Saturday, July 31, 2010

wikileaks mysterious 'insurance' file encrypted contents

WIRED magazine's THREAT LEVEL blog (the same people who confessed to OUTING Bradley Manning, alleged leaker of the Iraq 'collateral murder' footage) this morning reported on a new addition to WIKILEAKS Afghan War Diary web page.

Nobody knows what this mysterious file is yet, because it's been encoded with the AES256 Top Secret encryption software, but they know its name, "INSURANCE".

IT'S ONE POINT FOUR GIGABYTES OF INFORMATION, and the mystery and intrigue deepens with theorist and hacker alike having a stab at guessing the content or slow munching the code breaking chores, respectively.

Several hours since the revelation, and the internet's sorta lit up just now like a big gormless-looking energy-saving light bulb. The implication is, the key has not been released but you can rest asssured that the people who this is directed at have already applied their Top Secret key to it. They already know what it contains.

And that's the bit I don't like, where TRUTH & JUSTICE become yet another bargaining chip in a complex game of cat and mouse between poker players, excuse that all sortsa mixed metaphoria. I'll obsessively update this post with any findings, or news of any released ENCRYPTION key. Or word from Assange or his team. This, for me, could mean that Assange is in 'deep negotiation' with the government somewhere, right now, maybe even under arrest; maybe undergoing rendition.

The other whistleblowing site Cryptome, today released a PDF dating from 2007 where Julian Assange explores the Concept of Conspiracy in Global Governance.

I like this bit,

"Everytime we witness an act that we feel to be unjust and do not act we become a party to injustice. Those who are repeatedly passive in the face of injustice soon find their character corroded into servility. Most witnessed acts of injustice are associated with bad governance, since when governance is good, unanswered injustice is rare. By the progressive diminution of a people’s character, the impact of reported, but unanswered injustice is far greater than it may initially seem. Modern communications states through their scale, homogeneity and excesses provide their populace with an unprecidented deluge of witnessed, but seemingly unanswerable injustices."

But, rhetoric and essays aside, I'm sorta pissed off now. Nobody seems to have any idea what this "insurance" file is, or why it's arrived on the Afghan War Diary page and why it's so massive, though that could merely be the way it could have multiple layers of encryption i.e rubberhosing. The encryption key hasn't turned up and may never do so, if this file is just being used as backroom LEVERAGE, a gorgeous corporate marketing term. I don't like this GAME at all. Don't play games with the truth. Truth is just that; THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH....

With the appearance of this 'insurance' file, an obvious closing question that nobody on the internet seems to be asking might be, "Julian Assange, are you safe and well?"

August 3rd update: Julian Assange turns up safe and well on the phone from London UK to the Amy Goodman show DEMOCRACY NOW. Nice to know he's not being renditioned for his sources. And there's an enigmatic 'explanation' about the mysterious 1.4 Gig 'insurance' file. Officially, "we don't talk about that" but, adds at 41:00 minutes, that the 'insurance' file is there so that "significant parts of history don't go missing".

Friday, July 30, 2010

Global Reports - Christopher Story r.i.p. - missing report

World Reports Limited, directed by Christopher Story FRSA, has been publishing currency, economic, geofinancial and intelligence services since 1969. "Global Reports" dealt with GLOBAL ANALYSIS (international intelligence).

So, here's a BIG HEADLINE you'd have thought would be making the mass media by now - Christopher Story r.i.p.. No news items but here's an obituary:

Christopher Edward Harle, died 14th July 2010 after a short illness. Much loved husband, father, uncle and grandfather. A private funeral has taken place.
[source TELEGRAPH]

Why then, have I come across a July 9th/10th report from Christopher Story, noted and linked to on the day by "hobie" and updated a day later by "hobie" (below) on the site Rumor Mill News. This "assassination attempt report" has subsequently been deleted from Global Reports's website, in its place a brief notice of expiration of the author.

Posted By: hobie
Date: Friday, 9-Jul-2010 20:31:14

and this:

Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 10-Jul-2010 23:16:35

And if you don't know who Christopher Story is, or how damaging (to the powers that be) his investigations were, here's his October 31st 2009 3rd Lawful Rebellion Conference speech on EU CORRUPTION.

Feel safe yet?

Gene Brewer - K-PAX IV - book review

Scene360 has just unleashed my review of Gene Brewer's TRULY MIND-ALTERING book of the imminent death of humanity and female-ape lust, K-PAX IV.

Yeah, this is the fourth book in the series, and prot (from the 2000 Kevin Spacey film) only has one cameo role, via hologram from K-PAX, where he's been since the end of the third book.

day later update: word back from Gene Brewer is that he's already begun K-PAX V and he "knows where it's going". He reckons it'll take another year of writing, to finalise it. Can't wait.

motor neurone disease - banned advert

Motor neurone disease (MND), in the majority of cases, is a rapidly progressive, fatal disease that can affect any adult at any time. The cause of MND is unknown and there is no known cure. MND affects around 5,000 people in this country alone at any one time. In the UK at least five people a day die from MND.

Life expectancy for most people with MND is just two to five years.

Free Planet - spy satellite hailing - taxi system using GPS

Here's a short excerpt from a new story I'm writing called SINGING IN THE RAIN. I'll not give away the theme, as I like to surprise the reader. But here's a disconnected excerpt about FREE TRAVEL (that sorta relates to a piece I did on the HEXACOPTER) and how we get around once the back of the broken corporate FOR PROFIT global finance model has been broken by people no longer funding the corporate war machine with their taxes and their children.

Life is dangerous. Fact. We'd somehow forgotten that, to our detriment as a race. We weren't used to the sight of wildebeest pushing across a junction the way the corporate drones used to Rush Hour to and from worthless toil. We certainly weren't used to seeing a leopard, tiger or pride of lions scatter that group of wildebeest like the bombs Organised Terror squads would leave around the place in the name of Carbon Tax planning – remember that scene from the old master piece “Brazil”? “My complication got a complication,” that was about the difficulty of keeping seven billion minds in check. I mean, you've gotta in a way applaud their efforts. The problem got very big at one point, it peaked with the 9-11 atrocity when nukes dissolved the lower 100 floors of the Twin Towers in the name of commerce and political chess games that had been worked out over a conference table at the UN or somewhere a little more private.

They called the most recent versions PEANUTS, maybe in honour of the old peanut farmer Jimmy Carter but mostly in honour of that one thing lacking from the commercial era that preceeded it, a sense of irreverence and a return of FUN to the creative equation. Peanuts are how we get around within our chosen Diversities, and they've changed over the years, getting smaller smarter faster; some of the newer ones even sedate you so that you won't feel the g-forces. Some people practise for hours per day perfecting their g-technique, so they won't need to be put under, pushing themselves to withstand tighter and tighter swoops of the wing, as they call it.

And it was all made possible by the Control Grid of orbiting and geostationary satellites that used to monitor terrorists (that's what they used to call us, the bankers and their corporate army of bullies and child murderers) for subversive activity.

Now you just wave your arm and it's so nostalgic, they even have this New York cab yellow tinge to their skin. It's like, whistles, “Taxi!” I'll show you. You stick your hand up. The satellite recognises your biometric and down pops the next available Peanut. And it's not really like the yellow cabs of old. You don't have to 'hold the eye of the driver' until he stops right beside you. These GPS units are clever, they'll even wait for you if you drop off the surveillance grid for a moment, say if you're in the bathroom when they arrive. You can do it through your TV, too. And nobody seems to have problem with that anymore.

What happened to BIG GOVERNMENT paranoia? Well, we killed it. We turned Big Government on its head and now we govern our communal Diversities, always with the caveat, “Do right by Free Planet and free planet will do right by you.” It's not a threat exactly, it's more of a reminder; a guideline, not a rule. Well, in point of fact, it is the only rule. You should see how we've progressed as a race since those dark darks of the 2010s – you wouldn't recognise humanity.

I've no idea when I'll finish SINGING IN THE RAIN, or where it's going to be published, but rest assured you the readers of this blog will be first to find out.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

ZeroTracer - around the world in 80 days.

The ZeroTracer is a fully-enclosed electric motorbike, offering the comforts of a car and the driving experience of a motorbike. The body is a kevlar monocoque, a technique derived from Formula 1 and IndyCar construction. Top speed 150 mph.

In August 2010, Zerotracer will travel 30,000km, across 20 countries, in 80 days, using only renewable energy, sourced by a Solar Power Plant in Switzerland.

I don't like the colour scheme of this ZeroTracer, I much prefer uniform chrome or silver. I can't wait for further experimental development of a permanent-magnet engine to extend the e-tracer's life between charges, that's only an engineer's dreamlike fantasy away, surely. But I digress...

The original E-Tracer electric bike (renamed X-Tracer) is currently competing in this year's Progressive Automotive X-Prize and is the only one left in its Alternative Tandem Division, assuring them of $2.5 million.

The first X-Prize, in 2004 for a private vehicle capable of space travel, went to Mojave Aerospace.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bullfighting banned in Catalonia

it's about time this last vestige of Roman Gladiatorial rule has been given the boot by the Catalonian Parliament today.

Bullfighting isn't a sport, just as bear-baiting wasn't a sport, just as lions, giraffes, elephants and other exotic i.e. rare, animals slaughtered in the Roman Coliseum and other gladiatorial slaughterhouses across The Roman Empire wasn't a sport; it was a way to keep the crowds happy. Now, you can do that in any number of ways, if you're inclined to tyrannical control methods aka PAY OFFs, but just slaughtering innocent creatures as a form of coercion is wrong, on all levels.

Josep Rull, a regional lawmaker for Convergencia i Unio, said the law is about ending cruelty to animals and would make Catalonia more European than the rest of Spain. “As a nation we will take a step forward and that gives us a certain pride,” he said in a telephone interview yesterday. “A majority in Catalonia has values that are shared with the rest of Europe.” [source BLOOMBERG]

It's about time we realised that we're all connected on this Free Planet and murder and hatred of vast environments or entire genelines for arbitrary conditioning reasons is not just criminal it's STUPID. You're murdering ONLY your children's futures acting in these ridiculous ways with the earth's resources.

Think about where you are right now and how you can WAKE THE WORLD UP from their consumerist nightmare. And if you don't think Bull Fighting fits into the consumerist nightmare, then there's no hope for humanity on this planet. And the great paving over of nature will continue, TO OUR ETERNAL DETRIMENT.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

INCEPTION - the state of the corporate mind art

Remember this number, it is a very important number; your understanding of life may depend on it.

153 584 175

Inception is a 'Summer Blockbuster' film about planting ideas in a person's head. In the case of this grotesquely irrelevant narrative, it's a James Bond-like bit of industrial espionage; get a son to split his dad's world famous company in two and give the competition an edge in one specific market.

I mean, come on this sort of industrial espionage happens all the time. But don't think too hard about that, what's important is that number. Remember?

153 584 175

Remember how they advertise utterly trash products on talk radio.
Remember how really awful pop records tend to grow on you.
Remember how billions of people around the world are finally convinced that Rapture is a good idea. It's all done by the Three R's.

Repetition; repetition: REP E TIT ION.

There were scurrilous claims that the James Cameron film AV AT AR was responsible for a sense of general malais or suicidal thoughts in viewers upon leaving the cinema, wanting to return instantly to the Eutopian world of Pandora or some other such nonsense. For my own testimony, Avatar was a gorgeously rendered WAKE UP CALL to action to defeat the corporate war machine, but that's just me.

Invented in 1897 by AW Scripture, subliminal messages became controversial in 1950s films for their ability to persuade the viewer to want a hotdog or want a coke, both of which are GARBAGE FOOD. Now that these 'flash frames' are banned, Certificators need to be more aware of other psychological techniques used in Summer Blockbuster films such as Inception that may be 'suggesting', for example, 'complacency in the face of global governance' agendas. 3D movies should be the perfect mass-hypnotism tool, a different visual 'pattern' for each eye every 50th of a second 'could' set up intentional resonance (or attention) paths across an unwitting brain; back and forth, back and forth. Note: I didn't watch Avatar in 3D.

153 584 175

That number again, remember. It is very important. “Your mind is the scene of the crime,” remember that tagline? Well, it has nothing to do with the film, nothing to do with a crime and everything to do with YOU THE PEOPLE. Who, me? Yes, the collective you. The real Hollywood zombie. The seven billion consumers of planet earth. There are too many of you. Remember that, it's very important to the redundant plot of this mind crime.

153 584 175

It's getting more repetitious now, isn't it; THAT NUMBER? But it's not too annoying yet because you're intrigued by this reporting device, if I don't reveal at least a clue soon, you're going to switch off. It's a very delicate balance. Well, keep a grip, because here it comes again.


is [a film about] the act of implanting an idea in the enemy's head. So, my friend, who had an interest in cinema, his favourite film is The Exorcist, came to watch Inception with me. But he didn't watch the film with me. He watched another film. The film in his own head. The film INCEPTION was always intended to bring out in the viewer, the real enemy.

My friend, whom I'd 'suggested' share this film with me, became the victim of CORPORATE INCEPTION. Later, still angry, in the pub, he told me how he was thinking of an ex-girlfriend and how he felt great remorse about the way they'd split up. This wasn't a positive, “I'll fix this, and move on,” affirmation. It was a negative. I must go back in time and stop this. Revelation. As I've said, my friend's favourite film is the domestic-horror-haunting film The Exorcist. And its power is that it slowly and seductively becomes YOUR BEST MATE. Personally, I noticed the classic hypnosis voice intonation, cadence and phrasing techniques within the first hour of Inception and was able to start cataloguing the crimes from that point on.

153 584 175

Remember that number one last time. It's relevant here because it's the abuse of a critical mechanism. It's a style of review copy that was completely unneccesary, much like the bad cast and the bad action in this film. And before you look at this review and go, “Leonardo De Caprio was a brilliant actor and his 'dream demons' added weight and tension to the twists and turns of the plot...” remember that the rest of the cast was NOT your average Ocean's Eleven mismatch of characters. For one, there were no characters. There was certainly no character development, as everything was hidden from each character as a setup structure of the film itself. And the big, beardy Indian guy, the Druggist. The paedo-inspiring Architect. The laconic Forger. And the sappy-looking side-kick. Were all out of place. They didn't belong there, a disjointed multi-rational resonance was being initiated. You were being put on edge by this jarring series of totems, your mind was already being manipulated, you were being broken down, shattered somewhat, so that your abused mind could be re-arranged around the clever editing and score of this unashamedly layer caked last hour.

Let me help you understand why YOU ARE ALL IN DAN GER when you watch this film.

As a figurative artist, in the late 1980s to early 1990s I had a series of one-man exhibitions of paintings that I dubbed 'psycho-realist'. What I'd do is, I wouldn't paint the moment, I wouldn't paint the detailed topology of an item or person, I'd paint an emotion, say, “What does it FEEL LIKE to really want someone there, right now, what would the intensity of that emotion do to the rendered subjects of the painting?”

I did this intentionally, as a way for me, personally, to explore the creative process; it had nothing to do with you, the viewer. But I'd stumbled upon something quite strange. By illustrating my emotion in such a blatant way, for purely egotistical or therapeutic reasons, I'd unleashed the demon; YOUR DEMON. Many is the time I'd have people come up to me at exhibition opening and tell me the story of this painting, what this painting meant to them, and they were very detailed stories that related back to some unresolved emotion they had about the way their life may have gone. This story had NOTHING AT ALL to do with anything I'd painted into my image, and everything to do with their own input into the reminiscence – it's like I'd PLANTED AN IDEA in their minds and they were re-running that slice of their emotinal lives back at me.

But you can't go back, you can only go forward. Unless. Unless you kill yourself. Yes, it's true, if you're in too deep, like the cardboard cut-out characters in this film, you always have a way out. Kill yourself. And I'm thinking, “Did Bill Hicks write this movie?” no Christopher Nolan wrote this movie. Setting aside the fact that film-making is a group effort, a corporate conspiracy against your the viewer, let's say. It's the dethreading of narrative timelines later in the film that give away the real inception of this film. For example, why did the Architect suddenly lose her ability to invent a way out of any maze? Why was she, once she'd commited to the hair-brained inception fraud, so powerless to change the outcome of the endeavour?


Remember that number. You know that 153 584 175 (numerically, on the 'Cheiro' system of numerology) spells INC EPT ION. Maybe you didn't even pick that up in the review copy. Go back. Have a look at how you got here, to this point in the review. Go back. Remember how corporate advertising works. The de-threading of the film gives the game away. There is no dream, only physical manipulation, and that physical manipulation onscreen involves a falling van. That physical manipulation onscreen involves a cellar. That physical manipulation onscreen involves a rhythmic pounding crescendo that builds over the last hour of the film as time is allowed to run slower and slower, it's like your heart is being coerced into stopping. Your heart is the heart of all the people watching this film. Remember, the heart was the thing the Aztec people queued up in their thousands to sacrifice to their sun god.

And that demanding repetitive soundtrack with a low, deepky rumbling claxon that sounded (to me) a lot like a fog horn: a FOG OF WAR horn?

Don't live in denial is what this film is saying. And you're thinking, “Great it's going to unveil the corruption of global finance,” but it doesn't, it pulls a cunning magicians sleight of hand trick on You The Viewer right up to the end. It suggests to you, “Don't worry that society is crumbling. Remember your social programming. The real way out is. The. Rapture.” Let your God take you away from all this turmoil, this trouble, this confusing strife. Trust clever old Hollywood to give you all the brain-washed answers. Surely, that's what this Tavistock Institute 'social structuring' industry exists for, right?

153 584 175

Feel safe yet?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wikileaks - Afghanistan War Log

first it was COLLATERAL MURDER, then it was TOP SECRET AMERICA ... now it's AFGHANISTAN WAR LOG. And it seems rather wonderful and damning...

The disclosures come from more than 90,000 records of incidents and intelligence reports about the conflict obtained by the whistleblowers' website Wikileaks in one of the biggest leaks in US military history. Including...

• How a secret "black" unit of special forces hunts down Taliban leaders for "kill or capture" without trial.

• How the US covered up evidence that the Taliban have acquired deadly surface-to-air missiles.

• How the coalition is increasingly using deadly Reaper drones to hunt and kill Taliban targets by remote control from a base in Nevada.

• How the Taliban have caused growing carnage with a massive escalation of their roadside bombing campaign, which has killed more than 2,000 civilians to date.
[source GUARDIAN]

...but remember, dear reader, they don't call it THE FOG OF WAR for nothing. And that's still what this might be, diversion from the real motivation, the real way the world works. We end up hating the people doing the evil deeds (the police, the military) rather than wondering WHY they're being allowed to do what they do.

Total global transparency doesn't just mean all these recent whistleblown facts, it also mean TOTAL GLOBAL TRANSPARENCY OF INTENT ... and we're, unfortunately, not seeing that ugly picture in such mass media releases.

Especially with the way they're painting this leak as a HACK, what a way to usher in tighter online security for EVERYONE - internet freedom - free thought - and freedom of expression is surely being hacked at here, I suspect. Certainly with Congressional passing of Obama's so-called INTERNET KILL SWITCH legislation.

David Icke - you're employed to animate that uniform.

A great video and a gorgeous rant by David Icke, from a recent appearance on the Alex Jones* show where I'm convinced he gave his most courageous performance, about prising the (snail) HUMAN out of the corporate (shell) SUIT.

"Get a fuckin' backbone, for God's sake!"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
*this is not the same Alex Jones who's just taken over BBC's The One Show.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Innocence Lost: Ethan McCord recounts aftermath of Collateral Murder event

Ethan McCord, an Iraq war veteran and whistleblower on war crimes committed by US forces, talks about his experience as part of the first platoon to arrive on the scene of fresh carnage, in the Collateral Murder video leaked by the website Wikileaks in April 2010.

This video was produced by the United National Peace Conference Media Project, an initiative powered by the Sanctuary for Independent Media and Hudson Mohawk Indymedia Center.

thanks to Pete for the updated video, which includes McCord's own photos

Soldiers are just normal people who find themselves in the midst of mindless carnage for no good reason.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alex Hurrican Higgins - snooker genius - dies aged 61

tonight I learned of the death of one of my personal heroes... 1983 World Snooker Champion Alex (Hurricane) Higgins has passed away. Alex had been suffering from throat cancer and he'd become a shadow of his former self in recent years (reports are emerging that he starved himself to death) but let's remember him at his flambuoyant best.

Here he is showing just how to clear a table, from 1982:

Friday, July 23, 2010

david dees - chemtrail gulf oil slow dance

I don't really know if this is fair on Mrs Robinson and Mr Soetoro, but David Dees's latest photo-montage is a stunning visual polemic and one of the best political satires I've seen in a long time.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the Free Planet mission - arbeit macht frei - dogma busting.

I wonder if what I'm doing with Free Planet is akin to what the Buddhist mission and the Catholic mission and the Consumerist mission have been doing to our minds and to our planet for several centuries.

I don't think so, and here's why...

Cultural Imperialism of the kind represented by these seemingly-benevolent 'missions' and their honourable 'missionaries' is just another manifestation of feudal war for New World Order, with a few intellectuals destroying culture in the name of unification and tricking a mass of dominated sheople how to think and act?

"But the same can be said for Free Planet, Mike," I hear you cry, "Aren't you the New World Order dictator telling those of us who enjoy their consumerist comforts and their easy lifestyle how to act?"

Well, not really, and here's why.

Free Planet encourages (not crushes) Cultural Diversity by moving humanity from a jingoistic 'definition' of country defined by its war-won birth-certificated boundaries to a global series of "Diversities" defined by creative, passionate and brotherly ways to make the world a better place.

Free Planet must necessarily flip the consumerist slave world (we've all come to call our home) on its head, humanity has to wake up from its slave slumber - "The sleeper must awaken," as Frank Herbert put it in his DUNE novels.

Free Planet is not about austerity and less, as we're being asked to accept in the current (monetisation) phase of the consumerist (debt) war, it's about fruitfulness of passion, creativity and kinship. It's globally about achieving more, but with an emphasis on the planet as our saviour to deliver FOR FREE that bounty. It's about people, all seven billion people at last count, waking up to the corporate tyranny and freeing themselves by no longer funding the global war machine with its blood, its sweat and its tears.

Corporate missionaries brutalise our minds day in day out; buy this, invest in that, you need this, you can't live without that. We are locked into the false paradigm that Arbeit Macht Frei (remember that from the gates of Auschwitz death camp?) proposed but it's distracting, destabilising work that You The People of this decaying planet shouldn't be doing. Your life on this beautiful homeworld should be about plenty for all, and love for all humanity, but there are intellectual hurdles that need to be surmounted.

the "go forth and multiply" crowd are a direct result of intellectual missionaries that push the population to greater and greater numbers. Why would consumerist society encourage that? Isn't it obvious? Taxes. Why do you think the biggest thing to hit this planet, in terms of potential revenue, in the years leading up to and including 9-11, has been the switch-over from 'fiat' (i.e. non gold guaranteed aka inflation prone) currency to Carbon Credits that will become their own Carbon Tax thanks to the 'missionary' efforts of the Global Warming scientific cabal.

More tax payers = more consumers.

To make Free Planet a better place, we need to take stock of our rampant Populationism - the earth is 'time locally' a finite size (despite Free Planet's support of Neal Adams's Growing Earth hypothesis) and we are in great danger of outgrowing it much faster than it can accomodate more and more of us.

So, in Free Planet terms, what are we doing with families of 5 or 6 or 12 children? Health care, in the form of preventative medicine and healthy lifestyle, will be available to all on Free Planet, so we have neither the political dogmatic need nor attritional wastage need for big families. We should actually ENCOURAGE a slow but steady fall-off of the numbers of people on Free Planet. But we don't drug the water, food or minds of the Sheople as John P Holdren and his Eugenics cronies would have us do it - we educate the people to be integrated cogniscent supporters of Free Planet.

In missionary times gone by, the global population was much lower and (indigenous peoples aside) we understood much less about our integral role in the condition of our planet; we scooped out the planet's lungs by felling trees for our war ships, we hacked out the planet's stomach by murdering predators in the name of camp-fire horror stories and organised Roman Gladiatorial excess, we gutted the planet's intestines in the form of meaningless or social cullings and useless slaughter for exotic aphrodisiacs, we broke the planet's spine by growing our number such that we're a terminal burden, an actual cancer.

But we have the power to heal all the ills of centuries of Missionary Dogma in all its forms and escape our cell in the prison planet that's built up around us. We can do it, if we want to, because we are the rulers of our own destiny.

Who's ready for some real freedom, some real fun, some real living?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fallon - Baillie Walsh - amazing FLAKE advert

I love creative adverts like Chris Cunningham's amazing FLORA for Gucci.

When I first saw the most recent FLAKE advert, I suspected the genius hand of Chris Cunningham at the helm but to my surprise it was

created by Fallon and esteemed Director Baillie Walsh, most famous for his stunning cinematic imagery in films such as "Flashbacks of a Fool" with Daniel Craig and the critically acclaimed Oasis documentary, "Lord don't slow me down", the subject of his lens is undoubtedly the sensational dress produced by Couture Designer Anthony Price and donned by ethereal Russian Model Yulia Lobova.

Laughing Man hacks Facebook accounts with 'corporate slave' video

despite all my horror-writing buddies being on this data-mining utility for the CIA, there's no way I'm ever going to sign up for a Facebook account; so stop sending me invites, guys.

Maybe if I'd have signed up I might also have found this 'corporate slave' video splattered all over my Facebook Profile like so many of my hacked 'contemporaries'.

Many of the masks used in this WAKE UP SHEOPLE video are memes from 4chan - Courage Wolf, Leonidas, Cats, The King, Luigi, The Joker and there are references to the TV show 'Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex'.


July 24th update: here's an excerpt from a new message from The Laughing Man:

This is the Laughing Man speaking. I did not choose this moniker, but given the direction of human events, I find it wholly appropriate. Our society is an absurd monument to the irrational, and those of us sane enough to see it are laughing like madmen. I do not laugh because nothing remains great; I laugh because something greater is on the horizon. I laugh at the destruction of the unjust, and we are on the brink of a powerful Reawakening.

Old miners brought a canary into the mineshaft as an alarm for dangerous fumes. If the canary died, then the miners had only minutes to escape. This is why I chose the Dead Canary as the symbol of this cause; we can either abandon our present course of action or commit ourselves to destruction.

The people of this nation have become aware of their enslavement, but this is not what frightens the slave-drivers. That you might *choose* to remove your shackles terrifies them in a primal way and shakes them to the very center of their pathology. There is no lock, there is no key, and these men of unjust force have no power over you except that which your fear has allowed. Conflict has always been inevitable, and it will escalate if they do not step aside.

The battle for your mind, your productivity, and your very freedom is being waged here and now. The champions of freedom will ultimately prevail, but not because we have bigger guns. We will win because reality weighs in favor of the rational. Are they willing to walk over all of our corpses in the pursuit of their own suicidal demise? Bet your life on it. But what happens to the parasite when it has no host?

Kinect for Xbox 360 - Kinectimals

Microsoft Corporation just announced the $150 price tag for Kinect (aka Project Natal) by itself, or $300 bundled with an Xbox 360 slim, minus the 250GB hard drive ... and it sorta sounds like you'll be needing one of those sexy slim XBOX360's to get the best from Kinect. So, real price for Kinect $300, period.

Despite the astronomical price, in these times of crippling global recession, one of my favourite Kinections is called KINECTIMALS, made by Frontier Developments in Cambridge, UK.

Watch this cynically-grinning corporate cute-unit jump up and down on command, walk a plank on command and do what she's told by the corporate mind control box, on command. I'm talking about the grinning girl in this video, of course, not the fur-rendered shekitten.

But isn't she gorgeous? the fur-rendered shekitten I mean, made of lovely rendered fur, with big glassy doll eyes and living in a cute Eden-like landscape of NintenDog-ness. "Is there some sort of time-sensitive Easter Egg where these wild animals discover their inner savage, tear up all the local lifeforms and eventualy get too big for their rendered prison cell so that you have to throw them out into the urban sprawl to fend for themselves?" one might ask...

One can only hope there's not a KILL YOUR PARENTS patch for Kinect somewhere down the dark line of our Carbon Taxed future - these glassy-eyed corporate drones of advertiser-rendered cuteness might just listen to their real parent, the corporate dictator; the DEBT COLLECTOR.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dr Robin Herbert - World Trade Centre - cancers

here's a May 2007 10-minute audio interview with Dr Robin Herbert of the Mount Sinai Medical Center on the health effects of the World Trade Center dust in the New England Journal of Medicine.

"THE THIRD WAVE is the possibility of CANCERS further down the road", leukaemias and myelomas ... is Hiroshima the only contemporary parallel?

Of course, the NUCLEAR DEMOLITION of the World Trade Centre buildings One, Two and Seven isn't considered and Dr Herbert neglects to mention that particlised steel (not just particlised concrete) constituted a major percentage of this WTC dust - what process can produce enough pressure to particlise steel?

Here are the September 2009 illness figures among WTC First Responders:

Now, more than eight years after the disaster, huge numbers of First Responders, plus their fellow exposed New Yorkers are grievously ill. Afflictions range from chronic bronchial disease to asbestosis, leukemia and cancers, plus a host of other diseases including systemic organ failure for which the etiology remains unidentified. As of September 2009, 817 WTC workers have died; an estimated 70% of the 70,000-plus First Responders have declared illnesses; it is estimated by the World Trade Center Health Registry that 410,000 people have been ‘heavily exposed’ to WTC toxins (includes Responders), and may become seriously ill in the future. [source 911 HEALTH NOW]

Monday, July 19, 2010

Washington Post - TOP SECRET AMERICA

this multimedia investigation into the workings of covert corporate America just went live on the Washington Post's website: TOP SECRET AMERICA -- 1.7 billion emails and phone calls stored every day, almost every major corporation doing work for black projects. The editorial stance keeps referring to "POST 9-11", as if it was just some unfortunate accident that should never be mentioned again or properly investigated. I really wanna hear whistleblown material about "WHY 9-11" and "HOW 9-11".

I must say, based on the wikileaks furore yesterday, and no mention of any of the many Israeli companies who run the USA/UK telecoms/surveillance covert industry, no mention of the complicit mass media in the massive propaganda machine, no mention of a HACKED WAR GAME on 9-11, no mention of the drugs war being a major funding mechanism for covert operations; I'm sort of a bit disappointed.

Maybe the majority of people in the western world really don't know (or are in denial) even the most basic lies propagagted by the Corporate War Machine but it's OLD NEWS for the majority of us, right?

Here's the SNEAK PEEK teaser for the FRONTLINE investigation into the Washington Post's two year investigation of "Top Secret America" that will air in October - just what is really being 'soft revealed' to Ewe Der Sheople here?

July 23rd update: a VERY INTERESTING perspective on the real role of "Top Secret America" came in from the Keiser Report last night, co-hosted by Stacey Herbert and Max Keiser on Russia Today and I quote,

"The reason for 'Top Secret America' is not to 'spy on you' or 'catch terrorists' but 'to help them manipulate markets around the world and trade on insider information'."

Now, that's more like having a journalistic spine - and it always comes down to the money. They go on to discuss the crippling of the cocoa market in those cocoa-producing countries. It's all economic espionage, not Free Market.

Socrates Giolias - Pat Tillman - corporate assassinations

Greek investigative journalist/blogger Socrates Giolias, 37, was executed outside his home early this morning with 20 bullets from two different guns. The execution was a mafia-like attack, well-organized, by 3-4 or more people, who called him down with the excuse that someone is trying to steal his car.

"Tomorrow you will see how the state of entanglement works between security forces and a businessman! With photo and documents." [source TROKTIKO]

And we all remember Pat Tillman - well, the Weinsteins are bringing out a new film - here's the trailer. Wonder if Channel 4 will eventually do a similar documentary on the death of Dr David Kelly.

MORAL OF THE STORY: if you're gonna whistleblow, don't HYPE it, just do it - before they erase your ass.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alex Jones - The Obama Deception

ChangeDaChannel, who had the best rip of Alex Jones's Obama Deception DVD on youtube for free download (it had like SIX MILLION HITS) just got hacked!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

USA UK IRAN - the information war - carbon tax

I'm sure both sides of any war are, or have been, guilty of spreading disinformation or propaganda or false evidence on their 'enemy' at some point in history; that is the function of THE FOG OF WAR. It's just that most of the recent wars aren't about two armies fighting, they're about political destruction of sovereign states to fold their people into the Global Governance cake misture. Iraq, Afghanistan and other 'wars' are just a Mass Media-duped sick-making FOR PROFIT exercise from what's become known as the New World Order.

What, after all, was the "Neda Soltani" Iran Elections assassination if not a cynical attempt to influence opinion on Iran? And I've already mentioned that the New Regime (here in UK and in USA) will start a concerted effort to further blackball Iran, it's how they influence You The People. Don't believe any Corporate War Machine hype - there are TRILLIONS of Carbon Tax dollars at stake.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Gordon Brown says Saddam Hussein was in the way of the New World Order

Tony Blair said, "Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and could kill us all in 45 minutes."

Grodon Brown said, "Saddam Hussein was in the way of the New World Order." and he said it at the Iraq Inquiry. Why has nobody picked up on this until now?

Initially, this looks like one of those Bush/Obama videos were someone redubs the audio of a video speech to put words in the mouth of Bush/Obama as a form of ridicule about broken promises - but it's not. This testimony comes RIGHT OUT OF Gordon Brown's official Iraq Inquiry testimony PDF, though I think they needed to capitalise the proper noun "New World Order".

Tony Blair condemned Gordon Brown as a 'mad, bad, dangerous' mafia don at the height of their civil war for control of the Labour Party, Lord Mandelson has revealed. [source DAILY MAIL]

But, remember, there is no New World Order globalist conspiracy to corporately rule the globe FOR PROFIT; that's what the mainstream media has been telling us for any number of decades, right?

And I'm not saying the Bullingdon Boys currently in power in the UK are any better, mind. And I guess our government agents can get on with blackballing Iran so that You The People will consider THEM a nuclear threat (as you did with Iraq) and go send the Coalition to destroy their country, too. All in the name of this NON-EXISTENT New World Order FOR-PROFIT carbon tax organisation.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Laid Bare: UK's £5 Trillion Debt


Surely, there's no way EACH UK HOUSEHOLD can stump up £200,000 to monetise the insane amount of debt our elected government has accrued.

That wasn't a question.

Seriously, look at all the Corporate Wars we've waged (alongside our US allies) in the recent decade and KNOW that we're in this pit by our own making. It's time to say "NO!" and that's a big proper no! to global war-mongering. And I still can't understand why the City Of London exists (technically) as an off-shore square mile with financial laws and regulation unto itself - either it's a part of UK or it's not. It's a part of the problem (solution) or it's not.

The oft-quoted £903bn figure for public sector net debt is a borrowing sum calculated by the ONS according to international standards.

But a broader set of ONS figures taking in Government liabilities show unfunded public service pension obligations could add another £1.2 trillion and liabilities in unfunded state pension schemes a further £1.35 trillion.

The Government's stakes in RBS and Lloyds account for an extra £1.5 trillion - leaving a debt mountain of £4.953 trillion once public sector net debt is added in.

The sum is almost four times the size of the UK's total gross domestic product in 2009.
[source SKY NEWS]

Now is the time for all the people of the world to RENOUNCE global war mongering in the name of profit and assets and say a great big "Welcome!" to their Free Planet, en masse.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

and you somehow forgot...

and you somehow forgot that millions of people were on the streets protesting the Vietnam War -- why are you still funding THE CORPORATE WAR MACHINE and all its clever plans of false flag terror, espionage and subversion to achieve its bottom line this quarter?

remember when war was televised.
remember the boiling horror we poured upon foreign people.
remember how proud we were in the moments before we woke up to our own slavery.

remember that the press was banned from covering the Gulf Oil Disaster.
remember that we've always been at war with Eastasia.
remember that upwards of 54% of your taxes are funding this global unification of the corporate agenda.


Friday, July 09, 2010

Never mind the Climategate whitewash – what about our new £50 billion annual climate bill?

By James Delingpole of The Guardian.

So the Sir Muir Russell inquiry into Climategate was, pretty much, a whitewash. But then we’d already guessed that. The danger with all these official cover-ups – reported with salivating glee by the Warmists’ drooling useful idiots in the Mainstream Media – is that they distract from the main point.

And the main point, at least as far as British taxpayers are concerned is this: under the terms of the 2008 Climate Change Act we are the only country in the world legally committed to making swinging reductions in CO2, the harmless trace gas which helps plants grow and which we really need more of not less in order to soften the blow of the imminent global cooling.

How much is this lunacy going to cost us? The figure which used to be quoted was £18 billion per annum. Apparently this has now more than doubled.

The new figure our glorious Coalition intends to squander – every single year for the next 40 years – is £50 billion, all in order to deal with a problem that doesn’t actually exist.
[source GUARDIAN]

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Geo-engineering & the monkey-eating eagle of the Orinoco

there was a very interesting BBC wildlife documentary about the monkey-eating Harpy eagle of Orinoco, Venezuela.

What's really stunning (while watching this show) is the vast variety of lifeforms that exist in these rainforests, also the realisation that IF THE CORPORATE WAR MACHINE HADN'T CUT DOWN ALL THE FORESTS to make their warships and their fortresses and clearing land to feed their McDonald armies - I'm proper serious about this conclusion - there would still exist IN ALL OUR COUNTRIES this level of diversity of species.

Even back in 1968, writer Philip K Dick prophecied the DEATH OF ALL ANIMAL SPECIES in his amazing novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", so it's nothing new. This annihilation of diversity has been on the cards for at least fifty years in the popular psyche. It's inevitable.

So, why the Geo-engineering aspect to this post? They're bold-as-brass advertising for a geo-engineering post here in Oxford. They can't even plug the BP gulf oil spill and they think they can geo-engineer an entire planet! And who's to say they're already NOT doing this, pouring chemicals into the water and into the air to effect their idiotic scyfy plot? Here are the specifics of this geo-engineering job advert.

The Oxford Geoengineering Programme (OGP) is a new initiative of the James Martin 21st Century School aiming to initiate and co-ordinate a focused interdisciplinary effort to address questions related to geoengineering - the intentional manipulation of the planet’s climate system.

Yeah, we all know what it means, stop being so obviously tyrannical and leave OUR PLANET alone. Rewild our planet and it'll sort itself out.

Sea Shepherd at Deepwater Ground Zero. ***Exclusive footage***

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

James Fox - Gulf Oil Disaster - water tests

here's Truth Crusader James Fox down at Grand Isle, Louisiana, dodging the military humvees to get samples of the oil and water on the beach to send to labs for testing.

Water samples from Gulf come back as 150 times more TOXIC than needed to kill large fish. COREXIT, the dispersent being used by BP on the oil spill in vast quantities, is the major culprit of this TOXICITY via an ingredient called propylene glycol. And that's for STARTERS!!!!!!!!!

Trivia: did you know that Propylene Glycol is a FOOD ADDITIVE, often found in dog and human food? But NOT cat food - cats have a bad reaction to it. Clever cats. So, why is it allowed in food if cats react bad to it? Even if rats or mice react badly to stuff, it's banned. What invalidates the cats' bad reaction? And it's in e-cigarettes - oh, the irony.

NOTE: somebody really needs to test this shit for RADIATION.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Daniel Estulin - the war with Russia is INEVITABLE

a coincidence theorist, nice. What on Earth is going on with the Estulin/Bilderberg story? What's his role in a future world coming to terms with the eradication (or not) of the global cabal, in fact all global corporate cabals?

This new interview on Russia Today is a follow-up to Estulin's recent appearance at the European Parliament.

United Nations army setting up thirteen (not so secret) based in Afghanistan, eh? From there, you can hit both Russia and/or China, no? Both seem obvious targets if the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE is aiming to eviscerate Sovereign States (erm, like Poland) from the planet, no?

In the (above) video interview on Russia Today (make of that combination what you will) Estulin says, "War with RUSSIA inevitable." but there's another theory that both Russia and USA were tasked with the conquest of (sovereign) Afghanistan for minerals, in the same way that Iraq was conquered for its oil, so what's the real story here?

I'm still confused by the bullshit obfuscation of fake CORPORATE MEDIA and supposedly not fake NON CORPORATE MEDIA.

Truth, it's your turn to reveal yourself.

Monday, July 05, 2010

afghanistan - corporate war for assets - 9-11 put options haunting

surely, both our American and English governments are convinced that there's a terrorist threat from Afghanistan, hence their invasion and continued occupation of a sovereign country - I mean, come on, they weren't INVITED, right?


Well, that chart of potential mineral wealth in Afghanistan (above) was more than likely put together by the Russians when they invaded Afghanisatan in the 80's; that's, after all, why the CIA funded the Mujahedin aka Al Qaeda (which means The CIA Database, as Robin Cook informed us all before his death) to kick out the Russians.

Just this month, American geologists working with the Pentagon team have been conducting ground surveys on dry salt lakes in western Afghanistan where they believe there are large deposits of lithium (used in the computer industry). Pentagon officials said that their initial analysis at one location in Ghazni Province showed the potential for lithium deposits as large of those of Bolivia, which now has the world’s largest known lithium reserves.

“There is stunning potential here,” Gen. David H. Petraeus, (the new) commander of the United States Central Command, said in an interview on Saturday. “There are a lot of ifs, of course, but I think potentially it is hugely significant.”

Where is this going? Well, the (above) NEW YORK TIMES article is suggesting that the charts were hidden during the thirty-year war and only recently brought out of hiding by the Afghani geologists.

The recent "arrest of these TEN RUSSIAN AGENTS FOUND IN AMERICA" news headline starring the voluptuous redhead Anna Chapman, who used to live in England, proves that there are still agents and double agents and intelligence passing freely between all the governments of this corporate planet. If Democratic & Communist countries are so succesfully infiltrated, then surely, all parties knew of the mineral wealth of Afghanistan LONG BEFORE THE 2001 INVASION which began a mere THREE WEEKS after the 9/11 attack.

Three weeks to organise a country-wide invasion by a foreign invader?

The Corporate War Machine was ready to roll long before the Twin Towers came down. In fact, the Russians (failed) and the Coalition (succeeded, for now) were both funded by the same global banking cartel, so this INSIDER DEALING involving a faked terror attack on New York, is far more damning than a little greedy profit to be made on the side via high volumes Put Options prior to 9-11 where “The uncollected money raises suspicions that the investors – whose identities and nationalities have not been made public – had advance knowledge of the strikes”.

The mineral wealth of Afghanistan, key to the computer age, was well known long before the (successful) Afghan invasion. Oh, and don't forget the heroin industry - very lucrative heroin industry, now back under corporate banking control.

NOTE: thinking outside the box about those (uncollected) Put Options ... the private individuals who bought them KNEW that there was no way a 9-11 Conspiracy would be revealed by the Six Major News Corporations, so was their buying of (unclaimed) Put Options the only way they could (retrospectively) EXPOSE this 'global war of terror' methodology? Will we ever find out who issued these Put Options? They may be the White Knights in this insanity...

Friday, July 02, 2010

new Mike Philbin fiction up at Decomp literary magazine

it's been a while since I had the compulsion to submit a story to a fiction market; the result is a piece in this month's DECOMP literary magazine. It's a 3,000 words prose piece called "Another Beautiful Day in the Corp".

You could say the original inspiration for this ditty came from James Cameron > Aliens > Apone who joyously, sarcastically describes life in the GALACTIC CORPORATE WAR MACHINE thus, "All right, sweethearts, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the Corps! A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal's a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I LOVE the Corps!"

Obviously, in this story, Another Beautiful Day in the Corp, the Corp isn't the Marines, it's the CORPORATION, but it could be translated to any faceless corporate role where you're nothing more than a statistical non-entity in the PROFIT/loss spreadsheet of a dividend-serving human-rape-jail.

You know, it gets no better than this.

Free Planet - a finite number of souls?

yes, I have completely rewritten this blogpost and reposted it for maximum exposure to You The People, ready?

In case you haven't noticed, the more humans there are, the more animal species go extinct and the fewer mammals and birds of the remaining species exist.

You're a so-called spiritual reader of this blog, so consider this, "What if there are only a FINITE NUMBER OF SOULS allowed on planet earth at any one time?"

Humans are suppposed to SHARE this Free Planet with their fellow insects, fish, birds and mammals, not DOMINATE the planet like a virus. We all know it's the Mythology Squad who, by various corporate means, have brain-washed the people of this planet into needlessly 'going forth and multiplying'. We carry on the way we are and a) all the food this planet can offer every year will be eaten and b) mankind will devolve into Soylent Green territory, maybe with a valid flavouring of Logan's Run - you get to fifty, you're food.

Doing good by the planet might then mean we need to watch out for AND LEGISLATE AGAINST Evangelist Death Squads who'll take it upon themselves to go roaming Free Planet looking for Diversities to cull, as we (stupidly) used to cull seal and deer and other beautiful creatures, in a vain attempt to feed everyone. And you know what, I wouldn't even care. Maybe human meat is worth eating for a decade or so while we allow the planet to restock and replenish its natural diversity after the centuries of mindless human slaughter. But I won't condone such action, as I think natural wastage is more profitable TO THE PLANET, and easier to stomach for the majority of you'all still trying to hold onto some sort of familiarity with a (financial) world collapse.

Now, I know this may sound a little radical but that's why you're here, one would hope. You want bland reportage, go choose from the six major news corporations.

Imagine that proposition, a FINITE NUMBER OF SOULS allowed on planet earth.

Yes, I'm suggesting animals have souls, isn't that astonishing? If mankind is arrogant and/or egotistical enough to think his 'evolved' mammalian foundation is host to some sort of spiritual entity, why not any other mammalian foundation, any other animal.

"Man is the only animal with a soul, it says in our mind control propaganda." I mean, COME ON... mammals and birds dream. Mammals and birds have emotions. Mammals and birds may be, just like us, soulless. So what? It's useless to argue either way.

Facts are these:
We're still all here.
We're still all alive and vital.
We still all deserve to SHARE this Free Planet.

EVERYONE who reassesses their role on this world, will reap real rewards.
EVERYONE who shows respect for all living things, will receive that same respect.
EVERYONE who recognises our very dear and very close planet sharers, will no longer think in abstract terms of meat and poultry.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Blair named as Liberty Medal winner.

another ITN story - this one made me feel physically sick.

Tony Blair has been named by the US National Constitution Centre as the winner of its prestigious Liberty Medal for 2010.

Thanking the Centre, Mr Blair said: "Freedom, liberty and justice are the values by which this medal is struck. Freedom, liberty and justice are the values which I try to apply to my work on governance in Africa and on preparing the Palestinians for statehood. They are the values which drive the work of my faith foundation as we try to show that people of different faiths can live together constructively in peace and harmony." [source ITN]

This after Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, what a massive insult to the entire free population of this planet. Seriously, I think of the deaths of all those hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis in that Bush/Blair 'arranged invasion' and I feel physically sickened by this news - these twisted fucks, these corporate monsters, have to be stopped.

PROFIT is killing all common sense on this planet, fact!

Mai Pederson calls for Dr David Kelly inquest

now, this is an interesting one: according to ITN, US Air Force officer Mai Pederson*, she's an old chum of suicide'd Iraq weapons inspector Dr David Kelly, has written to the Attorney General calling for an independent review into his death.

No inquest was ever completed into the death of Dr Kelly in 2003, just days after he was indentified as the source of stories questioning then prime minister Tony Blair's case for war in Iraq.

But the Hutton Inquiry into his death found that he killed himself by swallowing 29 painkillers and slitting his left wrist.

Ms Pedersen, who worked with Dr Kelly in Iraq in the 1990s and remained a close friend, challenged this finding in 2008, revealing he had an injury to his right elbow which made it difficult for him to cut with a knife. [source ITN]

Here's a quote from another Daily Mail article detailing exactly what was wrong with Dr David Kelly's right arm:

‘I don’t know whether he was born right-handed but by the time I first met him he favoured his left hand for any task that required strength, like opening a door or carrying his briefcase.

‘When he embraced friends at the beginning and end of Baha’i meetings, it was his left arm that you felt hugging you and you could tell his right arm hurt him because he rubbed the elbow a lot.

‘I didn’t want to pry but he finally told me the reason in the spring of 2003. It was the last time I saw him before he died. He was visiting America on business and we went out to dinner.

‘He ordered steak and he was holding his knife very oddly in the palm of his right hand, with his wrist crooked, trying to cut the meat.

‘He told me that some time ago he had broken his right elbow and it was never fixed properly, so he had real problems with it. It was painful and it never regained its strength.

'I just don’t see how he could have used his right hand to cut through the nerves and tendons of his left wrist - especially as the knife he supposedly used had a dull blade.’ [source DAILY MAIL]

*Mai Pederson is the subject of quite a lot of internet speculation, here's a revealing article from Norman Baker MP in the Mail Online, a member of the UK Parliament who has fought for the re-opening of the Kelly case since its premature dismissal and locking of the files for seventy years.

Yeah, I realise such file-locking also happened in the JFK assassination case, too.

Whatever comes out about whom, the Iraq War is looking more and more like a cynical corporate ruse. Man, I'm sick of these PROFIT games all over my beautiful planet.