence's complicity in the torture of AlQaeda(sic) suspects to receive information about other terror plots since the events of 9/11.

The form of this enquiry might be (i) you're immune from prosecution if you submit to questions (ii) you'll be up on criminal charges if you don't comply (i.e. if you're subpoena'd and don't arrive). Beware, in the States certainly, that if you're a victim of government torture and want to take the matter to court, the Federal Judges will not currently hear your case as it violates the National Security of the States - if you're kidnapped and tortured in the name of National Security (or whatever the excuse) you will have no rights, at all. Maybe President Obama can look into changing this.

Personally, I'd like to see a full and independent investigation into the role of UK & USA government complicity in the current Police State, Surveillance State and Global Tyranny we're all living through thanks to the involvement of super-banking houses like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds on global political policy. Start with 9/11 then move onto 7/7 and then the Madrid bombings.

That's what an ACTIVE UN should be looking into. If they are indeed an agency that's designed to SUPPORT the member states of the EU and their populations. There is no excuse for TORTURE, it has never helped and will never be a legitimate method of guilt-proving. The Geneva Convention on Torture must be asserted, across the board and offenders brought to book. You can't just issue some insane civil-right-dissolving executive order on that side or this side of the Atlantic and hope you'll not have to answer to that decision in the fullness of time.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kymatica - we are all corporation

"Everyone with a birth certificate is owned under Maritime Admiralty Law, where person becomes the PERSON as described by the Legalese of the Corporation."

This is Ben Stewart's second documentary "Kymatica" (from the Greek "ta kymatica" meaning "matters pertaining to waves") ventures into the realm of Cymatics and discuss matters of spirituality, altered states of mind, the ego, and personal responsibility. The movie focuses on human and universal consciousness and points out psyche disease that mankind has induced by creating insane illusion, which is the main cause of pain and suffer.

I am a corporation, named MIKE PHILBIN. I am no longer a natural person, I am a corporation correctly perverted by the Legal Language.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rachel Maddow - President Obama - Preventive Detention

On The Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel discusses Obama's speech today with Vincent Warren with the Center for Constitutional Rights, who met with Obama at the White House yesterday with other human rights activists and civil libertarians about the concerns with Obama's embrace of Bush and Cheney policies. 'Preventive detention' at the top of the list. Now, even she looks worried.

Tony Gosling - Bilderberg & New World Order

Tony Gosling is a Brit journalist who's ACTUALLY fighting for a return to a real free press and the revival of investigative journalism. Yeah, I know, but whatever...

Tony Gosling - Bilderberg & New World Order
March 26, 2009

Tony Gosling is a former local reporter for BBC, he is behind the website and joins us on the program to talk about recent events in Northern Ireland, Terrorism, The Force Research Unit (FRU), Operation Gladio and IRA. Tony is also one of the speakers at the AVII conference. We also discuss the Bilderberg meeting, The New World Order, the Murder of Princess Diana, David Kelly, Robin Cook, Situation Movement, Money, Banking, British military intelligence, 7/7 9/11, Diana, Occult, Rupert Murdoch, Anti-Semitism, Freemasonry and much more. Tony has also been involved in the NUJ (The National Union of Journalists) and been interested in the question of Media and ethics for a long time.

Here's a very informative hour-long discussion with Tony Gosling:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hitman

I feel both saddened and angry at what I'm hearing in the brief biographical opening to the John Perkins interview about his years as an Economic Hit Man. This is a person (and there are many like him utilised by the Corporate Globalists) who intentionally offered enormous loans to third world countries to REBUILD them, those loans actually go to fund Corporate Enterprises in those countries, the people of those countries can't afford to pay back their enormous loan, so they take all their assets and remove the heads of the country (a classic corporate beheeading manouevre). And, of course, when negotiation fails, 'send in the Jackals' and when the Jackals fail (as happened with Saddam Hussein) send in all the military.

I'm not making this up. It's exactly what John Perkins said his job used to be. He's very open and blunt about it. And it saddens (and angers) me more than I can express that our governments use these wretched Monopoly tactics on innocent third world countries and indigenous peoples. We should be ashamed of our wealth if this is how we achieve it.

I'll post the part 1 Youtube video but the others are just text links.

John Perkins on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 2/5"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"
John Perkins on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 3/5"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"
John Perkins on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 4/5"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"
John Perkins on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 5/5"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hybrid magnetic motorbike - Axle Corporation - Genesis Corporation

Tokyo-based Axle Corporation, in partnership with Genesis Corporation, have announced their new EV-X7 prototype hybrid magnetic motorbike which can run almost noiselessly up to 180 kilometres (112 miles) on a single (six hour) charge, top speed is 150 kilometres per hour (93 miles per hour).

The company says the futuristic motorbike enjoys high energy efficiency thanks to a state-of-the-art magnetic motor which is a hybrid between a electromagnet and a permanent magnet. The new motor, called SUMO, short for "super motor," is housed inside the bike's rear wheel. The manufacture says the new motor is seven-times more cost efficient than gas-powered scooters.

I can't see the hybrid scooter at the end of this video appealing to your average French/Italian teen, where's the high-pitched drone of an angry hornet trying to escape a tin can? It's just not right, somehow.

EASTER 2013 UPDATE: another sad casualty of the (gormless) Free Market -- looks like Axel Corporation and their Akira-like motorbike are NO MORE. Their website is showing as 'might be for sale' and there've been no real updates to either the EV-X7 prototype (as it was) or the SUMO mag-elec-engine that powered its back wheel since their original ITN-sponsored news flurry back in 2006. Anyone with news of the fate of this gorgeous looking device/company, let Free Planet know in the Comments section. Cheers.

end of the line - film - over fishing

The End of the Line is a powerful film about over-fishing.

Advances in fishing technology mean whole species of wild fish are under threat and the most important stocks we eat are predicted to be in a state of collapse by 2050. The film points the finger at those most to blame, including celebrity chefs, and shows what we can do about it. Here's the trailer:

Let's hope The End of the Line film addresses the insane levels of pollutants and chemicals being dumped into the water by Big Corporations. Did you know that the biggest cause of mercury poisoning in the world is due to eating tuna? We gotta save the oceans to save the fish to save humanity.

Mercy For Animals - Speak - Pro-Test - animal rights - ethical meat farming

Here in Oxford, there are two main animal rights related factions, SPEAK (who are against animal testing) and PRO-TEST (who are for animal testing). They both hold demonstrations. Both have their opinions, their supporters, their nay-sayers. But this post isnt' about either group, this is about a non-profit animal advocacy organization called Mercy For Animals. Founded in 1999 and over 25,000 members strong, Mercy For Animals works to create a society where animals are treated with the respect and compassion they so rightly deserve.

Today the majority of farmed animals are:

* confined to the point that they can barely move,
* denied veterinary care,
* mutilated without painkillers,
* and finally slaughtered -- often while fully conscious.

MFA produced this video about the shocking conditions farm animals are kept in, the practises and slaughter of the meat your nightly meal may contain. And while I am (still) a meat eater, I believe there are more ethical ways to deal with the farming-animals-for-their-meat issue.

If you're at all of a delicate disposition, press STOP on this auto-playing video, now.

If this is what's considered legitimate farming, one can only imagine how harrowing footage from inside Oxford's animal testing labs might be.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eurovision Song Contest - Russia 2009

my wife and daughter LOVE this show. Every year, for the past twelve years, they've sat there in doe-eyed delight. I can't understand why. But I sat with them, last night, for two hours, and endured. Read the results this morning; Britain came fifth, Norway won.

There are currently twenty seven countries in the EU. This is a time-lapse map showing the spread of the European Union virus across what used to be the unconquered countries of Europe and the U.S.S.R. Twenty five of these countries made an appearance in this year's Eurovision Song Contest and it made me wonder if this is the way Europe will evolve.

and why should I care?

It's the cultural sterilisation that bothered me, the bland homogenisation of the acts from each of these states; a corporate take-over of old historical territories, financial institutions and cultures, as ever-more member states join the club. Mostly, they sang in English. Mostly, they didn't represent a cultural aspect of their state. Mostly, it was ridiculous Europe pop song after song. Many of the performers appeared to be stars in their own right across Europe, which for me breaks the 'amateur' feel of the contest. It was more of a corporate dinner function than I can ever remember seeing.

And the Euro - how is the second-most-traded currency being adopted by these Euro countries? Well, there are some abstainers, most notably UK, but it can only be a short time before Russia is fully integrated into Europe and abandons the Ruble.

And the financial cost to Russia, host of this year's show, I mean how can they afford this when their people are begging for money on their streets? I wonder how far this unification of the European States into some grey, faceless bureaucracy? Will Europe absord the recently-conquered Iraq and Afghanistan and India and Iran? The real problem with this is there's no one Alexander The Great, so it doesn't really look like some sort of empire; it's defeat by acquiescence, suffrage by tacit compliance to the commercial pull of global tyranny.

Friday, May 15, 2009

we the people will not be chipped - no verichip inside

A digitised analogue man. That's what they're doing with the Verichip technology. You as a biometrically embedded entity, so that your every human parameter exists in 101010010010100-speak on some government database. Microchipped population with personal charge rates per person per item? A totally blatant Eugenics agenda? Follow the money right to the bankers?

There's a website called we the people will not be chipped run by "Greg" that deals with this issue quite comprehensively. It's unfortunate that they're an Australian outfit as we all know that Australia is currently leading the way in the area of corporate net censorship. So, wheat with chaff, I guess.

From the website:

When Verichip micro-chipped the Alzheimer patients I remained silent. I was not an Alzheimer patient.

When Verichip micro-chipped the Diabetic and AIDS patients I remained silent. I was not an AIDS patient nor a Diabetic.

When Verichip micro-chipped the Military I did not speak out. I was not in the Military.

When Verichip came for the activists I remained silent. I was not an Activist.

When they came to microchip me, there was no one left to speak out.

Bit of an update on my recent GPS'ing USA citizens' front doors blog post. Greg reveals that IBM helped the Nazis by selling them the Census data to fully implement their corporate cleansing programme. And guess who won the USA Census contract?

Yes, IBM, who then sold that data onto Northrop Grummand, your friendly war makers. Talk about history repeating itself? All comments welcome, spread the word about how OUR WORLD is being turned against us.

British Telecom to axe another 15,000 jobs this year

in the 1990's British Telecom had 250,000 employees. Since this time, BT profits (and these are HUGE profits) have been steadily rising, thousands of millions of pounds per year.

BT's employee figures are now down round about 110,000 - that's a loss of 140,000 years in less than 20 years, more than half the original workforce.

Now, despite their enormous profits, British Telecom are AXING another 15,000 jobs this year.


Are your millions of PROFITS not enough already, without destroying the lives of so many victims of your greed?

I f**king hate PROFIT, it's the real anti-humanity marker.

PROFIT must die if humanity is to survive the coming storm.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mae Brussell - No Secret Government - You The People have the power

Mae Brussell (May 29, 1922 – October 3, 1988) was a conspiracy theorist and radio personality sorta like an early version of Alex Jones.

And what makes Mae Brussell so important suddenly, twenty one years after her passing? Well, she made some rather bold statements in her time. In this special 12 part Santa Cruz presentation, she goes into Ronald Reagan's desire for World War Three to be Part Of Terrorism, she goes into the kidnap of Patty Hearst, she goes into Murder Inc, the History of False Flag terrorism and state-organised subversion, Prisoner 333 aka Fritz Kraemer. And the organisation of SWAT teams and Cops on Camera as a contemporary reality. And the JFK assassination. And the African genocide...

How did she uncover this amazing information? Is she a clarivoyent? Does she have family connection to the GLobal Elite? No, she just read the newspapers and reports of the time. According to Mae Brussell, everything the Global Elite does is pre-broadcast or press released as it happens. Read and learn, humans. Before the SATANIC ELITE (that's their belief, not mine) tear your fucking soul out with a ceremonial knife. You are the one to blame for these criminals still raping and murdering your children and subjugating you, daily.

Mae Brussell in 1974, Santa Cruz, 1 of 12
Mae Brussell in 1974, Santa Cruz, 2 of 12
Mae Brussell in 1974, Santa Cruz, 3 of 12
Mae Brussell in 1974, Santa Cruz, 4 of 12
Mae Brussell in 1974, Santa Cruz, 5 of 12...

You get the idea, the other seven parts are easily findable from the Youtube sidebar and tie in relevant bites of contemporary news to show how her journalistic investigations panned out, today. Additionally, the next part is in the Video Responses tab below each part. Just keep watching, keep learning. The fact that you know nothing about Mae Brussell proves you need to read more about how YOUR WORLD WORKS. You The People have the power to change your world to something you can inhabit, safely.

Here's a recent OBITUARY of (ex Nazi, in fact one of Hitler's right hand generals) THE Fritz Kraemer, someone many people didn't even know existed, let alone dictated foreign policy and mentored Henry Kissinger.

Fritz Kraemer, 95, tutor to Kissinger and top generals OBITUARY
Article from: International Herald Tribune
Article date: November 20, 2003
Author: Michael T. Kaufman

Fritz Kraemer, a refugee from Nazi Germany who tutored generations of America's leading generals in historical and geopolitical thinking, died in Washington on Sept. 8. He was 95. From 1951 until his retirement in 1978, Kraemer worked in the Pentagon as a senior civilian counselor to defense secretaries and top military commanders. He prepared briefings, often on short notice, on such diverse subjects as political developments in Southeast Asia, economic prospects in China and French views on nuclear weapons. But his influence on national policy was felt most visibly, perhaps, in a friendship he struck in 1944 when he was a private ...

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Daily Squib - est. 1862

I'd never even heard about The Daily Squib before - apparently, it was established in 1862 (wasn't that before the internet weapon was fabricated in some shed in Hemel Hempstead?). In their Sci/Tech section, they're trying to pass themselves off as some sort of competition to New Scientist with this bit about the Moon Landing Warehouse Up For Sale, this Shock Discovery - Global Warming May Be Caused by the Sun Shining and this Scientific Study Reveals Lazy People Live Longer. Amazing stuff, no?

The Daily Squib makes The National Enquirer look like serious news reporting - check out their 'stunning' photomontages in their World section.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Harriet White - Sarah Wiseman Gallery - Oxford

I saw it, swerved and nearly came off my bike - such was my shock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A man's bespectacled face, two meters by one meter. It couldn't be true. It couldn't be a painting.

"It has to be a photograph," I was telling myself, having nearly fallen off my bike and looking for a space outside the nearby Summertown Local Library to chain it up, "It has to be a photograph." I knew all too well that the Sarah Wiseman Gallery (South Parade, Summertown, Oxford) didn't carry photography and started to get VERY excited.

You all know I'm on a bit of photo-realist jag at the moment, artists on this blog recently featured include Robert Standish, Andrew Wyeth and Rebecca Cambell. I might have discovered (quite by accident) another lovely photorealist artist. Harriet White graduated from Bath Spa University College in 2001 with a degree in Fine Art (Painting). Previous to that she completed a year’s BTEC Foundation course at Falmouth College of Art. She is currently living and working in Bristol, undertaking commissions and creating work for exhibition.

Along with the figurative images I've chosen to illustrate this blog post you'll see that the Sarah Wiseman Gallery is also showing a selection of Harriet White close-up flower paintings. The richness of the colours really doesn't come across in these photos - I'd recommend visiting the gallery, in case they're offering a newer piece for sale.

So, now you understand why I nearly fell off my bike.

Rotation of the moon - do all satellites have a dark side?

We look up at the night sky and we see the moon. We see the SAME MOON every clear night. Why do we never see the Dark Side of the moon.

Many astrophysicists will claim that, "Yes, the moon spins. In fact, it spins ONCE every elliptical orbit." but this is not possible. If the moon spun once every elliptical orbit, it'd (surely) imply a non-uniform spin. A moon that is speeding up at the maxima of its elliptical orbit and slowing down at its minima.


But then you get into people talking about tides and ocean bulge's effect on the moon, and the moon's effect on it, and both seem to cancel each other out and the moon should still 'rotate' at a uniform rate. Unless the non-uniformity of the moon's spin has something to do altered pull via the visible land mass across the continents.

I am today of the opinion that the moon is something quite unique in the Solar System, a satellite that is gravity locked - doesn't spin on its own axis AT ALL. And I've heard no good explanation why this should be yet.

Innocent Names To Be Kept On DNA Database

Source: SkyNews
DNA profiles of innocent people will continue to be held for up to 12 years on a database used to fight crime, under Government plans. The announcement is a compromise, in response to a ruling by the European Court last year which said holding details of people who had not broken the law was a violation of their human rights.

The man who took the Government to the European Court was Michael Marper, a 49-year-old from Sheffield.

His DNA was taken by police in 2001 when he was arrested and charged with harassing his partner. The case was later dropped after the couple settled their differences and got back together. The court in Strasbourg ruled in his favour last December...

Basically, your DNA is yours and shouldn't be kept on file by any Government unless you're found guilty of some serious crime. We don't wanna end up with a situation where a corrupt future (global?) government can frame whoever the hell it wants for its own nefarious purpose. The people MUST be protected from corporate tyranny.

Wait a minute, isn't our DNA already held by the government FROM BIRTH? Has anyone else looked into this? Don't we all have a DNA sample, a National Insurance number and soon an IvP6 ip address THROUGHOUT OUR LIVES?

For more on this SkyNews story go to SKYNEWS.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Piercing The Darkness - The LordsSyndicate and Anti-Illuminati Show

Episode One:
here two researchers Josh and Mark calling themselves Piercing The Darkness look into the details behind the Ptech A.I. software and the 9/11 'terrorist event' and make some stunning connections to indentured servitude, global governance and the fate of humanity. As they're specifically unearthing research about generated pandemics, it's ironic++ that Josh (one of the hosts) has a really terrible-sounding cold all through this first transmission.

Episode Two:
looks like they're doing a show per day PACKED with special information about the global government's cyber-terror attack policy, on You The People. Real scary stuff, people. Spread this about to all your contacts, friends, lists, forums and newsletters.

Episode Three:
the latest update is Piercing The Darkness show is getting ip-attacked now from The MITRE Corporation - they're quoting ip-addresses and all the technical data. They're talking about a U.N. Coalition Force hitting the people of the States to repel the rebellion. Let's see how we all cope in the coming info-war.

For further reading from these guys, and there's lots of information here believe me, go to PhD Investigative Reports section of the Prison Planet Forum. It's a strange and wicked world, full of ridiculous intrigue.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Philip Pullman - Oxford Playhouse - His Dark Materials

Yesterday, I was enjoying a pre-show drink in the downstairs bar of the Oxford Playhouse with my wife and daughter ready to go into Philip Pullman's HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy short-run theatre adaptation. And there was Philip Pullman. The man himself. Talking with his writing chums, or maybe they were just friends. I left him to it. No mere mortal should ever approach a REALLY FAMOUS WRITER at the opening of his own play. No mere mortal should ever shove a programme under such a superstar's nose and say, "Would you sign this for me, please." It's a no no. You should leave these elevated beings alone. Period.

Delayed by a 'slight technical hitch' we finally entered into the strangely minimised and oddly drawn-out world of the first half of the NEAR SIX HOUR Oxford Playhouse adaptation of Philip Pullman's trilogy. Later in the evening we returned for the concluding half of the trilogy (minus the elephant-like Mulefa (and no early mention of Will's cat demon outside Count Boreal's house in modern Oxford)).

How was the adaptation then, in general?

My wife and daugher had seen the sumptuous FIRE MAKER'S DAUGHTER back in 2005 and I'd heard that this treatment of HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy had been technical eye-candy in other venues. So I was expecting quite a visually inspiring spectacle as deserves such a broad-sweeping trilogy. And what does it mean, strangely minimised?

We're talking about BIG BLACK SCREENS and BIG BLACK LADDERS. The "set" was a series of descending and ascending big black screens. The witches rode in on big black ladders that slid (were pushed) from left to right across the stage. Black ladders. Oh, and boxes. Lots of use was made of boxes - white, grey and black (star speckled).

Lighting was functional, though it missed the mark once or twice in tight close-up, and aptly coveyed the 'cutting doors between the worlds'. Sound was a good support act.

And the specifics?

The choice of adult leads was wise and it gave the show the potential for some real emotional portrayal. But it fell a bit flat. Lyra was over whiny. Will was over shouty. The Professor of Jordan Uni in Lyra's Oxford was excellent, really convincing - a pro.

The innovative puppetry of the daemons was great, the designs (again) minimalist but very effective. But the crouching puppeteer was completely visible throughout all the show. Every daemon puppeteer was visible throughout the show. Their costume was sorta non-descript and looked a bit cheapish, out of place. And you sorta felt the pain of the pupetter crouching like that for so long. I'd have preferred puppeteers in black - there but not visible.

Does anyone remember Bear in the Big Blue House? Jim Henson studios. It was obviously a bloke with his arm up inside the head and one working arm. It was crude but effective, you believed this towering thing was commanding the screen. Well, that was the sort of thing I was hoping for with the Armoured Bears, a huge (maybe lightweight version the actor could slip into and out of) polar bear shape. What I got was (again, missing suspension of disbelief) some bloke in a white fur coat inside two pieces of white plastic with a metal hoop round his waist.

The religious aspect of the books was made much more blatant and re-iterated on stage than it seemed to be in the novels (which I've read). For want of humour I might even say the delivery was a bit 'preachy'. The atheist overtone was really obvious as I was sat next to a couple of American guys who were clearly theists judging by their snorts and gasps of digust? as the actors delivered their fundamentalist lines.

And the Subtle Knife - is it a nuclear weapon that can flip the universe inside out at its whim ? It just dawned on me as I sat there. Is the Death of the Authority the death not of God but the death of our atomic Freedom? Does the death of the Subtle Knife confirm our exile on Planet Earth?

Best bit, in fact the highlight of the show, the wacky plastic-doll Galivespians spy/assassins, very well acted and very funny.

Summary? The show was long and involved but lacklustre in the extreme, the set was dull, the script tiresome. And where were the skies full of witches? Where were the enormous battle between good and evil? Had no-one thought to add animated backdrops? It's all been done before, why not now?

And what was that really fucking terrible Texan accent of Scoresby? Bad, laughably weak - I mean people were laughing at it whenever he was on stage.

I felt cheated out of my money.

Autostitch - Glastonbury - Malvern Hills

so,I'd heard about this panorama-making software called Autostitch and thought, "I can do that." You don't need any clever equipment. You don't need any clever settings or balancing in the camera. You don't even really need a tripod. Well, it's not that easy to get good results but (as long as you remember to take enough photos with enought overlap) you can get some sort of 'fish eye lens' effect FOR FREE.

Here's the first one, at Glastonbury Tor:

Here's the second one, at Glastonbury Abbey:

Here's a third one, on top of British Camp heading towards Malvern Hills:

Friday, May 01, 2009

Jane Lesko - 2010 census - GPS your front door

JANE LESKO reports on the US Census Bureau going door-to-door, nationwide, to place YOUR front door "coordinates" into a Global Positioning System (GPS) for marking/mapping purposes; without your consent - and if you are not home - without your knowledge.

EXCERPT for those who've not yet clicked on it.
Q: why would they want the GPS coordinate of your front door?
A: round up - yeah, guys who work in the military told me.

oh. my. wow.

divided we fall, united we kick ass

here's what happens when some idiot gets the idea to make a valid protest at a soccer match - yes, the corporate thugs wrestle him to the ground and kick the shit out of him - until, THE ENTIRE CROWD moves against the corporate thugs...

I want everyone to share this INSPIRATIONAL video with the world - use all your networks, all your connections, all your contacts.

Chimericana Books - new anti-corporate ident

Chimericana Books publishes the Chimeraworld anthology (now in its sixth year) and other rights-returned titles from Mike Philbin aka Hertzan Chimera, among others. Here's the new anti-corporate ident for Chimericana Books - click the image to visit the bookstore.

cut out the distributor and buy these books direct from the source Chimericana Books.