Saturday, April 30, 2011

Free Planet - this is the End of Games

"Or even, why should we Cope? I mean this is the, the Basic Question is, 'Who the Hell', you know why should we, as sort of SEVEN BILLION INDIVIDUALS on a Particularly Paradisic Planet, listen to these People Playing Games. For me, this should be the End of Games. I don't want any more Games for Profit. I don't want any more Games for Territorial or Asset Stripping. Just forget the Games. End the Games. I wanna have Fun on this Planet and That should be It."

That's all you need for a Free Planet.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mike Weiss Gallery NY - Yigal Ozeri - Garden of the Gods

this artist just continues to inspire amazement in this jaded old trier, and he's more prolific than my other favourite living photo-realist artist Robert Standish.

Yigal Ozeri "Garden of the Gods"
May 6 – June 11, 2011
Opening Friday May 6, 6 – 8pm

Mike Weiss Gallery is pleased to present Garden of the Gods, a solo exhibition by Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri. The exhibition includes more than a dozen near-photorealistic oil paintings varying in size from small intimate works displayed in vitrines (wooden curio cabinets) to large-scale paintings measuring up to eight feet. The show opens with a reception for the artist on Friday, May 6th from 6 – 8pm and continues through June 11th, 2011.

And I'm going to use ONE image from the show to illustrate just why I adore the work of this talented photorealist. Remember, these are oil paintings on paper. Ready?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tepco - Fukushima latest - 1,120 millisierverts of radiation per hour

There's been precious little news, here in UK, about the Daichi Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant atrocity, so this news from Bloomberg comes as quite a shock.

Two robots sent into the reactor No. 1 building at the plant yesterday took readings as high as 1,120 millisierverts of radiation per hour, Junichi Matsumoto, a general manager at Tokyo Electric Power Co., said today. That’s more than four times the annual dose permitted to nuclear workers at the stricken plant. [source BLOOMBERG]

in other insane updates Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Associates postulates that the Unit 3 explosion was very likely a baby nuclear fission-bomb-type explosion.

Gundersen Postulates Unit 3 Explosion May Have Been Prompt Criticality in Fuel Pool from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

The bright orange flash shows something DETONATED.
Plutonium and Uranium shrapnel found TWO MILES away from the Unit 3 explosion.
Volatilized (aerosolized) plutonium and uranium from the Units 3 explosion in the atmosphere pouring across the Pacific towards America?

The Ludlum Identity, The Man Behind Jason Bourne

written by Robert Ludlum's nephew and personal physician, Kenneth Michael Kearns, M.D., this is the authorized biography of the mystery writer that purports to uncover an amazing story of 'the usual stuff you find in a Ludlum book' like stolen manuscripts, attempts on his life and a last-will-and-testament situation that preceeded his ugly death by just two weeks.

Find out more at THE LUDLUM IDENTITY.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BITCOIN - is it the future of globally transacting?

Bitcoin is the first digital currency that is completely distributed. The network is made up of users like yourself so no bank or payment processor is required between you and whoever you're trading with. This decentralization is the basis for Bitcoin's security and freedom.

Your Bitcoins can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Anybody can start mining, buying, selling or accepting Bitcoins regardless of their location.
[source BITCOIN]

Thanks for the tip to my mate Ed, who was raving about GOLD back in 2002/3 and was BANG ON that time!

Serbian Film - Srpski Film - unrated trailer.

Milos, a retired porn star, leads a normal family life with his wife Maria and six-year old son Petar in tumultuous Serbia, trying to make ends meet. A sudden call from his former colleague Layla will change everything. Aware of his financial problems, Layla introduces Milos to Vukmir - a mysterious, menacing and politically powerful figure in the pornographic business. A leading role in Vukmir's production will provide financial support to Milos and his family for the rest of their lives. A contract insists on his absolute unawareness of a script they will shoot. From then on, Milos is drawn into a maelstrom of unbelievable cruelty and mayhem devised by his employer, "the director" of his destiny. Vukmir and his cohorts will stop at nothing to complete his vision. In order to escape the living cinematic hell he's put into, and save his family's life, Milos will have to sacrifice everything - his pride, his morality, his sanity, and maybe even his own life. [source TRAILER ADDICT]

What it means, God only knows. Great trailer music though. Nasty.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Roswell New Mexico - material technology - GRAPHENE

isn't (the 1947 UFO crash at) Roswell New Mexico the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about the astonishing properties of 'newly-discovered' lighter-and-stronger-than-steel material GRAPHENE?

This graphene paper is constructed of graphite reformed by chemical processes into monolayer hexagonal carbon lattices stacked as thin as a sheet of paper, and it is remarkably strong.

Compared to steel, the prepared GP is six times lighter, five to six times lower density, two times harder with 10 times higher tensile strength and 13 times higher bending rigidity.

That’s no incremental improvement on the qualities of steel, but a huge leap forward in terms of overall material strength (plus, like paper, it is flexible). And because it is graphene, it is also imbued with some interesting electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties.
[source POPSCI]

In fact, if this new Graphene stuff proves to be as ubiquitous as POPSCI's numerous articles are suggesting (follow links at source link above) it's going to be hard to imagine a world without Graphene in the very near future.

Graphene came from ET's, Mike, now that's one illogical leap too far. Either the thin silvery material that many have said had 'magical properties' of tensile strength and foldability came from the crashed ET vehicle or we already HAD Graphene and we didn't want it getting into the hands of The Soviets or The Nazis during the endgame of World War Two.

I mean, look at the controversy behind the 'discovery' of FIBRE-OPTIC CABLE. Light travelling down a flexible glass rod? Can we even imagine a world without such a magical material essential now? Could we function as a technologically advanced race of global polluters eeking out our slave living for our Corporate Masters without such 'donated' or 'back engineered' advances? Is it possible that fibre-optics and 'graphene' are not earthly technologies and some sorta SLOW RELEASE deal is being worked through?

'Course not, but it's fun to discuss, eh?

FUN, remember that?

Best damned ice cream product - Magnum Almond

I'll admit, I have a sweet tooth and I like ice cream same as any living human. I love my Cornettos. I love my Malteser ice cream bars. I love my Viennetta. I even love my basic 99, ice cream with a flake in it.

You'll also realise that Free Planet doesn't take any corporate sponsorship or payed advertising and is not affiliated with any PROFIT-making Conglomerate concern, so this ice cream review comes from the bottom of my heart; well taste buds, throat and stomach.


I've eaten several of the Magnum ice cream products, and didn't like all of them (in fact the white chocolate one was not good), but this Magnum Almond is the "best damned ice cream product" I've eaten in a long while.

Seriously, congrats to all who put that combination of items together into a tasty treat. And, please Magnum, don't think of sending me a retail shipment of 'Almond's, the tiny freezer at the top of my fridge will store no more than eight of your delicious little treats at a time.


Robert Ludlum - THE SCORPIO ILLUSION - and how it relates to a Free Planet

one has to wonder how Robert Ludlum could have looked so perceptively into the minds of the Power Elite on this insane planet in book after book after book after book...

I'm just about to finish, and still really enjoying, his 1993 novel THE SCORPIO ILLUSION ... I'm particularly liking the TENSION between MI6-re-activated CIA agent Tyrell Hawthorn and would-be US Presidential assassin Amaya Bajarrat. They clearly love each other but they clearly can't exist together on the same planet, within the same GAME PLAN.

And I'm reading it, as I do with all Ludlum novels, and I'm thinking, 'This man Hawthorn still thinks he's working for the good guys,' this is always how the heroes of Ludlum novels pan out. They always think they're 'working for the good guys' and there's always a sinister under-current agenda that 'no one saw coming'.

But let's forget all that and see how THE SCORPIO ILLUSION links back into the guiding force behind this FREE PLANET blog. The creation of chaos so that our beautiful homeworld can be restored to its former glory. The planet must become THE ONLY REASON things are done on this planet, nothing else ESPECIALLY NOT CORPORATE PROFIT AND GLOBAL GOVERNANCE TO ENSURE FUTURE SLAVERY must endanger planet Earth anymore.

Admittedly, Bajarrat's empassioned refrain 'muerte a toda autoridad' (death to all authority) is a couple of murderous steps beyond that which Free Planet will confidently condone, but the core if its message must be put under SEVERE SCRUTINY. We must start to appraise this method of human evolution that will separate us from the enslaved drones who've gone before us, destroying all earthly beauty in their path for ridiculous financial goals.

The ruthless gambit in The Scorpio Illusion is one of 'dog eat dog' literally, but isn't that always how it is with ANIMALS FIGHTING OVER SCRAPS. The corporate PROFIT-pie is only ever so big. That's why the 'wars of terror' have to end, the real and the invented. The Corporate War Machine (the three-pronged army of Vatican, City of London and District of Columbia) MUST BE DISMANTLED, in the name of Humanity, so that our children's children can have a safe place upon which to bring up their young.

The human race has to give up its almost-pre-pubescent fascination with CONTROL and DOGMA and STATUS for their own selfish gains. Now is the time for "human-kind" to actually live up to the yin-yang aspects of its rashly-adopted name.

Supplemental: nearly finished the Scorpio Illusion book now and I have to say, "Once the Cruise/Washington/Cronenberg Matarese Circle (2013) film is done and distributed, should it ever get that far, they have to do this one next!" It would make a perfect, PERFECT, film along the lines of Bourne Identity meets FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH. Seriously.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

BBC - Doctor Who - A BBCAmerica BBCWales co-production?

what does that look like?

well, nothing you've ever seen, right; some random TV-effect alien, right? But look again... What do you really see? Keep looking at it. Now look away. What's in your head?

NOTHING, right?

Oh, apart from THE MEN IN BLACK. Remember the black suit 'n' ties from the Will Smith film about defending the earth from alien immigration? Forget it. Remember D.U.M.B.s (aka deep underground military bases)? Well, the Doctor Who series is generally the gormless magpie of modern political brain-washing presented as 'entertainment for all the family' and they seriously LOOOOOVE this genre-trope, the alien race who live underground ON OUR PLANET. This time, the underground tunnels are ALL OVER THE WORLD.

But this opening episode of the new Doctor Who series has a puzzling twist. BBC America. Yeah, I've never seen that credit on the Doctor Who series before. And what a surprise that we're treated to a 1969 President Nixon Moon Landing storyline... hmm, who's really paying for WHO and do you get adverts on BBC America?

Is Disclosure actually taking place, right now?

So, what do you remember about the alien race in the cover image for this blogpost? Nothing, right? Maybe the MIB neuraliser? Maybe the CHESS GAME is in its endgame phase. Maybe this is the Grand Illusionist coup de grace?

Friday, April 22, 2011

NEW NOVEL - Yôroppa - available now in Kindle format

the second of my two new sci-fi-cafe press novels, "Yôroppa" is available today from Amazon and all good online and retail distributors of KINDLE book format - click the book cover to BUY.

There's a mass murderer in the sleepy seaside town of Yôroppa who is listening to all the local gossip and using it to select his next victim. Only by keeping quiet can the inhabitants of the town hope to save themselves. Everyone is a suspect but, boy, can they gossip.

We see the town through this whining testimony of collective hatred, envy, rage, pride... each chapter is a different townsperson's opinion on what's happening in the novel.

When all of the major suspects have been killed off, who will remain as the prime suspect?

Contains content of a surrealistic and adult nature - be warned, not for the squeamish. READ THE EXCLUSIVE OPENING CHAPTER @ Mike Phibin Online's Free Fiction Section.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

NEW NOVEL - View From A Stolen Window - available now in Kindle format

the first of my two new sci-fi-cafe press novels, "View from a Stolen Window" is available today from Amazon and all good online and retail distributors of KINDLE book format - click the book cover to BUY.

“Clarke” arrives in the coastal town of Tiamores at the suggestion of his boss who has a holiday home there. All is not well with Clarke but Tiamores itself hides weirder things. One of them is Fuentes.

Returning to The City, a place Clarke has known for years as a freelance sports-reporter, we are instantly shown how the shadow of Tiamores has clung to our hero. His once-loved home town is a haunted relic of its former self, like an old man awaiting death.

Fuentes and his sister track Clarke down and begin to ‘re-educate’ him in the ways of their incestuous world.

Contains content of a surrealistic and adult nature - be warned, not for the squeamish.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Falling Skies - this June - Join the Resistance

What? It's a trailer for TNT's 'epic television series' Falling Skies.


I mean, we don't need some sort of invented catalysing Ronald Reagan-advertised alien invasion scenario shoved down our throat by the corporate-war media machine year after year after year.

We already have a catalysing invasion force to rid from this planet, PROFIT.

The debt-structured Global Money Pot is only ever going to be so big ... it's got size and dimension and limitations, just like the Earth itself.

Once you exceed those fragile limitations, as happened somewhere in the revolutionary 17th/18th century, you start to cause a PROFIT BUBBLE that will eventually burst.

We're watching their global financial NEW WORLD ORDER Global Governance model blow up in their face, and their solution is mass murder in the name of continued PROFIT margin.

We've called them WARS, in the past, but now we know them as merely 'adjustments on the profit/loss sheet'. They must really think we're dumb slaves with no future beyond blind Consumerism.

Fuck you, corporate scum!

Monday, April 18, 2011

David Hawkins, White Rock, Candidate - $30 Billion Francophone/Electronic Warfare/Olympic Security 'slush fund'

This is very interesting ... a revelatory interview by WhiteRockReporter with independent MP running candidate David Hawkins (for White Rock BC, Canada) elaborating on the $30 Billion Francophone/Electronic Warfare/Olympic Security 'slush fund' issue. There are some rather serious accusations in this two-part interview, get ready.

And here, two days later, are the promised follow-up interviews of David Hawkins by WhiteRockReporter:


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Japan Nuclear Crisis The Dangers of Radiation Global Research TV


People of Japan.
People of The World.
Take notice of what Helen Caldicott is saying about the dire consequences for 'all of us' over the next few decades from the near-destruction of the FUKUSHIMA DAICHI PLUTONIUM-ENRICHED NUCLEAR POWER PLANT.

Excerpt recorded at the press conference "The Dangers Of Nuclear War" in Montreal, Canada, in March 18th, 2011

Also, thanks to C.J. for also sending me these links to these April 11-12 updates from Leuren Moret.

Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 1/2 - Leuren Moret - PDX 9/11 Truth

Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 2/2 - Leuren Moret - PDX 9/11 Truth

Isle of Wight - walking holiday - 65 mile coastal path

another year, another walking holiday, this time the Isle of Wight coastal path: 67 miles.

At the start of the holiday, we bought a £44.00 family 7-day bus ticket. Considering that's only £6 per day for all the multiple bus rides we took up and down the island every day to and from our walks, it's great value...

Day one, Saturday 9th April:
Oxford to Southampton by train, free bus to ferry terminal, Waverley Caravan Park just up the road from the ferry terminal at East Cowes. Saturday evening, we rode down to Newport to get a recharge plug for my girl's ipod-touch.

Day two, Sunday 10th April:
walked from East Cowes to Ryde, 8 miles.

Day three, Monday 11th April:
walked from Ryde to Sandown, 12 miles.

Day four, Tuesday 12th April:
walked from Sandown to Niton, 9 miles.

Day five, Wednesday 13th April:
walked from Niton to Brighstone, 8 miles.

Day six, Thursday 14th April:
walked from Brighstone to Yarmouth, 14 miles.

Day seven, Friday 15th April:
walked from Yarmouth to East Cowes, 16 miles.

Admittedly, we swapped the directions of some of the walks due to bus timetable clashes but that was the itinerary...

...seriously, we met this gorgeous Alpaca somewhere south of Brighstone.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

108morris108 - the Hollywoodisation of Society

that's not what 108morris108 titled his Deciphering The Global Plans video, below:

But, for me, Hollywoodisation reinforces the global plan for 'everyone to do their one assigned job' and be 'good at their one specific role' like they do in the film-making industry. With the ultimate aim being to 'take the price some arbitrary career appraisal puts' on YOUR LIFE, your effort, your corporate contribution to the Empire.

as with his Ghaddafi Green Book video, this is a verrrrrrry interesting overview of OUR CONGLOMERATE GLOBAL OVERLORDS' immature motivation and desperate need, their childish desire to RULE.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Max Keiser - Alex Jones - Big Society means working for nothing

­In their weekly look at the scandal behind the financial news headlines, Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert report on the black hole of bankers’ debts in Ireland, virtual pigs in Australia and free workers in America. Later, Max talks to Alex Jones about food stamps and financial terror. [source RT]

Basically, this lack of pay for people who WORK is becoming the norm, look at David Cameron's BIG SOCIETY here in UK, which basically means as many PERSONs as possible working for nothing - yeah, just like slaves. They're even talking about making you WORK for your unemployment benefit, which you've already paid for. They're talking about taking your pension funds and just SHITTING ON THEM, why do you allow this?

With his talk of moving away from the CORPORATE PROFIT model and moving more towards an individual-led revolution towards freedom via Local Solutions, you'd imagine both Alex Jones and Max Keiser would be VERY INTERESTED in my "Free Planet" ebook, now in its third edition, running at 70 pages.

And it's FREE, download it now!

Seven billion individuals living on a world powered by Creativity, Passion & Kinship. I can think of nothing better. What about you?

Plate Tectonics - the road to catastrophic collapse

we all hear about the theory of Plate Tectonics, as kids, and this knowledge of a series of SLABS OF EARTH'S CRUST moving relative to each other and 'sometimes sliding under each other' as allegedly is happening N.E. of Japan, in the so-called SUBDUCTION ZONE...


And I realise there are no oceans on this simulation of 'plate tectonics' ... but I'm going to explore this theory with this footage from the lava pool of the Nyiragongo volcano in Africa's Congo.

Look again ... do you see any SUBDUCTION ZONE activity? I don't. I just see GROWTH zones and CRUMBLE zones, often on the same frame. This happens on Earth, too. In fact, this is how we get our idea of 'plate tectonics' in the first place.

But look again, 'plate tectonics', right? It's more about localised surface cooling of a POWERFUL CONVECTION SYSTEM rather than a slipping and sliding of the traditional system. It seems much more prone to CATASTROPHIC COLLAPSE at the crashing edges than the traditional system, too. No?

Well, look at this footage from another lava pool, notice how it starts off LIKE plate tectonics (without the subduction zone) but then GOES CRAZY, with massive volcano spurts of lava spurting across continents and RAPID CHANGE OF THE STRUCTURE OF THE WHOLE SURFACE ... imagine this schizophrenia on a global scale.

Oh, the bit about THE OCEANS? I'm convinced this CATASTROPHIC COLLAPSE effect, that we seem to have ELIMINATED FROM THE TRADITIONAL PLATE TECTONICS MODEL is one of the reasons for this next claim, "Periodically, the oceans BOIL OFF due to chronic plate collapse!"

Now, that's REAL DOOM.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Disney trailer - MARS NEEDS MOMS - photorealistic 3D with martians?

I'm totally in for this ride, looks great.

Go martians, go martians.

Muammar al-Gaddafi's Libya - The Green Book - Human Development Index

this is a VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY INTERESTING perspective on the whole Saddam Hussein-like tyrant (that's "one who will not bow to western rule") Muammar al-Gaddafi.

I grew up traveling from city to city - and my adulthood has been rather similar, going from country to country. Guess it nurtured a way to land on one's feet, or to grasp a situation quickly, but not necessarily grow roots. Yet ultimately have managed to attract too much attention to myself. Maybe a couple of secret admirers keep me protected - yet there are a hoard of not-well wishers.

That's from 108morris108, this morning, the person who made this insightful video about Muammar al-Gaddafi's THE GREEN BOOK, which he's read. He has quite a lot to explain about the Gay, Lesbian and Trans-gender Community and how it's been exhalted to a particularly high position in Political Society. And we've got to think back two such elusive cases with characters with the same surname, UK's Mi5 code-breaker "Gareth Williams" and Canada's air force colonel "Russell Williams" to see how this Control By Sexual Entrapment game might be playing out.

One revelation of this video is that Libya has the highest HDI (Human Development Index) of all of Africa. Hmm, weren't they saying the same about Saddam Hussein's Iraq? Ready for some controversial viewpoint on what you thought was a closed case?

Ghaddafi thinks PROFIT and GOVERNMENT is SLAVERY ... well, he's right on that. The rest, it's just a NEED TO KNOW game of Global Risk by a few people we've allowed to run the chicke coup. Quite frankly you, that's YOU THE PEOPLE, aren't invited to the party. You wanna know what's really going on in the world in the name of your blood, your sweat and your tears; your Financial Contribution to Global Governance via your taxes? Freedom of Information Act? Forget it, they should just announce their GAME and call it what it really is, the Protect Private Interests Act.

You are being shat upon every single day of your life by just a few (controlling) thugs who think they own the fucking joint. Period.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

SNEAK PEAK: two new Mike Philbin novels - COMING SOONER THAN YOU THINK

in 2008 my two maniacally anti-corporate horror novels "Bukkakeworld" and "Planet of the Owls" were simultaneously released by Silverthought Press, NY.

in 2011, and with Kindle officially outselling paperback as the prefered choice of book reading media, my two brand new novels "Yôroppa" and "View from a Stolen Window" will be simultaneously released by sci-fi-cafe press and they're both more about 'mystery' than any works I've ever done. Yeah, I don't know why my books always come out in pairs, either.

There’s a mass murderer in the sleepy seaside town of Yôroppa who is listening to all the local gossip and using it to select his next victim. Only by keeping quiet can the inhabitants of the town hope to save themselves. Everyone is a suspect but, boy, can they gossip.

We see the town through this whining testimony of collective hatred, envy, rage, pride... each chapter is a different townsperson’s opinion on what’s happening in the novel.

When all of the major suspects have been killed off, who will remain as the prime suspect?

“Clarke” arrives in the coastal town of Tiamores at the suggestion of his boss who has a holiday home there. All is not well with Clarke but Tiamores itself hides weirder things. One of them is Fuentes.

Returning to The City, a place Clarke has known for years as a freelance sports-reporter, we are instantly shown how the shadow of Tiamores has clung to our hero. His once-loved home town is a haunted relic of its former self, like an old man awaiting death.

Fuentes and his sister track Clarke down and begin to ‘re-educate’ him in the ways of their incestuous world.


Leuren Moret - Fukushima earthquake - nuclear war on USA.

I've already done a piece on Leuren Moret's accusation that The Human Genome Project is a Eugenics Exercise, and (as I get regular updates from Alfred Labremnont Webre) I've known about this RADIATION WAR story for a couple of weeks but it's now time to share it with you all.

Even though this may seem TOO BIG TO BE A CONSPIRACY, remember the same was said about Sep 11th 2001 at the time.

Independent scientist Leuren Moret, whose 2004 landmark article in the Japan Times unmasked lies and distortions by government and company officials that led to the construction of nuclear power plants in seismically dangerous areas, has declared in an exclusive 65-minute video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre that the "Japan earthquake and "accidents" at the Fukushima's 6 nuclear power plant units starting March 11, 2011 are in fact deliberate acts of tectonic nuclear warfare, carried out against the populations ecology of Japan and the nations of the Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The west coasts of the United States and Canada, and Mexico, Ms. Moret indicated, are the major food producing areas for North America. Radiation from the Japan quake/nuclear meltdown events at Fukushima is intentionally being steered into these areas in order to dose the land and the food with radiation.

a few days later, a second interview:

The ultimate purpose of this nuclear war is to attack the health and genome of the North American the population is attacked with radiation, to depopulate North America, and to make future humans less healthy and less resistant to takeover by a global new world order.

Friday, April 01, 2011


that crotch-grabbin' foul-mouthed ego-moran Kanye West is what they call SURPLUS TO THE ARTISTIC REQUIREMENTS of this gayly-mediocre TATU-soundalike WALL-E-inspired pop video. He was nowhere near the original album track, so why should he suddenly be centre-stage on SOMEONE ELSE'S MUSIC VIDEO?

The real star of this visual feast is, of course, Kabuki Magic NYC's artistic direction and whoever thought of giving Katy Perry 'those dilating eyes' and 'those deer legs'.

Lovely, delicious, grotesque and somehow POIGNANT.