Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free Planet - simulation goes live - will you survive?

I've had so many people recently refer to my Free Planet 'ideology' as all sorts of things from Communism to Gaiaism and all sorts of chaos in between.


It's obvious, the only way we're gonna resolve this, and give You The People a chance to get a taste of real non-feudal global awakening, is to lay out the parameters of the Free Planet simulation and press the GO button.

September 30th 2010

Of course there's been several months of intense preparation to accomodate the diverse cultures that have built up around seven billion people and to dismiss some of the feudalistic corporate evils that's been throttling the life out of this once beautiful planet.

The people are well informed.
The cities are being cleared away.
The corporations have been dissolved.
The programmes of rewilding are well under way.
The patents have been returned to You The People.
The local energy, heating, sanitation solutions work.
The floating mobile homes have been issued.
The hydroponic growing systems are online.
The GPS taxis use the military grade internet-in-space.

The Corporate War Machine no longer exists.
Fiat financial mechanisms no longer exist.
Countries no longer exist.
Royalty no longer exists.
Prisons no longer exist.
Roads no longer exist.
Laws no longer exist.

Seven billion human beings are really exploring THEIR (inner and outer) HOMESPACE for the first time in thousands of years. Their aim? To keep Free Planet as beautifully fruitful and culturally diverse as it's ever been. Oh, and to have fun while they're alive, rather than working on a chain gang for a ruthless prison guard until they die.


has the TRUTH MOVEMENT reached saturation point?

admit it, you're finding it more and more confusing, more and more tiring, more and more futile, to sift the INFO from the DISINFO.

Up is Down.
Right is Wrong.
Legal is Illegal.
Truth is Lies.

You no longer know which way to turn - there are no more Reliable Sources.

Government says there are no aliens.
Government says there are aliens.
Vatican says Earth is the centre of the universe (Adam & Eve it).
Vatican says it's okay to believe in ET. Paedophilia in the ranks, absorbtion of orthodox religions into Roman Catholicism, will the Vatican Pope bow to Mecca at some point? Mecca bowing to the Pope, more like?

Who really cares about all these crazy mind games anymore? They're just games, in your head. The economy's a game. Religion's just a game. Laws, country, "responsibility" are just a game.

Why are you even reading this? What's wrong with you, Human Race? Have you lost all interest in the truth? Is it just easier for you to remain the dumbed-down Consumers and resort to your lowest-common-Dominators like Walmart and Nike and Disney and McDonalds et al to drip-feed you how the world pseudo-works?

I mean, look at the film THE MATRIX, hailed by the Truth Movement as some sort of intellectual standard bearer with its, "You're all asleep, time to wake up," message.

But think about this, The Matrix was made by Hollywood, the propaganda arm of the Corporate War Machine. They've put lots of intellectual effort into how people's minds work. They know what makes You The Viewer, You The Consumer, tick. Was the original intent of The Matrix film to TOTALLY DISCREDIT concrete reality and simple truth by saying, "Hell, it's okay to be asleep." outside is just gloomy tedium and confusing misery anyway, for eternity.

At least this way, you get your caffeine high, you get your pseudo-croissant and you get your slave wage, your sleazy distraction in the red dress - go watch more porn, go hate more foreigners, go do as we fucking tell you.

You rat, you sap, you snivelling dolt of a virus!

But it's not your fault. The TRUTH is so compartmentalised, with MENTAL being the operative 'ghost in the machine', that even the supposed Powers That Be (the psychologists and strategists who make this stuff up for our ultimate good) might not even know, or care, what the real truth might actually be. They've signed their NDAs and they know their corporate role in the grand scheme of 'running a planet'. We are being made Informationally Inept i.e. we no longer have the ability to discern the jewel from the turds; we can no longer say what is and isn't REAL - and our rulers LOVE THIS.

Even the army knows this already, as evidenced by this excerpt from their Plague Of Ideas article.

Instead of being self-correcting, societies deficient in the ability to discriminate between different qualities of information grow self-deluding, embracing reassuring myths--or comforting rumors--instead of adjusting to embarrassing realities. When an informationally inept population must compete with one that is informationally adept, the deficient state or region always loses.

Blind them with chaff.

Basically, the whole of human social programming, since Roman times and surely before, is just crammed full of intellectually stimulating but ultimately vaccuous 'blipverts' designed to confound and convolute, to worry and winklepick at your patience. Why would Big Society's role be to confuse itself? Where's the creative advantage in such a widespread and insidious methodology? What is humanity PROTECTING itself from, really?

I suspect you're reading this (if you got this far) going, "I will never read Free Planet blog again." when you should actually be saying, "Yeah, maybe Mike's right (for once), maybe we have been data saturated, by design." think of how the pilots in Vietnam reacted to all the incoming intel while they were on a bombing run, announcements about casualties, requests for back up, failures, losses, worry, sheer human terror...


That's what they want you to do. They know it works if they overload you. They want you to self-discredit. To self-doubt. To self-destruct your intellectual research into the truth.

And by that I mean the REAL TRUTH, and nothing but the truth. So help you, humans.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Show - Mad Man Across The Water - Disclosure imminent?

As there seems to be a concerted media effort to convince You The People of a real alien threat, I thought I'd dredge up this blogpost from June to maybe try and advance discussion on, "What do our governments really know about this so-called enemy from the heavens?"

THE SHOW and MAD MAN ACROSS THE WATER refer to another supposedly-secret global group and one of their UFO-activity-monitoring consultants, respectively.

We have learned a few things since the curtain lifted on The Show. Mainly, we've learned:

* We are not alone.
* We are not supreme.
* Interstellar travel is possible.
* FTL travel is possible.
* Gravity may be manipulated.
* Our planet and our species is being visited by powerful beings with unknown gendas.

These are the edited highlights of a Disclosure that took place on a no-name-forum back in 2006, that has since been deleted.

I know of 4 vehicular types.

1) The Gollums and their beach-balls.
2) The Stockmänner and their cylinders.
3) The Nasties (four entities acting communally) and their saucers.
4) The big-ass NeverLanders, which never enter an atmosphere, as far as we know. These are gargantuan craft, often photographed as they pass in front of Jupiter and Saturn. Thankfully they rarely venture into the inner Solar System.

The Gollums visit Earth in the beach-balls, but those are just short-range transports. We've never seen them bring one of their ships into an atmosphere.

The cylinders are operated by the Stockmänner. The Stockmänner are tiny little critters, usually about 3 feet tall, and so skinny they appear at first glance to be made out of sticks. Some people think they look like Old World elves, but I don't see that. Slug-pale skin, tiny little heads, eyes like raisins, hands and feet that appear to be nearly identical.

The saucers belong to the nasties. They're the composite race I mentioned, and they're ugly as Hell. Depending on the configuration of the symbiotic organisms that comprise each nasty (which may be tied to social class, we're not sure), the nasties can be bipedal, three-legged, or four legged. I'd have to draw you a picture to do any justice to the rest. It's as if God took four really horrific monster-movie heavies and put them in a blender and animated the resulting mess.

Not every saucer bears a nasty, though. Some are either remote contolled or can operate without a pilot.

I don't expect anything to happen, Disclosure-wise, as long as Chimpy and his handlers are in the White House. They've been steered away from all this from day one.

And before anyone asks, the steering was done not by the Trilateral Commission or the World Bank or any of those boogy men, but by a small cross-national group that has quietly run The Show since about 1955. Different men from year to year, perhaps, but they all shared the same ideas.

The boomerang craft, are human as far as I know. Black projects abound, even if they aren't based on reverse-engineered UFO technology. We've got some pretty impressive tech of our own.

Here's my favourite bit of the testimony, it deals with, among other things, MONOATOMIC DUST, ready?

One end swung away to reveal a cramped circular gangway (maybe 16 inches in diameter -- the hull of this thing was really thick) with a tiny spherical 'cockpit' in the center of the craft. A single skinny airman could scramble inside, but since I'm neither terribly skinny nor airman I remained outside the craft.

The view from the cockpit was said to be spectacular. You could see, or appear to see, straight through the hull of the craft itself; the pilots reported the sensation as sitting on air. Tiny white lights floated about the pilot, constantly re-arranging themselves to stay out of the pilot's line of vision, but within easy reach.

Touching some of the lights did things -- opened the end, turned on exterior lights, caused hums and throbs deep within the hull of the craft. At the time I saw it, they'd figured out how to make it lift itself about ten feet off the ground, turn to the left and right, and even move forward or backward at a fast run. But that's about all they'd managed to do, and that was after a continuous ten years of round-the-clock work.

There's an alien device, here in the US, that periodically emits a blue-green light from its snout. Two seconds later, everything in front of the device in a volume 420 feet long and four feet wide is reduced to monoatomic dust.


Solid lead, titanium plates, granite, it doesn't matter -- monoatomic dust. They (the alleged aliens) don't even think it's a weapon.

We'd consider that a crackin' weapon - especially if you wanted to, say, bring down three skyscrapers in lower Manhattan nine years ago. The fact that 'they' don't consider this a weapon is either triple terrifying or triple reassuring.

Enough debate, let's see the anti-grav and free-energy stuff put to good use and release mankind from its corporate prison planet already - FREE PLANET.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ahmadinejad's 9/11 outburst sparks US walkout

Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sparked a walkout by US delegates when he told the UN that the 9/11 attacks were staged by America.

Ahmedinajad said that, "Some segments within the US government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy, and its grips on the Middle East, in order to save the Zionist regime".

And it doesn't end there:

TEHRAN: Iran rejects US President Barack Obama's invitation to resolve differences because he is an “international villain,” parliament speaker Ali Larijani said Saturday.

“How dare Obama announce that he wants to help the Iranian nation. He should know that he is an international villain,” Larijani was quoted by ISNA news agency as saying during a visit to the southern city of Shiraz.

“The Americans are displaying an act that deserves an international evilness medal... Mr Obama should know that we do not need his message, what we need is to be able to trust the words he utters,”......
[source DAWN]

Thursday, September 23, 2010

world war 3 came and went - citibank and goldman sachs open branches in iran

the idea was that America would use their ally Israel to attack Iran leading to a THIRD WORLD WAR but not so, according to Max Keiser's political analyst Stacy Herbert...

...Citibank and Goldman Sachs open branches in Iran? Israel sacrificed for a business deal? What sort of sick global game are we really witnessing here? Mainstream media should be ashamed of its lack of competence rooting out the real Global Governance stories.

Bruce Brown - the History of the Corporation - 2003

Bruce Brown is the author of eight books, including Mountain in the Clouds, an environmental classic, and The Windows 95 Bug Collection, which was put on display in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

He has done investigative reporting for the New York Times (the Karen Silkwood story), foreign correspondence for Atlantic Monthly (baseball in Cuba), and book reviews for the Washington Post Book World, as well as script-writing for PBS-TV (The Miracle Planet).

Here's part of the INTRODUCTION to his book The History of the Corporation.

A THOUSAND YEARS from now, our time will be remembered as the Second Dominion of the Corporation.

During the early 20th century, enterprises bearing imprimaturs like Corp., Ltd., AG and S.A. gained control of the vast physical wealth in what used to be called the Free World.

Then with the advent of new economic policies in the Soviet Union and China during the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the corporate conquest neared completion. Virtually the entire planet had become organized and regimented -- in short ruled -- by corporations.

This accomplishment is beyond the power of any individual or any other type of organization in human history. It not only overshadows the authority of the world's social, political and religious forces, it transcends them, so that all people may find utility in its embrace.

Corporations are, in fact, involved in virtually every type of human activity today, legal and otherwise. The reason is that the corporation is not comprised of an array of job-specific skills, but rather a means of organizing any human activity. While corporations exist as small as one person, (such as most Catholic bishoprics in the U.S., which are corporations sole), the real genius of the entity lies in its ability to employ large numbers of people in complex enterprises.

Many aspects of modern corporate life are actually artifacts of the ancient past. The first corporate convention on record, for instance, was held by the Cistercian monks in the early 12th century. Even the pants that modern business executives wear -- either figuratively or literally -- are derived from the dress of Venetian corporados who adopted the customs of the Moslem East, scandalizing sixteenth century Europe and giving birth to the comic Venetian businessman, Pantalone, in Italian commedia dell' arte.

God, demon, servant, master, parasite or provider -- what exactly is the corporation?

A good starting point is probably Chief Justice John Marshall's definition in the 1819 Dartmouth College case: "A corporation is an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in the contemplation of the law," Marshall wrote. "Among the most important [of its qualities] are immortality, and if the expression be allowed, individuality; properties by which a perpetual succession of many persons may be considered the same, and may act as a single individual..."

The aim of this book is to portray the fundamental form of the corporation, revealing something which can't be seen with the naked eye, yet rules most people's lives.


Snowbird - human powered - wing flapping aircraft

I don't know what I'd do with it, but I SO WANT ONE.

The "Snowbird" flapping winged, human powered, ornithopter was developed by Todd Reichert and team at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. It weighs only 42.6 kilograms and has a wingspan of 32 metres.

Here's a video of its world-record flight at the Great Lakes Gliding Club in Tottenham, Ontario.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sleep paralysis - waking nightmares - electrostatic pulsations

The most terrifying dreams, for me, are waking nightmares that involve sleep paralysis and electrostatic pulsations. I had a couple that happened in my twenties that are particularly memorable.

1) morphing chrome blob - yeah, just like the T1000 in the Terminator 2 film - glowing, it came down from the ceiling by the wardrobe, started to grow at the foot of my bed.
Tried to move, scream; couldn't.

2) snarling beasts - swept 'through' the wooden blinds - pulled my head back over my shoulder and stuck a long chrome spike in between my upper front teeth, kept pushing.
Tried to move, scream; couldn't.

In both occassions, I felt as though this was no dream and it was happening IN MY BEDROOM, while I was awake. I couldn't move and my whole body was throbbing with electrostatic energy.

Happened again last night, only this time I broke through.

3a) hotel kitchen - a strange dream. There were several of us, standing in our shorts in a hotel kitchen. We were all having loads of surgical needles pushed into our skin in decorative patterns. Mine were stuck into the skin of my back and my left arm. Needles were pushed back through the skin for 'storage'. As my 'nurse' went about her rough work, I remember saying, knowing it was an inoculation, "Well, piercing can't hurt any more than this then." then later that same night...

3b) turquoise light beam - top right corner of the bedroom window, i.e. from outside, in. Again, I'm unable to move. Body pulsing in electrostatic waves. I'm awake! There's a turquoise blue light that's CORING ME OUT, is the only way I can put it. No 'communication' or anything like that, no message. No other entities. Just this 'light beam attack' that's emptying my 'soul'.

I make myself scream several times, knowing that my wife will wake me up. My scream is very weird, but it works. She pushes me hard like I've been snoring, I lie there pulsing in electricity for a few minutes before dozing off. I'll have to ask her how weird I sounded when she gets back.

DAY LATER UPDATE: noticed last night that the moon was really bright and crossed exactly that corner of the window, so it could have been that. Still don't understand the paralysis and electric bit, probably some sort of cerebro-chemical imbalance, nothing more. And yesterday I found out I'm having some blood tests done today, which means syringes. Spooky, eh?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

David Icke & Bill Maloney 02 Brixton Academy - True Grit

Bill Maloney, of Pie 'n' Mash Films, interviews David Icke and the members of his audience before, during and after the recent, eight hour, O2 Brixton Academy event in London on the 11th September 2010. This is a short 'teaser' of the footage, with much more to come.

Bill Maloney is pure dogged determination in the fight against Institutionalised Child Abuse.

According to Icke, a BBC documentary, Sex Crimes And The Vatican, revealed how, when the (current) Pope was known as Cardinal Thomas Ratzinger, he sent out an updated version of the notorious 1962 Vatican document Crimen Sollicitationis (Latin for The Crime of Solicitation) which imposed the Vatican's strict instructions on how to cover up sexual scandal. It even talked about slush funds, or 'hush' funds, being used to silence the victims.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alien Scientist - The Physics of Anti-Gravity - Control of the Natural Forces

In April, I blog'd about Russian scientist Eugene Podkletnov's gravitational shielding and since then I've found little in the way of REAL RESEARCH INTO ANTI-GRAVITY that supports a practical application of this so-called 'gravitational shielding' ... until now.

This short explanation of The Physics of Anti-Gravity by "Alien Scientist" is profound and perplexing to the point of migraine but I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that anyone who's researching The Physics of Anti-Gravity should give it a watch so that we can all move on and start living in Free Planet - carbon structure - floating housing.

Project Grasp, eh?

oh, and if you're not running away in flames already check this out, too. It's for your own good, honest.

Friday, September 17, 2010

shedding light on the captive consumerist future

Clive Cookson, writing for the Financial Times > World > Global Economy reports on a new PHOTONIC CHIP developed by a team from Bristol university in the UK, Tohuku university in Japan, Weizmann Institute in Israel and Twente university in the Netherlands. A quantum computer chip that runs at ROOM TEMPERATURE.

A new photonic chip that works on light rather than electricity has been built by an international research team, paving the way for the production of ultra-fast quantum computers with capabilities far beyond today’s devices.

Jeremy O’Brien, director of the UK’s Centre for Quantum Photonics, who led the project, said many people in the field had believed a functional quantum computer would not be a reality for at least 25 years.

“However, we can say with real confidence that, using our new technique, a quantum computer could, within five years, be performing calculations that are outside the capabilities of conventional computers,” he told the British Science Festival, as he presented the research.

The breakthrough, published today in the journal Science, means data can be processed according to the counterintuitive rules of quantum physics that allow individual subatomic particles to be in several places at the same time.

This property will enable quantum computers to process information in quantities and at speeds far beyond conventional supercomputers. But formidable technical barriers must be ­overcome before quantum ­computing becomes practical.

And what are the initial proposals for this amazing technology? Big Pharma and Defense. Surely, you realised this is where ALL MANKIND'S EFFORTS GO. They'll be able to make more drugs for you to take and more SkyNet to blast you to kingdom come. Oh, yes, and with INERNET 2 looking suspiciously like it's gonna be a MILITARY SATELLITE NETWORK you'll pay and pay for the privilege of connection, slave.

PS: you didn't notice this, did you? Financial Times > World > Global Economy -- subtle, eh?

And remember, Project Perfect Citizen, the U.S. Cyber Command & NSA & Homeland Security's new cyber nanny, will assume command on Oct. 1, led by NSA director General Keith Alexander. The group's creation was announced in 2009, with the full support of President Obama.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Magnetosphere, the apple of my solar eye

isn't this beautiful?

happened this morning. Very low solar wind speed. Decent ionospheric pressure. Usually, the red and blue Magnetic Field lines in the top-left image of NICT's realtime solar simulation are streaming off to the right of the Earth, pushed by the sun's electromagnetic 'wind'.

"We've discovered that our magnetic shield is drafty, like a house with a window stuck open during a storm," says Harald Frey of the University of California, Berkeley, lead author of a paper on this research published Dec. 4 in Nature. "The house deflects most of the storm, but the couch is ruined. Similarly, our magnetic shield takes the brunt of space storms, but some energy slips through its cracks, sometimes enough to cause problems with satellites, radio communication, and power systems." [source SPACE WEATHER]

Have a look at how these cracks relate to Auroral Creation at this time of every year.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kurt Haskell update - Underwear Bomber sacks his attorneys

after a nine month incubation period, there's an update to my Jan 30th 2010 report about Kurt Haskell's Xmas Adventure on Flight 253 out of Amsterdam:

It seems to me, that now that (Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab) the Underwear Bomber is representing himself, or possibly using new attorneys, that the use of an entrapment defense is not out of the question. The use of such a defense could be one of the greatest moments in the history of the United States of America. Only through a defense such as this, could the full involvement of the U.S. Government be fully discovered and divulged. Please consider the following:

1. The Underwear Bomber was escorted through security without a passport by the Sharp Dressed Man who by all accounts, appears to be a government agent.
2. Congressional hearings have confirmed that the Underwear Bomber was likely let on flight 253 intentionally.
3. The bomb failed to detonate, and by many accounts, was designed so that it would not detonate.
4. The entire terrorist attack was filmed from before it started until after it ended.
5. The bomb was obtained in Yemen where the CIA has been known to have agents interacting with Al Qaeda.

Once you accept the above, it is not so far fetched to believe that the U.S. Government planted a defective bomb on the Underwear Bomber to:

1. Renew the Patriot Act
2. Get body scanners in the airports
3. Further the U.S. involvement in strategically located Yemen
4. Further the fraudulent war on terror
5. Provide further profit to the military industrial complex

Only through an entrapment defense that is fully litigated in open court could the American citizens get what they deserve, an open honest investigation into the Christmas Day events of 2009. Such a trial could possibly wake up the millions of American citizens that fail to even consider that its government is corrupt, dishonest, and working for those who only seek to consolidate their power and wealth.

Larouche PAC - Inter Alpha - towards global conglomeratism

Obviously, I'm not so naive as to believe that anti-British Democrat Lyndon Larouche doesn't have his own political agenda with the crazy shit he comes out with. He is, after all the self-styled perennial Presidential candidate and, like fellow Senators and Congressman in crime Ted Stevens, Kay Bailey Hutchison, David Durenberger, Harrison Williams Jr., Rick Renzi, Larry Craig, William Jefferson, Bob Ney, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Tom DeLay, William Janklow, James Traficanthas spent time in Federal Penitentiary - he served twelve years of a fifteen years sentence for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tax code violations that many suspect was a set-up, in the grand sense of classical counter espionage and the engineered control of popular opinion. So, you can never be too sure of who's legit and who's not, right?

But as these two Arabian proverbs explain, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," and, "Examine what is said, not who speaks." You gotta love a historian with a political axe to grind, what what?

The Venetians Strike

The Inter-Alpha Group ... arose out of six relatively small European banks which represented the family fortunes—or fondi—of the Venetian system. Each of these banks had significant private banking arms, private banking being a term for banks which specialize in handling money for the wealthy. Each of its six members was chosen to represent a bank in one of the principal nations of the European Economic Community: Kredietbank, of Belgium; Nederlandsche Middenstandsbank of the Netherlands; Credit Commercial de France, of France; Banco Ambrosiano, of Italy; Williams & Glyn's Bank (a unit of the Royal Bank of Scotland), in the UK; and BHF Bank, of Germany. A seventh bank, Privatbanken of Denmark, was added in 1972.

Inter-Alpha took the form of an alliance among these banks; each bank maintained its separate identity, while they all worked together to advance the Group's mission. The Group, and its member banks, were dedicated to restoring imperial rule.

The operation was run by Jacob Rothschild, initially out of N.M. Rothschild in London. The Rothschild banking network, from its inception in Frankfurt in the late 1700s, has been a Venetian operation. One of its early sponsors was the Thurn und Taxis family of Bavaria, the controllers of Venetian intelligence and one of the leading families of the Habsburg's Austrian Empire. This Venetian connection is the true source of the fabled Rothschild intelligence network, as well as the source of the family's financial power. The Rothschilds are also close to the British Crown, primus inter pares of the royal families of Europe, and a considerable power within the Empire. Jacob Rothschild, for example, manages the funds of Prince Charles, among his other crimes.

Despite the enormous wealth these banks represented, they alone did not have the funds required to transform the world as planned. They would provide the seed money, and leverage their power through the control of other people's money, to create the markets and institutions they would ultimately need to control the world. This is the origin of today's gaggle of hedge funds, private equity funds, and related financial pools, many of which are part of the hidden side of the Inter-Alpha Group.

Jacob Rothschild explicitly revealed the mission of the Inter-Alpha project, in a speech in 1983, when he bragged that "two broad types of giant institutions, the worldwide financial service company and the international commercial bank with a global trading competence, may converge to form the ultimate, all-powerful, many-headed financial conglomerate." For Rothschild, it was not a prediction, but a statement of intent.

Screw loyalty to cloth and border, I live on a FREE PLANET and I want the truth, only the truth.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Syriana (2006) - recommended viewing.

Corruption is our protection.
Corruption keeps us safe and warm.
Corruption is WHY WE WIN.

You, like me, may not have watched this film first time round, or you might have watched it first time round and not got it, watch it again, or for the first time, and wonder what is it with all this oil-related killing - why are we so happy to support Corporate War?

THE REAL FACE OF WAR is when the Abu Ghraib boy and woman gang-raping footage finds its way onto the 'net - then we see the Devil incarnate, then we repent.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free Planet - your God-given right.

Despite the fact that I tend to abstain from ANY Organised Religious dogma, you'll surely have all noticed the new subtitle to this FREE PLANET blog; YOUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHT.

You The People are more than welcome, encouraged, to share your spiritual ideas among the members of your relative Diversities, but don't go shoving your belief system down people's throats via doorstep marketing or mass media enforcement and don't expect your concept of the "God" personality to be the one the whole universe orbits.

Despite my own skepticism of spirituality and rejection of deism, the whole point of FREE PLANET is, "Everybody has the right to express their existence in any way they choose."

There are close to seven billion of us all trying to exist in harmony on this world and we all see the universe in a very different way, even compared to the members of our own religious leanings. Ask any human being, not a single one of them will say, "Yes, we're happy living on a world that embraces war, famine, pestilence or death as a PROFIT mechanism."

We all experience this beautiful homeworld in ways that are truly subjective to each and every one of us. We must cherish our unique view of the universe and allow this personal perspective to ensure that nothing harmful is ever done to this fragile, delicate planet in our name. We will not stand for it, any longer.

One of the main things I'd like to get across to either believers or non-believers of any faith is that, "You shouldn't have to pay any feudal landlord or fund any Corporate War to live on planet Earth."

FREE PLANET is (officially) your God-given right.

Friday, September 10, 2010

the New World Order are gonna headhunt this little girl, f-shoor.

Dear parents,

what a beautiful cheerleader for the military-industrial-congressional New World Order this little girl is. I already warned you about this 3D-game disgusting corporate filth, spoonfed to your kiddies by nothing more than the lethargic consumerist knee-jerk of 'money is love'.

And you know what the real sad thing is, when this little girl grows up, she's not "destined to have dollar bills hangin' in her g-string!" as some have suggested. With an empathy-sapped enemy-crushing attitude like hers, she's sure to grow up to be the President of the United States of North Mexico, and you'll be paying her extortionate wages with your tax dollars because these are the terrorists YOU MADE, consumerist society.

Yeah, as a parent, I'm VERY ANGRY that this is how some people bring up their kids.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Credo Mutwa talks of bio-chemical genocide in Africa

Zulu shaman shaman, author, historian and philosopher Credo Mutwa here seems to be talking about the AIDS and other manufactured plagues that have been introduced into Africa with the intention of MURDERING ITS PEOPLE, making it easier to strip its assets.

If this is true, it's the CRIME OF THE CENTURY and we must stand up and finally eradicate the Corporate War Machine from this FREE PLANET.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

John Pilger - fact vs false reality

In John Pilger's latest article for the New Statesman dated September 2nd 2010, he examines the difference between Fact and False Reality in mainstream media reporting as espoused by the likes of Edward Bernays to a) get Americans to send their children be slaughtered in Europe and b) to get women to smoke 'torches of freedom', aka cigarettes.

False reality
The last US combat troops have left Iraq “as promised, on schedule”, according to President Barack Obama. TV screens have filled with cinematic images of the “last US soldiers” silhouetted against the dawn light, crossing the border into Kuwait.

They are still there. At least 50,000 troops will continue to operate from 94 bases. American air assaults are unchanged, as are special forces’ assassinations. The number of “military contractors” is currently 100,000 and rising. Most Iraqi oil is now under direct foreign control.

False reality
BBC presenters and reporters have described the departing US troops as a “sort of victorious army” that has achieved “a remarkable change in [Iraq’s] fortunes”. Their commander, General David Petraeus, is a “celebrity”, “charming”, “savvy” and “remarkable”.

There is no victory of any sort. There is a catastrophic disaster; and attempts to present it as otherwise are a model of Bernays’ campaign to “re-brand” the slaughter of the first world war as “necessary” and “noble”. In 1980, Ronald Reagan, running for president, re-branded the invasion of Vietnam, in which up to three million people died, as a “noble cause”, a theme taken up enthusiastically by Hollywood. Today’s Iraq war movies have a similar purging theme: the invader as both idealist and victim.

False reality
It is not known how many Iraqis have died. They are “countless” or maybe “in the tens of thousands”.

As a direct consequence of the Anglo-American led invasion, a million Iraqis have died. This figure from Opinion Research Business is based on peer-reviewed research led by Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC, whose methods were secretly affirmed as “best practice” and “robust” by the Blair government’s chief scientific adviser, as revealed in a Freedom of Information search. This figure is rarely reported or presented to “charming” and “savvy” American generals. Neither is the dispossession of four million Iraqis, the malnourishment of most Iraqi children, the epidemic of mental illness and the poisoning of the environment.


False reality
The British economy has a deficit of billions which must be reduced with cuts in public services and regressive taxation, in a spirit of “we’re all in this together”.

We are not in this together. What is remarkable about this public relations triumph is that only 18 months ago the diametric opposite filled TV screens and front pages. Then, in a state of shock, truth was unavoidable, if briefly. The Wall Street and City of London financiers’ trough was on full view for the first time, along with the venality of once celebrated snouts. Billions in public money went to inept and crooked organisations known as banks, which were spared debt liability by their Labour government sponsors.

Within a year, record profits and personal bonuses were posted, and state and media propaganda had recovered its equilibrium. Suddenly, the “black hole” was no longer the responsibility of the banks, whose debt is to be paid by those not in any way responsible: the public. The received media wisdom of this “necessity” is now a chorus, from the BBC to the Sun. A masterstroke, Bernays would surely say.

False reality
The former government minister Ed Miliband offers a “genuine alternative” as leader of the British Labour Party.

Miliband, like his brother David, the former foreign secretary, and almost all those standing for the Labour leadership, is immersed in the effluent of New Labour. As a New Labour MP and minister, he did not refuse to serve under Blair or speak out against Labour’s persistent warmongering. He now calls the invasion of Iraq a “profound mistake”. Calling it a mistake insults the memory and the dead. It was a crime, of which the evidence is voluminous. He has nothing new to say about the other colonial wars, none of them mistakes. Neither has he demanded basic social justice: that those who caused the recession clear up the mess and that Britain’s fabulously rich corporate minority be seriously taxed, starting with Rupert Murdoch.

Remember, the Corporate War Machine will brainwash you to death, if it so pleases - try to fight back in any way you can.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Robert Ludlum - The Matarese Countdown

I don't generally push myself to read 600 page books in a few days but this is exactly what I did with Robert Ludlum's The Matarese Countdown, the rather disappointing twenty-years-later sequel to The Matarese Circle.

I'd already read a few Robert Ludlum aka Jonathan Ryder aka Michael Shepherd books and, just recently, have been obsessed with the last books he wrote. The most relevant being the posthumously published The Sigma Protocal about a group of world financiers who are keeping themselves alive with age-defying bio-technology. It's allegedly based on the Bilderberg Group financial think-tank, but we all know that Ludlum was just a story teller with no connection to the Intelligence Services and his books were 'flights of fantasy', nothing more.

Man, if the stuff in Ludlum's books was at all relevant to the Way The Real World Works, then the very strange assassination of John Charles de Menezes on the London Underground and Iraq weapons inspector Dr David Kelly's suicide in the woods near Oxford and the number of recent airline crashes, terrorist attacks and weather disasters would all be part of a sinister plot from shadowy organisations within governments to overthrow the modern world and plunge its inhabitants, You The People, into a Conglomerate State global gulag of work as hard as you can until the machine kills you. Which we all know, hope in our heart of hearts, isn't so, right?

In The Matarese Circle, a book from a younger spritelier author published in 1979, allegedly based on Ludlum's research into the Trilateral Commission, the narrative cracks along at a manly pace as Brandon Scofield aka Beowolf Agate tries to stop the ascent of FAKE PRESIDENT, a Corsican Mafia charlatan called the Shepherd aka the Jackal, being voted in as POTUS. Many conspiracy researchers are rattling on about Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro being a foreign national who used to work for the CIA in Afghanistan with Osama Bin Laden aka Tim Osman, but again this is clearly part of some 'larger narrative' of international lie and counterlie.

In Ludlum's follow-up The Matarese Countdown, a much slower (tedious) book published in 1999, Brandon Scofield is dragged out of self-imposed exile on some Caribbean island to once again foil the rising phoenix of the Matarese inheritance. As I've said, I was rather disappointed with the narrative events of this sequel. Circle was fraught with narrative dead ends and 'how can he survive this' while Countdown just happened, scripting by numbers. It was the all-too-smooth routing of the remaining members of the Shepherd's family, the tying off of any tattered arteries the earlier book might have left.

Countdown is centred around the Amsterdam business world - I didn't realise Amsterdam was so fundamental to world finance. I mean, mainstream media reminds us of the financial centres London and New York and Tokyo on a daily basis but we rarely hear about Amsterdam's role on the corporate gambling table. In fact, we rarely hear about the Corsican Mafia even though there's been something of a turf war since 2008 with many deaths among the various warring factions. There's an enigmatic symbol in the book dealing with The Mediterranean Fires (but it can't be ignored that THE WORLD IS BURNING RIGHT NOW) and this got me to thinking, "What is a Robert Ludlum book?"

Ludlum's supposed to have had NO CONNECTION to the Intelligence Services even though he knows AN AWFUL LOT about the political setup of each novel's era. It's like he has his finger on a pulse none of us 'mere mortals' can find, a special vein of intel accessible to only VIP guests. One can only wonder what would have been Ludlum's very public reaction to the atrocious 9-11 event, had he lived just six months more. So, is Ludlum some latter day Nostradamus or seer? It's gotta be something like this, he bullseyed our demise with every new book.

Meh, it's all a load of obfuscated crap anyway, as we've already surmised. There is no many-tentacled OCTOPUS ruling the world from, say, The City of Amsterdam who have a fabian agenda to rid the world of elected governments so that their all-pervasive feudal Conglomerates can ruin the free market, fixing peoples minds the way they want them, bringing down established businesses all over the world, merging those that remain, collapsing the global economy and subjecting You The People to millennia of financial terrorism in the (false) name of Efficiency and Dividend for the ruling elite.

Don't be daft, eh?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Free Planet - carbon structure - floating housing

the FREE PLANET housing concept I briefly hinted at in the manifesto was to use floating/anti-gravity technology and alternative 'localised' fuel sources to have humans live at 'habitation altitudes' of a couple of feet off the ground for a single pod to a couple of miles in the air for a linked Diversity. These will be serviced by local-hydroponic-fed local-water-and-waste-reclaiming 'mobile homes' so that the living surface area of Free Planet can remain UNTOUCHED, be properly rewilded/restocked and kept beautiful forever.

A Diversity of these 'floating houses' linking like sheets or grids of carbon atoms is totally valid but there'll be software involved in the stability drive that 'wanders' the linked homes from any GPS selection, to prevent them from blocking out the sun over a chosen piece of arable or rewilded land. Yes, this can be linked to the Military Industrial Complex's re-assigned satellite control/surveillance grid so that GPS can ensure the Diversity doesn't find itself in the middle of the ocean.

FREE PLANET citizens (because they understand their position on this precarious planet) realise the earth is for ALL TO SHARE, not for a few self-appointed kings to dominate or trample with the jack boots or corporate war FOR PROFIT feudalism.

Each floating housing unit will have space for living and space for hydroponic cultivation and also six docking modules, to which you localised energy sources, Peanut transport taxis or other housing units etc can be docked. There'll be space in-between each floating housing unit, as part of the force-field/connectivity design, so that that all-important sunlight can get through to the ground below.

So, as you'll see from the illustration to this blogpost, each of the BLACK modules is a housing unit that's elected to become part of a community, using the 4-valent connectivity of an atom like Carbon makes sense in that it's been proven to allow both connectivity and free-flowing association of other atoms into and out of the mix. So, each carbon housing unit will have FOUR utility ports for those who want to remain self reliant; you can connect anything you want to this like another hydroponic, water/sewage or transport unit. You can also convert each of these into 'connectivity ports' were you to want to join a group of these floating housing units and make a community.

A single housing unit may travel faster and more maneouverable than a Diversity of linked housing units. One of the advantages of connecting/traveling with others is that it takes 'your' nav-computer offline thus saving your energy for some other purpose.

You could elect to become a permanent part of any community you join by giving up all your docking modules to attach your housing unit permanently into the communal grid as described by the way carbon atoms link up into molecules ... you would come to a communal agreement on the external transport modules, sewage/water and hydroponic modules so you can still have mobility external to your agreed impermanent floating unity.

The other aspect of this, as the technology hasn't even been discussed yet, is that the BLACK nodes might only be the anti-gravity engine of each housing unit and (when connected to others) the modular housing 'skin' might look or feel more like the electrostatic surface of a carbon molecule, truly communal housing rather than separated units docked into each other without the benefit of shared unity. The obvious parallel being space-shared communal CATHEDRALS IN THE AIR - you like that, don't you?

Creativity, Passion, Kinship - it's all good.

Mozart's Turkish March - Los Desperados - four hands guitar

Sunday morning musical interlude, courtesy of Canadian flamenco duo Los Desperados.

Four hands on one guitar, a stunning rendition of Mozart's "Turkish March".

Friday, September 03, 2010

Free Planet - living in harmony with your solar system


1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature.

Well, this is all fine and dandy, in theory. But in practise, this is obviously the cynical dictat of a Shadowy Industrialist Conglomerate intent on gulag-like global governance at the expense of natural diversity, whoever the stones' pseudonymous patron "R. C. Christian" actually was.

I was looking on the amazing website (amazing if you're into statistics) WORLDOMETERS and you gape in awe at the numbers related to births and death and by elimination 'net population growth' and then you look at the 'species extinction' figures. And it all looks disproportionately out of balance. So, you surmise easily, the Eugenics agenda ascribed by the Georgia Guidestones (where 90% of humanity MUST be wiped out fairly soon) seems to be the only answer.

In all fairness to the TEN COMMANDMENTS of the Georgia Guide Stones, it seems to make sense, "There are too many of us and we're using too many global resources to maintain profit streams." But note the sinister elements therein; the global court, the global language, the global economy ruled by conglomerates. And PROFIT STREAMS.

Oh, it's not written, but it's there - HALF A BILLION CORPORATE SLAVES is all they'll need - they'll have their automated manufacturing plants for those essential products the industrialists of the future say we'll need and they'll surely have their automated hunter-seeker death factories for those 'workers' who don't pull their weight or become infirmed or old.

Though it's never mentioned, and there's a lot of speculation about who commissioned them, my money goes on Star Trek writer's Gene Roddenberry. Why? Because taken to their obvious conclusion, the Georgia Guide Stones describe a HIVE PLANET similar to the Borg cube of "resistance being futile". But look at the data again, go back to WORLDOMETERS and scroll down the page a bit. What's missing from this Eugenics dream of a perfect future at balance with nature?

Diversity; in both species and thought. In fact NATURE is missing.

Free Planet encourages nature and THE DEATH OF DOGMA, and by this I mean, "Death to organised religion." But, Mike, 'in God we trust' is what made Western Democracy such a cracking Corporate War Machine export. Answer, "There is no personality 'God' who needs our prayers, get over it." But, Mike, there's been talk that the Georgia Guide Stones are a satanic (or at least a pagan) worship site. Answer, "There are no pagan gods, certainly no priapic Satan entity worth sacrificing any virgins to, get over it."

What you are worshipping, as Loyal doe-eyed Consumers, is the invented God of Corporate Control and the Georgia Guide Stones are nothing more than a projected 'corporate restructuring' of the populace of the earth as assets for the conglomerates to benefit from, maintain the dividends. And we all know that 'corporate restructuring' means job losses, and on a global factory scale job losses = GENOCIDE. So, we have a lovely image of a single ruling elite setting arbitrary laws and handing down judgement based on THEIR MODEL of the way THEIR UNIFIED WORLD should work.

Personally, you have ten children on a planet already this bulging at the seams, you're a fucking idiot.

Why, Mike, when you've just said that Free Planet needs diversity? Well, THERE ARE ALREADY ENOUGH OF US on this planet. There's already enough genetic diversity, thank you very much. You're generally having all your babies with the same person in the same ethnic grouping. The major thing mankind should be wary of is 'local breeding plans' as what happened with 'domesticated animals'. We don't wanna go down a route where all our genetic imperfections are compounded into crippling diseases by 'refinement of the geneline'. We don't wanna become a planet of '500,000,000 farmed animals', believe me.

What we, the inhabitants of Free Planet, want is Diversity of lifeforms, a return to fruitfulness and a sustainable future for our children's children, brimming with life's riches.

The way we do this is DESTROY THE PROFIT MODEL while retaining creativity, passion and kinship among global Diversities who are free to live wherever they please on this Free Planet. The guiding light is the maintenance of planetary health. We all know the difference between right and wrong. We do. None of us are criminals in our heart, we're part of families and we empathise with our fellow man for the good of our homeworld. Take away all our arbitrary legal/religious obligations and we're all there. Now. Today. But how do you fund such a REALISATION OF THE TRUTH?

Free Energy, from all the innovative alternative energy sources currently locked up in private patents. Or more illustratively, go back to WORLDOMETERS did you see the most important statistic there?

Solar energy striking Earth today (MWh) is ONE HUNDRED TIMES GREATER than Energy used worldwide today (MWh) but the same answer always comes back, "How can we affordably exploit this free energy source where it becomes financially viable to blah blah blah." You fucking criminal-minded idiots. It's not YOURS TO BENEFIT FROM. It's all of ours to benefit from. We can even get free energy INDIRECTLY by allowing the planet itself to convert this powerhouse of solar energy hitting the planet into usable energy - for example - even something as basic as 'a step-down transformer' to reap the energy from the thousands of Lightning Storms that happen every day would be instantly applicable to the servicing of the planet's energy needs.

Come on, THINK about living in harmony with your solar system - then DO, for the good of all on Free Planet.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Legend of The Guardians - The Owls of Ga Hoole - Official Trailer

Obviously, as the author of the 2008 Silverthought Press novel PLANET OF THE OWLS, the announcement of this new film from the Hollywood Propaganda Factory was destined to garner my undivided attention.

Directed by 300's Zack Snyder and based on The Guardians of Ga’Hoole books by Kathryn Lasky:
Soren, a young barn owl, is kidnapped by owls of St. Aggie's, ostensibly an orphanage, where owlets are brainwashed into becoming soldiers. He and his new friends escape to the island of Ga'Hoole, to assist its noble, wise owls who fight the army being created by the wicked rulers of St. Aggie's.

I love the visual references to Bohemian Grove's Molech owl god and the burning Kabbalistic Bush throughout. Isn't the collective term a PARLIAMENT of Owls?