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Global Seismometers GOING CRAZY!!!

Pastor Lindsey Williams - 2010 and beyond - socio-political manipulation of the masses.

now, for me, you're at liberty to read the title of this post BOTH ways, 1) Pastor Lindsey Williams (himself) is satanically guiding society aka the financial institutions towards Armageddon with racist machinations of his own cruel design or 2) Pastor Lindsey Williams is actually in crucial contact with an 87 year old guardian angel from his oil industry past who is NOW READY TO THROW OFF THE GLOVES and reveal, in exhaustive detail, the diabolical plans of the New World Order.

And remember, though I don't support or promote any Personality God or sermons thereof, Pastor Lindsey Williams (or rather his oil industry contact) was bang on about the yoyoing price of oil over the last couple of years and the parallel decimation of the Arab states, and we all know corporate wars are all about foreign countries' assets and manipulation of ownership. They're also about balkanising a country into financial and political disarrary so that their Global Governance plan can be more effective in those broken regions, and they will use ANY UNDERHAND TACTIC to achieve their TARGETS.

Here are Lindsey Williams' dire warnings (I don't like the term prediction when it's from an elite whistleblower) for 2010 and beyond:

1) 2010 US Dollar will be devalued 30% - 50% (He says later in show that the US Dollar will be dead by 2012. They are doing it incrementally, and in a coordinated fashion, so people don't wake up! (He thinks 50% in Next 12 months, and they will be withdrawing it from your bank accounts).

2) Dubai World has had an $80 billion default. They were the #1 holder of Derivatives.

3) A shakeup in the U.S. Elections in November 2010. Major upsets. (Biden promoted to POTUS?)

4) Israel is invading Hamas and assassinating leaders.

5) Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen (a distraction and keeping the Bankers drug business going as well as control of oil pipelines).

6) No shortage of food and water, but you won't be able to buy it due to the expense (2010, 2011, 2012) and you will be hungry.

7) If FL and other areas have crop failures, they will bring them in from another Country.

8 ) Crude Oil - He said that it's not $80 per barrel, but $50 (in terms of purchasing power of the dollar. The Saudi's need $80 to maintain their infrastructure and they are now losing money daily. The guy was very sarcastic when he said this. A TYPICAL TRAIT OF THE ELITE - ARROGANCE).

9) Dubai City went down over Thanksgiving and defaulted (an interesting time when most of us were busy and not paying attention).

10) OPEC Countries will continue to default on obligations to the World Bank. (The intention).

11) Lindsey says this was all planned and we can't change it. We have to adjust to a new lifestyle. Only thing that could change it is a divine intervention, and he doesn't see that happening.

12) He says to watch Crude Oil prices to see their progression.

13) He says to watch the price of the US Dollar as it deteriorates. (and the POUND, if current speculation bears rotten fruit, ed)

14) They will allow OPEC Countries to have $50 in purchasing power as related to the USD (like what happened 6 months ago when the oil went down to $50 per barrel after it had been up to $150 per barrel. This was all a setup.)

15) Whether the world likes it or not, the Gas will be priced in US Dollars.

16) The Countries who tried to put together a basket of currencies to price Oil in a different currency FAILED!

17) So, if you see the price of crude go to $70/$80 per barrel you know the progression of the deterioration of the US Dollar.

18) As you see Gold and Oil going up, what is actually happening is the US Dollar is going down.

19) The same thing will happen to the other OPEC countries that happened to Dubai.

20) Watch GAS prices at the pump. In the next 12 months it will be 50% more.

21) Israel sent their Mossad into their neighboring countries with forged passports to kill the leaders of Hamas (Hit Squads).

22) Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen are saber rattling. Don't pay attention to it. They use these as a distraction from all the other things they have going at the same time (e.g. the crashing of the American financial system and much more). We are only there to protect the BANKERS interests in opium and the oil pipelines.

23) Afghanistan produces 80% of the world's opium crop and this money funnels through the World Banks (the big ones) and totals more than any one business in the world. (This is but one of the many scams of the BIG BANKERS).

24) There won't be any war with Iran, right now. It will be in 1 - 1.5 years however. (Unless Israel starts it on their own).

25) Distinguish between Dubai City and Dubai World. Dubai City went bankrupt and is now a ghost town. Dubai World tried to buy 40 of our PORTS when Bush was President. (He almost let them have them, but there was a backlash and it was stopped.)

26) Dubai World created the most DERIVATIVES of anyone. $80 Billion which has threatened the entire financial system of the World. Their tentacles reach into every nation of the World.

27) We are going to see some major things on Dubai World.

28) OPEC Oil Countries (Ex: Mexico, Nigeria, Middle East, etc) are going to continue to fall.

29) Everything revolves around crude oil. It's the Standard Currency of the world. Whenever they go to and stay around $70 - $80 per barrel like now, it's actually $50 per barrel in purchasing power (Saudis need $80 just to maintain their infrastructure).

30) HEALTHCARE BILL - It's not a healthcare bill. It is full of many different things and it's about a TOTAL GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER.


32) WARNING: When the collapse comes we must bring them to justice or they will takeover and create their WORLD GOVERNMENT!

33) Gold / Silver is their currency, so that won't be confiscated or touched.

34) Don't trust ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT THAT'S WRITTEN ON PAPER (T-Bills, Federal notes, Retirement, Bonds, Treasury Bonds, etc - IT's all fiat money)

35) He never talks about the Police State, but he has talked about a CHIP THEY'RE PUTTING IN THE VACCINE NEEDLES THAT THEY WANT US TO TAKE. (I saw something in the news recently saying they are now harping on a flu vaccine they want ALL OF US TO TAKE. Could this be part of their game?)

36) If the Strait of Hormus is shut down, gas prices will explode to $10 or more per gallon.


Friday, February 26, 2010

a Free Press for a Free Planet

but, "Mike, we already have our Free Press, what the hell are you talking about?"

Well, don't listen to me, what sort of reliable source am I? I'm just a fucking blogger... let's hear instead from Peter Phillips, a professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University and director of Project Censored.

There are five segments in this interview, including:

1) Propaganda & the US Media
2) The US Spreads Democracy (As if)
3) On Palestine & Israel
4) Left & Right Militarism
5) Media Gate-keeper Constipation & the Solution to the Power Elite.

"Democracy is AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION." well said, that man.

UK: home schoolers arrested for failing to register

that's not a headline we've seen YET in this country but, based on mumblings from Education secretary Ed Balls (based on the findings of the investigation into the death of Khyra Ishaq, a 'home schooled' seven-year-old girl was starved to death by her mother) it can't be too far off.

This 'potential new development' is already mention on the Direct Gov site (below):

Registration and monitoring
Following a review of home education in England, proposals for a registering and monitoring scheme are currently being considered. These proposals are part of the Children, Schools and Families Bill.

So, because one 'legal guardian' systematically punishes her 'home schooled' child by depriving her of food so that she dies, all parents are 'tarred with the same brush in the name of Child Protection' and have to suffer yet more ludicrous and yet more restrictive POLICE STATE regulation?

Sad, sad planet.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Caterpillar Bulldozers - Rachel Corrie - Israel Palestine

Here's a news report from back in 2007 - lest we forget.

Caterpillar bulldozers have come to symbolise foreign involvement in Israel's occupation. But should the company be held liable if their products are used to break international law?

Bulldozers are the iron fist of the Israeli army, used to destroy Palestinian homes, uproot orchards and build illegal settlements. But it was the death of Rachel Corrie that brought to international attention a campaign to hold the company to account. Now a law suit has been launched accusing Caterpillar of human rights violations.

Furry Ball - Maya - realtime GPU renderer

this is a bit special, a plug-in for Maya called FURRY BALL: the video below is just a basic demonstration of how to have raytraced, soft-shadowed, textured, bump-mapped, hairy, reflective and (refractively) transparent LIVE in the realtime scene, as you work.

it's my first accidental collision with Furry Ball so this isn't a full evaluation as such, just a teaser for the artistically inspired. And, if you can stand the nasty whistling tune on this video, here's another showing its muscle-car-reflection attributes, again all in REALTIME.

One wonders how scripted facial morphing, hair dynamics and animated skinned transforms (three traditionally fps-crippling additions) affect realtime performance ... :)

East India Company - Stars and Stripes - European Union

So, this quick visual editorial moves us from the Opium-dealing Tea-and-stamp-taxing East India company flag...

through the very first Stars & Stripes back in 1777 (notice thirteen stripes are IDENTICAL to those of the East India Company flag), the circular arrangement of the thirteen stars was attributed to George Washington, Francis Hopkins and Betsy Ross...

to the European Union flag (designed by Arsène Heitz and Paul Lévy in 1955 for the Council of Europe) with its circle of twelve stars VERY reminiscent of the original 1777 USA flag.

and, as evidenced by the Eye of Sauron flag, it looks very much like THE EMPIRE NEVER DIED and we are all still slaves to it. All talk of American Civil War 'liberty, equality and brotherhood' was just a political smoke screen written by corporate spin doctors, a rouse to shut the population up and split the American continent among the European ruling elites via piratical parlais. I still mourn the death of all those innocent indigenous civilisations in the northern and southern 'America's that European greed and virus wrought upon them.

So shameful to be alive and not to have brought down the STINKING CORPORATE EMPIRE yet.

Please, all seven billion human beings in peace, awaken from your slave-slumber and help FREE PLANET rid itself of this global FOR PROFIT illness.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unified Modeling Language - Copyright holders - 1997

So, you've seen me quote such 'sources' as Anti Illuminati and Indira Singh with relation to Israeli-funded company PTECH's involvement in the 9-11 disaster show. Well, have a look at this authoritative source - JECKLE - note the copyright holders of UML Specification, Version 1.1, March 1998.

Copyright 1997, Hewlett-Packard Company
Copyright 1997, IBM Corporation
Copyright 1997, ICON Computing
Copyright 1997, i-Logix
Copyright 1997, IntelliCorp.
Copyright 1997, MCI Systemhouse Corporation
Copyright 1997, Microsoft Corporation
Copyright 1997, ObjecTime Limited
Copyright 1997, Oracle Corporation
Copyright 1997, Platinum Technology, Inc.
Copyright 1997, Ptech Inc.
Copyright 1997, Rational Software Corporation
Copyright 1997, Reich Technologies
Copyright 1997, Softeam
Copyright 1997, Sterling Software
Copyright 1997, Taskon A/S
Copyright 1997, Unisys Corporation


Got it? Ptech is/was an OFFICIAL COPYRIGHT HOLDER to UML. This goes far beyond simply planning the 9/11 attacks to create this 'process of transformation' that Rumsfeld and Cebrowski had in mind - no, this is a 'societal transformation' using IT as the great battering ram - and to do that, they needed to govern how software programmers 'think', 'plan' and relate ideas to each other - so that it fits inside the boundaries of the Zachman Framework.

With reference to the last corporation highlighted on that list, you all remember my Supply Chain Eugenics - Total Enslavement Grid post, right?

Russia deploys Iskander on their western border.

According to Global Research, "Kremlin responds to US-NATO Threats: Russia Deploys Missiles on Western Frontier with European Union".

Russia went public with the plan to deploy the Iskander missiles at its western frontier – in the Kaliningrad region or on the territories of neighboring countries, but the process of probing into Washington's reaction is clearly taking too long. In politics, failure to appreciate the importance of acting quickly invariably creates problems, the above situation being a vivid example.

The Iskander (NATO Reporting name SS-26 Stone) is a mobile theater ballistic missile system of a new generation superior to both other Russian missile systems (Skud-B, Tocka-U) and foreign analogs (Lance, ATACMS, Pluton, etc.). Designed by the Kolomna Machine-Building Design Bureau, the Iskander is built to suppress fire positions, air and missile defense systems, aircrafts at aerodromes, communication and control systems, and civilian infrastructures. The stealth technology is employed in the Iskanders which makes them invisible to radars. The Iskander performs evasive maneuvers and is immune to interception. It can be launched in complete darkness and can hit mobile targets with the precision of 2 m. At present no other missile system in the world boasts a comparable set of capabilities. The Iskander can be operated in combat continuously for 16 hours and is equivalent to nuclear weapon in terms of its overall potential.

The Onion - Modern Warfare 3 - Glenn Beck - Tiger Woods

Man, I don't know, I came this close to sharing the "Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck" episode with my avid reader...

but decided (wisely) on this 'slightly more relevant to the daily extrusions from this worthless online orifice' episode about the forthcoming 3D game "Modern Warfare 3: Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders, Repairing Trucks". That's my kinda gaming...

Nah, I can't resist, and I know you'll respect me in the morning and won't feed bleach to my cat again ... here's the GLENN BECK episode, too. At first it seems just like any random editorial hit piece from jaded anchor Brandon Amrstrong, but then an eye witness, an EMT and the girl's weeping mother pile on the cheap laughs in this hilariously dark, dark comedic vignette.

Okay, okay, I realise that may not have been healthy enough for ya as you wonder what to do with the rest of your Tuesday in Corporate Whoresville so, here's some topical Sports News, Tiger Woods Announces Return To Sex.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Corbett Report - episode 90 - Our Leaders Are Psychopaths

They walk among us. On the outside, they're just like you and me, but on the inside they are unfeeling automatons who care only for themselves. They are the psychopaths, and they are in control of our governments, our corporations, our military and all of the positions of power.

In this rivetting 90th episode of the legendary Corbett Report, from Japan-based researcher James Corbett, has a rather emotional title "Our Leaders Are Psychopaths", ironically.

Download the Corbett Report, Episode 90 - OUR LEADERS ARE PSYCHOPATHS.

In fact, here's a brief sample of the research undertaken by Dr Robert Hare on actual psychopaths in prisons whose work is mentioned in this episode:

"Psychopaths come to a different conclusion with emotional words...tells us perhaps, the psychopath doesn't really extract emotional information from words most other people would do, so this led to the spec study done in new York." [source DOCTOR ROBERT HARE]

Sunday, February 21, 2010


as the term "truther" is now used as a swear word in many corporate-fed mainstream media outlets, my proposal is to rename the TRUTH MOVEMENT to the more relevant REALITY MOVEMENT.

And by REALITY MOVEMENT I mean let's stop pissing about with the 'corporate war on you the people', it's a dreadful game. We've all realised this now. So, can you please stop wasting our hard earned blood, sweat and tears in the form of our tax dollars, pounds, euros, yen, yuan et al to further fund this ridiculous game. It's totally exposed. You lost. Step down. Sorry.

Soon, seven billion people are gonna WAKE UP to your dreadful game of corporate usurpation of OUR ELECTED GOVERNMENTS and their CONSTITUTIONS and when they do, they're not gonna be happy. No, not happy at all. They have hundreds of years of servitude to take back.

Absolve yourselves, corporate war mongers around this beautiful planet, and come clean right now. Give us back all our tax money so we can fix up our people, fix up our hospitals, fix up our sewers, fix up our water supplies, fix up our food and supply chains so that we can slowly but resolutely fix up our planet and get on with our lives as one awakened community working together towards CREATIVITY, PASSION and KINSHIP.

We are all peoples of this fertile world, we are all capable of adjusting to its inherent danger within the vibrant Solar System - the people of FREE PLANET have just said, "It's time for a NEW GAME, a new understanding of how our planet works and where we want it to go."

This new game starts right now and it's called the REALITY MOVEMENT - no more borders, no more secrets, no more corporate games.

HEXACOPTER - UFO flight dynamic buster

I did a speculative UFO flight envelope piece back in July 2009 and offered the question, "What is the possible flight envelope of robotic UAVs." and my thought was on jet/rocket/other exotic propulsion systems BUT...

Mikrokopter's HEXACOPTER is just a toy but CHECK OUT THE ACCELERATION and GPS STABILITY & RETURN features of even this tiny Home Model. Put a big glowing light in it that alters its intensity based on some values like programmed pattern or flight dynamic (hell, you could even TURN OFF the light for a lovely wormhole effect) and you've got yourself a bona fide UFO in the making.

If it quacks like a UFO and walks like a UFO and flies like a UFO, it's a UAV.

On a personal transporter note: imagine only needing to scale it up for one person to travel on it and the ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS 'punch in your destination' gps delivery tool to get you (or any package) anywhere on this planet as fast as it can, just like the 'go to location' feature of Google Earth. Very soon, you'd have Free Planet's proposed auot-piloted Flocking peanut-taxis transporting you back to the safety of your Floating Mobile Home. And the rest will be history...

Of course, even this most basic application of today's technology is suppressed for National Security i.e. PROFIT-based reasons, so that YOU THE PEOPLE remain work slaves to the God-Almighty Corporations which you fund with your taxes.

Of course, the other use of such a powerful programmable death toy is THE FLYING TERMINATOR DEATH ROBOT. God, why do I even bother typing this shit?

Firefly - Ares Lab - the death of transportation.

Flyfire, a project initiated by the SENSEable City Laboratory in collaboration with ARES Lab (Aerospace Robotics and Embedded Systems Laboratory) aims to transform any ordinary space into a highly immersive and interactive display environment. [source SENSEable CITY]

Sounds like a great idea...

...but this is just another example of really clever people not thinking past Principle One: their flying three-dimensional advertisement.

In principle, assigning a PIXEL value to a little floating swarm robot with a built in LED is a stroke of GENIUS... but...

In the future, with the number of people in our cities, traffic has to lift off the 'road plane' and assume a VOLUME (with height achievable based on distance to destination, for example) with personal FREE PLANET floating carriers assuming swarming flight shells and relying on built in collision avoidance over-ridden by the user at their take-off/landing discretion...

So, Mike, how does FireFly's corporate advertising hoarding get in the way of that? It's like with the internet, a once-free resource for educating and informing the world became BOGGED DOWN and SUFFOCATED by corporate advertising. And it's gonna get worse. As shown in my Keiichi Matsuda augmented (hyper) reality piece, advertising will start to infest our objects and our daily lives. Similarly, this swarm of FireFly advertising drones will infest what should be free skies. There's already enough shrapnel in near-earth orbit it's basically impossible to leisurely escape the planet (even if we had access to the anti-grav technology government labs supposedly have).

This FIREFLY advertising algorhythm will become so pervasive that the human race can kiss goodbye to the re-greening of its cities that floating personal transportation devices might allow. There'll just be no VOLUME left to the sky to fly around in for these annoying little swarming gnats trying to sell you all the usual marketing garbage for products you shouldn't even be thinking about needing.

I mean, you COULD have these swarming adverts STAY AWAY from flight lanes but then you're restricted as to where you can go - which is the situation you have right now with the internet, it's so clogged with advertising you have only a small window on the overall experience. We need to allow people, races, countries FREE REIGN across this planet. Technology should help, not hinder, this liberation. Simple as that.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Favela Rising - stop playing their game.

Favela Rising, winner of 35 international film awards, tells the story of how one 'favela' or 'clan' within the hillside slum villages of Brazil, instead of playing the CIA-funded drug and guns game, just stopped playing by the corporate rules.

They set their favela free from omnipotent drug lords and commiting crime for drug money and indulging in random death for no real cause by investing their time and energy in their own brand of Affro Reggae musical inspiration. They found their soul and shared it with the human beings in neighbouring favelas. And this proves that that's how easy it is to EVOLVE mankind to a higher state.

Forget the lure of profit.
Forget the corporate dogma.
Forget the hatred of others.

You The People are more than wage slaves and deserve a better life on this FREE PLANET, and only seven billion people working together can bring about this change and nullify the insidious corporate influence in our once-free lives.

Thomas Bruso aka Tom Slick aka hero pensioner

The basic idea of this post is not (necessarily) to gloat about some young punk thug wannabe getting his ass whooped on camera by a pensioner - though that is funny. It's actually a piece about RESPECTING YOUR ELDERS, and by this I mean, "These old people aren't like you. They are mentally-speaking COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from you. Imagine a Neanderthal faced with computers and mobile phones... that's an extreme version of what I'm saying. People as old as this societally abused old man have lived through two world wars, the Cold War, the destruction of social graces and the threat of nuclear annihilation propaganda in their junior schools - you bet your life they're DIFFERENT from you in your iPhone glossy corporate attitude.

Anyway, here's the original video that's burnin' up the internet - the spiteful goading of the thug-idiot's girlfriend on this video is particularly disgusting.

"Bringa ambalamps." funniest shit, ever. Here's 67 year old Thomas Bruso aka Tom Slick aka Epic Beard Man interviewed after his encounter with that thug.

And it gets even worse - here's the same 'belligerent' pensioner getting TAZED at a baseball game by the Oakland police force - remember the Oakland police force are the ones who shot that guy in the back, face down at Bart Station, on camera.

Clearly, 'respecting your elders' is not something these tyrannical thugs are used to practising - makes me wanna puke.

Operation Iraqi Freedom becomes Operation New Dawn

this just in from WIKILEAKS:

ABC News has learned that the Obama administration has decided to give the war in Iraq — currently known as Operation Iraqi Freedom — a new name.

The new name: “Operation New Dawn.

In a February 17, 2010, memo to the Commander of Central Command, Gen. David Petraeus, Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the “requested operation name change is approved to take effect 1 September 2010, coinciding with the change of mission for U.S. forces in Iraq.”

You can read the memo a copy of which was sent to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen.

As James Joyner informed us in the pages of Outside the Beltway, the war in Iraq was won back in November 2nd 2007, so why the need for a name change now?

Ruth Marcus, writing in the Washington Post expresses her confusion, quoting Orwell (!) “Aligning the name change with the change of mission sends a strong signal that Operation IRAQI FREEDOM has ended and our forces are operating under a new mission,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates writes in a masterpiece of bureaucratic obscurantism approving the name change. “It also presents opportunities to synchronize strategic communications initiatives, reinforce our commitment to honor the Security Agreement, and recognize our evolving relationship with the government of Iraq.”

I have no idea what this means -- “synchronize strategic communications”? -- and I don’t think that’s an accident. “The inflated style itself is a kind of euphemism,” George Orwell wrote. “A mass of Latin words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outline and covering up all the details.”

It's not being mentioned in the mass media however that A NEW DAWN was Obama's 2008 campaign logo. For those who DON'T know, A NEW DAWN is the first phase of a NEW WORLD ORDER, as laid down in the lore of The Sun Order. I'm not sure calling a new phase of a military operation A NEW DAWN is the most positive aspect for humanity in the Arabic region and I realise this post is liberally shot up with the depleted uranium of wild speculation but 'apocalypse mongers' like Jordan Maxwell (who's been looking into The Sun Order for the last forty years) are gonna have an absolute FIELD DAY with this material.

Stay tuned, searchers for truth. Stay tuned...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tech Update: Mind Games of the Future

Interestingly, I'd never heard of 'some' of the developments featured in this Russia Today TECH UPDATE piece ... I know from past experience in the games industry that ideas, models, concepts and prototypes come and go without gaining a foothold in the marketplace. As it's Russia, this report has a bit of an old-school feel but this piece still some very interesting topics dealing with:

braininterface - onscreen puzzle solving without touching the keyboard
mindball - pseudo-telekenesis ball that looks a lot like a Lie Detector
neurobotics - controlling robotic drones with your mind
parallels - a mac interface to allow you to install and play PC games
virtusphere - a running simulator for VR sims, very immersive

One can only imagine what the Americans and Chinese have already ... I'm more sure than ever that brain-controlled UAV are the only excuse for hi-g UFO activity and the brain-controlled Terminator is right round the corner. 'Fear the future' is the wrong way round, tech-heads, technology should be liberating us from tyranny, not SPONSORING it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


that's the organ in the brain that (allegedly) deals with our local perception of time, reaction time and recognition etc. But I'm talking here about a more gradual perception of time, as in the years of one's life flying by.

And I'm not talking about 'getting old' as I've heard the same comment from YOUNG AND OLD ALIKE, "Mike, is it just me, or is the world spinning faster?"

I know the world ISN'T spinning faster, but we are living on a Poisoned Planet. We are all being POLLUTED day-in day-out by industrial processes by drugs/vaccines and toxins in our food and water that really shouldn't be there.

It is well know that mercury and fluoride are toxins to mammalian life all over the planet. Dysfunction of the BASAL GANGLIA is the reason for diseases like Parkinson's and Huntingdon's BUT there may be a more indisious global phenomenon that's NOT BEING TALKED ABOUT in the mainstream media and 24/7 TV news. In the same way that fluoride (poison) put into drinking water will calcify in the pineal gland (skate fish oil is the antidote), is there some other toxin that might be responsible for an apparent perceptional dysfunction where we just think, "Wow, time's going by so fast."

Even though it's not, even though it's all in our heads.

Let's hear YOUR STORIES and/or let's see YOUR RESEARCH ... institutes I know read this blog so let's hear from you'all.


Democratic senator Dennis Kucinich and constitutional lawyer and Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald tell Amy Goodman of Democracy Now about the CIA's policy of assassinating U.S. citizens.

This from a sitting President who's just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Former Justice Lawyer John Yoo

The chief author of the Bush administration's "torture memo" told Justice Department investigators that the president's war-making authority was so broad that he had the constitutional power to order a village to be "massacred," according to a report released Friday night by the Office of Professional Responsibility.

The views of former Justice lawyer John Yoo were deemed to be so extreme and out of step with legal precedents that they prompted the Justice Department's internal watchdog office to conclude last year that he committed "intentional professional misconduct" when he advised the CIA it could proceed with waterboarding and other aggressive interrogation techniques against Al Qaeda suspects.
[source NEWSWEEK]

And it's not (technically) just the Americans who indulge in this HEINOUS CRIME. It appears that many governments across the globe have resorted to the lure of False Flag Terrorism in recent times to shovel home restrictive legislation that affirms their strangle hold on YOU THE PEOPLE.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hannah Gal - Savage - Urban Myth Films

so you think you like HORROR films?

no, you don't, not even SHORT ones like this totally amazing short film SAVAGE, directed by Hannah Gal - it's a UK project based on an actual American CPS case.

Savage is a stranger than fiction horror story, based on true events that shocked America in 1970. Announced on the main evening news - a 13 year old girl is discovered in LA suburb after being held prisoner in a room, harnessed to a potty chair for 12 years. Genie, as scientists later named her, was the perfectly hidden horror in the outwardly uneventful suburbia. [source URBAN MYTH FILMS]

Uploaded by Hannah_517. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Get Him To The Greek - Russell Brand

kiss, kiss, "Europe."



acccording to the Irish Dept of Foreign Affairs, those three Irish members of the alleged assassination group DO NOT EXIST.

One of the named assassins Melvyn Adam Mildiner says, "That's not me. They stole my I.D." In fact the global media is making this sound like all eleven members of the assassination squad were working on false passports. Makes you wonder how one can (innocently) find one's name on a NO FLY LIST...

Maybe this (obvious setup of UK nationals) is something to do with prepping the UK Security Services for total corporate lockdown of this sceptred isle for the forthcoming 2012 Olympic Games, you know once they've incited racial hatred with all these highly publicised media events...

For those who don't know Mossad's rules for assassination, they were laid down over half a century ago by Meir Amit, the most innovative and ruthless director-general of the service.

"There will be no killing of political leaders, however extreme they are. They must be dealt with politically. There will be no killing of a terrorist's family unless they are also directly implicated in terrorism. Each execution must be sanctioned by the incumbent prime minister. Any execution is therefore state-sponsored, the ultimate judicial sanction of the law. The executioner is no different from the state-appointed hangman or any other lawfully-appointed executioner."

In fact, having just seen the Spielberg movie MUNICH, about the alleged reaction (from Mossad) to the Palestinian execution of nine of their athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games, it's obvious that the INTELLIGENCE GAME is nothing of the sort, it should be renamed the OBFUSCATION GAME because (in life as in the movie) clearly the PLO are acting like the IRA and the CIA are acting lik MI6 and Mossad are acting like... you get the idea. It's just a BIG GAME to them so that You The People don't know what sort of sick global corporate gambling games these loonies are playing with your money.

26th February update: the six assassins just became a twenty-two man/woman team, with a VERY INTERESTING Zurich debriefing(?) final destination.

"Thirteen of the 27 suspects used prepaid MasterCards issued by MetaBank, a regional American bank, to purchase plane tickets and book hotel rooms," The National newspaper said, quoting Dubai police.

For me, it's very odd that 27 supposed Mossad assets are needed to TAKE DOWN one guy on his own in Dubai. This corporate media scam smells fishy, from it's tail to its nose.

Max Keiser - President Obama - toilet paper - fee

Classic Keiser! full report on its way...

Monday, February 15, 2010

They Live - John Carpenter - 1988

Tent cities, broken families, failed industry, elitist bankers, truth activists, martial law, UAV surveillance drones...

John Carpenter made his anti-corporate-slavery film THEY LIVE in 1988 and it was (literally) twenty years ahead of its time. It's only now, post 2008 global financial collapse, gaining true socio-political resonance. Back then, it all looked like some kooky science fiction film with cute one-liners and a paranoid-schizophrenic-vigilante angle.

Today, we're all waking up to terms like Corporate Personhood and how THEY only LIVE if WE give them PERMISSION. And they know this is now the endgame.

"Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated," that's the Corporate Control Grid message.

Why should You The People of this Free Planet CONSUME, SUBMIT, OBEY?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

VICE TV - corporate rape of Liberia

Liberia was set up by citizens of the United States as a colony for former African-American slaves. There is only one other state in the world that is started by citizens of a political power as a settlement for former slaves from the same political power: Sierra Leone, begun for that same purpose by Britain.

This stunning documentary from goes from Minrovia to Westpoint to child sacrifice to shit and piss in the streets and on the beach, allegations of UN officials fucking kids and 'adult sex workers' for $1 to cross-dressing CANNIBALS.

When you start to hear of guns-for-diamonds deals and all the young warrior children on heroin, you gotta start thinking about CIA complicity in this insane civil war ... we all know that's why the Corporate Army's in Afghanistan, after all, protect the drugs industry.

Keep your eye on Liberia as the United Nations Peace Keeping mission ends in Liberia.

Chris Hedges - corporate rape of USA

American journalist and Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges says the United States has developed a new form of corporate totalitarianism. Here are the highlights of his rather damning interview with Marina Portnaya on Russia Today:

* supreme court streamlined corporate sponsorship of politics
* in a corporate democracy economy trumps political decisions
* corporate state and defense industry bonds are destroying USA
* big corporations now more free to fund politics than ever
* democrats and repoublicans watched over corporate rape of USA
* all empires destroy themselves from the inside out
* hitler, lenin, milosovic emerged from collapsed empires
* USA banruptcy backlash from right wing
* brand obama fooled voters mixing propaganda with ideology
* brands are not real, brand obama is collapsing
* prosecuting muslims for their beliefs is unconstitutional.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Ghost Writer - Roman Polanski - Guardian review

THE GHOST WRITER, Roman Polanski' new thriller (based on Robert Harris's novel THE GHOST) debuted at the Berlin Film Festival yesterday.

Here's the first FULL REVIEW, courtesy of The Guardian. The film incidentally gives us the ghost of the late Robin Cook, fictionalised as ex-foreign secretary "Richard Rycart".

two totally fucked up films

rather than pretending to be a fucking journalist or something (which I'm not; will never be) and submitting supposed serious reviews of this brace of films I've just seen, I'll blog about (which is what I am, after all; a blogger) them ...

1) A CHRISTMAS TALE (Un Conte De Noel, by Arnaud Desplechin)
it's a French film about a French family. And eveyone's mad. And everyone's broken. And everyone just gets on with their insane unfixable lives.

2) SYNECDOCHE (New York, by Charlie Kaufman)
it's an American film about American creativity. And every personality is split wide open. And every glittering ailment is self-made millionaire. And there's a New York in everyone, within everyone.

at the end of the day ...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mike Philbin on Truth Frequency radio Feb 11

Don't forget, I'm the guest on Austin TX radio station TRUTH FREQUENCY with ChrisGeo and SocioStudent tonight, Feb 11, 7PM CST.

TUNE IN LIVE though my interview was pre-recorded a couple of days ago and (as I'm not psychic) I will not be 'taking questions' to see what I have to say about:
* my anti-corporate books, Bukkakeworld and Planet of the Owls from Silverthought Press in NY
* the DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER issue of Chimeraworld #6 from Chimericana Books
* James Cameron's film AVATAR
* the Eugenics Agenda
* Dr David Kelly
* Forensic economists ABEL DANGER
* Free Planet and why we need to TAKE IT BACK from the free market criminals.

Here's a ten minute section on Youtube:

you can listen to the full hour and fifty minutes interview by DOWNLOADING THE INTERVIEW PODCAST.

It's fun to be alive, at least it should be.

Adam Curtis - The Trap - The Lonely Robot

"In the Market Driven system you can do ANYTHING to achieve your targets," unquote.

I love the conclusion that states, "Recent studies by Behavioural Economists show the only two groups in society actually behave in a rational and self-interested (Game Theory) way in all experimental situations... ECONOMISTS... and PSYCHOPATHS." laugh? I nearly didn't.

Vancouver Winter Olympics - coordinator of airborne security ARRESTED.

Colonel Russell Williams, Canadian Prime Minister Harper's former pilot and the coordinator of airborne security for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, has been arrested on double-murder charges days before the opening of the Olympic Games.

Colonel Russell Williams will no longer be in charge of airborne security for the Vancouver Winter Olympics during his trial.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back Breaker - carry the ball - make the play

it seems so obvious, and it's not conceptually explained in this latest video from my favourite Oxford American footbal game maker (lol) but what Natural Motion and 505 Games have done is CARRY THE BALL... you play in the offensive pit, you "hut hut hut", you are the quarterback, you run with it, pass it, throw it ... but all the time AS THE GAME PLAYER you're carrying the ball, whichever team member it's attached to. The camera knows how to frame the ball with respect to its current carrier. The camera is an integral of the ball's progress up-field.

And it makes total sense. Clean. Simple. Avoidance moves are all camera relative. Lovely.

I realise this is still being made but I don't see any STATS on screen ... and by this I mean stats that relate to each team member's ABILITY to achieve their assigned task; their state of tiredness/injury, their stamina, their range... this could be done VISUALLY so that the player is still not bombarded with data.

Gameplay thoughts: does the opposing team ADAPT to your natural dodging/passing/throwing tactics during the game - I mean, if it's REALLY that organic and 'live'? That'd be totally sweet.

Mechanic thoughts: do the heads of the team members LOOK FOR (i.e. align their intent at) the ball? Blocking and rushing aside, that is the aim of this game, after all isn't it? To possess the ball?

Keiichi Matsuda - augmented (hyper) reality

can't get enough of those annoying ads all over the place? Well, it's about to get a whole lot worse, according to London-based architectural design student Keiichi Matsuda's vision of a future corporate-augmented hyper-reality of the everyday and mundane:

The latter half of the 20th century saw the built environment merged with media space, and architecture taking on new roles related to branding, image and consumerism. Augmented reality may recontextualise the functions of consumerism and architecture, and change in the way in which we operate within it. says Matsuda.

Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

Still, it's encouraging to think that a) the spirit of Stephen Hawkings lives on in our kettles and b) the epsilon Brave New Worlder needs detailed instructions to make a cup of tea.

Iraq Inquiry - the Robin Cook question

Robin Cook's disapproval of the WAR OF AGGRESSION against Iraq has been sorely missing from the discussions involving the Iraq Inquiry. It was, in fact, Robin Cook who first revealed that the term 'al qaeda' was a CIA invention for a 'database' of rebels known as the Mujahideen that THEY had put together to combat the Russians on the Afghanistan border.

Here is Robin Cook's IRAQ INVASION RESIGNATION speech.

like Iraq weapons inspector Dr David Kelly before him, Robin Cook was found dead shortly after this public outcry at the 'invasion of a foreign country' plan. Some have suggested that, like Kelly, Cook was in the process of released confidential information to the press... and of course there's the GREAT MOBILE PHONE conundrum.

Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?

Have you stopped to consider why the idea of man-made global warming is being forced on individuals, businesses and nations and why those in the know are positioning themselves to take advantage of a carbon trading system—a system by the way—created with funds to Richard Sandor from the Joyce Foundation when the current Barack Hussein Obama was a director on its board in 2000?

Read the Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?" article from PATRICK WOOD over at Canada Free Press.

In this article, Patrick Wood explains that the real plan is to replace the existing economic system which is based on price with a system based on energy. No more dollars, euros, yen and the like.

Welcome to the world of Carbon Currency.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Superbowl ad - THE GREEN POLICE - captive audience

So, instead of industry gathering together to CLEAN UP ITS ACT and stop POLLUTING this Earth to death and stop RIPPING OFF THE WORLD for profit via corporate wars and global asset grabs, fishing quotas, deforestation, butter mountains, milk lakes, excess in every (tax deductible) form... the corporation says, "It's all your fucking fault."

You The People now need THE GREEN POLICE to monitor how much fucking CO2 you're exhaling, how much fucking plastic you pay with and how much fucking banana skin you're not composting. I mean, forget that corporations are RUINING countries and RUINING other corporation 'for fun and jollies', forget that corporations have their fingers in every decision Our Supposedly Elected Parliaments make via lobbying groups and corporate contributions, forget public-private incentive rackets like The Carbon Disclosure Project who're bullying distribution lines (surely there'll be subscription fees and levies - aha! - more lovely lolly) down their gaping gullet.

A severe mind shift needs to take place on FREE PLANET aka we are not the slaves of your corporate agenda - NO MORE. Stop trying to brain wash us. We are free human beings and this planet BELONGS TO US, not you!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Marlon Brando Interview 1973

if you have to ask me why I like James Cameron's TRULY RELEVANT film "Avatar", you simply don't GET IT how the corporation and the dredging for profit will erase all humanity on this planet ... given enough time, and enough inertia by You The People.

Here's Marlon Brando on The Dick Cavett Show, June 12, 1973; with representatives of the Cheyenne, Paiute and Lummi tribes. Remember, this is just after Sacheen Littlefeather was invited to TURN DOWN the Best Actor Oscar for "the Godfather" in the name of Marlon Brando...

"It's the squeaky hinge that gets the grease." gorgeous quote, good call Mr Brando.

The Eugenicists vs the "go forth and multiply" crowd

this is gonna be a short one:

the Eugenicists:
say there are too many people on the planet, so 80% of them now need to die. Now, the only thing that's wrong with this is the Ruling Elite who run the GLOBAL GAME are just having a laugh at your expense. They love their feudal system, they love their lofty position, looking down on the decaying masses. They will NEVER share this Earth with you, they will ALWAYS look at you as Sheeple or Cannon Fodder.

the "go forth and multiply" crowd:
are merely a misinterpretation of the message to go and spread the "word". What's happened is, mankind's such a fucking idiot, he thinks that fucking like a rabbit and having a family of 5 girls and 5 boys (and some families have that many kids) whilst shunning one's neighbours in one's own villages, towns and cities is the clever thing to do.

Both Eugenicists and 'go forth and multiply'ers are fools, brain washed by society.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

ICN Informed Citizen News

ICN Informed Citizen News broadcast Sunday January 31st, 2010. The news you should have heard, but didn't.

#1 Supreme Court rules corporations are people too
#2 Pentagon Report Calls for Office of Strategic Deception
#3 Congress Sacks Samoan Economy (Peter Schiff)
#4 The FBI broke the law while collecting thousands of telephone records
#5 UN rulers-in-waiting are planning a consumer tax on such things as Internet use and bill paying.
#6 US Treasury removes caps from bail out of fannie and freddie
#7 Koreas echange fire
#8 Home-schoolers win asylum in U.S.

Friday, February 05, 2010


Here's a little treat for you courtesy of the Planetary Skin Institute, a project by NASA and Cisco composed of integrated super-cooled satellite PCs and a low-earth-orbit network of UAVs, robotic sensors and automatic carbon-tax billing which will allow for the monitoring of all nations and the taxing of those who are violating the cap set by future carbon governing bodies and treaties such as the one proposed at the recent Copenhagen Conference.

So, you're not too concerned about Planetary Skin, right now. You're thinking, "Mike, if global warming's true and we gotta reduce our carbon dioxide output, this is a good way to monitor it." Right? You're right. Hey, you could always just look up GLOBAL INFORMATION GRID or SMART GRID or INTERNET 2? So, back to the post, what other creative uses could The Corporate War Machine find for Planetary Skin? How about FCS aka Future Combat Systems?

In summary: YOU THE PEOPLE are the major source of carbon dioxide pollution on this Prison Planet. If there were fewer of you, there'd be LESS POLLUTION. Or simply start to promote FREE PLANET and save your race.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby

I'm not featuring this video because I necessarily liked their earlier 'spend $30,000 in eight days' track KILL ME, but the guys from Make The Girl Dance really know how to take modern foriegn languages to the streets of gaie Paris. Notice how all the shop sign are inside out - lovely touch. BABY, BABY, BABY. LOL.

Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby ( official video )
Uploaded by placeblancherec. - See the latest featured music videos.

Bill Hicks - Sane Man - 1989

"Not one human being excluded..." best quote ever.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

POISON BULLETS - depleted uranium munitions - the ultimate friendly fire

first published Jan 21st 2010:

Many American and British soldiers who have returned from Iraq are complaining about Depleted Uranium-related illnesses. They accuse both the Pentagon and the UK Ministry of Defense of covering up the problem.

Poison Bullets follows doctors and experts as they voice their opposing views in the DU controversy and travels to the US, Great Britain, Jordan, Iraq and Spain, where we meet many of those who are victims of both DU-related diseases and the indifference of government officials.

And, if you do a little extra research, you'll discover that BIRTH DEFORMITIES and CANCER CASES in Iraq have sky-rocketed since the invading army used DEPLETED URANIUM MUNITIONS all over the country. Same with KOSOVO in the late nineties where the rates of LEUKEMIA and OTHER CANCERS sky-rocketed after U.N. insurgence.

January 23rd 2010 update: apparently, Iraq is still littered with high levels of nuclear and dioxin contamination [source THE GUARDIAN, today] This is no laughing matter. Seriously.

February 3rd 2010 update: Iraq's Ministry for Human Rights will file a lawsuit against Britain and the US over their use of depleted uranium bombs in Iraq, an Iraqi minister says. According to Iraqi military experts, the US and Britain bombed the country with nearly 2,000 tons of depleted uranium bombs during the early years of the Iraq war. [source PRESS TV]

winning the hearts and minds of the Afghan people

An ever increasing number of U.S. troops are fighting for peace in Afghanistan. But an investigative journalist claims to have revealed the shocking truth about surprise night raids by American forces and secret prisons where detainees are routinely tortured. In an exclusive interview to RT, Anand Gopal says Obama’s mission in Afghanistan is not much different from Bush’s in Iraq. [source RUSSIA TODAY]

Anan Gopal suggests that the July 2011 withdrawal isn't going to happen - says the US Army will be in Afghanistan for FIVE TO SIX YEARS with the US Government paying for the Afghanistan rebuilding for at least a DECADE.

FED GAVE Banks Access to 23.7 TRILLION DOLLARS NOT $700 Billion!

Ratigan Drops a BOMBSHELL of TRUTH! FED GAVE Banks Access to 23.7 TRILLION DOLLARS NOT $700 Billion!

I will do everything I can to EXPOSE THE MIND GAME. Shame on Big Global Government aka The Corporate Bankers. Shame.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

George Galloway - Iraq Inquiry - Bliar

I think George Galloway's going to enjoy tonight's reports of what CLARE SHORT said at Chilcot today.

oh, yeah!

THE MIND GAME knowledge is (truly) power

what does it mean to be a Global Elite?

Well, it's just the same as anyone who's worked in the corporate sphere and signed a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT, an NDA.

Remember how the intelligence services work - NEED TO KNOW.

And you know what the really funny thing is? Not even the Global Banking Elite are on the NEED TO KNOW top tier. Even they're just pawns in the great global game. And I'm not talking, here, about some all powerful super beings.

I'm just talking about some person who's got access to a story he/she's not telling the rest of us.

People have been murdered for this story, not because it comes from some esoteric HIGHER BEING or some STARGATE entity that's trawling the dimensions in search of races to control, but because the SECURING OF THE STORY, the protection of 'knowledge of the game' that is tantamount.

It's the segregation of this human-invention, this ultimate global story, to anyone who HASN'T signed this NDA and punishment by any means that is the real controlling factor in this game. And that's all it is. A game. A mind game.

Well, it's time to bring KNOWLEDGE OF THE MIND GAME to the masses, all seven billion of You The People, and share the fun.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Beyonce Grammy Performance 2010

Welcome to the police-state corporate-music brain-mincing-machine courtesy of some long-legged cleavage-showing leather-clad siren and her martial-law bully-boys in riot gear. Initiate pepper spray, sound cannons and tasers, Beyonce's in town.

Is no one else reminded of the cynical, original, Mel Brooks song "Spring time for Hitler" which was intentionally distasteful for the purpose of a theatre producer's insurance scam in the 1968 film 'The Producers'. How shameful that we've come to this.

Humanity is BEGGING FOR the Tyranny to come crush its face.

Jordan Maxwell - corporate ownership - birth certificate

when you are born
you come out of your mother's water
you must have a birth certificate
a certificate of manifest
because you are a corporation-owned item
you are a human resource...

and for those of you who've arrived at this post a little late to listen Jordan Maxwell's exclusive Thursday March 4th 2010 interview on TRUTH FREQUENCY RADIO from Austin, TX, with hosts Chris Geo and Socio Student - here's the three-hour podcast.

Bill Cooper - September 11th 2001 - live broadcast

You may not have heard this - but you SHOULD HAVE - Bill Cooper's September 11th 2001 live broadcast.

Bill Cooper saw the repercussions ON THE DAY, he realised that the 9-11 attack was an attack on your freedom. Forget Osama Bin Laden, Bill Cooper had already reported that Osama Bin Laden was FUNDED by the US Government and the Bin Laden Family has very close business ties to the Bush family. Bill had talked about this for years, yet the mainstream media SAID NOTHING about it.


I never liked Bill Cooper because he rattled on about the religious control of the banks and government alien contact. But now, this is all ripe for research, IMHO, gloves are off. The truth must become public knowledge.

For those who don't know, Bill Cooper was shot dead by federal agents on November 5th 2001.